Independence, Resilience And Success: Napier Is The Champion Pittsburgh Needs

July 4, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Fresh off the heels of defeating 6-time, former Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Heavyweight Champion, current 2-time champion Mitch Napier wishes the Krazies a Happy Independence Day.

Napier sent his best wishes as he took part in community and family events on Tuesday, July 4.

Napier holds the most coveted singles title in the Commonwealth, and continues to hold off challenges from all of the top opponents. Never one to back down from his love of everything Red, White and Blue, "The Best Around" has been the fighting champion Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania needs in 2017.

Mitch's story is one of resilience, perseverance and opportunity. Since making his debut in June, 2009, Napier quickly became a fan favorite. In December, 2011, he won his first KSWA Heavyweight Championship, only to lose it through another opportunity.

Napier has always been near the top of the competitive heap. He took an extended time off, and came back with a completely different outlook. Still ready to fight any one at any time, Napier became the Five-Star champion. He had an impressive five-match run with Kaida, only to lose the 5-Star strap to Harley T. Morris by yet another opportunity.

Mitch took his fate into his own hands late last year when he challenged then-Heavyweight Champion Jay Flash for the KSWA Heavyweight belt at FanFest. Mitch abandoned the jeans and t-shirt look he had adopted upon his return. He returned to the Red, White, and Blue strongman that captured the hearts and imaginations of the Krazies Universe-wide.

With successful defenses against Jay Flash, Bobby Badfingers, Dennis Gregory, David Lawless and Shawn Blanchard, Napier continues to be the champion an evolving Pittsburgh appreciates. More and more wrestlers are hoping to face Napier and his Giant Swing, ankle lock, and Sioux Falls Slam. Napier, the sole champion Pittsburgh deserves, is ready for the challenge.

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