Napier Makes History, Kash Soars Into Lawrenceville Night, Faime Wins & Loses, Jester Wins Tag Gold, Crane Odd Man Out, Apter Gets His Day

December 4, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Fans are calling it the Match of the Year, the Triple Threat Match for the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Championship at FanFest. The showdown between Jay Flash, Kris Kash and Mitch Napier included guys going through a table, and in the most remarkable moment of the year, one guy flying off of the Mezzanine and into the Lawrenceville night, and into the mass of humanity below.

In addition, the night started well for “Mr. Tenacity” Tommy Faime, and things just got worse for the Hall of Famer. The Spear Asylum might have finally met their match against the Jester and T-Rantula, and the legendary Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat helped level the playing field for Ice Machine and the KSWA.

Golden Triangle Championship: Tommy Faime v. Shane Starr (c)

Tommy Faime hits the ring, saying that today is his day in the sun. Shane Starr, the Golden Triangle Champion, is next. The bell rings and Tommy Faime punches Shane Starr. Starr punches him back. Then Faime punches him again and drive him into the corner. Starr has the early advantage and a lands a big body slam. Starr goes for a pin but Faime gets the shoulder up before a pin. Starr drives Faime into the corner and hits him with a big shoulder. Starr has offense until Faime goes low. Fedor says it was the hip. Faime distracts the ref and goes low on Starr for good this time. Fedor catches the aftermath and admonishes Faime. Faime body slams Starr and then gets him into a submission move. Faime goes to toss Starr into the ropes but pulls him down by the hair instead. Starr is dumped to the outside. The fans are letting Faime have it. At this time, David Marbell emerges from the locker room. Starr goes to the apron and Faime brings him in the hard way. Starr gets offense and gets Faime down. Morris rushes the ring. Marbell tosses a chain. Faime levels Starr with it. Faime gets the cover and the win. He is the New Golden Triangle Champion. 5:55

6-Man Match: Someone Must Retire

Referee Adam Jugan keeps things in line by counting the Mercenaries and Del Douglas out. They rush the ring at eight to delay all of them being forced to retire. Bobby O and Party Gras forces the Mercenaries to move to different corners. Lord Zoltan forces Sniper into the corner and then the big Mercenary from South Africa forces Zoltan into the corner. Zoltan fights back and knocks Sniper down. He distracts the ref enough to kick Sniper below the belt. Bobby O is now in. He distracts the ref and gives Sniper a shot to the hamstrung, or below. Crane rushes in and Zoltan knocks him down. Sane rushes in and the duo row boats the Mercenaries. Douglas is then tagged in and he goes after Sane. Sane is able to get free and tag in Zoltan. He tags in Sane who leap frogs over Zoltan and onto Douglas’ arm. Sane is in control until he tags in Bobby O, who works over Del Douglas. Zoltan is tagged back in and he knocks Douglas to the mat. Zoltan digs at Douglas’ nose. He continues that unorthodox offense for several minutes. Sane is in next. Douglas is able to get to his corner and tag in Crane, who immediately goes low on Sane. Then, Sane is buried in the corner, with Mayor Mystery on the outside. Crane still has the advantage over Sane. Sniper is then tagged in. He posts Sane in the corner for a huge superplex and two and three quarters count. Bobby O is tagged in. He goes after Sniper, who is able to tag in Bobby O. Crane gets Bobby O into a sleeper hold at the 10-minute mark. Bobby doesn’t go down on the third. Mayor Mystery is in. He hits Bobby O in the ribs and then hits Nasty Nick. Bobby O falls onto Crane and gets the win. At 11:30, Nasty Nick must retire. Post-match: Mayor Mystery gets the microphone and calls Crane the “weak link” in the Mercenaries. Mystery continues to berate Canada’s National Treasure until Crane punches him out. The fans cheer Crane off into the pro wrestling sunset.

Body Slam Challenge: Mike Malachi v. Jack Massacre

Shawn Patrick calls for the bell. The two former KSWA tag team champions lock up. Massacre has the advantage and Malachi measures the situation. Massacre rallies the crowd behind him. Malachi sneaks behind and punches Massacre in the back of the head. Massacre forces Malachi into the corner. Massacre forces him into another corner and follows that up with a splash. There’s a second splash that levels the 300-pound Malachi. Patrick checks and Malachi is okay. Malachi pokes Massacre in the eye and follows up with a barrage of punches and gouges. Malachi clotheslines Massacre but doesn’t budge the big man. A second clothesline follows and then a running clothesline falls Massacre. Massacre rebounds and levels big Malachi. Malachi hits Massacre with a side suplex. Malachi tries to get Massacre up to no avail. Massacre tries to pick up Malachi but the veteran hands onto the ropes and goes over the ropes and to the floor below. An eight count follows before Malachi gets back in. He goes for the bodyslam again. He falls over with Massacre’s weight. Massacre whips him into the ropes. There’s a boot to the much and then a bodyslam. Jack Massacre is your winner at 8:40.

Bill Apter In the Ring

Bill Apter comes into the ring to talk about his career and being in Pittsburgh. Before he can introduce Ricky Steamboat, he is met with a surprise. Nick “Big Bully” Busick comes to the ring and inducts Apter into the KSWA Hall of Fame, Class of 2017. He is also given a proclamation naming December 3, “Bill Apter Day” in the City of Pittsburgh.

The VIPs v. Demolition

Ax and Blanchard lock up. Ax tosses Blanchard across the mat and Blanchard immediately balks, saying that the Hall of Famer “pulled my hair.” Ax pulls on Blanchard’s fingers and jams Blanchard around. Smash says that Pennsylvania “has too many rules.” Smash lays in some offense and then tags Ax back in. Ax calls for a boot and knocks Blanchard in for a size 16. Smash smashes Blanchard in the chest a bunch of times. Martin is tagged in and Smash whips him through the ropes. Martin recovers on the apron. The Krazies chant against “Garbage Pants.” Martin gets back in and immediately into Smash’s clutches. Martin teases Smash into a test of strength and then backs off. Martin flies off the ropes and a cross body block lands in Smash’s arms. Martin is in Demolition’s corner and Ax is in. He steps on Martin’s throat and goes to work on his nose and face. Ax tags Smash back in and Martin is whipped into the corner. Blanchard is tagged in and this is the first offense Blanchard has on Smash. The VIPs look strong, beating on Smash in their corner. Smash rebounds and hits Martin in the throat. Lou makes it to Blanchard. Ax is tagged in and he cleans house on the VIPs. They are whipped into the middle of the ring and knocked together. Soon, all men are in the ring. Ax on Blanchard, Smash on Martin. Patrick gets knocked round. No referee. Ax has Blanchard down. Referee David Fedor rushes in the ring and makes the pin in the center of the ring. 8:04.

Mask v. Ownership: Harley T. Morris (w/David Marbell) v. Ice Machine.

Harley T and David Marbell come so the ring. Ice Machine races in and jumps the 5-Star Champion. Ice Machine Atomic Drops Marbell into Morris at one point, but the resilient Morris gets some offense and at one point drop kicks Ice Machine in the mush. The Five Star Champion gets a two count. Morris suplexes Ice Machine and gets a two count. Morris keeps Ice Machine down and then into the clutches of Marbell. Morris has Ice Machine up on his shoulders, but Machine breaks out of the hold. Ice Machine has Morris down on the mat for a two count. Ice Machine goes to the top rope and that’s where Faime gets involved. Morris gets Ice Machine up on his shoulders for a two count. Morris continues an unexpected domination of Ice Machine. At one point, Morris has Machine down on the mat for a flurry of punches. Ice Machine rallies for a series of chops. Morris rebounds. Ice Machine is whipped into the corner. Morris misses with a shoulder block. Morris whips Ice Machine over the top rope and onto the apron. Machine hits Morris with a series of forearms. Ice Machine now has some offense. There’s a cross body block, some offense and then another cross-body block. Ice Machine goes to the top rope. Ice Machine hits Morris with a chop from the top. Two and a half count. Ice Machine misses with an Ice Kick. Morris hits an F-5 and gets a two count. Both Megastars are spent at this point. Morris goes for the mask as Faime and Marbell root on the action. He almost has it off. At one point, Morris does rip off Ice Machine’s mask. (He had another one on underneath). However, with the numbers too stacked against Ice Machine, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat marches to ringside. He pummels both Tommy Faime and David Marbell to outlandish response from the crowd. In the ring, Ice Machine drops Morris and wins the match. With the decision, Faime has lost his ownership in the KSWA. 7:13.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Jester and T Rantula v. Spear Asylum (w/Mayor Mystery)

Referee Adam Jugan calls for the bell and the match begins with Jester and Vinnie Stone. Stone gets Jester in a headlock and rolls him over and Jester counters with a leg scissors. Vinnie fights off the offense. Jester extends and hand and for some reason, Stone takes it. Jester kisses the hand, lady like. Badfingers is tagged in and he goes after Jester. He doesn’t stay in long as Stone is tagged back in. Badfingers is tagged in and he continues to go after Jester’s legs. T is tagged in and he goes right after Badfingers with some big time over the hand cops. The fans want one more overhand slap and they get it. Badfingers is whipped in the corner. T misses with a splash. That rattles him. Badfingers goes to the top rope but Jester shakes him off and into a crotch shot. T-Rantula hits Badfingers with a huge superplex. Two and three quarter count follows. Jester is tagged in and he smashes Badfingers in the back. There’s a pin attempt that Stone breaks up. Jester goes into the ropes. Stone comes back in to measure the situation. The Spear Asylum and Mayor Mystery do damage to Jester in their corner. Mayor Mystery claims that he was helping Jester up. A suplex follows. Stone picks up The Jester and punches him right back down into the corner. Jester battles back. He rallies with slaps into Stone’s chest. Out of nowhere, Stone hits a spear. Two count as Jester gets his shoulder up. T did try to make the save. Jester super kicks Stone. Both Megastars are down. The SRO crowd chants hard for Jester. Jugan makes the double count. Badfingers and then T-Rantula are tagged in. T goes to work on both wrestlers. Stone gets choke slammed. Jester to the top. T tosses him onto Stone for the win. The new KSWA Tag Team Champions are The Jester and T-Rantula. 8:47.

KSWA World Title: Kris Kash v. Mitch Napier v. Jay Flash (c)

KSWA Championship: The Krazies are overwhelmingly in favor of Mitch Napier. Others chant “Flash is Trash” in loud a way. The bell rings and Napier tosses Kash to the outside and goes after Flash. Mitch and Flash battle is out. Flash gets an upper hand. Kash comes back in. He hits Flash with some smashing over hand chops. Napier goes after Kash with forearms and ties him up. Flash comes in and attacks Napier. He hits a huge suplex. Flash grabs Napier from behind. Napier muscles him in the back. Napier hits a flying forearm. Napier hits a standing suplex on Kash. Napier falls out of the ring and Flash dashes back in. Flash gets Kash in a submission move. Napier dives onto Flash and that’s enough time for Kash to get back into the action. Kash tosses Mitch to the outside. Flash is then tossed out. Kash measures both Megastars and then climbs to the top rope for a big splash onto both of them. They are down and Kash is up. “This is Awesome” follows. Flash chops Kash and then tosses him inside. Flash hits a suplex on Flash. Napier crawls back into the ring. Napier grabs both opponents by the ankles and tosses them over the ropes. Jay Flash falls to the outside. Kash is down. Mitch goes to the top rope. He lands a ferocious fist and forehead slam. Flash pulls Kash out. Flash drapes Mitch’s neck over the top rope. Flash bodyslams Napier. Flash taunts the crowd and then jumps with both feet into Mitch’s midsection. Kash is back in. He posts Flash to the top. He tries to go for a superplex. He is fought off. Kash goes again and hits a flying leg scissors from the top. Mitch gets Flash in an ankle lock. Flash fights off the offense. David Fedor gets caught up in the action as Kash dives onto Napier and nearly gets the pin. Kash and Flash wait for Napier to get up. Flash splashes hi and then whips Napier into Kash. Flash picks Napier up for the Razor’s Edge. Instead he slams him shoulder first into the corner post. Flash picks up Kash and drives him into Napier. Kash is down. Flash makes the cover. Another close two plus count. All of the Megastars are spent. Napier crawls over to Flash and then Kash. They battle each other while on their knees. They all trade punches in the center of the ring. Napier hoists both men up but for the Sioux Falls Slam but Flash slips out and kicks Napier in the mush. Two count again with Napier’s shoulders down. All of them are slow in getting up. Kash and Flash go onto the apron. Flash flops to the floor. Kash and Napier battle back to the bar. Flash follows. Kris Kash darts out of the banquet hall and moments later suddenly appears at the top of the Mezzanine. And then, in one of the most exhilarating moments in KSWA history, Kash dives from the Mezzanine onto the other wrestlers below. The athletes, including Kash, battle their way back to the ring. They battle in and around the ring. Mitch Napier gets laid out on a ringside table. Jay Flash power bombs Kash and lands on Napier. All men land on the KSWA floor in a gigantic heap. Flash and Mitch eventually get into the ring and Napier goes for the ankle lock. Flash fights out of it. Later, Flash kicks Mitch right in the face. The battle remains fast and furious. Kash, incredibly, gets back into the match, but it wasn’t enough. After a great deal of offense from everyone, Napier lands the Sioux Falls Slam on Flash and gets the pin. The winner and new KSWA World Champion is Mitch Napier. Post-match, Flash charges from the outside and Napier gives him another Sioux Falls Slam. 19:42.

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