Keep Your Ticket: Could Denny Gregory Be A Key To Mayor Mystery's Success In 2017? An Accomplished Veteran Arrives In Pittsburgh

January 16, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Weeks before Battle Bowl IX was set to take place in Pittsburgh on Saturday, December 14, it’s believed that phone lines, texts, messages and even fax machine activity increased. Mayor Mystery was on a mission.

It had been just a few weeks since December 3, 2016 in which “Nasty” Nick Crane was banished to retirement following a 6-man match that also included his Mercenary mate, Sniper, as well as the “King” Del Douglas v. KSWA Owner Bobby O, Justin Sane and Lord Zoltan. Mayor’s former tag team champions, the Mercenaries, were no more and his current team of champions would lose their titles later that very night. Truth be told, without Crane (who coincidentally is recovering from having his thyroid removed a few weeks ago), even Sniper’s KSWA future was not secure. The Mayor of Parts Unknown wanted to make a statement in the new year.

Enter one of Western Pennsylvania’s most decorated and well-respected athletes. On Saturday night, January 14, Dennis Gregory made his debut in Pittsburgh’s professional wrestling organization, the KSWA. When he was introduced, Gregory urged the Krazies to “keep their tickets” as a souvenir to savor such a momentous moment.

Gregory has wrestled throughout Western Pennsylvania since 1994. A polarizing figure with fans, his charisma and talent is undeniable. He has won numerous titles throughout his stellar career and has earned a reputation as a hard-nosed competitor. Like the Mercenaries before him in the KSWA, Mayor Mystery’s keen eye for talent has made an impact. In fact, Mayor Mystery’s resume in the KSWA recently earned him the “top manager” designation.

When Gregory arrived in Battle Bowl IX, he exuded confidence. Once in the ring, he immediately targeted Lord Zoltan, Pittsburgh’s most veteran competitor. The two have had many battles throughout the years before ever arriving in the KSWA. It is interesting to note that it was Gregory who was the fan favorite, not like today. Out of 30 competitors, Gregory hung in until the final five. He artfully dodged over-the-top elimination by ducking the bottom rope and soaring to the floor through the middle rope. He hung onto the bottom rope at times while other competitors expelled energy by attacking. At times, “Big” Mike Malachi appeared to watch Gregory’s back during competition. That could also be a harbinger of things to come.

As positioning for the Final Three (and a guaranteed shot at a KSWA Single’s title) started to take shape, Gregory let down his guard for a moment and climbed a corner post to preen to the crowd. Another longtime veteran (and Lord Zoltan’s tag team partner), Justin Sane, saw the opportunity, raced over and pushed Gregory off the perch, beyond the apron and onto the floor below. Denny Gregory was eliminated. The capacity crowd exploded with glee.

It’s yet to be determined what lies in the KSWA future for Mystery and/or Gregory. It is uncertain as to how much Mayor Mystery’s influence had with the KSWA Championship Committee in securing Gregory’s spot in Battle Bowl IX. It is uncertain what Gregory might have in mind, but his presence is compelling. Gregory’s in-ring resume is in the rarified air of others like 6-time former KSWA Champion Shawn Blanchard.

It’s always interesting in the KSWA and 2017 will be no exception.

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