Napier Wins Ferraro Tournament After Morris' Spectacular Showing, Malachi Slams T-Rantula, Tag Team Division Takes Turn

November 13, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament has become an important stop on the KSWA schedule over the past four years. Some Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) careers have been elevated at this fundraiser for the Sharpsburg Volunteer Fire Department, while others have been snuffed out altogether. It has served as a mile marker for some Megastars, while others have used it as a stepping stone for FanFest greatness. Any way you look at it, Saturday Nightís All Right for Fighting in Sharpsburg.

VIPs v. Party Gras

Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin make their way to the ring. Party Gras follows. As soon as the bell rings to start the match, Zoltan reminds the fans that the ďVIPís suck!Ē The usual changing of corners commences, as Zoltan isnít happy with any of the four sides. Once the match begins, Zoltan lures Blanchard into a Test of Strength. Soon, the master prankster makes Blanchard dance. Blanchard is furious. Zoltan pushes Blanchard into the corner. He breaks the hold when told. Zoltan grabs and steals Blanchardís nose. He tags in Justin Sane who continues to work on Blanchardís wrist and shoulder. Zoltan is tagged back in and he goes after the nose once again. Sane is tagged back in. Sane leap frogs over Zoltan and onto Blanchardís arm. Justin then drags Blanchard to the ropes and jumps to the floor and that sends Blanchard back and onto the mat. Soon, all four Megastars are in as the VIPs are down on the mat and Party Gras rows their collective boat. Martin falls to the outside. Sane continues to work on Blanchard. There is a pin fall and Blanchard gets his shoulder up at one. Blanchard rolls to his corner and tags in Martin. He goes to work on Sane with a submission move. Justin has his shoulders down and he kicks up at two. Martin gets Sane into the ropes and dives onto him. The VIPs work on Saneís legs. Blanchard is tagged back in and he delivers elbows to Saneís head. Blanchard kicks Sane in the hamstring. Blanchard then chokes away with wrist tape on Justinís throat. Blanchard moves a nerve paralyzer on Sane. Sane fights back with punches. He gets to Zoltan. No tag was witnessed, so Zoltan is forced back. The VIPs work on Sane in their corner. Sane is flung into the middle of the ring. Martin kicks him in the back of the head. Martin drops him down. Zoltan is teased back in. Blanchard hits Sane with a spinebuster. Two count on Sane. Blanchard punches away and pulls in Zoltan. Zoltan tosses Martin outside. Blanchard hits Sane with a piledriver. Blanchard sets Justin up for a Demolition Decapitation. Martin climbs to the top turnbuckle. Zoltan pushes Martin off the top turnbuckle and he falls into Blanchard and Sane. Sane rolls over onto Blanchard. The ref counts one, two, three and Party Gras are your winners! 10:42.

Post-Match, the VIPs argue and then make up.

Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Semi-Final: ďKingĒ Del Douglas v. Mitch Napier

As soon as the bell rings, Mitch goes right after Douglas. Within 30 seconds, Napier has Douglasí shoulders down for pinfall attempts no fewer than four times. Then he slaps on the ankle lock, but Douglas gets to the ropes. Douglas is able to go low on Napier then continues an assault of epic proportions against Napier. Douglas uses the ropes as leverage but Fedor breaks it up. Douglas body slams Napier and then hits the fist thatís banned in 49 out of the 50 states. He covers for a two count. Douglas continues to assail Napier. Thereís a clothesline in the corner that reels Napier. Thereís a body slam and elbow drop. Two count. Mitch fires a couple of fists into Douglas that ultimately knock him down. Napier gets to his feet as Douglas complains about the fists. Napier spins Douglas for another pin attempt. Napier races to the top rope. Thereís a big headbutt to Douglasí sternum. Napier grabs Douglasí wrist and drives him down. Napier has a submission hold but Douglas survives. Napier suplexes Douglas with great aplomb. Napier picks him up for a side suplex. Douglas gets a shoulder up at two and a half. Napier ties ďthe KingĒ up and then rolls him over and gets the incredible win to advance. 6:42.

KSWA Tag Team Titles: Mercenaries (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Spear Asylum (w/Mayor Mystery)

Itís announced that the Special Guest Referee for this peculiar contest is KSWA Owner Bobby O. The challengers make their way to the ring with Mayor Mystery. Then, the Mayor of Parts Unknown hustles back to lead the KSWA tag team champions to the ring. Mayor Mystery grabs the microphone and complains that itís Bobby Oís fault for this bizarre matchup of like-minded teams. The teams actually form a ďgroup hugĒ in the center of the ring. They threaten to leave altogether. Bobby O says that if both teams leave, they will both be subject to immediate suspensions and the Spear Asylum would be stripped of the most sought-after tag team championship in Pennsylvania. The teams instantly change their minds and come back to the inside. The bell rings and they all go after one another, leaving Mayor Mystery frantic to save his tag team investments. Vinnie Stone punches Mayor Mystery and the elected one goes down and rolls to the outside. The Mercenaries nearly roll up Spear Asylum but they kick out. Badfingers drops Sniper with a clothesline. Stone is tagged in and so is Crane. The two veterans lock up and Stone gets an upper hand at first. He drops Crane down to one knee. Crane breaks out of the move and drives Stone into the ropes. He is able to tag in Badfingers. Crane tags in Sniper and the two veterans punch away at one another. Badfingers gets Sniper down for a two count. Crane gets in on the tail end to break up the pin attempt. Stone is tagged in. He continues the assault on Sniper. Mayor Mystery asks Bobby O to count the match as a draw. He refuses. Sniper gets an upper shoulder as he drives it into Badfingerís gut in the corner. Badfingers and Sniper races off of the ropes and hit each other with clotheslines. They are both down. Bobby O counts to four on both and is distracted by Mystery. Stone and Crane are tagged in. Stone punches and upper cuts both Mercenaries. Thereís a shoulder buried. All of a sudden, Badfingers spears Bobby O. At that moment, all action stops as Mayor Mystery attacks Bobby O and sends him to the time keeperís table. The match is thrown out by Bobby O. 7:03.

Semi-Final round: Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell) v. Shane Starr

Itís Champion versus Champion as Harley T. Morris faces off against hometown boy Shane Starr. Referee Adam Jugan checks out both competitors and the bell rings. Starr gets the crowd going as Morris measures his first move. They lock up. Morris immediately gets behind Starr but the Golden Triangle Champion hip tosses the 5-Star Champion around the ring. Morris bails to the outside in the first :43 of the match. Morris takes his time re-entering the ring. Starr is ready for the competition. Morris gouges Starr in the eye but that only angers him. He goes to work on Morris and bodyslams him in the center of the ring. Marbell distracts Starr enough for Morris to knock him down and keep on the pressure. Marbell takes a chance to choke Starr while in the corner. Thereís a strong back elbow that knocks Starr down. An elbow and two count follow. Morris drapes Starr over the apron and drops a leg. Morris rolls Starr in and can only record a two count. Starr rolls Morris up from behind but can only get two. Morris rebounds and drops Starr with a clothesline. He drops a leg and gets a two count. Morris gets Starr in rear chin hold. Starr fights out and drops Morris to the mat. He follows with a sunset flip. With that, Tommy Faime comes out nowhere and distracts Starr. Morris attacks and kicks him in the head. Two count. Starr is still reeling from follow-up elbows and Morris gets to the top rope. He misses with a big elbow from that perch. Starr gets to his feet. Thereís a splash on Morris. And another and a side suplex. The crowd is on fire. Starr goes for the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter in the center of the ring. Marbell distracts Jugan and Morris taps out but the referee isnít aware of the action. Starr lets go and goes after Marbell. Morris follows and knocks Marbell from the apron. Starr goes after Morris, Tommy Faime trips him up and holds a foot down. Jugan taps three and Harley T. Morris advances to the finals. 8:50.

Mike Malachi v. T-Rantula

Some 656 pounds of masculinity makes up this next match. ďBigĒ Mike Malachi faces T-Rantula. They lock up and Malachi, who is really not far behind T-Rantula in pure size and strength, pushes the KSWA Hall of Famer into the corner. That doesnít bode well with T, who pushes Malachi into the corner and drops him with a clothesline in the center of the ring. Malachi fights back and rakes T-Rantulaís eyes across the top rope. Referee David Fedor tries to admonish Malachi and he argues that heís not pulling a fast one by using a headlock. Malachi whips T-Rantula into the corner and the ring moves five inches. He races in for a follow up but T hits him with a big boot. Thatís enough to get T Rantula some momentum. He slaps Malachi with overhand chops and suplexes him in the center of the ring. Malachi goes low on the Pittsburgh wrestling legend. Malachi chops T-Rantula with his own overhand chops. Malachi side suplexes T-Rantula with incredible force. Malachi proceeds to choke T-Rantula and then drapes him over the middle rope. Thatís where more choking continues. Malachi breaks it up. He whips T into the ropes and hits a double sledge. Two count. T gets up and tosses Malachi to the outside. T gets an order of nachos. He plasters Malachi with it. The crowd goes Krazy for that. Once back inside the ring, Malachi fights out of the momentum and bodyslams T-Rantula. Malachi cheers himself for the incredible move. T gets up and pushes him into the corner. He falls out into Tís clutches for a choke slam. The one, two, three follows and T Rantula gets the win. 7:32

Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament Finals: Harley T. Morris v. Mitch Napier

The bell rings and Morris goes low on Napierís legs but that doesnít work. Napier tries the same and Morris is also able to slip out of the offense. They lock up and hit the mat. They break the hold. Morris goes to his corner for tips from Marbell. They lock up again and Napier slowly gets an advantage. Morris kicks him low for his trouble. Morris uses the leverage to get Napierís shoulder down but he gets it up at two as Referee Jugan makes a count. Napier muscles Morris into the corner. Morris wheels out and hits an upper cut. Napier retaliates. They trade upper cuts for the next several moves. Morris and Napier trade chops. Then they trade upper cuts again. Then itís all Napier. Mitch goes to another corner for a splash; however, Morris follows him in and drop kicks him. Itís all Morris then as Marbell follows with illegal activity from the outside. Mitch goes for an ankle lock but Morris catches him. He lays in a series of punches and then drops a leg. Two count. Thereís another pin attempt after lays another elbow. Morris goes to the top for a big elbow but when he lands, Napier slaps on the ankle lock. He makes it to the ropes. Mitch does it again and Morris once again reaches the ropes. Napier whips him into the ropes. Thereís a shoulder block and an attempt for a superplex. Morris fights it off. Napier falls to the mat. Thereís a big elbow but a two count. Napier responds with three German Suplexes. He goes for the pin on the third but Marbell pulls Napierís leg and Morris gets a shoulder up. Morris rebounds and hits a suplex of his own and Mitch kicks out. Napier locks in the Sioux Falls Slam and follows up with the pin and the win!

Post-match, David Marbell confronts Napier and is knocked down and placed into an ankle lock for his trouble.

Post-post-match, Napier is officially awarded the Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Cup by members of the Ferraro family.

Tommy Faime and Jay Flash v. Kris Kash and Ice Machine

The bell rings at 9:16 p.m. EST and Jay Flash faces off against Ice Machine. Flash and Machine hook up. Machine pushes him into the corner and Flash is bewildered. Machine talks to Kash while Faime confabs with Flash. Flash flips Machine over and goes for the mask. That doesnít work as Machine simply grabs him by the head and rolls him over. Flash and Machine trade technical moves in the center of the ring before Flash simply drives Machineís head down to the mat with a knee. Machine goes to the corner and Flash hits him with a superman punch. That has no effect on Machine, who charges right after Flash. Kash is tagged in and he hits a drop kick. He follows that with a tilt a whirl drop kick in the corner. Two count on Flash. Machine is tagged back in. He chops Flash with an overhand. Flash rebounds with some offense of his own and while the referee is distracted discarded Flashís jewelry, Flash and Faime double team the Machine. At the 5:00 mark, Faime is tagged in and he bodyslams Ice Machine. Then thereís another. Flash is tagged in and he dives onto Machine. Machine stands up with Flash on his back. Ice clotheslines him down. Machine goes to the top rope. Flash meets him with a punch. Flash drives Machineís shoulders into the turnbuckle on the other side of the ring. Faime is tagged back in. Thereís a big leg drop on Ice Machine. Two count. Faime takes off his business tie and chokes Ice Machine as Jay Flash wanders at ringside. Faime is more concerned with Machineís mask. Flash is tagged in and he kicks Machine in the face. Flash side slams Machine. He dives on Machineís midsection. Two count. Flash argues with Fedor. Flash throws Machine into the corner. Faime works him over in the corner. Faime blasts Ice Machine with a punch to the head. He misses with a shoulder in the corner. Ice Machineís offense and athleticism is frantic at this juncture of the match. Ice Machine races to the corner and dives on Faime, three quarters the distance of the ring. Both Megastars are down. The ref counts to eight before Flash and Kash are tagged in. Kash drop kicks Flash. He falls to the outside. Kash dives onto him out there. Flash runs around. He gets back in. Kash knocks Flash down. Flash gets back up and kicks Kash in the mush with a superkick. Kash is able to get to Ice Machine who drops Faime and gets the win. 12:11.

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