Mayor Mystery Has Begun A War With KSWA Owner Bobby O And Has Enlisted Dennis Gregory For A Championship Fight

February 26, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Observers of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) have realized a vague, yet significant development in recent months. Mayor Mystery, the efficacious and most successful manager of champions in the history of the longest-running promotion in Pittsburgh history, has made his intension to wage war on Owner Bobby O.

Mystery, the Mayor of Parts Unknown, has had tag team, Golden Triangle, Jr. Heavyweight and 5-Star champions in his flourishing stable. He has never led a KSWA Heavyweight Champion, but there are strong indications that that’s exactly what he has his nefarious sites on now.

Mayor Mystery’s stable has undergone a transformation since the retirement of “Nasty” Nick Crane in December. Fellow Mercenary Sniper has been absent from recent KSWA events, including the competition-resetting “Battle Bowl.” It’s unsure what will happen with him or the Mercenaries “clique.”

In addition to that, “Vicious” Vinnie Stone was absent from February’s 17th Anniversary event. Might Mayor Mystery be changing gears—by focusing on the Commonwealth’s top singles gold—instead of tag team championships?

It appears that Mayor Mystery is setting a gauntlet of sorts for KSWA Heavyweight Champion Mitch Napier. Napier successfully defended against Bobby Badfingers in February, right after the Sioux Falls Warrior defeated Jay Flash in January. Badfingers provided good foil for Napier, as the two had rarely met in one-on-one competition over the years in which they have both wrestled in the KSWA. It’s too early to predict; however, word is that Mayor Mystery has had an audience with the KSWA Championship Committee to set Napier up next with Stone or another hand-picked challenger.

It’s clear that Mayor Mystery has an insider within the KSWA Championship Committee. How else could one get away with entering a 275-lb man into a Jr. Heavyweight Match a number of years ago? The ultra-secretive governing agency has never been publicly identified, but KSWA Kommissioner “Gentleman” Joe Perri is its trusted figurehead. KSWA Owner Bobby O has entrusted the independent committee to oversee championship rankings, set matches and manage operations in a separate edict from his duties.

Possibilities include Stone next getting a crack at the most important singles wrestling title in independent wrestling. While the Vicious one from Wheeling certainly has the pedigree to earn a title shot, Stone is one of the most accomplished tag team wrestlers in KSWA history. His current legacy consists of countless wins, consisting of four tag team reigns with three different partners. A pure brawler, like Badfingers, Stone is a worthy competitor, but most onlookers might agree that Napier would still be the heavy favorite going into that prospective contest.

The introduction of Dennis Gregory into Mayor Mystery’s stable has energized the Mayor of Parts Unknown. Without debate, Gregory is one of the most accomplished wrestlers in Western Pennsylvania to join the ranks of Pittsburgh wrestling and the KSWA. Regionally, few have the resume of Dennis Gregory, and Mystery is elated to have him in the fold. Recently, Mystery included Gregory in the list of local “legends” who have joined the KSWA in the past few years. The list begins with Lord Zoltan (the two debuted together in 2009 and even joined together in a “one time only” match against the Honky Tonk Man at FanFest 2014. Mystery also included T-Rantula in that list. One could also argue that Crane could be on that list, although the two famously had a falling out at the end of FanFest 2016.

Gregory was a surprise entrant in Battle Bowl and made big waves. He earned a match against “The One” MV Young in February and the hard-hitting action is still reverberating at the KSWA Arena at Spirit Hall.

If Napier remains Champion (his opponent for March 25 has not been announced yet), look for Mayor Mystery to orchestrate a match with Gregory somewhere down the line. Gregory rivals KSWA Original and VIP founder Shawn Blanchard individual title gold. (Somewhere down the line that could be a marquee matchup, despite both having similar disdain for fans and legal interpretations of the sport.)

For his part, Gregory has kept quiet on his plans upon entering the KSWA. It’s obvious in his Battle Bowl showing and win against a game and proficient MV Young that Gregory wants to be in the KSWA. It is where opportunity is paramount, and something that Owner Bobby O has constantly rewarded.

Even when the opportunity is for someone as divisive as Mayor Mystery.

Stay tuned, as the battle between Bobby O and Mayor Mystery has really just begun.

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