Young Survives Flash, Gregory Nearly Tops Napier, Levay & Deveer Surprise Militia, Zoltan Walks On Sane, Blanchard Wins Brawl Belt

May 10, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The much-anticipated match between Jay Flash and MV Young was everything one might expect in a hard-hitting showdown between two of the most talented youngsters in Western Pennsylvania, and the Krazies loved every second of it. Denny Gregory continued a trend of rough and tumble matches for KSWA World Champion Mitch Napier. Shawn Blanchard got back on the winning track leading up to Julyís Brawl Under The Bridge. Two of the KSWAís original ďgiantsĒ locked up once again. And Lord Zoltan walked out on Justin Sane in what may be Party Grasí last shot at the KSWA tag team titles.

Del Douglas v. Gino Slice

Douglas arrives to the ring with usual pomp. Gino Slice, a KSWA newcomer as of 2017, comes to the ring ready for action. The bell rings and referee Adam Jugan checks out the competitors. The veteran Douglas avoids the smooth Metal Assassin. The competitors lock up and Douglas went to the eyes. Douglas punches away at Slice but the young Megastar clotheslines and drop kicks his opponent. Douglas stops the offense with some knees to the gut and a knock down. Thereís a two count at 1:49. Douglas battles back by going after the eyes again. Douglas whips Slice into the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline. Douglas puts a shin to Sliceís throat. Douglas plants Slice into the tree of woe and follows up with a drop kick. Two count before Slice can get his hand onto the ropes. The Royal Sharpshooter is next. Slice fights it and Douglas is caught using the ropes for leverage. Douglas drops an elbow and goes for a pin that ends at two. Slice battles back. But thatís short lived as King takes control. King wrenches Slice back. Douglas drops the fist thatís banned in 49 out of the 50 states. Two count follows. King goes for another move from the top but Slice blocks it. Slice gets up and hits a series of neck breakers. Thereís a two-and-three-quarters count from Jugan. Douglas is backed into the corner. Slice runs into Douglas and lands a knee. Douglas sweeps the knee from behind. He uses that offense to drop it like itís hot and secures the win. 7:00

Triple Threat Match: Golden Triangle Championship. Morris (w/Marbell) v. Ice Machine v. Faime

Tommy Faime once again asserts that Ice Machine is, in fact, ďIce ManĒ Tony Johnson. The bell rings and Morris and Faime gang up on Ice Machine but that doesnít fare well for the Golden Triangle Champion and the former 5-Star title holder. Ice Machine gets out of the way of their offense but is quickly double teamed. Machine battles out and hits a double clothesline which sends both opponents to the outside. Morris and Faime do their best to console each other on the outside, with an assist by Marbell. Once inside, Morris is floored by Machineís cross body block. Machine then rams Tommy Faimeís head into the corner posts. Machine goes for his Ice Kick but itís caught by Faime. Morris kicks Machine down and then kicks Faime. Itís soon all Morris. He gets a one-count on Machine by Morris. Morris tosses Machine into Faime and then onto the mat. Faime is dispatched to the outside. A suplex and two count comes next from Morris. Morris keeps Machine down and then delivers a spinning elbow. Faime and Morris argue, as Faime doesnít understand Morrisí ambition for the belt. Ice Machine gets to his feet and as the duo turns around, he hits them with a double clothesline. A double cross body block keeps both Megastars down. Double chop from Ice Machine keeps both reeling. Ice Machine measures someone for the Ice Kick. Machine delivers it to Morris. Faime clobbers Machine, shoves him onto the floor and makes the pin on Morris for the win. 6:45.

Open Challenge: Tag Team Bobby Badfingers and J-Ru v. Remy Levay and Lucio Deveer

Bobby Badfingers and J-Ru are reunited again with Mayor Mystery. They had offered an Open Challenge to any team. KSWA Owner Bobby O and Kommissioner Gentleman Joe Perri came to the ring to explain how the KSWA is all about opportunity. Bobby O then introduced Remy Levay and Lucio Deveer. Referee Adam Jugan calls for the bell and the Open Challenge match begins. Remy Levay starts off with Bobby Badfingers. Thereís a series of arm bars that keep things slow at the outset. Badfingers pushes Levay into the ropes and into the clutches of Mayor Mystery. Badfingers is able to get Levay into the corner and once again into Mysteryís clutches. Mystery is actually up on the apron for his attack. Badfingers pushes Levay into the corner and into his corner. Once again, Mayor Mystery attacks from the outside. At one point, Gentleman Joe Perri has had enough. He and Bobby O toss Mayor Mystery out onto the floor. Referee David Fedor and Bobby O drag Mayor Mystery away from ringside. Lucio Deveer is tagged in at the 4:25 mark. Badfingers tries to chop him and gets nowhere. Deveer chops Badfingers down. Soon, J-Ru is in and he and Deveer trade chops. Deveer chops and kicks J-Ru down. Levay and Deveer both go after the Mossberg Militia and bring them into the ring the hard way. They get the Militia into the corner for a series of punches to the head; however, the veterans have a way out and they both drop their opponents to the mat. Referee Jugan is distracted as J-Ru goes after Deveer with a boot to the throat. J-Ru knocks Levay off of the apron. Levay tries to come back in but he is stopped by the ref. J-Ru continues his assault on Deveer. Lucio whips J-Ru into the corner and hits him with a double knee to the back. J-Ru hit a short clothesline on Deveer and gets a two count. Then thereís another two count on Deveer. J-Ru has in in the corner. The Militia double team Deveer and Badfingers gets The Enigma down for a two count. They hit him with a double knee in front of the referee. J-Ru keeps the offense on Deveer and he tags Badfingers back in. Thereís a double clothesline with Deveer and Badfingers. Each man desperately needs to get to his partner. They get to their partners and Levay is all over J-Ru. He hits both opponents and then drives Deveer into J-Ru. Deveer gets Badfingers down. The team gets the Militia down with a power bomb and gets the win. 11:45

Mike Malachi v. Anthony Alexander

The battle of the original KSWA giantsÖMike Malachi and Anthony Alexander. These two behemoths have a sorted, decade-plus history in Pittsburgh professional wrestling. Once Alexander hits the ring, the veteran Malachi steps out. Both men pull on the ropes in unison. Alexander urges the fans to clap along. Malachi is not impressed. The two lock up in the center of the ring and itís Alexander who has the upper hand. Once in the corner, Alexander breaks the hold. Malachi whips Alexanderís sweat off on referee David Fedorís shirt. Malachi gets Alexander in the corner and takes a cheap shot but Alexander catches it. Malachi has offense, including a boot to Alexanderís chin. Alexander is in a seated position for a series of fists from Malachi. Thereís a double ax handle that lands Alexander down. Malachi gets Alexander prone and in the center of the ring. Malachi follows a submission move with a series of heavy-handed fists. Malachi puts a boot to Alexanderís throat. Referee Fedor breaks up the move in the corner. Malachi suplexes Alexander down in the center of the ring. Thereís a leg drop and two count that just comes up short. Alexander gets to his feet and rallies with a clothesline on Malachi. Fedor starts to count both men down. Alexander lands a flying clothesline from the corner. Alexander lands a few punches of his own before whipping Malachi into the corner. A bulldog is next and a two count. Alexander lays in a forearm on Malachiís back. Alexander whips him into the ropes for a boot and leg drop. Thereís only a two count. Alexander canít believe it. Malachi reverses a whip into the rope and both men are down. Fedor counts to five before they are both up enough to punch. Malachi gouges Alexanderís eye and thatís enough to line up a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Malachi gets him up for a bodyslam. Alexander slips out and lands a Prime Time Cancellation out of nowhere. However, heís too spent and it takes a while for the cover. Two count. Malachi is up and Alexander meets him with another Prime Time Cancellation, this time for quick pinfall. The winner is Anthony Alexander. 10:00.

Brawl Under The Bridge Championship Match: Martin v. Blanchard v. Starr v. Kash

The bell rings as soon as Kash and Starr burst into the ring and attack the VIPs. Kash and Starr are in the ring as Blanchard and Martin bail to the outside. Kash dives onto Blanchard and soon, all four participants are on the outside. Starr tosses Martin in and drops a leg. Then another. Then a third. Martin gets up by going low on Starr. Blanchard and Kash are on the outside with Blanchard chopping Kash in the chest. Kash soon retaliates. Meanwhile on the inside, Martin steps on Starrís hair and drops an elbow after a few leg drops of his own. Blanchard picks up Kash and rams him crotch-first into the corner post. The VIPs double team Starr on the inside. Blanchard hits a big knee on Starr but he is able to gets Blanchard down. Martin is up and he breaks up a Sharpsburg Sharpshooter attempt. Kash crawls to the apron and is met by Blanchard. Kash hits a Twist of fate out of the corner on Blanchard but is immediately hit by Martin. Martin had dropped Starr with a side suplex and he just now gets up. They go low on Starr. Blanchard and Martin actually have a tense few moments as the lure of the Brawl Under The Bridge Championship is too much, even for these long-time friends, multiple tag team partners and fellow VIPs. Kash drop kicks Martin down. Thereís pure pandemonium as Blanchard hits Martin with a Spine Buster. Starr gets Martin into a Sharpshooter and Kash gets Blanchard into a Figure Four. Referee Adam Jugan checks on both men. Soon the hold is broken on Martin and Kash lets go of Blanchard. Kash brings Martin in the hard way and Starr does the same to Blanchard. Starr hits Kash with a Shining Wizard. Blanchard grabs Starr, hoists him high for a piledriver and lands it straight onto Kashís nether region. The winner of the match and new Brawl Under The Bridge Champion is Shawn Blanchard! 7:43. Post-Match, the VIPs argue over the belt. For the vast majority of their KSWA run, Blanchard and Martin have been thick as thieves. They do have disagreements from time to time and theyíve also pranked the Krazies into think there was an eminent split; however, itís always ironed over. This dust up seemed a bit more personal, but they ultimately embrace (Martin may have kissed Blanchard on the cheek) and leave the ring as friends.

Jay Flash v. MV Young

The match starts out fast and furious with both Megastars running the ropes, trying to gain a quick advantage. Young tries to suplex Flash but he blocks it. The battle to the outside, where Flash powerbombs Young onto the apron. He does not catch with full force. Flash drops him down again and then jumps over the top rope and onto his chest. Flash uses his wrist rope on Young but referee Fedor stops that. Flash has the advantage until Young can battle out of a suplex attempt for his own. With great strength and effort, Young is able to get Flash up for a series of suplexes. They battle to the outside and then onto the apron. Young kicks Flash off the apron then onto the floor. Young tries to come up from the top rope but Flash catches him. Flash suplexes Young into the corner and then lands a drop kick. Two count as Young gets his shoulder up. Flash canít keep Young down. Young and Flash trade heavy blows until Young drops Flash with a powerbomb. Two count. Young lands a Sharpshooter. He wrenches him low until Flash breaks out of it. Flash is able to synch in an arm bar that keeps Young on the mat. Fedor checks for a submission that doesnít come. Young fights out of the offense. Young kicks Flash in the back of the head while he is on the apron. Young and Flash trade elbows while on the apron. Flash suplexes Young from the apron and onto the floor. Fedor begins the double count out. He gets to five and neither Megastar is up. Flash is the first to the apron. They both get in at the nine count. They trade heavy chops in the center of the ring. Young is the first one down to his knee. Flash kicks him. Young kicks again. A suplex and Flashís shoulder is up at two. Flash gets a kick to the face and Young makes the pin off of a hard-fought contest. 11:45.

Tag Team Championship: Party Gras v. The Jester and T-Rantula

Referee Adam Jugan waits for the both teams to make their way to the ring for this match. The bell rings and itís The Jester and brand new 5-Star Champion Justin Sane starting things off. Jester wants Lord Zoltan to start and the legendary one starts a dance with Jester, only to tag Sane back in. Sane wrist locks Jester and pumps the arm a number of times. Lord Zoltan is tagged in and itís more of the same from the savvy vet. Zoltan tags in Sane again and he leap frogs over Zoltan and onto Jesterís outstretched arm. Zoltan is tagged in again. Itís a tag team clinic from the most successful KSWA tag team champions of all time. Zoltan kicks Jester in the buttocks. Jester sunset flips Zoltan into the Lawrenceville sky. On his way down, Zoltan grabs two handfuls of trunks to expose a buttock with an enormous black and blue bruise. This both mortifies the crowd and leads them into uncontrollable hysterics. T is tagged in and so is Zoltan. They trade veteran moves before tagging in Sane. T lays Sane out with a huge boot to the head and then chops to the chest. Jester is tagged in and he keeps the offense on Sane. Sane hits a chin breaker on Sane. Jester tags in T who continues his assault on Sane with a European Upper Cut. T goes after Zoltan on the apron and the two veterans brawl. On the outside, T takes Sane to Nacho City. They roll Sane back in and they get a two count. Jester is back in and he chops at the cheese on Saneís forehead. Sane is planted on the top turnbuckle. Sane maneuvers his way out of position and powerbombs The Jester after it seems as if Jester was going to get the advantage. Zoltan holds Jester up and he moves away from Justinís kick. Sane plants a boot into Zoltanís chest. Party Gras is able to rebound and they pick up T Rantula for the same move. Sane goes to kick T Rantula, who moves. Zoltan is kicked in the chest one more time. Zoltan has had enough and he leaves Sane to himself. Justin is in bewilderment. T Rantula choke slams Sane and Jester hits a frog splash, and the duo retains. 10:34.

KSWA World Title: Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Mitch Napier

Gregory gets to the ring, grabs the microphone and insults all of the KSWA Krazies and tells everyone how great Mayor Mystery is. Napier is out and the two immediately jaw over the KSWA title belt. Gregory spears Napier immediately upon the Champion turning around. Gregory scoop slams Napier and follows with an elbow. Gregory touts himself was the new champ. He gets a one-count. Napier rallies. A leg scissors falls Gregory. He follows with a drop kick. Gregory claims that Napier is moving too fast. Napier hits a series of forearms a bodysplash and a snap mare. Napier rolls Gregory up for a one count. Napier continues on. Napier gets Gregory up for a suplex. The veteran slips out of it and pokes The Champion in the eye. Gregory takes that opportunity to crow and land some shots on Napier in the corner. Gregory tosses Napier into the corner and then into the Tree of Woe. There, Mayor Mystery assails Napier with his cane around the throat. Gregory had the referee distracted. Gregory kicks Napier and then pulls his head back into the ring post. Mystery and Gregory are on the outside. Gregory grabs a bottle of water. Napier gets out of the Tree, and then goes after Gregory, who had turned his ire on Gentleman Joe Perri at ringside. Napier landed some offense on Gregory, but the long-time veteran had thoughts of his own. Once inside the ring, Napier got some offense before his flying body splash was caught. Gregory lands a handful of knees on Napierís kidneys before tossing him overhead across the ring. Gregory stands on Napierís neck. The fans go crazy for Mitch. Gregory tosses Napier across the ring. Napier smashes Gregoryís head into the corner post about a dozen times before the challenger just falls back onto the mat. Incredibly, Mitch swings Napier around the ring nearly a dozen times. Both Megastars are spent. Napier goes for the ankle lock. Mystery breaks up the move. Gregory attacks from behind. He kicks Napier to the floor. Gregory follows him out and tosses Napier back in. Gregory goes back into the ring and Mitch makes it to his feet. Gregory skins the cat as Napier tosses him across the ring. Gregory suplexes Napier and gets a two count. Napier battles out of a submission hold. The two champions hit each other with cross body blocks. Mayor Mystery tossed the belt in the ring. Gregory picks up the belt and celebrates (albeit in error). Gregory realizes that he can use the belt as a weapon (albeit illegally) and tries to hit Napier with it, but referee Fedor blocks the move. Later, Mayor Mystery strikes Gregory with the belt and Napier hoists him up for the Sioux Falls Slam. Mitch gets the pin and win at 12:43.

Thus concludes KSWA Saturday Night.

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