Megastars Return To Large And Enthusiastic Millvale Days Crowd, Champions Retain, Gregory Foils Martin

September 19, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

As the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Millvale Days after a year-long absence due to COVID-19, the fans were ready for action. A large crowd enjoyed four championship contests, a controversial ending to a Dennis Gregory/Lou Martin match, and everything in between.

“Mad Dog” Zak Myers v. “The Ram” Anthony Drake

The two tough Megastars battled early in the in the match. They locked up, and the more powerful Ram had The Mad Dog in a corner. He let his opponent go without incident. There was a test of strength, but Myers plays some psychological “games” to keep Drake at bay. The end up trading blows, and Drake employed his trademark headbutt. Myers fell to the outside, but when he returned, he was able to gain some momentum on his own. He gets Drake down and hits an impressive running bull dog as Drake was seated on the mat. Myers chokes Drake but the Ram is able to power out of it. Ram knocks Myers down, there’s a splash and a side slam. Myers is able to rebound and slams Drake down. Myers goes for a chain. He wraps it around his fist, but the returned, Ram spears him for the win. 6:45

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Officer Dan Murphy & Harley T. Morris v. The Renegades (champions)

The new team of Officer Dan Murphy and Harley T. Morris take on the tag team champions of Big Country Matt McGraw and Yinza the Pittsburgh Luchadore. Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the match begins. Yinza is to start off with Harley T. Morris. As usual, Officer Murphy says he has a “shift later.” He wants the match to get underway, post-haste. Harley shoulder blocks Yinza down but he answers with arm drags. Yinza clotheslines a seated Morris. Yinza splashes Morris in the corner. He gives Morris the “Three Rivers” Monkey Flip. Patrick counts to two on Morris. He is able to retreat to his corner and tag in the hulking Murphy. Murphy wants Big Country so the Country Boy obliges. He forces Murphy into a corner and the Officer charges that Country “pulled my hair.” The problem is, he doesn’t have much. The two 300-pounders go at it before Country shoulder blocks him down and continues with the offense. Yinza is tagged in and he his whipped into Murphy. Murphy rebounds and smashes Yinza over his knee and gets a two-count. Morris is tagged in and the Yinza’s two double team Yinza before The Professional continues the attack on Yinza’s back. Murphy is in and he steps on Yinza’s back. Murphy continues to keep Yinza in his corner. The new team does a good job of keeping Yinza in their side of the ring. Murphy drops an elbow on Yinza and then a second. Murphy spins to get extra umph on a third one, but Yinza moves out of the way. He can’t get to McGraw because Morris had raced over and knocked him from the apron. Morris continues the assault and tags in Murphy. He posts Yinza on the top rope, but Yinza is able to knock him off the perch. Yinza spins Murphy down from the top and the two Megastars are down in the center of the ring. Yinza slowly gets to his corner and tags in McGraw. He boots McGraw in the chops. He double clotheslines both opponents. Yinza is tagged in. Murphy pulls Morris off of McGraw. The two big men fall to the outside. Yinza to belly on Morris for the win. 10:50

Dennis Gregory v. Lou Martin

Referee Mark Charles III calls for the bell and these two long-time Pittsburgh veterans should canvas the territory, but Martin, surprisingly turns his back and that allows Gregory an opportunity to attack. He gets Martin down and grinds away at the The Face of Pittsburgh. Referee Charles tells Gregory to get off of Martin’s throat. Gregory stomps on Martin’s chest and the former two-time KSWA Champion is seemingly at the mercy of the former one-time former KSWA Champion. But just like that, Martin is able to get Gregory into the ropes and into the middle rope for a dive. Martin is a house a fire with a couple of clotheslines. A wry vet, Gregory bails to the outside for a breather. Martin follows and the Gregory gets the advantage by ramming him into the ring post. Gregory tosses Martin back in and drives a knee into Martin’s back. There’s a two count. Gregory takes a breather as Martin is down on his back. Gregory delivers a knee and a side back breaker. Gregory climbs the turnbuckle and announces “I’m the best part of the show!” Gregory steps on Martin’s back and kicks him in the liver. There’s an elbow drop but again, Martin recovers, at least momentarily. Gregory gets Martin into a Huntingdon Crab, but the Face of Pittsburgh doesn’t give up. Gregory hoists Martin up for a power slam. That’s a 205-pound man that he deadlifts from the mat, over his down and onto the mat. Two-count. Abdominal Stretch is next. A slam that bounces the mat from the Grant and Sedgewick intersection. A right hand is next onto Martin. Gregory falls to the mat attempting to get out of Martin’s way. Referee Charles checks Gregory and calls for a doctor. The doctor races from the crowd and attends to Gregory’s knee. For several minutes, Gregory PLAYS POSSUM! Everyone is unsure as to what exactly is going on. Gregory snaps out of his agony and gains an advantage, and is able to roll Martin up for the victory!! 12:28. Un-injured, Gregory leaps to his boots and ends out of the ring, around the squared circle and into the locker room, just a few steps ahead of a confused and angered Martin.

Golden Triangle Championship: King Del Douglas v. Shane Starr (champion)

The OG of the VIPs Shawn Blanchard charges that Douglas will leave if the fans don’t stop chanting. The capacity crowd remembers to chant “Burger King” and Dairy Queen”. Once the bell starts, he avoids Starr like the plague. The “Burger King” chants are deafening. Blanchard is on the apron, giving Douglas some respite. Starr has Douglas in the ropes. Referee Jimmy James has his hands full with this contest. Starr gets Douglas down and goes for the Sharpshooter, but Blanchard pulls Douglas out onto the asphalt. Douglas is back in and he attacks Starr. There’s a chop from Douglas and a couple of knees to the gut. A third dops the Golden Triangle Champion down to the mat. Douglas puts pressure on Starr’s throat. Blanchard peppers Starr with a right hand from the outside. Douglas drops an elbow and gets a two count. Douglas picks Starr up and delivers a right hand. A double chop across Starr’s throat is a new move for The King. Douglas lands a fist that’s “banned in 49 of the 50 states” onto Starr. Douglas has Starr down in the center of the ring, with a knee into his back. Starr is able to reverse the move, and Douglas kicks him in the groin to level the playing field. The referee is distracted and Douglas chokes Starr with wrist tape. Douglas picks Starr up and tosses him out to the clutches of Blanchard. The OG of the VIPs kicks Starr in the gut. Douglas is outside now for offense. Starr pushes Douglas away, slams him twice in the center of the ring and drops him with an F-5. Douglas, somehow, kicks out of it. Starr goes for a drop kick but misses. Douglas gets him into the Royal Sharpshooter. Starr gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Starr is slow in getting up. Douglas slaps him in the head. A chin breaker, clothesline, and a back elbow from Starr are out of nowhere. Starr misses with a Splash. Douglas misses from the top rope. Starr gets him into the Sharpshooter and Douglas immediately taps out. Blanchard races in to attack Starr and he is dropped for the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter for a quick tap out as well. 10:39

5-Star Championship: Joshua Kavod v. J-Ru (champion)

J-Ru complains about his ring music and The Regent arrives to challenge once again for the 5-Star belt. Referee Mark Charles III calls for the bell and the two Megastars meet in the center of the ring. Kavod asks for a handshake and J-Ru goes for a short cut. The lightning-quick Kavod overwhelms the 5-Star Champion, who bails to the outside. Once back in, Kavod drops him with a toe hold and continues the offense with a drop kick. Again, J-Ru hides in the ropes. Kavod brings J-Ru in the hard way and running clotheslines him in the corner. Kavod drops him with a kick and nearly gets a pinfall. J-Ru goes for a sloppy pin but only gets two. Kavod is forced into the ropes for some offense. J-Ru pushes him down and chokes the challenger. J-Ru actually gets Charles to choke Kavod at one point. J-Ru chops Kavod and is tossed into the corner. J-Ru misses with a clothesline but both Megastars are down. J-Ru is knocked around by Kavod and is hit with a modified stunner. Kavod goes to the top rope for a dive. He misses and J-Ru goes for a pin. He gets two. J-Ru catches the smaller competitor, whips him around and hits a spinning side slam. Two-count. J-Ru picks him up and tosses Kavod into the ropes. Kavod catches J-Ru with a chin buster and the 5-Star champion falls to the outside. J-Ru uses the top rope as a weapon and catches the challenger in the neck. Two-count. A whip turns into a DDT on J-Ru and the men are once again down in the center of the ring. The Count counts to five before both men can rolls into the ropes. J-Ru chops Kavod in the face. The challenger responds in kind J-Ru goes low on Kavod and hits him with a spinning back fist. He retains in 9:26

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: BROhemoth v. Anthony Alexander (champion)

BROhemoth, full of new, anti-KSWA Krazy venom, arrives before the vaunted two-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion. The two giants lock up, and BROhemoth tosses Alexander into a corner. They lock up and BROhemoth does it again. The two lock up a third time and Alexander gets the challenger into a headlock. A shoulder block between both men doesn’t move either. BROhemoth has his legions of fans and they inspire him to body slam Alexander and choke him in the corner. BROhemoth lays in some right and uses all of his power to whip Alexander into a corner. Then in the ropes, Alexander is choked by the challenger. BROhemoth butt bombs Alexander in the corner and gets a two count. The Champion is overwhelmed by the power and speed of the challenger. Alexander is able to get a boot up and hits a flying clothesline on the challenger. He gets a one count on the cloying BROhemoth. The two trade heavy, heavy blows before BRO lands a powerslam. BROhemoth gets Alexander in a rear chin lock. The fans chant for Double A. The applause is deafening as the champion gets to his feet. BRO drops him with a big boot. There’s a leg drop and a one count. Alexander is still reeling. BROhemoth picks him up and forces him into the corner. He misses with a spear. A refreshed Alexander springs to action and hits BROhemoth with a Prime Time Cancellation (PTC). Somehow, the challenger gets right back to his feet and Alexander hits another PTC and then for the win. 7:02

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