Tag Team Champs Hold Off Newcomers, Napier Falls Badfingers, Young & Gregory Tear Down House As Part Of 17th Anniversary

February 19, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) 17th Anniversary event began with a somber remembrance and a 10-Bell Salute for “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff and George “The Animal” Steele. Steele, a KSWA Hall of Famer, made two appearances at the KSWA in recent years, and at Horror Realm. Koloff, who defeated Bruno Sammartino for the then-WWWF World Title, was an institution in the squared circle for decades.

But once action in Pittsburgh took place, it was hard-hitting, intense and impactful.

King Del Douglas v. Joey Quervo

Quervo comes to the ring plastered. Douglas says he’s “got this.” Quervo immediately goes on the offensive. Douglas drops Quervo and then follows that up with a big elbow. Douglas gets more offense in and then goes for the cover. He only gets two. Douglas grabs Quervo’s crotch and drops him down. Another two count. Douglas whips Quervo into the corner and drops him down for the Royal Sharpshooter. Quervo gets to the ropes. The hold is broken. Douglas continues to go to work as the crowd gives it to Douglas. He bodyslams Quervo and gets a one count pin attempt. Quervo recovers and goes after Douglas’ midsection. Douglas whips Quervo into the corner and follows with a couple of knees to the back. Douglas gets Quervo into an arm bar. Quervo gives up. Douglas is your winner. 5:00 p.m.

Five Star Championship: Ice Machine v. Harley T. Morris (w/”Starmaker” David Marbell)

Ice Machine makes his way to the ring after missing the ever-so-important Battle Bowl in January. Morris, still reeling from his loss to Ice Machine at FanFest, is cocky nevertheless. Marbell, in fur vest and headband, hoists the championship into the Lawrenceville sky. David Fedor calls for the bell and the two young veterans feel each other out. Morris extends a hand and Ice Machine goes for it. Morris scoots behind and Ice Machin grabs him by a wrist lock. Morris gets Ice Machine in a headlock. The two roll on the mat and the hold is broken. Marbell stops Morris and gives him directions. The Krazies chant for Ice Machine. Morris gets an advantage on Machine, but that is short-lived. Ultimately, Ice Machine drop kicks him to the outside. Machine goes to the outside and gives him a blistering chop. Morris drives Machine back-first into the ring apron. Morris rains elbows and then a leg drop on Ice Machine while on the apron. There’s a two count before Ice Machine kicks out. Morris drives Ice Machine into the corner. The Krazies want Morris to “wash your hair.” Morris gets another two-count on Ice Machine. Morris crowds to the crowd. Machine battles to his feet then falls into the corner post. Morris puts the boots to Ice Machine. He gets another two count. A standing leg drop is next. Two count. Ice Machine is in the corner and Morris hits him with a chop and a punch. He follows in and gets an elbow to the head. That’s not enough as Morris follows Ice Machine into the other corner with a leg. Morris goes to the top rope. He misses with a big elbow as Ice Machine gets out of the way. Ice Machine misses with an Ice Kick. Morris drops hi into a form of a sharpshooter, but he can’t synch it in. Machine crawls to the ropes and makes it at nearly the 8-minute mark. Both Megastars are spent. Ice Machine crawls into the corner and Morris shouts for him to get up. Morris whips him into the corner. Morris misses with a splash. Ice Machine is slow getting to his feet. A clothesline and then another drop Morris. A flying lariat is next from Ice Machine. Ice gets to the corner. Ice Machine lands a fist from the top rope. He gets a 2 and 7/8th count. Tommy Faime rushes the ring and attacks Ice Machine. That’s enough to drop him down and into a Morris pinfall. Morris retains. 10;00

Gino Slice v. Jack Massacre

Gino Slice, a newcomer to the KSWA, is in for quite the directive with the 7-foot-tall Jack Massacre. Massacre comes to the ring with new ring music and perhaps a new attitude. Gino tries to attack Massacre from behind as the bell rings. That doesn’t bode well as Massacre simply tosses him across the ring. There is a punch to the head and an effort-less bodyslam. Massacre wants Slice to “get up.” Massacre lands a chop that echoes with a deep, hearty thud. And then another. There’s a suplex in the center of the ring. Massacre follows that up with a submission hold by bending Slice’s arms back behind him. Massacre hits Slice with an incredible clothesline that folds Slice in half. Slice is draped over the middle rope and pulled up for a chop to the chest. It’s a mauling at this juncture. Slice tries for a cross body block but Massacre catches him and drops him hard to the mat. Massacre picks Slice up for a power slam and gets the win. The crowd is ecstatic. 3:26.

Mayor Mystery tells the Krazies that his new client, Dennis Gregory, has been a champion everywhere he has wrestled, and it's only a matter of time before he is KSWA titleholder.

Dennis Gregory v. MV Young

Once in the ring, Mayor Mystery grabs the microphone and lays it on thick, saying that the “legend” Dennis Gregory won’t pander to Bobby O like all the others (Lord Zoltan and T-Rantula) before him. Mystery says that Gregory has held every title in the state and it’s only a matter of time before he holds gold in Pittsburgh. Gregory calls “The One” a “hipster, loser just like the rest of you.” They lock up and Gregory drops him with a back elbow. Young suplexes Gregory and then the veteran tosses Young outside. Gregory suplexes Young on the concrete outside the ring. Dave Fedor tries to get them back in. Gregory drops Young on the apron, backside first. Gregory punches Young but the athlete gets behind him. Young gets Gregory into the corner, where he lands a series of European Upper Cuts. Young flips over the top rope onto Gregory. Gregory tosses Young into the ringside steps. Gregory tosses him inside. Young goes for a cross body block but Gregory catches him. Young drops Young on his knee and then tosses him over his head and across the ring. Gregory hits Young in the corner. Young comes out with a drop kick. There’s a big European Upper Cut. Young hits Gregory with a drop kick. And then another with Gregory posted in the corner. Gregory catches another and then a kick to the back. Young goes after Mayor Mystery on the outside. Young chases him inside. Gregory lands a big spear. Gregory doesn’t go for the pin. Gregory slingshots Young into the ropes. Then there’s a back breaker and a DDT in the center of the ring. Young comes out of nowhere and hits Gregory with two German Suplexes. Mayor Mystery is on the apron. Mystery tosses Gregory a chain. He levels Young and gets the pin. 8:00. Dennis Gregory flexes over MV Young after picking up a win Saturday night.

The VIPs v. Party Gras

Referee Adam Jugan is ready as both veteran, well-worn teams make it to the ring. Party Gras dances their way to the ring, led as always by Lord Zoltan. The VIPs are more than ready to slow down the pace of this match. The Krazies chant “Garbage Pants” toward Lou Martin. Zoltan holds a ringside sign that says Garbage Pants. Martin had tried to tear it in two moments earlier, to no avail. Zoltan starts out against Blanchard, and chases him around the ring. Lord Zoltan grabs Blanchard by the ear. Justin Sane rushes in and grabs the other one. Sane is in. Not sure if there was a tag. Zoltan is back in and he has Blanchard down. Zoltan knees Blanchard in the thigh. Zoltan distracts the ref enough to do it again. Sane comes in without the benefit of a tag. These two teams know each other extremely well. Zoltan and Sane trade places again without a tag. Blanchard pokes Sane in the eye. Martin is in for the very first time at the 4:30 mark. Martin has Sane in the middle ropes and rides him like a steer. With the referee’s back turned, the VIPs double team Sane. There’s a flying leg into Martin. Blanchard is back in and he chops Sane in the neck. There’s a huge spinebuster on Sane. Martin is tagged in and he drops an elbow from the top. That’s a move that Martin hasn’t used often. Martin has his for a side slam and drops him down. Martin picks Sane up and into the VIP corner. Martin puts a boot into Sane’s neck. Then there’s a couple of punches to the midsection. There’s a double flap jack on Sane by the VIPs. Sane kicks out at one. Blanchard is back in for a pinch to Sane’s neck. Sane tries to rally the troops but gets nowhere. He levels a couple of elbows and then Blanchard hits him with a suplex. Both Megastars are down. The each get to their partners. Zoltan punches both. Soon, Sane and Zoltan are in control of both VIPs. Zoltan is tossed to the outside. Sane is clotheslined. Demolition Decapitation on Justin Sane. The VIPs move on in the tournament. 9:30

Faime and Flash v. Kris Kash and Shane Starr

The match starts with Flash and Starr. Flash, who has put on 25 pounds of muscle in recent months, is in the best condition of his career. Starr is able to maneuver Flash around and posts him in the corner. The two break holds and lock up again. Starr wrings the wrist of Flash. Flash is able to get behind Flash and then actually, somehow gets Fedor’s arm in the lock up. Kash is tagged in for a great drop kick and two count on Flash. Flash whips Kash into the ropes. Kash races out into the other corner and out of the other for a leg scissors. Flash tries to toss Kash to the outside and onto Starr but he doesn’t get the leverage. He ties Kash up and dives on Starr. On his way back in, he drives Kash neck first into the mat. Faime is tagged in at the 4-minute mark. Starr tries to come in but he is rebuffed by Fedor. Faime snap mares Kash in the center of the ring and whips his neck. Faime and Flash trade places without the benefit of a tag. Flash has Kash down for a series of submission moves. Flash power bombs Kash into the corner. Luckily Kash tags Starr in during his fall to the outside. Starr goes right after Flash and delivers a thunderous, standing suplex. Flash is able to recover and tags in Faime. Faime holds Starr out as Flash dives over the top rope and onto his midsection. Faime drives Starr’s private area into the ring post. Flash kicks Starr in the chest. Starr catches the leg and delivers a big chop. They fall to the center of the ring, both Megastars spent. Fedor starts the double count out. They get to their knees and trade blows. They get to their feet and trade blows. They deliver boots to each other’s face. Faime catches Ice Machine out of the side of his eye and bails on Flash. Kash hits a flying leg scissors. The landing is monstrous. Two count. The Lost Boys grab Flash and Starr sets him up for the Flying Wizard. Kash drops a leg and gets the win. 11:11

KSWA World Championship: Bobby Badfingers (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Mitch Napier

The bell rings and Bobby Badfingers climbs to the corner post and receives a cascade of boos. Mitch does the same and gest cheered. The two veterans lock up and Badfingers side suplexes the champion down. He rolls Mitch down again and bodyslams Napier. Napier hip tosses Badfingers down twice and suplexes him. Napier follows up with a drop kick that sends the challenger to the outside. Badfingers is chased around the ring. Badfingers rolls in and Mayor Mystery grabs Napier’s leg. That’s enough for Badfingers to gain an advantage. Badfingers hits Napier with a series of chops in the corner, to no avail. Napier drop kicks Badfingers down and gets a two count. Napier then keeps the action on the mat. He nearly gets a pinfall but it’s only a two count. Napier side suplexes Badfingers. Mayor Mystery chokes Napier at one point. Badfingers gets a two count. Badfingers posts Napier in the corner and delivers a drop kick. In one corner, Mystery delivers a cane to the ribs and a crotch shot on the ring post. Two count on the cover by Badfingers. Napier with a sunset flip and two count. Badfingers hoists Mitch up for an S-Five. There’s a two and a half count. Badfingers pressures Napier down on the mat. Referee Jugan checks Mitch, who powers out of the move. Badfingers pulls him down from behind. There’s a leg drop. At a two count, Napier gets his shoulder up. Badfingers catches Napier coming off of the corner post. Badfingers slams him down for a pinfall attempt that ends at two. He goes for another and gets two. Badfingers punches away at Napier and then drives him down with a DDT. Two count. Badfingers picks him up. He misses a splash. Napier climbs to the top rope. Flying cross body. Two count. Badfingers whips Napier in the corner and levels a spear. There’s a two count. Badfingers can’t believe it. Badfingers catches Napier in a power bomb. Two count. Badfingers is the first up. He misses with a spear. Napier hoists him into the Sioux Falls Slam and gets the pin. 11:11. Afterwards, Mayor Mystery gets involved and finds himself in an ankle lock for good measure.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Zak Hunter and BROhemoth v. The Jester and T-Rantula

The Big Game Hunters—Zak Hunter and BROhemoth—have had success elsewhere, but nothing is like the KSWA and a packed house of Krazies. The Krazies are fully behind The Jester and his less-than-traditional antics. Jester and Hunter lock up and it’s The Jester who gyrates himself into the Krazies’ hearts. A drop toe hold falls Zak Hunter and The Jester rides him like a pony. BROhemoth is tagged in and he wants T-Rantula. BROhemoth goes after the big dawg and chops him. T doesn’t want any of it and he chops BROhemoth into tagging in Zak Hunter, who is nowhere near as physically intimidating as the nearly 7-footer. T chops Zak in the chest and leaves him wanting to tag out. The Jester is tagged back in and Hunter is snapmared down. Jester runs up and drops a knee on Hunter’s sternum. The pin attempt is blocked by BROhemoth racing in. T-Rantula is tagged back in and he boots Hunter down. T then tosses him to the outside. T-Rantula grabs a tin of nachos and blasts Hunter with it. Hunter then goes head-first into the table. Once back inside, Hunter gains offense on Jester, especially after BROhemoth kicks Jester in the back while on the apron. The Big Game Hunters double head butt Jester. BROhemoth bodyslams Jester and then hits a fall away cannonball. T-Rantula races in to break up the pin attempt. The Big Game Hunters double team Jester in their corner. BROhemoth kicks Jester around and yells at T-Rantula in the process. That incites T-Rantula, who comes into the ring and is forced out by Fedor. Jester starts to fight out of it. Hunter and Jester hit each other with a double head butt and that drops them down in the center of the ring. Jester tags T-Rantula but Fedor doesn’t see it. BROhemoth whips Jester into the corner and follows with a slam. They double team Jester in the corner and then Hunter DDT’s Jester. Could the newcomers win the richest prize in the Commonwealth? No. Jester kicks up. Hunter hits a clothesline. BROhemoth is back in. There’s a huge leg drop. Two count on Jester. Jester sunset flips BROhemoth and then drops butt first onto the big man’s sternum. The Krazies are deafening, cheering Jester. T is tagged in and he goes to work on his opponents. There’s a big boot on BROhemoth. Jester snap mares Hunter on the inside. T hits BROhemoth with the nachos. T goes back inside, choke slams Hunter and Jester hits him with the frog splash for the win. 12:47.

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