Gregory Nearly Wins The State’s Top Gold, Starr & Tag Champs Retain At MJ’s Steel City Saloon

July 11, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to MJ’s Steel City Saloon for the first time in nearly two years on Saturday, July 10. Originally scheduled in June, the event was postponed due to the prospect of rain. At bell time, it was an overcast 73 degrees, with prospects of a cool summer evening. It remained that way despite the heat in the ring.

The first match of the evening included a new, debuting Megastar and the return of an old favorite. “The Ram” Anthony Drake is making his first appearance in the KSWA, and long-time favorite Ric Rumskey returns to the squared circle for the first time in more than five years.

“The Ram” Anthony Drake v. “Permanently Pumped” Ric Rumskey

First-time KSWA Referee Nick Farrah checks out both Megastars, and is a little intimidated by the debuting Ram. Rumskey elated to be back in the squared circle, yells “He ain’t ready for me!” and the match bell sounds. Drake pushes Rumskey into the corner post but the hold is broken without fare. Rumskey scores a drop toe-hold and floors the much bigger athlete. There was a one-count. Drake is slow in getting up. The two men push at each other and Rumskey surprises Drake when he hugs his opponent. Drake drops Rumskey with an elbow and gets a two-and-a-half count. Rumskey is dropped to the mat in the corner and then whipped across the ring. There’s a kick and a side suplex. Two count and Rumskey gets a shoulder up. Drake kicks at Rumskey and allows the permanently pumped one precious time to get his breath back. Rumskey gets a knee to the gut and a two count. The Krazies chant “Permanently Pumped” and Drake goes belly-to-belly before at the very last possible second, Rumskey gets a shoulder up. Rumskey kicks at Drake and is caught in the center of the ring. Drake drops him and gets a two count. Drake gets Rumskey in an abdominal stretch but the veteran doesn’t give up. Drake pins him again and gets a two count. Drake gets up and emotes displeasure with the count. Drake rushes for a spear and misses. Rumskey super kicks Drake in the chin and gets the win. 8:11. Rumskey is appreciative of the fans’ support and he slaps plenty of hands.

BROhemoth v. Super Ginger

The “new attitude” of BROhemoth is expressed with a sullen, dark demeanor. Contrast that with the always joking-around Super Ginger. BROhemoth shouts unflattering things toward Super Ginger. BRO pushes the Ginger Hill, PA native. BRO gets Super Ginger in a corner and splashes him. Ginger, talented athlete despite his shenanigans, recovers but gets nowhere with two clotheslines. Ginger is challenged to go with a third try but BRO lands a knee. Ginger gains some offense before BROhemoth scoops him up for an F-5 and drops the former 5-Star Champion to the mat. He records a pinfall. BRO gets the win in 1:58. Surprisingly, Shawn Blanchard comes in, lights a cigar and gives it to BRO. BROhemoth buries the stick in Super Ginger’s eye. The referees race out to escort Super Ginger back to the locker room.

Del Douglas v. Lou Martin

Shawn Blanchard, the “OG of the VIPs” accompanies Douglas to the ring. Referee Shawn Patrick checks all those in the ring, and gives special consideration to Blanchard. The fans chant “Burger King” and “Dairy Queen” toward Douglas and Blanchard shields his ward’s ears. Both Martin and Douglas stand in corners and try for applause. The crowd is clearly behind Martin. Martin and Douglas lock up. Both competitors are pretty well equalized when it comes to grit and power. Douglas drops Martin with a firm right hand. Lou is derailed with his offense, is stopped by the referee, but comes back with a series of strikes to drop Douglas. Martin applies some classic “purple nurples” and the King races into the ropes and comfort from Shawn Blanchard. Martin is inspired. He chops Douglas across three corners. Martin whips him across the ring and lands a clothesline. Douglas is seated in the corner and Martin pulls him to his feet. With that, the veteran Douglas goes low and drops Martin. Blanchard climbs to the apron and Douglas hit Martin in the eyes. Fans are enraged. Douglas applies a rear chin lock. Douglas bodyslams his opponent. Douglas drops an elbow on Martin. His distracts the referee and Blanchard slams Martin’s lower quadrant into the ring post. There’s a punch to Martin’s forehead. Douglas drops a leg on Martin and get a two count, as miraculously, Martin gets a shoulder up. Martin is tied to the tree of woe and Douglas drops kicks him down in a heap. Douglas goes for the Royal Crab. Martin gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. The referee is distracted as Blanchard once again attacks Martin on the apron with chokes and punches. Martin falls to the outside. There, Blanchard does more damage. After all of that, Martin gets a shoulder up at the two and a half-mark. Somehow, Martin explodes with a fury not yet seen in this contest. He floors Douglas with a clothesline and whips him into the rope for a side slam. Two-count. Douglas falls to the outside. Martin follows. They brawl in and around the MJ’s sand. Martin grabs a wooden chair and clubs Douglas in the back with the weapon. Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and rules a “No Contest.” 13:10

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Midnight Dynamite v. Yinza and Big Country

The new team of J-Ru and Johnny Switchblade challenge the brand-new champions to a test of strength. Both of the champions get the literal upper-hand and drop the challengers to the mat. Yinza clotheslines both men and then fall to the outside. Yinza gets to the apron and its McGraw and J-Ru starting out. Switchblade can’t handle McGraw so he tags in J-Ru. The Charleroi Wonder wants Yinza. Yinza gets him in a wrist lock. J-Ru gets Switchblade in. Yinza hits Switchblade with his “Three Rivers” trio of monkey flips before McGraw is tagged in for an impressive body press and suplex. Switchblade is able to get to J-Ru and he and the Pittsburgh Luchadore go round and round with offense. Yinza hits J-Ru with a splash and gets a three count. Switchblade grabs Yinza and J-Ru goes for a clothesline and Yinza ducks it. J-Ru hits Switchblade off of the apron. The tag team champions hit a Hart Attack on J-Ru and they get the win. 8:14

Golden Triangle Championship: Bubba the Bulldog (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Shane Starr (champion)

Mayor Mystery runs down the MJ’s Steel City Saloon crowd before Shane Starr comes out to a healthy response. Referee Nick Farrah calls for the bell and action begins. Bubba alleges that Starr pulls his hair. The Krazies don’t believe it for a second. Bubba pulls Shane down by grabbing his hair by the back of his head. Bubba shouts that he hasn’t. Starr gets a boot on the bottom rope and then the hold is broken. Bubba keeps the Golden Triangle Champion down. The referee is distracted and Mayor Mystery applies his trade from the outside. Shane Starr gets some offense and Bubba bails and threatens to leave altogether. He does. Starr, the eager champion, races after him and throws him back into the MJ’s beachy confines. Referee Farrah counts to five as Bubba is spending time on the outside. Starr brings him in the “hard way” and gets a two-count on a pin attempt. Starr clotheslines Bubba down and suplexes the veteran. There’s a two-count. Starr picks up Bubba and whips him into the corner. Starr is met with a big boot to the head in the corner. Bubba goes with work with a series of punches to the head. The Krazies chant for Starr. He punches Bubba in the head and went for the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Bubba punches out of the maneuver. Bubba gains offense and gets Starr in the ropes. Mayor Mystery pulls his hair from the outside. Bubba drops Starr with a right hand. Two-count. The fans chant for Starr. Bubba drops him again and then whips him into a corner. He goes for Bulldog. Starr misses with a kick. Bubba kicks Starr in the head and follows with a whip, bulldog and pin attempt. Starr kicks out of it to the amazement of the rowdy Krazies. A “Bubba Sucks” chant rings out. Starr grabs Bubba, plants him with a side slam and gets the win. 10:44.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Dennis Gregory (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

Challenger Gregory grabs the microphone and viciously insults the fans. Champion Alexander quietly waits to do his work inside the squared circle. The fans go after Mayor Mystery as the two well-experienced veterans test skills with a test of shoulder blocks. Gregory rocks the two-time champion with a firm right hand to the skull. Alexander drops Gregory to one knee with a punch. The two attempt to go for more, but Gregory gets an advantage by poking Alexander in the eye. Alexander stops a whip attempt. And then another. He tries out some right hands. Alexander drops Gregory with a shoulder block and then a series of clotheslines. Mayor Mystery grabs Alexander’s foot during a run of the ropes and that’s enough for Gregory to take advantage with a punch. Alexander is grounded. He puts a boot into Alexander’s neck. He continues to put the boots to Alexander in the corner. Gregory has wrist tape and he chokes the champion while in the prone position. Alexander is lifeless in the ropes. Mayor Mystery distracts the referee and Gregory continues the assault with wrist tape and punches. Alexander continues to lay prone to a Gregory onslaught. The fans chant “Double A” and he breaks out of the physical slump. There’s a flurry of punches and a boot to the head. Gregory is rolled up in the ropes and Alexander backs off. Referee Shawn Patrick checks on the opponent. Mayor Mystery rants on the outside. The two lay in offense until Gregory super kicked Alexander down. Two-count. Alexander DDT’s Gregory in the center of the ring. Alexander picks up his opponent and posts him on the top turnbuckle. Gregory fights back and rides Alexander down to the center of the ring from his shoulders. There’s a one-count. Both Megastars are spent. Alexander readies for the Prime Time Cancellation (PTC). Gregory pushes Alexander into Patrick. The referee goes down. Mystery tosses in the belt. Gregory plants Alexander with the trophy. Jimmy James races out and counts to three. Gregory is the NEW KSWA Heavyweight Champion! KSWA Owner Bobby O runs out from the locker room area and orders the match restarted. Immediately, Alexander hits Gregory with the Prime-Time Cancellation and scores the win! 11:22. Mayor Mystery is irate to have the gold slip through his client’s fingers.

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