Jester Levels Playing Field, Chooses Legendary T-Rantula As His Tag Team Partner Against Spear Asylum With Mayor Mystery

November 28, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) tag team champions Bobby Badfingers and Vinnie Stone really tried to vanquish the Jester. Before events, after events and during matches, the Spear Asylum repeatedly attacked the face-painted, fan-favorite Jester. Even after beat down after beat down, no one came to his aid.

Back up to January and Battle Bowl. The Jester was one of the last four Megastars in the Over-The-Top-Rope Main Event. That means he had immediately earned an opportunity at one of the KSWA’s coveted championships. Through a raffle process, it was determined that Jester possessed a chance at the tag team belts. Finding a partner at the right time was more difficult.

At the beginning of the year, Kris Kash and Shane Starr were tag team champs. The would have not had a problem giving The Jester a shot at their belts, but the former tag team champion had other opportunities at the time. Then the Lost Boyz were beaten by Spear Asylum. That lead to other matches and The Jester waited his turn.

Then the Mayor Mystery-lead team realized that they would need to keep The Jester at bay until the end of the year and his title shot would expire. They did their best to make that happen.

But no one knows what the Jester is up to at anytime, anywhere.

About a week ago, the Jester released a video in which he was talking to the mask he sometimes dons below his waist. It was determined that the plastic face piece was not going to serve as his tag team partner. Then, a shadow appeared.

T-Rantula walked into the frame. Standing nearly 7-feet-tall and well over 300 pounds, T-Rantula is one of the most renown and successful wrestlers in Western Pennsylvania. He is certainly the most accomplished wrestler in Pennsylvania to never have held KSWA gold.

The response from the Spear Asylum was quick and definitive.

Mayor Mystery was frantic when he heard the news. Bobby Badfingers, a wrestler who has forced at least two Megastars into early retirement, said that he didn’t care that T-Rantula is “nearly 7-foot-tall and nearly 400 pounds.” He said “none of that matters to me.” Badfingers said he would take T to Nacho City once, twice, three times, “maybe even 10 times. I hope you are hungry.”

Vinnie Stone said, “T-Rantula. Nearly 7 feet tall. He’s been around the world. He’s wrestled the best.” Stone continued to say that it was sad the Hall of Famer was going to get beat down for “choosing the wrong tag team partner.” Badfingers concluded with a threat to Jester about “getting what you asked for, you might just get it.”

The most coveted tag team titles in the state of Pennsylvania are on the line this Saturday Night at KSWA FanFest.

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