“Good Guys” Invoke New Identities, Kavod Shines, Starr And Alexander Outlast Challenges In Natrona Heights

August 29, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) debuted in Natrona Heights before an enthusiastic crowd on Saturday Night for a Citizens Hose fundraiser. The Megastars were ready to wrestle in front of a brand-new fan base north of the city of Pittsburgh, and all of the matches proved to entertain.

Super Hentai v. Joshua Kavod

The first match of the evening featured two high-flyers in Super Hentai and Joshua Kavod. The two veterans start off the match and Kavod tries for a handshake, but Hentai slaps his hand away. There’s a trade of wrist locks but Hentai gets Kavod is a headlock. Kavod is forced down to one knee, but he gets up and Hentai flattens him with a shoulder block. Kavod drop kicks Hentai a couple of times and the villain escapes to the outside. Hentai goes back in, but races back out for some face to face with the fans. Once back in, Kavod drops him down and Hentai grabs a headlock. There’s a punch to Kavod’s face and the two run the ropes before Hentai drops his opponent with a clothesline. He follows up with choking. Hentai chokes Kavod with the ropes. Patrick counts to two as Kavod’s shoulders were on the mat. There’s another two-count on Kavod five minutes in. Hentai chokes Kavod more on the ropes. Hentai has Kavod in a seated position on the mat. There’s a knee to Kavod and he’s down once again for a two count. Hentai floors Kavod again with a right hand. Kavod is up at two. Hentai continues the offense and whips Kavod into a corner. He’s met with a boot and clothesline. Patrick counts as both Megastars are down. Patrick counts to six before both men get to their knees. They trade punches. Kavod lands a swinging DDT and gets a two count. Off the top rope, Kavod lands a flying clothesline and gets a two count. Kavod gets his eyes raked. Hentai double knee in the corner and double hand strike. Two-count. Hentai taunts his opponent. Kavod catches him with a “From the Pulpit” for the win 9:44.

Dennis Gregory v. AJ Alexander

Newcomer AJ Alexander, debuting as part of the Rev Ron Hunt “Jesus Club” stable. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and Gregory bails to the outside, just to mess with AJ. Once back in, Gregory goes to the outside again, luring Alexander. AJ runs the ropes, dives over Gregory and Sling Blades the former KSWA Champion down. Gregory regains composure and shoulder blocks Alexander down. He hits and elbow, chokes and hits the opponent with a back breaker. Gregory digs at Alexander’s face and then chokes him repeatedly, even with Jimmy James warning against the infractions. AJ Alexander is put into a Boston Crab. He refuses to give up. He gets into the ropes and Gregory lets go of the hold. Gregory keeps the boots on Alexander in the corner, and chokes him on the ropes. Alexander gains some momentum with chops on Gregory’s chest before Gregory stops that offense. Gregory tries to get him into the Crab again, but Alexander gets to the ropes. Gregory punches at Alexander but the two run the ropes. They both attempt a cross body block. They collide and Gregory is worse for the ware, having been hit in the ribs by Anthony Alexander earlier this summer. Alexander hits a couple back elbows and Russian uppercut. There was a modified neck breaker on Gregory but he kicks up at two. Gregory is injured in the ropes. Alexander, a member of the honest Jesus Club, gets hits in the groin. Alexander hits jumped from behind and drove him into the mat with his knees for the victory. 8:21.

Harley T. Morris v. Anthony Drake

Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the two Megastars lock up. Harley gets Drake in an arm bar and tries to keep him at bay. Instead, Drake whips Morris across the ring. It takes a moment for Morris to gain his composure. The two lock up again and Morris locks in a headlock. Drake picks him up and toss the former 5-Star champion across the ring. Drake headbutts Morris and has him reeling for the belly-to-belly. There’s a right upper cut by Drake. Morris rallies and kicks him in the head and gets a one-count. Drake is still down. Morris works the back. In the ropes, Drake is choked. Morris puts a boot to his mush. There’s a running two knees to the face. He pulls Drake out and gets a two. Morris measures for his next move. The Ram starts to get up and gets Morris in a side slam, but throws him into the corner. Morris hovers over Drake as the Ram starts to move up. Morris drops a knee and gets a two count. Morris claps his hands into Drake’s ears. Morris continues the momentum, until Drake storms up and shoulder blocks Morris down. There’s a side suplex and two-count as Morris gets his shoulder up. Ram gets the crowd to chant “Ram.” Big boot, Harley ducks and rolls Drake up for a win. 7:20.

Golden Triangle Championship: “Mad Dog” Zac Myers v. Shane Starr

The Golden Triangle Champion follows the former Zac Hunter to the ring. “Mad Dog” felt a change in his in-ring fortunes might change with yet another change to his professional acumen. A former tag team specialist with The Big Game Hunters, Team 12 Gauge, and most recently, “The Good Guys,” Myers is always looking for a change. Shane Starr enters as the Golden Triangle Champion. Myers tries to get the crowd into his corner, but they will not relent from their support of Starr. Myers gets Starr in the corner and for a brief choking jab before breaking the hold. Hunter keeps the offense on Starr and in the ropes. Myers gets Starr down and chokes him with his now-removed tee-shirt. James stops the illegal business. Myers picks up a chain for purpose, but James stops him. Starr battles back, but Myers pulls him down from behind with the luscious locks. Myers stands on Starr’s throat. James implores him to stay off of Starr’s neck. Myers punches away at Starr. He overhand chops the Golden Triangle Champion. Starr is able to regain some momentum and the two trade chops. There’s a double clothesline as both men are down. Myers hits Starr with a Drop It While It’s Hot, but he can’t connect it like The King. Starr gets a shoulder up at two. Starr rolls Myers up from behind. Starr gets him down again. There’s a splash in the corner and Starr is able to get Myers down for another two-count. A big boot leads to another two-count. Myers is frustrated to the point of being fined by Bobby O and the KSWA Championship Committee. Starr gets him into the Sharpsburg Shooter. Myers nearly makes it to the ropes, but Starr pulls him out to the center of the ring. The Sharpshooter claims another victim mat 8:12.

King Del Douglas v. Lou Martin

King Del Douglas arrives with his advisor, The OG of the VIPs, Shawn Blanchard. Lou Martin makes his way to the ring with glorious fan support. Douglas is adorned in a brand-new purple singlet and looks ready to compete. There’s plenty of time given to both Megastars who look for fan support. Martin leads the crowd in a “Burger King” chant. Then there’s the “Dairy Queen” chant. Shawn Blanchard, who accompanied Douglas, gets out of the ring and the bell rings. Blanchard swats at Martin’s leg as he passes by in the ring. There’s a “test of strength” lead by Martin, but he ends up dancing with The King. They go for the Test of Strength again and Douglas kicks Martin; however, “The Face of Pittsburgh” is able to fight up and out of the move. Martin gets Douglas’ hands down on the mat and he stomps on the appendages. He bails to the outside. Blanchard comforts Douglas on the outside. Once back inside, referee Patrick assures The King that Martin has been “admonished severely.” Douglas gets Martin in a wrist lock and gets Martin into the ropes. There, Blanchard grabs Martin’s arm and pump handles from the apron. He does it a second time as the referee is distracted. A third time is tried as Martin intercepts and puts Douglas in the arm pump. Blanchard applies it to Douglas until Martin jumps to the outside, and sees him with the infraction. Martin keeps the offense going and gets a two count as Douglas hits the mat. Martin clubs Douglas with forearms. There’s a side slam and two count. Blanchard pulls Patrick’s foot. Martin splashes Douglas on the mat for a two count. Martin hits a number of right hands. Martin chops and slams Douglas’ head into the top turnbuckles on all four corners. The fourth is a double chop. Martin tosses Douglas to the mat and he falls to the outside. Douglas crawls back in and is met with more offense. Martin hits Douglas with 10 shots to the head. There’s a bulldog and a two and a half count. Somehow, the veteran Douglas got his shoulder up. Martin chases Blanchard on the outside, and Del grabs Martin upon his return to the ring. There’s a testicular claw, chop and near pinfall. King Douglas puts the boots to Martin. Blanchard clobbers him from the outside. Blanchard chokes Martin as Douglas has the referee distracted. Douglas applies the Royal Sharpshooter. Martin fails to succumb. Douglas has Martin in the hold for a long time. Douglas leans back and Blanchard applies additional force from the outside as the referee is distracted. Patrick eventually catches the rules being broken and forces the hold to be broken. Blanchard takes plenty of liberties on the outside as you can time the referee distraction by a sundial. Martin is tied to the Tree of Woe. There’s a drop kick to Martin’s gut. Martin is spilled down. Martin blocks the Drop It Like Its Hot. Martin hits the Death Certificate out of nowhere for the win. 13:47.

Tristan St. Croix v. Big Country Matt McGraw

The newly-minted Tristan St. Croix arrives to the ring before Matt McGraw. Like tag-team partner Zak (Hunter) Myers, St. Croix feels that a sudden branding change might provide good luck in Pittsburgh’s official wrestling promotion. St. Croix is ready to lock up with McGraw but The Good Guy jaws with McGraw. There’s an open-hand slap to McGraw and he attacks back, highlighted by a back body drop that flung him high into the Natrona Heights night sky. There are two bodyslams that bounce the ring. A flying elbow from the middle-rope from “Air McGraw.” St. Croix whipped McGraw’s throat over the top rope. More offense from the former Brent Noctus. He continues to pound away at McGraw and kicks him in the chin. McGraw is dragged out for a count, but McGraw reaches out to the ropes. St. Croix is frustrated as it doesn’t work in his favor. There’s a choke from the California, PA native. He pounds away at McGraw. St. Croix gains some severe advantage with kicks all about McGraw’s body. He chops McGraw with an open palm. There’s a back elbow from McGraw. There’s a chop and a big splash and moves the ring. He misses with one and St. Croix takes advantage with forearms and other blows. There’s a big spear. Winner Matt McGraw 5:42.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Officer Dan Murphy vs. Anthony Alexander

Officer Dan Murphy comes to the ring, claiming to have made 21 arrests in Natrona Heights since the afternoon began in Natrona Heights. Referee Shawn Patrick checks both Megastars and Murphy checks on the senior official for illegal objects. The two giants lock up. Murphy tosses Alexander in the corner. Two lock up again and Alexander tosses Murphy into the corner. The two trade moves before Double-A shoulder blocks Murphy down for a two-count. The two go to the outside and battle it out around the ring. Alexander tosses Murphy into the ring. He misses with a big splash. Murphy takes charge and is one of the few Megastars able to manhandle the two-time champion. Murphy Irish Whips Alexander into the corner and works on the champion’s back. Murphy taunts the crowd. Double A was looking for a PTC but Murphy intercepted and landed a sidewalk slam for a two count. He buries a knee into Alexander’s side. Murphy says the belt is “coming home with me to Virginia.” Murphy continues to punish the champion but misses with a huge elbow as Alexander rolls out of the way. The Krazies chant for Double-A. Alexander gets to the top corner and lands a flying lariat. Both men are down as referee Patrick counts to five and then six and then seven. Both get to their knees and feet. They trade big right hands. The soup bones keep getting bigger and bigger. Alexander blocks it and takes over. He whips Murphy into the corner. There’s a splash and Murphy reels. There’s a big bear hug by Murphy on Alexander. Double-A fights out of the bear hug. He is clobbered down by a Murphy back breaker for a two-count. Murphy wants him up. Murphy blocks an PTC but not the second. 11:09.

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