It's "Prime Time" As Anthony Alexander Returns To The KSWA And Wins Joe Abby Tournament

March 26, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

No one could have guessed that Shawn Blanchard would meet a face from his past at the 10th Annual Joe Abby Memorial Tournament on Saturday, March 25. In recent months, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) has seen several new faces. Whether young upstarts, or veterans looking to make a statement in front of the best crowd in all of professional wrestling, the KSWA has witnessed a new era. Even the crowds stuffing their way into the KSWA Arena at Spirit Hall have enjoyed a renaissance.

And then Double A, Anthony Alexander, walked through the curtains and back into KSWA immortality.

Five Star Championship: Justin Sane v. Harley T. Morris (c) with David Marbell

Referee David Fedor checks both combatants, and Morris attacks Sane before the bell rings. Sane goes for the arm ringer, and then calls to climb the ropes. Sane drives an elbow into Morris, knocking him down. Sane goes for the wrist lock and goes for the same move, but Morris catches him. Morris then hits Sane with a questionable move. Morris drives Sane down and goes for a pin. Two count. A Fisherman’s suplex and then Morris drives his knee into Sane’s. Morris uses the knee to his advantage and then distracts the referee as Marbell drives the knee over the bottom rope. Morris applies a submission move to Justin’s leg but that goes nowhere. Two count is recorded by Fedor. Sane pushes Morris off and into the corner. With Morris down, Sane goes to the top rope. Fedor sees Marbell getting involved and kicks him out of ringside. Morris is on the top rope. Sane tosses him off into a power bomb. Sane races for a frog splash. Lands it and gets the win and gets the big win. The new 5-Star Champion is Justin Sane. 6:12

King Del Douglas v. Lord Zoltan

King Del Douglas makes his way to the ring and then is followed by Lord Zoltan, who dances in tribute to the late Chuck Berry. Del Douglas attacks Lord Zoltan before the bath robed legend can make his way into the contest. Douglas has him tied up in the bottom rope for nearly a full minute. Douglas continues the assault with his Lordship in the corner. Zoltan breaks loose with a couple of clotheslines and a boot to the midsection. Zoltan goes for a pin but Douglas kicks him off. Zoltan gets Douglas in the corner and drives him crotch-first into the ring post. Zoltan continues with the offense. Zoltan goes to the top rope in an attempt to drive a knee into Douglas’ sternum. The King moves. Douglas gets Zoltan into a Millvale crab. Zoltan refuses to give up. Zoltan tries to rally the crowd. Douglas lets go of the move. For some reason, Justin Sane is at ringside. Douglas drops an elbow on Zoltan. Douglas gets him into a one-legged Millvale Crab submission. Douglas breaks the hold and Zoltan nurses a sore knee. Zoltan goes for another single leg submission. He breaks it again. This is a rare display of ground tactics for Douglas, but he seems to have found an offense he has not used before. Douglas has Zoltan in the submission move and seemingly out of nowhere, Sane tosses in a white towel and the referee calls for the bell. The winner is King Del Douglas in 6:22. Afterwards, long-time friends and tag team partners Party Gras appear to disagree over Justin’s towel toss. Zoltan is helped to the back by support staff. Sane says that he was just trying to help his friend.

Semi-finals Joe Abby Memorial Tournament: Jay Flash v. Shane Starr

The First Round of the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament starts with Jay Flash v. Shane Starr. A drop toe hold floors Shane Starr right off the bat. Flash goes for a pin but only gets one. Starr goes for the Sharpshooter but Flash fights off, primarily by pulling Starr’s hair. Starr gets Flash down for a two count. The two circle each other in the center of the ring. Flash locks up and drives Starr down. Flash continues to have Starr down and grinds his face in the center of the mat. Flash goes for his wrist tape. Flash goes to the ropes and Starr tries to roll him up from behind. Flash fights it off. He floors Starr and kicks him in the gut. Flash drops an elbow and gets a two count. He continues his assault and gets another two count. Flash kicks Starr in the crotch and then tries to lock in the Sharpshooter. Starr fights out of it and drives Flash into the corner. Starr buries knees into Flash. Starr misses a spear and ends up on the floor outside the ring. Starr is on the concrete below. Fedor starts the count. Flash dives on Starr through the middle rope. Flash continues the assault there. Starr is on the apron. Flash chops him. They trade chops and shots. Starr calls for the power bomb, but Flash reverses it and Starr goes into the corner. Flash super kicks Starr and gets the win. 7:55.

Hall of Fame Ceremony. KSWA Owner Bobby O and Gentleman Joe Perri award Pie Traynor’s award to Lanny Frattare. A Carnegie Borough proclamation and Allegheny County Council proclamations were read to “The Fighting Cop from Carnegie” Frank Holtz. KSWA Hall of Famer Nick Busick presents a letter from Carnegie Borough Police to Holtz. And then, Bobby O surprises KSWA Kommissioner “Gentleman” Joe Perri with his induction.

KSWA Hall of Famer Nick Busick made a special trip to the Abby Tournament because he wanted to meet Frank Holtz. Busick said that since Holtz was a real-life police officer, he was an inspiration.

Shawn Blanchard v Mystery Opponent

Former KSWA Champion Anthony Alexander takes directions from referee Adam Jugan. Shawn Blanchard marches to the ring. Observers had guessed for days who the Mystery Opponent would be in the Semi Final round. The Mystery opponent turned out to be “Double A” Anthony Alexander, who had been absent from the KSWA for six years. The two KSWA legends meet in the center of the ring. Alexander tosses Blanchard aside and across the ring. Double A tosses Blanchard across the ring, over the top turnbuckle and into a clothesline on the apron. Blanchard is brought in the “hard way” over the top rope and into the center of the ring. Blanchard pokes Double A in the eye. That sends the big man into the corner for a series of punches and kicks. Blanchard chants “Who’s The Man” before pulling Alexander out and into the center of the ring. There Blanchard hits kicks and gets a one-count. Blanchard gets Alexander in a rear chin lock. Alexander gets powered up and delivers elbows before Blanchard hits him with a spinebuster. Referee Adam Jugan counts to two. Blanchard kicks Alexander. Double A goes for a knee in the corner and misses. His knee is wrenched. Blanchard continues the assault on the knee. Blanchard moves to the outside and wraps his knee around the ring post. Blanchard slaps on the Figure Four. Alexander fights out of the Figure Four. He grabs Blanchard and hits a big choke slam in the center of the ring. Both Megastars are spent. The fans chant “Double A.” The chant gets louder and louder. Alexander hits Blanchard with a Prime-Time Cancellation and Alexander gets the win. The crowd goes crazy. 8:13

Golden Triangle Championship:

Faime takes the early advantage over Kris Kash. Suplexes and body slams lead into a pin attempt that ends at two. Faime clotheslines Kash in the center of the ring and taunts the crowd. Faime tosses Kash into the ropes and into a suplex. Faime over hand chops Kash and then tosses him out to the crowd. Faime follows to the outside and tosses Kash back in. Faime misses with a leg drop as Kash gets out of the way. Bobby O cheers Kash on. Kash hits Faime with a couple of clotheslines in the corner and then a tilt a whirl drop kick. A fall-away drop kick falls Faime to the mat. There’s a leg scissors and a pin attempt that closes out at two. Kash is tossed into the corner, he comes out and flips onto Faime. Faime falls to the outside. Kash climbs to the top turnbuckle and flips onto Faime the crowd goes berserk. Once back in the ring, Kash gets Faime into a head lock. Faime pushes Kash into the referee. There’s a collision and the referee goes down. Faime grabs the belt and socks Kash with it. The referee, none the wiser, goes for the count. Faime gets the pin and the win. 6:17

6-Man Tag Team Match: Spear Asylum and Big Mike Malachi v. The Jester, T-Rantula and Jack Massacre

All six Megastars are in the ring at the same time. The Krazies, numbering more than 440, cheer for the Jester in unison. T-Rantula, Massacre and The Jester shoot their opponents into the ring for a big collision and they fall to the outside. Referee Fedor starts the count. It takes a while for the team to get into the ring. The Jester take the opportunity to ride Bobby Badfingers like a horsey. The Krazies go insane. T-Rantula comes in to chop Badfingers. He calls in T-Rantula who does the same. The biggest men in the room take turns chopping Badfingers around. T kicks Badfinges in the bread basket. Jack Massacre and T give Badfingers a back elbow. Jack picks up Badfingers by one leg. That is a massive feat of strength. The Jester is tagged in. Malachi charges in the ring and attacks The Jester. Fedor finally chases Badfingers out and Massacre kicks Badfingers down. The Jester is tagged in and he gets an advantage over The Jester. Vinnie Stone is tagged in around the 5:40 mark. This is the first action he’s seen. The referee is distracted and Badfingers chokes The Jester in the corner. Malachi is tagged in at the 6:29 mark. He drops Jester with an Irish Hammer. Badfingers then stands on The Jester’s throat as the referee is distracted. Fedor pushes Jack Massacre back. The Jester is tossed into the corner and hit with a big back elbow. The referee is distracted as Mayor Mystery hammers The Jester in the throat with a cane. Badfingers is back in and hits an elbow. Badfingers suplexes Jester down and registers a two count. Fedor gets in the middle of T-Rantula and Malachi. Stone pushes The Jester into the corner. Stone hammers away at The Jester in the corner. The opposing team attack Jester and then all of the wrestlers. Everyone falls to the outside. T slams Badfingers into the apron. T also clobbers Badfingers with an order of nachos. Inside Mayor Mystery hits The Jester in the back with his cane. Malachi scoops him up and drops him down for the pin and the win in 11:32. Bobby O chases Mystery at ringside. MV Young arrives from the locker room and pushes Mayor Mystery into the ring and into the clutches of T and Massacre. They double choke slam him. The Jester then hits Mystery with the Frog Splash. The fans cry out for another. The Jester frog splashes Mayor Mystery again for good measure.

KSWA Heavyweight Title:

Lou Martin attacks Mitch Napier from behind as soon as the opportunity arises. Mitch is dropped in the corner and Martin goes to work. Napier is on the middle rope and Martin attacks with legs and a leg drop. Napier is reeling in the early moments. Martin, an excellent tactician, digs away at Napier and keeps him on the mat. Martin hits a back breaker on Napier and then hits a side slam. Napier is positioned in the corner and kicked in the midsection. Martin drapes him on the top rope and across the measure. Martin hits a side slam and positions himself for an elbow from the middle rope. He covers Napier and gets a two count. Napier is whipped into the corner. He avoids a splash attempt and nearly rolls Martin up with a two count. Napier attacks Martin but Lou tosses him to the concrete. Napier is waiting on the outside and picks him up and onto the apron. Napier tosses Martin into the corner post and then into the ring. Napier goes to the top rope. He hits Martin with a huge head butt. There’s a two count. Martin rebounds and goes for superplex, but Napier reverses it and lands a huge power bomb. Napier side suplexes Martin down hard. Napier goes for the big swing and propellers Martin around about a dozen times before going for a pin. Two count. Napier is up. He punches Lou in the mush. Napier swings him about 10 times again. The crowd eats it up. Martin bolts up at two and hits Napier in the face. Martin rebounds and powers Mitch up for a suplex. Two count. Martin goes for the Death Certificate but Napier somehow powers him up into a Sioux Falls Slam. He gets the win at 9:11.

Joe Abby Memorial Tournament Finals: Jay Flash v. Anthony Alexander

The two finalists face off in the middle of the ring and Anthony Alexander nearly hits Flash with a Prime Time Cancellation right off the bat. The two face off and Flash is bewildered by a back elbow from the big man. Flash wants a test of strength with Alexander. That goes nowhere and Alexander puts the boots to Flash. Alexander tosses Flash three quarters across the ring. The fans want another. Alexander picks Flash up and obliges. Alexander tosses Flash to the outside. Alexander follows but Flash dives back in. Alexander, who might be in the best shape of his career, tries to climb back in but Flash kicks him off. Flash attempts to dive through the ropes; however, Alexander meets him with a European Upper Cut. Flash is posted on the ring post but dives out of the way of a clothesline. Alexander hits the steel post and that gives Flash the chance he needs. Flash tosses Alexander into the steel ring post. Flash ties Alexander up in the ropes and hits him with a neck breaker from the outside. Flash theatrically drops an elbow and gets only a two count. Flash kicks Alexander in the head and he falls to the outside. Flash stops short of a European Upper Cut and then dives onto Alexander from the top rope. A wobbly Double A is tossed back in. Flash jumps over the top rope and onto Alexander’s midsection. Flash readies for a super kick. Alexander is slow to get up. Alexander catches the leg. Flash avoids the Prime-Time Cancellation. Flash kicks him. Flash dives over the top rope and Alexander catches him with a Prime-Time Cancellation for the victory. 8:16.

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