Will A Rift Tear A Historic Tag Team Apart, Is Tommy Faime In Danger Of Being Frozen Out?

July 5, 2017
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Owner Bobby O once called Party Gras--Justin Sane and Lord Zoltan--the best tag team champions in the history of Pittsburgh's only professional wrestling organization. At 75 weeks at the top of the mountain, Party Gras was it.

For exactly 525 days, the unlikely duo of a dancing machine and arguably the organization's most durable and resilient wrestler fought off all comers. After winning tag team gold in Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville, on July 2, 2011, lost the titles at KSWA FanFest on December 7, 2012. They had bested the VIPs, the Mercenaries and other teams before ultimately dropping the straps to The Jester and "King" Del Douglas. Party Gras had successfully defended the belts 15 times, a record that stands to this very day.

Party Gras has had opportunities to win back tag team gold, but wins weren't in the stars for this competitive duo.

Recently, Justin Sane defeated Harley T. Morris and became the 11th KSWA 5-Star Champion. It's a title he has never won; however, with the win Sane becomes one of the most decorated singles champions in KSWA history. A five-time Golden Triangle champion, Sane is also a former Tri-State Champion (he also won tag team gold once before with La Lucha in 2005-2006).

When FanFest guest Curt Wootton turned on Justin Sane in a Flag v. Flag match in 2014, it was Lord Zoltan who helped vanquish the Pittsburgh actor in a tag team match. It was a full-circle tale of sorts for the team as it was Lord Zoltan who helped Sane's squad win an "Ultimate Survivor" match only a week before capturing tag team gold in 2011. Sane, who won the opportunity at Battle Bowl, didn't have a friend. (He asked a desk lamp to be his tag team partner.) It was Zoltan who turned his back on his then-friends the VIPs.

Sane was at Zoltan's side when the legendary brawler was inducted into the KSWA Hall of Fame and was honored with his own "Day" in Pittsburgh City Council in 2012.

Together or apart, Sane and Zoltan have not been too far removed from one another. Until this year. Granted, the year started off well with Party Gras and Shane Starr defeating the VIPs (Blanchard, Martin and Golden Triangle Champion Tommy Faime), but the VIPs (Blanchard and Martin) defeated Party Gras in February. (That match is being described by some as the last matchup between those two teams.)

Then on March 25 at the annual Joe Abby Memorial tournament, "King" Del Douglas defeated Lord Zoltan in one-on-one competition when Justin Sane inexplicably came to the ring waving a white towel. He would ultimately toss it into the squared circle, surrendering the contest on Zoltan's behalf and giving Douglas the win. A battered and bruiser Zoltan didn't take too kindly to Sane's participation. It should be noted that Sane had won the 5-Star belt the match before the Douglas/Zoltan contest.

On May 13, Party Gras had their most recent attempt at recapturing tag team gold. The team took on The Jester and T-Rantula. The match was special for longtime fans of independent wrestling in Western PA. Lord Zoltan and T-Rantula have faced off and teamed together countless times. Here in Pittsburgh, the two titans--fan favorites both--faced off in front of a packed crowd. The current and reigning champions held onto their titles.

On June 17, Sane interfered once again, this time in the Lord Zoltan, Sheriff Steele contest at Spirit Hall. Sane's actions cost Zoltan the win against his long-time rival. In the aftermath, Zoltan wasn't at all happy with Justin, who apologized profusely.

What's going to happen next to the partiers from Bourbon Street? There partnership has extended beyond the confines of Pittsburgh's longest-running professional wrestling organization. The duo has traveled extensively and has earned tag team gold in far-off hamlets. In the past decade, few teams anywhere have been more successful, or important.


Faime Plans To Keep Ice Machine Away From The Golden Triangle Championship

Golden Triangle Champion Tommy Faime, who continues to impress with his run as the holder of the second most prestigious singles championship in the Commonwealth, wants to make sure that the talented Ice Machine stays out of his yard.

For new fans, they may not know that Faime was once a KSWA Heavyweight Champion and one of the organization's most influential personalities in the early days. He was a multi-time champion and one-time Kommissioner before retirement.

Faime had made an occasional appearance, but had moved on to his life's work before being brought back in as the very first "KSWA Original" inducted into the KSWA Hall of Fame, in 2013. Heck, Faime's class included George "The Animal" Steele, Bucky Palermo and "Luscious" Johnny Valiant. Faime was a restauranteur, family man and retired from the ring.

Then, suddenly he was vaulted back in as a secret owner after Shawn Blanchard handed off his shares to the businessman in a controversial turn of events. Bobby O and Faime took their business attire off and fought in the ring over the matter.

It was at last year's Arsenal Park event that Tommy Faime took to his first singles competition in about a decade. He lost, albeit to Mitch Napier.

Then, last FanFest, Faime put his stock in Harley T. Morris in an "Ownership v. Mask" contest against the mysterious Ice Machine.

Ice Machine won and Tommy Faime lost ownership. Faime's only consolation? He had won the Golden Triangle Championship earlier that night.

But Faime cannot shake Ice Machine. Faime believes that the masked Megastar is in actuality "Ice Man" Tony Johnson, the world-class athlete fired by the then-half owner. Johnson has taken a position in the Bobby O administration before and after KSWA events. In fact, Johnson dislikes Ice Machine for "borrowing" his "Ice Kick" finishing maneuver. It's been reported that Johnson and Ice Machine have never met because of this perceived slight.

Faime beat Morris and Machine in a Triple Threat Match for the Golden Triangle belt in May. In June, Machine along with Jack Massacre and Anthony Alexander defeated Faime, Morris and Lucio Deveer in a 6-man tag team event. After Deveer took the fall, Faime and Morris turned on him. Ice Machine made the valiant save. Ice Machine has been looking for someone to watch his back in this simmering feud with Faime and Morris, and he might have found it in "The Enigma."

The KSWA Championship Committee has liked what it sees in Ice Machine, and he remains a top contender for the Golden Triangle Championship.

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