Despite Nearly 120 Years Of Combined In-Ring Experience, Someone's Career Is On The Line At FanFest

November 26, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

When Mayor Mystery confronted Bobby O after the fundraiser in Sharpsburg, he claimed that the Mercenaries are the most underappreciated wrestlers in the commonwealth. He said that the team had wrestled all throughout Pittsburgh, all throughout the state, and across the country. He said that the team was constantly treated as “curtain jerkers” and put into ridiculous matches. The team had just been forced to wrestle the KSWA Tag Team Champions, the Spear Asylum, and he wasn’t happy about it. Both teams have been managed to tag team success and championships by the “esteemed” public servant, and Bobby O had been speared in the ribs during his role as guest referee.

The most successful manager in KSWA history challenged that he and the Mercenaries should team with Bobby O and a team of his choosing to wrestle in a 6-man match with “careers on the line” at FanFest on December 3. Immediately, Crane and Sniper balked at the suggestion, but the Mayor stopped them cold. Mystery said he had confidence in his team and himself. He said that Bobby O’s in-ring career would be “done.” Bobby O agreed and said he would find a team. “Nasty” Nick Crane and Sniper were none-too-pleased with the decision of the Mayor of Parts Unknown to offer their livelihoods as a prize. Mystery tried to calm his team by saying “I got this.”

The team also urged Bobby O to get his ribs looked after, as the spear he received at the hands of Spear Asylum left the owner woozy.

Moments later, Justin Sane and Lord Zoltan arrived on the scene, concerned about their friend. Bobby O was fearful that he had a broken rib, and Sane suggested his friend go to a fast food joint for a spare rib sandwich. Lord Zoltan attempted to cheer Bobby up with beads.

Bobby O informed the duo that he was in a match and in need of tag team partners. Instantly, the team agreed to support Bobby O and be his partner. Bobby told the longest reigning tag champions in KSWA history that there was a grave stipulation to the match. Sane dismissed the directive, saying Party Gras wasn’t going to let him get pinned and they were certain that they weren’t going to have their shoulders on the mat for a three count.

Zoltan asked who the partners were and Bobby O informed them that their frequent foes were in the match, as was Mayor Mystery. Zoltan, who has wrestled all of them for years before they all arrived in the Major Leagues of Pittsburgh Professional wrestling, said that he knew Mayor Mystery “like nobody else does.” Zoltan continued, “You ain’t gonna get pinned. You ain’t going nowhere.”

Zoltan told Bobby O that “you’re the Main Man. Baby Got Back!” Bobby O was energized by the endorsement, got up and high fived the duo. That sent a shock through his rib cage as Lord Zoltan climbed a chair and started to dance. Sane put his hands in the air like he just didn’t care, and Bobby O nursed the ribs as Zoltan urged him to “watch them ribs.”

Later, as Sniper and Crane were fixing their boots, the South African Mercenary asked if Mayor Mystery knew what he was doing and if he was sane. Crane couldn’t really answer before Mystery appeared from the ether, told the team to trust him and that he had Bobby O “right where we want him.” With that, “King” Del Douglas followed closely behind.

Mayor Mystery introduced Douglas as the Megastar who was going to “take my spot in the match.” Mystery admitted that while has participated in matches before, he wasn’t “the wrestler you are, Sniper. Or you, Nick. Or Del Douglas.” Mystery said, “I’m just not of that caliber.” That’s why, he said, Douglas was going to “take my spot (and) put his career on the line.” This is a stipulation Douglas was not aware of. Mayor told him to “trust me.”

The Mercenaries wanted to know “what about your career,” to Mayor Mystery. The elected official of Parts Unknown said, “No disrespect boys, but my career is a little more important to put on the line.” He said that this match was important to “all of you.” He said that his team was well-positioned to defeat Bobby O and his crew. “We have him right where we want him. This is good. He’s going to hear us roar. I can guarantee it.”

With that, Mayor Mystery walks away from his trio and they are left to wonder what just happened.

Combined, all six Megastars have nearly 120 years of in-ring experience. That staggering amount trickles down from Lord Zoltan’s 41 years to Bobby O’s 11 years of matches. Bobby O has only a few matches compared to everyone else in the ring, but he was not willing to sneak his way out of the match as Mayor Mystery did at his first opportunity.

Bloomfield bookies are taking wagers every moment of every day on this match, which Bobby O targeted as the most likely to be pinned or submit. There is some thought too that Lord Zoltan might be in the Mercenaries’ cross-hairs, as he has won countless matches over them for years, and Justin Sane and Del Douglas have faced off numerous times over the years.

But it has yet to be seen as how this match will end up.

KSWA FanFest/Toy Drive is Saturday, December 3 at the Teamster Temple in Lawrenceville. Bell times is 7:30 p.m. More information is always available at

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