Lawless Is Nearly Flawless, VIPs Earn #1 Contender Spot, Tension Flares Between Kash & Starr, T & Jester Retain, Legends Battle

June 18, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The opportunities keep on coming for professional wrestlers in Pittsburgh as the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Championship Committee brought the fight to Champion Mitch Napier Saturday Night. The Committee also allowed a Legends Match to captivate the crowd, and the Lost Boyz seem to be tearing at their long-established seam.

Five Star Championship: Del Douglas v. Justin Sane (champion)

Referee Adam Jugan calls for the bell and the match begins. These two KSWA veterans circle the ring. They lock up and Justin immediately goes for the wrist lock. He goes to work on Douglas and brings him down to one knee. Sane pulls him up and continues to work on the arm. Sane goes to the apron and wraps Douglas’ elbow over the top rope. Sane pulls the wrist in close and then wraps the arm over his own shoulder. Douglas takes that break to punch Sane in the head. Sane falls to the mat and Douglas buries his knee into Sane’s gut. Douglas tries to whip him into the corner but Sane blocks it. Douglas suplexes his opponent and drops an elbow. There’s a two count. Douglas drops him down to the mat. Sane pulls him up and grabs him securely by the privates. Douglas catches a breather and then goes to work by using the ropes on Sane’s throat. There’s a body slam and Douglas climbs to the middle rope. He lands the “Fist that’s Banned in 49 out of the 50 States” and goes for the cover. He gets only a two count. The fans are chanting Burger King. Douglas rides Sane and Justin gets to the bottom rope. Douglas sets him up for the Royal Sharpshooter. Sane gets to the ropes after some intense offense. The hold is broken. Douglas whips Sane into the ropes and lands a big clothesline. There’s another two count. Douglas rolls him over for a pin attempt but Sane gets to the bottom rope. Sane reverses a whip and sends Douglas into the corner. There’s a cross body block that drops Douglas down into the corner. Sane scissor kicks Douglas and then prepares for the “Shock Therapy” frog splash. He lands it. He makes the clean pin and retains the title. 6:56

Elimination 6-Man Tag Team Match: Faime, Deveer, and Morris (w/Marbell) v. Massacre, Alexander and Ice Machine

Faime and Ice Machine lock up. There’s a headlock on Ice Machine and then a back elbow drop on Faime to knock the Golden Triangle Champion down. Ice Machine knocks Faime’s head into the corner post and then tags in Alexander, who puts his boot to Faime’s throat. Double A picks up Faime and knocks him down with a right hand. Krazies are ringside are going Krazy. Massacre tagged in and he keeps the offense on Faime. There’s a big splash and suplex on Faime. Massacre tags Alexander back in. Alexander bull dogs Faime in the center of the ring. Two count. Faime crawls back to his corner and tags in Morris, who is the smallest competitor in the ring. Ice Machine is in. He gets some offense before Morris can get to Deveer. He suplexes Ice Machine and keeps the offense up. He chops Machine in the corner. Deveer unloads with a huge clothesline in the corner. Morris is tagged back in and he stomps on Ice Machine’s wrist. Faime is tagged in and he goes for Ice Machine’s mask. A tag is made to Morris, who drops a fist from the middle rope. Morris keeps the pressure on Machine. Machine powers out but that’s not enough, as Morris pulls him down to the mat. There’s a two count on Machine. Ice Machine powers out but Morris battles out. The two share big chops. Morris drops Ice Machine down and then slaps on the Boston Crab. Ice Machine tries to power out. Machine actually pins Morris out of nowhere, but only gets two. Faime is tagged back in and lands a power bomb. One count. Faime has Machine grounded in his corner and the fans chant wildly for the Masked Megastar. They have Machine in the opposing corner. Machine gets enough to suplex Morris. The fans chant wildly again for him. He makes the tag to Alexander, who cleans house. But Ice Machine is back in for a drop kick and a pin from Ice Machine. Morris side suplexes Machine and keeps the offense on him. Meanwhile, Jack Massacre jumps off the apron and chases Marbell throughout Spirit Lounge. Deveer is tagged in and he front face suplexes Ice Machine in the center of the ring. Deveer keeps the onslaught on Ice Machine, who gallantly battles back. Deveer is whipped into the corner and Machine misses with his move. Deveer drops Ice Machine down. Kids at ringside go insane. Morris goes for a lazy pin on Ice Machine and that infuriates Machine, who goes for a complicated leg lock. Ice Machine is back up and lands a couple of clotheslines on Morris. Morris drops Ice Machine and gets a pin. Massacre is back in on Morris. Then Alexander who lands a back elbow. Alexander lands a clothesline from the top on Morris but only gets a two count. Morris is up as Massacre is tagged in. Morris goes from the top, lands a chop that does nothing to faze Massacre. Jack powerslams Morris and eliminates Morris. Alexander is in on Deveer. The Enigma gets Alexander down and then suplexes him. There are two pin attempts, both that end in two counts. Double A fires up and suplexes Deveer. There’s a big boot and a pin attempt. He gets only two. Alexander and Deveer get to their feet. Deveer whips Alexander into the ropes and lands a back elbow. He flops onto Alexander and gets a two count. Alexander hits a Prime-Time Cancellation and gets the pin on Deveer. 16:56.

Post-Match: Deveer’s team come out and attack The Enigma. Morris kicks him down. Marbell whips him with a jacket. They keep him down. The assault continues for a few moments, and then The Ice Machine races in and clears the ring. He drops Morris with a picture-perfect Ice Kick. Machine grabs a chair and holds off the trio. Once he stands, Deveer holds out a hand in friendship. Ice Machine shakes hands with Deveer, they celebrate with the crowd for a moment and then head to the locker room together.

Tag Team Contender’s Match: The VIPs v. Kris Kash and Shane Starr (w/Bobby O)

Before the match even gets underway, Bobby O announces that Blanchard’s opponent at “Brawl Under The Bridge” on July 22 in Homestead will be none other than KSWA Hall of Famer Demolition Ax. A defiant Blanchard says that he’s not afraid and that this “decade old feud” will come to an end.

The bell rings for the match to begin and Referee David Fedor checks Blanchard over and again for an illegal object. Kris Kash is ready to go, as is Blanchard. Blanchard tosses Kash across the ring after an initial lock up. Kash rebounds and goes after Blanchard’s wrist. Kash holds onto Blanchard and goes to the top rope. He tosses Blanchard across the ropes. Martin is tagged and the crowd chants “Garbage Pants.” Shane Starr is tagged in next. Martin goes for a consult with Blanchard. Martin and Starr lock up. Starr bodyslams him down in the center of the ring. Then he does it a second time. Kash is tagged and he drops a foot onto Martin from the top rope. There’s a text book drop kick and Martin is reeling. Kash drives Martin into the corner and follows with a clothesline. Starr is tagged in as Martin cries in pain on the mat. Martin slaps a ringside Bobby O in the face. Starr hits a standing suplex on Martin. The Krazies love it. Martin goes low on Starr and lands a snap DDT. Blanchard is tagged in and he drives a knee in Starr’s midsection or lower. Blanchard keeps the offense on Starr, but he is able to race to the corner and tag in Kash. Blanchard is tagged in. Blanchard chops Kash, Kash chops Blanchard and lands a huge overhand chop. Then there’s a flying leg scissors than drops Blanchard. Kash goes for a pin but Blanchard tosses him across the ring. There’s a spinebuster suplex next. Blanchard goes to work on Kash, as he is seated on the mat. Blanchard hits Kash with another high impact move and that draws Starr in. Martin is tagged in. Kash is on the middle rope. Martin digs a knee in his back. Martin hits Kash in the ropes and follows up with a side suplex. He goes for a pin but only gets two. Martin measures Kash in the corner. He whips Kash into the other side, but Kash flips out onto Martin. Martin makes his way into the corner. Kash makes it to Starr. Starr is fresh. Soon all four Megastars are in the ring. Blanchard on Starr, Martin on Kash. Kash dumps Blanchard to the outside. Martin and Kash struggle. Martin ducks a superkick from Starr, who inadvertently kicks Kash instead. Right in the mush. Martin tosses Starr to the outside. Blanchard drops Kash with a piledriver and gets the win. 12:11

Post-match and as tensions boil over, Kash and Starr disagree. They actually trade fisticuffs. Starr powerbombs Kash to end the scrum.

Legends Match: Sheriff Steele (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Lord Zoltan

Sheriff Steele takes a hold of the microphone and says he is in the KSWA to lay down the law. And he doesn’t want anyone to call him “Barney.” Of course, that’s all the Krazies do. The Referee calls for the bell and Sheriff Steele jaws with the crowd. Steele goes to the ropes and the crowd boos. Zoltan goes to the corner and the Krazies cheer. The two lock up after nearly 1:40 of preening and playing to the crowd. Steele joins Mayor Mystery in jawing with the crowd. Steele pushes Zoltan into the corner. Steele bumps the referee Adam Jugan. Steele and Mayor Mystery are at odds with the crowd. Zoltan uses the arm bar to keep Steele grounded. Steele reverses the move and gets some offense before Zoltan does the same. Zoltan wears out that left arm. Steele goes to the outside and gets a reassuring hug from Mayor Mystery. The “Barney” chants pick up again as Steele roams ringside. They lock up again and Zoltan drops Steele to the mat. Steele doesn’t want Zoltan’s offense. The fans chant yes. Zoltan knees Steele below the belt. Mayor Mystery climbs into the ring. Zoltan drops him. The referee checks on Steele and Zoltan knees Steele below the belt. They lock up and Steele tosses himself to the mat, claiming Zoltan pulled his hair. Zoltan proceeds to knock Steele down to the mat a couple of times, by the head. Steele goes to the outside once again to bide time. Steele reaches in to his pants pocket. It appears that he jams Zoltan in the throat with a foreign object. Steele goes to the other side of the ring and Mayor Mystery assails Zoltan with his walking cane. Zoltan goes to the other side and gets it in the neck again. Steele kicks Zoltan while he lays in a heap. The referee once again goes to talk with Steele and Mystery does his magic with a foreign object. It’s a true-life two-on-one. Steele climbs in and posts Zoltan in the corner. Steele misses with a splash. Zoltan pounds Steele’s head into the corner posts. Steele pushes Zoltan into the referee. Mayor Mystery tosses his cane to Sane. Sane grabs the cane. He wrestles it from Steele. Zoltan recovers and holds Steele. Steele ducks, Sane plasters Zoltan. The referee recovers and makes the pin. The winner of the Legends Match is Sheriff Steele! 12:44

KSWA Tag Team Match: Denny Gregory and Jay Flash v. The Jester and T-Rantula

The contest begins with a little showboating between Jay Flash and The Jester. The two lock up and Jay Flash is freaked out by The Jester’s shenanigans. The Jester antagonizes Flash like few others have in the past. Flash and The Jester lock up for a test of strength. Jester maneuvers Jay Flash’s hands onto his breast area. That doesn’t please Flash. Denny Gregory is tagged in, as is T-Rantula. T forces Gregory into the corner. T breaks the hold and the two lock up again. Gregory, a powerhouse in his own right, pushes T-Rantula in the corner. The Jester taunts Gregory and the two Indy stalwarts tie up again. Gregory forces referee Adam Jugan into the mix and that’s enough to keep momentum. Gregory tosses T into the corner but T answers with a boot to the face. T chops Denny Gregory to the mat. The Jester is tagged in. Flash is tagged in. Kids at ringside encourage The Jester to “take out the trash.” The Jester levels Flash and keeps him on the mat. Flash recovers and pushes The Jester into the ropes. There’s a flying body block from behind on The Jester. Gregory races in and kicks Jester and races out. Soon, Flash tags Gregory in for real and Gregory grabs the tag belts, hands one to Flash and show off to the crowd. Gregory pulls Jester up. He buries a shoulder into Jester. They put Jester in the corner. Gregory splash him, as does Flash. Gregory spears Jester and Flash goes for the pin but only gets two. They keep the offense on The Jester. Gregory bodyslams The Jester and winces at the accomplishment. Gregory continues to put the boots to The Jester. Gregory holds The Jester off from trying to make it to his corner. Flash waits on the ropes. Flash cannonballs Jester from the middle rope. For some reason, Flash forces The Jester to the outside. Flash is brought back in. Flash bodyslams him and dives over the top rope and lands with both feet on the The Jester. Gregory is tagged back in. He applies the Camel Clutch on The Jester. T Rantula hustles in and kicks Gregory sternly in the face. He goes back to the apron just in time as The Jester tries to make it to the corner. He finally does. T Rantula hits both opponents with multiple clotheslines. Flash is tumbled to the outside. Flash goes to Nacho City. Twice at the hands of T-Rantula. Inside, The Jester fights off Mayor Mystery with a kick to the head and then Gregory. A flattened Gregory falls face-first onto the mat. Flash is brought back in. He gets his own kick to the head and T Rantula powerbombs him to the mat. The champions retain. 13:11.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship Match: David Lawless v. Mitch Napier

A confident Lawless grabs the microphone and runs down the Krazies. Napier is introduced and he makes his way to the ring with overwhelming support from the fans. The match begins and Napier matches hold for hold, lock for lock against Lawless. Lawless grabs Napier from behind and drives him to the mat. The two similar-sized athletes wrap up. Napier gets Lawless in a front face lock and The Gavel gets to the ropes. Lawless starts to gain advantage over Napier and drives him into the corner. Napier reverses a whip and hip tosses a couple of times before landing a flying leg scissors take down. Napier tosses Lawless into the corner but “The Gavel” raises a boot to his face. Napier is down on his back. Lawless then drives him face-first into the corner post. Lawless tosses Napier into the ropes and tries to follow through but Napier drops. Napier then dives onto Lawless on the outside. The two battle it out on the floor. Referee David Fedor allows a lot of leeway in this match, as he usually does for these high-profile contests. Once back inside, Lawless gets the upper hand on Napier and tosses him out onto the floor. Lawless goes to chop Napier on the ring post outside, but Napier ducks the move and Lawless hits the hard steel. Napier goes to kick Lawless but he catches the foot and hands it to Fedor. Then, Lawless drops Napier from the back. Lawless has Napier down for a pin attempt, but the referee only counts to two. Lawless applies pressure to Napier but the KSWA champion battles out. There’s a sunset flip on Lawless, but he catches himself before falling. He lands on Napier’s neck and continues the assault. There’s a two count. Napier battles back. Napier tosses Lawless into the corner but Napier misses with a splash. Lawless hits a huge drop kick. He gets a two-and-a-half count. Lawless gets Napier up and hits a European uppercut. Napier is posted on the top rope. Lawless takes his time to climb the rope for super plex. Mitch battles out. Napier goes to the top. Flying cross body block drops Lawless. The crowd goes insane for Napier. Both Megastars are beat. Napier is up and lands some clotheslines. He monkey flips Lawless twice around the ring. Mitch goes up once more. Napier lands a head butt from the top. Two count. Napier goes for Sioux Falls Slam but Lawless is ready for it. He wrestles out of it and lands a side slam that bounces the entire ring. Napier rolls out of a pinning predicament and lands the ankle lock. After a while, Lawless gets to the ropes. Napier breaks the hold. Lawless grazes Mitch with a clothesline but connects with a kick. Two count. The “Let’s Go Mitch” chants explode. Lawless goes for the Sioux Falls Slam. Mitch gets out of it. He pounds on Lawless and then hoists him up for the Sioux Falls Slam. Napier lands it and the Krazies go berserk. He gets the pin and Mitch retains in 13:22.

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