Lord Zoltan Collects His Very First KSWA Singles Title, Blanchard Calls Out Napier, Big Men Battle And Much More At Arsenal Park

July 3, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Much came to be at Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville for the Independence Day Celebration. The event, normally scheduled for Saturday, was postponed for rain storms that never came. Instead, the KSWA Megastars were ready for a Sunday afternoon extravaganza.

The legendary Lord Zoltan broke through and collected his very first KSWA singles title. The Pittsburgh Luchadore, Yinza (who technically debuted in January's Battle Bowl) was featured in his first single's match.

MV Young and Harley T. Morris began what may be a summer time battle. Shawn Blanchard called out the KSWA Champion and got exactly what he asked for, and Lou Martin faced a tall task.

Bobby Badfingers w/ Mayor Mystery vs. the Jester

Mayor Mystery verbally abuses the crowd and threatens to leave if the fans don’t stop abusing Badfingers. They don’t listen and the duo walks towards the curtain before Badfingers gets back into the ring at the count of nine. Badfingers gets the early advantage and gets a couple of two counts on the Jester. He uses a big leg drop and gets another 2-count before Jester kicks out of that and a subsequent pin attempt. The Jester turns the tide with an insiguri and a swanton bomb for a 2 count. Badfingers rakes Jester’s eyes and hits a spear. A slow cover leads to a kick out at 2. Mayor Mystery climbs to the ring apron and goes to hit Jester with his cane, but Jester slips out of the clutches of Badfingers and Mystery hits his client instead. Jester kicks Mystery off of the apron and climbs the ropes. He lands the frog splash on Badfingers as Adam Jugan counts to three. Jester celebrates with the happy crowd afterwards. (7:20 – The Jester is your Winner.)

Anthony Alexander vs. Tommy Faime – KSWA Golden Triangle Championship

Rusty Staub makes his debut as a KSWA referee. The two combatants hook up and AA shoves Faime to the mat. Both megastars engage in a pose down and as Alexander turns to the crowd, Faime attacks him from behind to take control. Faime works Alexander over in the corner, but AA emerges with some kicks, a clothesline and a bulldog for a 2 count. A flying clothesline from the 2nd rope nets AA a 1 count and a Faime kick out. Faime gains control with a low blow, a clothesline nets a 2 count. A suplex and AA kicks out at 2. Faime hits a low drop kick on a prone AA in the corner. Faime covers but the count is stopped at 1 as Staub sees Tommy’s feet on the ropes. AA counters with a clothesline but Faime is able to recover and gets a two count after an inside cradle. AA escapes and lands a couple of right hands but when he goes for the big boot, Faime slips aside and Staub catches the foot to the face. As AA tries to revive Staub, Faimes heads under the ring and emerges with a wrench. He smashes Alexander to the back of the head and discards the weapon. Staub recovers and Faime gets the pin fall over AA. (4:45 – Faime retains the Golden Triangle Championship.)

Del Douglas vs. Lord Zoltan vs. Justin Sane – Triple Threat Match for the Five Star Championship

Douglas out first, Zoltan dances his way to the ring and the champ enters last. Douglas tries to from an early alliance with Zoltan as Sane laugh’s it off exclaiming “Zoltan is my best friend.” The former tag champs double team the King with double arm wringers and then Sane stretches out Douglas’ arm over the top rope. Sane then leapfrogs over Zoltan onto the Kings arm from the ring apron. The pair then play wishbone with the Kings legs. Douglas signals for a timeout and his request is ignored by Adam Jugan. Sane then lands a kick below the Kings waist and Zoltan follows suit. Zoltan then takes Douglas and rams his head into all four turnbuckles. Sane does the same and then lands a dropkick on the King. Sane then hits the fame-asser followed by a frog splash. Sane goes for the cover, but at the count of 2, Zoltan pulls Sane of the king and deposits the champion on the outside of the ring through the ropes. Lord Zoltan then covers Douglas for the three-count to become the new Five Star Champion. (5:51 – Lord Zoltan the New Five Star Champion.)

Shawn Blanchard vs. Yinza – The Pittsburgh Luchadore

Yinza makes his KSWA debut resplendent in black and gold and hailing from the Mexican War Streets. Yinza works the pro-Pittsburgh crowd as Blanchard threatens to leave. The pair hooks up and Yinza gets Blanchard in a headlock and then the luchadore takes a shoulder block after being thrown into the ropes. Yinza gets in some offense before Blanchard rakes his eyes and lets the crowd know that he thinks “Pittsburgh sucks.” Yinza recovers enough in the corner to hit Blanchard with a back elbow. Blanchard takes a clothesline and then a Yinza splash for a two count. Yinza then schoolboy’s Blanchard for a one count. After a low blow by Blanchard, he delivers a pile drive and pins the Pittsburgh Luchadore for the victory. (3:20 - Shawn Blanchard the winner.)

Blanchard then demands the microphone. He claims he cannot be beaten and that he is the “reason the sun shines and the moon comes out at night.” He demands a title shot for the heavyweight championship immediately. KSWA Owner Bobby O ponders for a moment and then asks the crowd if they want to see it happen. They approve and Mitch Napier is called from the back to make his ring entrance.

Shawn Blanchard vs. Mitch Napier - KSWA Heavyweight Title Match

At the start Napier threatens offense so Blanchard backs out of the ring. When he returns, he looks to have a foreign object, but Staub cannot locate it. The two hook up. Arm drag by Napier. Back body drop by Napier, cover by Napier as Blanchard kicks out at 2. Blanchard grabs the ropes but Napier pulls him off with a mini-power bomb which leads to a two count. Blanchard rakes Napier’s eyes and then hits a suplex and covers the champ for a two count as Napier kicks out. Blanchard applies a front face lock and then proceeds to work over Napier’s eyes, nose and ears, each time earning admonishment from Staub. Blanchard then rams Napier crotch first into the ring post before jawing with the crowd. Blanchard then works Napier over in front of the now frenzied spectators before slamming the champions head into the ring apron. Blanchard looks to throw Napier into the chain link fence surrounding the ball field at Arsenal Park, but Mitch reverses and Blanchard is flung into the unforgiving chain link steel. Napier then rakes Blanchard’s face on the fence before sending Blanchard back first into the fence with a side Russian leg sweep. Napier then takes Blanchard to the other side of the ring for another chain link assault. But Blanchard is able to turn the tables and Napier eats the chain link. Blanchard then monkey flips Mitch into the fence before slamming the champions head into the ring apron and then rolling him into the ring. Blanchard heads to the top rope but Napier recovers and body slams the Enforcer with a big thud. Napier heads to the top rope in the opposite corner and connects with a flying head butt to Blanchard half way across the ring. Staub counts to three and Napier remains the KSWA Heavyweight Champion. (7:20 – Napier – KSWA Heavyweight Champion)

Blanchard is not happy at all as Napier celebrates with the KSWA Krazies. Blanchard tells Staub that he was able to kick out and it was only a 2 count and the match should continue. After the pair argue. Blanchard shoves Staub and as Staub recovers, he plants Blanchard to the canvas with a body slam and leaves the ring. Blanchard slowly recovers and heads to the back much to the delight of the fans at ringside.

Lou Martin vs. Jack Massacre

At the start of the match, Martin tries to goad Massacre into a test of strength. After several attempts, Massacre angrily slaps Martin on the chest and the Face of Pittsburgh ends up on the outside of the ring. Massacre descends and plants Martin in the grass with a big suplex. When the pair ends up back in the ring, Martin gets the upper hand by chopping Massacre’s left leg. Martin then threatens to break Massacre’s leg and twice uses the ropes to attack the big man’s limb. Martin climbs to the top rope, but Massacre catches Martin in midair as he attempts a cross body block. Massacre hits a fall away slam and follows that up with a suplex, but Marin kicks out at two. Martin then briefly gets the upper hand and goes for the Death Certificate. Massacre is able to escape and then gets Martin up for the big choke slam. Adam Jugan counts three. (5:45 – Jack Massacre the winner.)

Team 12 Gauge – Harley T. Morris and Zak Hunter w/ the Star Maker David Marbell vs. Shane Starr and MV Young

Starr is decked out in his usual pink and black while Young is attired in red, white and blue for the upcoming Independence Day holiday. Starr and Morris start out and Starr gains the advantage on Morris’ arm. After a couple of moves on the appendage, Starr tags Young who plants a stiff kick on Morris and then an elbow. A quick tag and Starr re-enters for a suplex. Morris kicks out after a one count before another quick tag between Starr and Young. After Morris is worked over a bit in the corner, Young applies a front chancellery and then hits a fisherman’s suplex for a count of two. Tag to Starr who lands a drop kick and gets a two count. Morris heads out of the ring. Starr gives chase, Hunter distracts Starr and Morris is able to get the upper hand. Morris lands a knee drop and then he and Hunter work Starr over in their corner with a couple of tags, kicks and fists. Starr continues to get worked over. More tags between Hunter and Morris lead to a couple of near falls. Hunter then hits a leg drop but Starr kicks out at 1 and a half. More of the same on Starr, and Young has seen enough. Marbell is involved and Young chases the Star Maker towards the fence before planting him with a hard shove over a folding chair. Marbell is in a lot of pain. Morris plants Young from behind with a stiff forearm and Young is stunned and looks out of it. In the ring, Hunter works over Starr but can only gain a near fall. After a tag and some body work, Morris gets a two count. Hunter tags in and hits a double knee drop but Starr again, kicks out at two. Morris in as Starr begins to recover. Starr lands a round house kick on Morris and finally gets to Young for the tag. Chaos breaks out. All four men are in the ring. Morris goes for a flying elbow but Starr catches him and hits the black hole slam. Hunter then walks into a super kick from young. Both Young and Starr apply the pin as Adam Jugan counts to three on both Morris and Hunter. (10:50 – Starr and Young are your winners.)

Big Mike Malachi v. T-Rantula

The two long-time Megastars come to the ring. Malachi is out first and he taunts the fans. The tag team champion comes to the ring, along with his championship partner, The Jester. The two big men (there’s more than 650 pounds in the ring at the same time) lock up and T-Rantula pushes Malachi into the corner. The KSWA Hall of Famer makes a clean break. They lock up again. Malachi pushes T into a corner. He does not break clean. He applies a right to T-Rantula’s noggin. Then he plants a boot to the gut. Malachi takes advantage and rakes T’s eyes on the top rope. Then he does it a second time. The big man is reeling from the assault. In desperation, T-Rantula hits Malachi below the belt. T may be a fan favorite, but he is not above using questionable tactics from time to time. T-Rantula follows up with a suplex and pin attempt in which he only gets two. T tosses Malachi to the outside and grass below. T-Rantula picks Malachi up and tosses him into the chain link fence that surrounds the park area. T tosses him back inside and hits him with a big boot. With Malachi down, T-Rantula chokes him. Again, T has never claimed to live entirely by the law of the land. Referee Adam Jugan tries to break it up, but T just goes for the throat a second time. The fans at ringside start chanting “Nacho City.” Loudly. T-Rantula applies a rear chin hold; however, Malachi breaks it up with a back elbow. Malachi gains offense and plants T-Rantula in the corner. He wraps T’s legs up in the ropes and follows through with kicks, shoulder blocks and overhand chops. The offense continues, with Malachi in control as he pulls T into the corner post, crotch first. Malachi pounds away on his opponent from the outside before the referee starts the count out. Malachi makes it to five before he’s back in. With T-Rantula on the mat, Malachi goes to the middle rope. He executes a flip by T-Rantula moves and the Irish Bear lands with a thud in the middle of the ring. T-Rantula rakes his fingernails down Malachi’s back. T-Rantula goes for a choke slam, but Malachi elbows his way out of it. Malachi whips T into the corner post and tries a splash. He misses, T-Rantula knocks Malachi down and rolls him up in a School Boy and gets the one, two, three. T-Rantula is your winner. Post-match: Malachi runs down the crowd from the ring. The Jester hands T-Rantula a nacho boat with cheese. T taps Malachi, who turns around. Malachi gets smashed in the head with the nachos and cheese. (9:44)

Thus ends the 10th annual KSWA appearance at the Arsenal Park Independence Day celebration.

[KSWA Editor Trapper Tom, who covered only the final match in this review, wants to thank KSWA Owner Bobby O for his work in chronicling the events in Arsenal Park.]

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