It's Mask Versus Ownership As Ice Machine Takes On Harley T. Morris In A Match Of Faimed Ramifications

November 27, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The current and reigning 5-Star Champion, Harley T. Morris is the only Megastar who can assuredly claim that he will hold his title going into 2017. His match against Ice Machine is a non-title affair; however, that does not mean there aren’t stipulations aplenty.

The Verified Investment Partner (co-owner) of the Keystone Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Tommy Faime is so sure that challenger Ice Machine is the fired “Ice Man” Tony Johnson, he has put his ownership in the company on the line. The declaration is of solid confidence in Morris, who has established himself as one of the hardest-working and more successful young wrestlers in the Commonwealth’s premier promotion.

Morris is one of only a few men (Super Ginger and Mitch Napier) to hold the four-and-a-half-year-old belt more than once. Morris won the belt due to a vacancy created earlier this year when Kaida hand to relinquish the strap due to injury.

Morris then lost the belt to Ice Machine, who has been dodging accusations that he is Johnson. Johnson himself has been miffed by the allegations, especially seeing that Ice Machine has borrowed his “Ice Kick” finishing move without so much as an inquiry for permission.

Faime had a trick up his sleeve and made Ice Machine give up the belt one week after winning it at Fam Con in northern Allegheny County. Machine, prideful of his wrestling mask, refused to take it off to prove that he is not Johnson. Faime used his power as owner to lift the trophy and give it back to Morris, making him a two-time 5-Star champion.

Still frustrated, Faime wants to foil and banish Ice Machine, and by proxy, Johnson from the KSWA forever. He has agreed to put his ownership up as an edict in the match.

If Morris wins, Ice Machine must unmask. If Ice Machine defeats Morris by pin or submission, Faime is on the outside, looking in at the KSWA offices.

Morris’ manager, “The Mad Genius” David Marbell has assured Faime that he will go home with Ice Machine’s mask, Johnson’s career in shambles, and the 5-Star Championship proudly displayed in the foot hills of West Virginia.

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