Team Faime Repeats, Wootton Gets Frog Splashed, T-Rantula Reigns On Abby Memorial Night

March 29, 2016
by Trapper Tom, Ring Announcer/Wrestling Journalist

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA)’s 200th event couldn’t have come at a more appropriate and special time. Long recognized as the most celebrated professional wrestling promotion in the state of Pennsylvania, it can be argued that the KSWA is the most significant organization of its kind in the industry. The 9th Annual Joe Abby Memorial Night saw four more personalities inducted into the Hall of Fame, as well as a spectacular elimination match that saw Team Tommy Faime repeat. In addition, the KSWA Champion successfully defended, the Golden Triangle Championship remained with the Face of Pittsburgh, and Kaida moved ahead in the Best of Five series for the 5-Star Championship.

The evening began with the reading of a Proclamation from the Pennsylvania State House, recognizing the KSWA’s 200th event. The decree was presented to the KSWA on behalf of State Representative Dom Costa of Lawrenceville, who was unable to attend the festivities.

Shawn Blanchard v. Joey Quervo

This was a match booked by the KSWA Championship Committee following last month’s match between The Latin Assassin and Quervo. Referee Justin Smith calls for the bell and Shawn Blanchard looks as if he has something behind his back. Smith tries to communicate with Quervo. Smith can’t find anything. More than a minute goes by before the lock up. Blanchard gets Quervo in the corner for a series of chops. There’s a snap mare. Blanchard goes for a pin but pulls up at one. He continues to assail Quervo with chops to the solar plexes. Blanchard has Quervo in the ropes. There’s a back elbow that drops Quervo. Blanchard dukes everyone to look at ringside fans before he drops Quervo. There’s a big elbow to the top of the head that drops Quervo again. One count. Blanchard suplexes Quervo and the Luchadore kicks up at two. Blanchard has Quervo in a seated position for punishment. There’s a pinch to the solar plexes. Quervo fights out of the submission. There’s a huge belly-to-back suplex. Then that sets him up for the piledriver. Blanchard records the win in 4:36. After the match, Blanchard (who was angry about having to face Joey at all) hits Quervo with a powerbomb.

KSWA World Title: Del Douglas v. Kash (champion)

Douglas attacks immediately and rolls Kash up into a pinning predicament. He nearly gets the pin but Kash kicks up, even though “The King” had a fist full of tights. Kash lands three incredible chops before whipping Douglas into the corner for a tilt-a-whirl drop kick. He follows that with a traditional drop kick. Referee Fedor counts to two. Douglas falls to the outside. Kash dives on top of him. On the outside, Kash chops Douglas more. He rounds the corner and tosses Douglas in one more time. Once inside, Douglas gets the advantage. He chops Kash to the mat after grabbing onto his crotch and pinching. Douglas continues his assault with knees to the gut. Douglas hits Kash with the “fist that’s banned in 49 of the 50 states” from the top rope. He continues his assault. Douglas rolls Kash over and into the Royal Sharpshooter. Kash battles out by getting into the ropes. Kash gets to his feet and hits Douglas with the Twist of Fate out of nowhere and scores the victory. Kash retains in 7:26!

Class of 2016 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

KSWA Owner Bobby O and Kommissioner “Gentleman” Joe Perry are joined by frequent guest celebrity Ring Announcer Lanny Frattare. Frattare inducts the late, great Baron Mikel Scicluna. Scicluna is represented by his son, Mike. Bobby O inducts Eugene Palermo to a great response. Then two more inductees were held secret. Bobby O reads off the accomplishments of T Rantula, who is taken by surprise by the announcement. Then, Bobby O introduces his friend and MSN Broadcast partner Lanny Frattare as the fourth member of the KSWA Hall of Fame, Class of 2016.

5-Star Championship (Best of Five): Kaida v. Mitch Napier (champion)

This is the 3rd match in the Best of 5 Series. The combatants are tied with won win apiece. Mitch Napier enters the ring before the introductions are made. Kaida comes to the ring and completely goes to work on Napier. He suplexes and bodyslams him to the mat with incredible force. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. Napier regroups and kicks Kaida’s legs and knocks him down. Napier hammers at Kaida before landing a European upper cut. Napier kicks at Kaida and keeps him grounded. Mitch hits Kaida with a big cross body block and nearly gets the pin, but the challenger makes it to the ropes. Napier pounds on Kaida and suplexes him. The Krazies scream that they want him to do it again. He does with much aplomb. He synchs in the Cobra Clutch. Incredibly, Napier submits in the hold in 5:30. Kaida now takes a 2-1 lead in the Best of 5 series.

West Virginia Empire v. Party Gras and Jester

David Marbell, Harley T. Morris and Curt Wootton call themselves the “West Virginia Empire.” Jester and David Marbell start off. Jester dances and then smacks Marbell in the rear end. One minute and 30 seconds go by before another offensive move is made that’s Jester slapping Marbell in the rear end again. Marbell is chased around the ring and he tags in Morris. Jester follows in and slaps Morris and Wootton in the back. Wootton rushes in and all three fan favorites knock down their opponents and “row the boat” with the West Virginia Empire. Sane stays in and goes after Morris. Sane gets Morris in the corner and down for a series of boots to the neck. Jester misses an early tag because he was celebrating with the fans. Sane makes the tag and Jester is in for a running cannonball. Morris distracts the ref, drops Marbell off the apron and lands a backbreaker on Jester. There’s a two count. Fedor slaps another two-count. Wootton is tagged in at the 5:45 minute. He’s in for less than a minute. He connects with a couple of punches to Jester, and then bails out. Wootton comes back in and blasts Jester with a double elbow shot. Morris is tagged once again. The referee is distracted as Morris continues his attack on the Jester. Jester is on his knees and he starts to fight back. Jester lands butt first onto Morris’ chest. The standing room only crowd groans at that move. Jester starts to reach for his tag team partners. Morris crawls to his. Jester makes it to Sane. Sane punches down all of his opponents. All three are in and then all six are in. Wootton tries to get away, but Justin throws him back in. That’s where Zoltan pops him with a wrench. Down goes Wootton. Jester lands a frog splash. Justin lands another and goes for the pin. One, two, three and Party Gras and the Jester are dancing at the 10:22 mark.

Mercenaries (w/Mayor Mystery) against T-Rantula

Mayor Mystery grabs the microphone and demands to know why “Nasty” Nick Crane and Sniper are not in the Hall of Fame. Class of 2016 member T Rantula is in the Hall of Fame and he is the opponent of this handicap match. The KSWA Krazies scream “Hall of Fame” for T-Rantula throughout the match. The Mercenaries try to double team T, but he simply tosses them across the ring and onto the floor. T puts the boots to Sniper and then tosses Nasty Nick across the ring. Referee Fedor is distracted by Mayor Mystery. Before long, Sniper and Crane are double teaming T. T-Rantula escapes to the outside before coming back in to challenge both men with a Test of Strength. Crane goes to the middle rope to gain advantage for the Test of Strength. T-Rantula surprises him by tosses him across the ring instead. T-Rantula has Crane in the corner and Sniper attacks from behind. The beat down T-Rantula but the veteran instead bounces off the ropes and clotheslines both former tag team champions. T-Rantula gets a two-count on Crane. T delivers huge punches to the gut and a chop to the chest of Sniper. Sniper gets tossed outside. T-Rantula goes after him. T-Rantula goes to the snack table to order nachos with cheese. The fans go crazy for it. T Rantula goes back for the snack. On his way back to the ring, he smashes Mayor Mystery in the head with it. T hits Sniper with a can of soda. He tries to get back in but Crane is there with boots. He goes to pin T-Rantula but T just throws him off. T tosses Crane into the corner post. They fall to the outside. T Rantula grabs another nachos with cheese and hits Crane with it, to the delight of his fans. Once back inside Sniper goes after T. T goes low on Sniper. All three Mercenaries are on the outside as the Krazies chant “Nacho City” very loudly. Mayor Mystery sneaks behind T Rantula. That’s enough distraction to get T-Rantula’s attention. T knocks Mystery from the apron. The Mercenaries rush T-Rantula and knock him over the top rope. Sniper remains inside. T gets back in. The Mercenaries attack T but he battled back and choke slams both men. Mayor Mystery sneaks in and smacks T in the back with his cane. That doesn’t faze the Hall of Famer. He slams Mystery on the others and gets the win in 11:30.

Golden Triangle Championship: The Latin Assassin v. Lou Martin (champion)

Martin arrives ringside with #FaceOfPittsburgh mirror in hand and Shawn Blanchard at his side. Latin arrives next. Lou mugs for the crowd at the corner post but The Latin Assassin pulls him down instead. Latin smacks the Golden Triangle Champion around with a several clotheslines and the veteran scampers to the outside. Latin chases Martin and Blanchard quickly around the ring. Martin dives in. Latin crawls back in and is beat on by Martin. Martin steals Latin’s headband and wears it around. It’s tossed off he goes to work on Latin. There are boots and punches from Martin. Latin slowly gets to his feet and side suplexes Martin down for a one count. Latin then digs at Lou’s throat. Latin drops an elbow and gets a two count. Blanchard goes to work on Latin as Justin Smith is distracted by Martin. Blanchard feigns innocence. Martin puts Latin into the middle rope and drops a leg on him. Lou says the match is “over.” Latin rolls on the mat. A side suplex drops Latin to the mat. Two count. Martin punches at Latin while he’s in the ropes. Latin lands his patented Flying Lariat. However, he is spent. Both Megastars roll. Latin tries to pin Martin but only gets a two count. Martin hits Latin with a stunner. Two count and Latin gets his left shoulder up. Latin is dumped to the outside. Smith is distracted inside the ring and Blanchard goes to work on the outside. Blanchard digs away at Latin’s face as Martin talks to the ref in the ring. Martin goes after Latin. Latin starts to get some offense. Once inside, Latin pins Martin but only gets a two count. Latin suplexes Martin. Martin gets his hand on the bottom rope at two. Latin picks Martin up and tosses him into the corner. Justin gets in the way for a splash. Latin lands another Lariat. He goes for the pin but there is no ref. The fans count to six. Then they chant for Head Referee David Fedor. Justin is still down. Latin goes for another Lariat but Blanchard blasts him in the back with the bat. Martin hits the Death Certificate and holds onto the Golden Triangle Championship in 8:38. Afterwards, Latin hits referee Justin Smith with the Flying Lariat.

Joe Abby Memorial Elimination Match

Tommy Faime, Jay Flash, Bobby Badfinger and Vinnie Stone v. Jack Massacre, Mike Malachi, Tony Johnson and Shane Starr. One team is formidable enough at 945 pounds, but the team of Malachi, Massacre, Johnson and Starr comes in at 1,105 pounds. Badfingers and Johnson start off. Badfingers backs Johnson into his own corner and with the referee distracted; Team Faime goes to work on Johnson with kicks and punches. Jay Flash is in and he goes after Malachi. Vinnie Stone is tagged in and he goes right after Johnson. They keep the Ice Man in their corner successfully. Faime is tagged in and he goes right after the opposing team. Johnson continues to get the beat down. Badfingers uses the bottom rope to keep Johnson on the ropes. Stone punches Johnson down with a punishing right hand. Stone scoop slams Johnson and Flash is tagged in. He rolls onto Johnson and gets a two count. Flash punches Johnson and Faime is tagged in. Badfingers puts a big boot into Johnson’s sternum. Stone is in for a side suplex with attitude out of the master lock. Johnson is still the first competitor from his team. Shane Starr shouts encouragement from the outside. Malachi is tagged in and he goes right after Flash and the other team. Malachi misses with the big boot. Massacre is tagged in for a series of punches to Flash’s midsection. Massacre picks Flash up into a standing suplex that lasted nearly 30 seconds. Starr is in next. He goes to work on Flash. Starr lands a series of clotheslines on Flash. Two count. Malachi is tagged back in. Starr slams Flash. Malachi hits his own bodyslam. Leg drop. Massacre is tagged back in. Malachi holds onto Flash so he can’t get away. Leg drop by Massacre. Stone breaks up the pin attempt. Starr is tagged in next. They row boat Flash’s legs. Starr posts Flash in the corner for a super plex. Flash fights it off. A third time’s a charm as Starr gets up a third time and lands it. Badfingers rushes in to break up the pin attempt. Malachi is in next and he hits Flash with a double hammer. Flash is then flipped to the outside. Flash is rolled back in before the 10 count. Johnson is back in and fresh against Stone. Stone backs into his corner, Johnson into his. The two old foes face off in the middle of the ring. Johnson gets Stone into a headlock. Stone flips him over onto the mat with a suplex. Johnson goes to drop kick Johnson but he misses. Stone gets him into a version of the sharpshooter, but Johnson holds on. Stone lands a European Upper Cut but Johnson hits a harder one. They trade off on the move, with Johnson gaining the upper hand until Stone simply pokes him in the eye. Johnson is dropped to the mat. Johnson is slow getting up. Johnson flips over a spear. He lands the drop kick. Vinnie Stone is eliminated. Flash is in next and he goes after his old friend. He keeps Johnson grounded. Flash gets Johnson from behind and lands a belly to back suplex. Then another. Flash kicks Johnson in the face. Flash is whipped into the corner by Johnson. He lands punches. Flash kicks Johnson in the mush. Flash mocks Shane Starr and tries to give him the Sharpshooter but Johnson breaks out of it. He tags Starr, who goes right after Flash. Flash makes his way to the corner post. He cross bodyblocks Starr but the Sharpsburg Shooter rolls out of it. He picks Flash up and slams him down with the Shining Wizard. The pinfall is broken up when Badfingers rushes in and boots Starr. Starr rolls to Malachi and he is tagged in. Flash makes his way to Badfingers. Malachi gives Badfingers a series of forearms while in the corner. Malachi flurries with some punches, a front face lock and a belly to belly suplex. He doesn’t go for the pin and pulls Badfingers up. The Windy City Brawler hits him below the belt. With Badfingers distracting the ref, Flash hits Malachi in the mush with a steel rod. Fedor turns around to see the fallen Malachi and Flash covering him for the pin. Malachi is eliminated. Massacre enters next. He picks up the fallen weapon, raises it into the air, and down onto Flash’s skull. This happens right in front of the referee who immediately disqualifies the giant. That leaves Starr and Johnson to face Flash, Badfingers and Faime. The sides balance out as Flash is covered by Starr and the three-count is recorded. Badfingers enters and spears Starr. Faime rushes in and knees Johnson from the apron onto the floor. Faime and Badfingers double team Starr. Faime picks him up and Badfingers prepares for the spear. Johnson dives in from the outside and pushes Starr away. Badfingers spears him instead. Faime covers Johnson and gets Ice Man is eliminated. Faime hits a sit down powerbomb on Starr. Badfingers is tagged in. There’s a knee from the middle rope. Faime is tagged in quickly. Faime drops the leg but fails to cover him. Badfingers does the same. Both members of Team Faime pulled Starr up at two to avoid the pin. Faime is tagged in again. He covers Starr but The Future kicks up at two. Badfingers is tagged in. The two remaining teammates kick Starr in the corner. Badfingers whips Starr into the ropes. Starr ducks a clothesline, rebounds off the ropes and is hit with a big spear. That will flatten Starr in the middle of the ring. The winners and repeat Joe Abby Memorial Match winners are Team Faime! (17:38)

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