The "King" Reclaims His Hometown Throne, J-Ru And Kavod Continue To Shine, Starr Retains And Alexander Overcomes At Millvale Days

September 19, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The second day of Millvale Days saw a series of exciting matches for the Krazies, a King reclaimed his throne at the top of the mountain, The Face of Pittsburgh get by an angry foe, the Tri-State and Golden Triangle Champions retain after hard-fought matches, and the Commonwealth's most challenged champion ride to a massive Main Event.

The Megastars of the KSWA took part in the most prestigious Battle Royal of the end of Summer/beginning of Fall with the Millvale Days event. The bell rings and the wrestlers immediately battled and looked for positioning. Yinza and Big Country Matt McGraw were the first to be eliminated. Mad Dog Zak Myers was next. BROhemoth, who was not happy to be in Millvale all weekend, was the next to be tossed out. The Ram Anthony Drake was next, and then Harley T. Morris. The debuting rookie Tyler Grayson made his first appearance in the KSWA and did well before being sent over the top rope. Golden Triangle Champion Shane Starr was next. The KSWA Heavyweight Champion, Double-A Anthony Alexander even took part in the festivities. He was ganged up upon by some of the others and forced out. "King" Del Douglas, The Beastman, "The Regent" Joshua Kavod, Lou Martin and the 5-Star Champion J-Ru were all in and took their efforts in Beastman's direction. It took a lot of effort from all of the wrestlers, but they were able to send Beastman over the top rope, onto the apron, and then to the asphalt below. J-Ru and Kavod were next, leaving only Del Douglas and Lou Martin in the contest. After a lot of one-on-one offense, Douglas was able to send Martin over the top rope and onto the floor. Once again, Del Douglas is the official Battle Royal-winning "King of Millvale"! 12:00

Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore, accompanies McGraw to the ring. Referee Mark Charles III checks both opponents and calls for the bell. The two combatants circle the ring and lock up. McGraw tosses Myers across the ring. These Megastars are no stranger to each other. McGraw locks up and tosses Myers across the ring again. A third time happens and Myers takes umbrage with the toss. Myers calls for a Test of Strength. Myers quickly regrets the action. He is able to distract the referee and Myers takes off his tee-shirt and chokes McGraw with it. Myers temporarily blinds McGraw by spitting water in his eyes. McGraw clotheslines Myers down twice. He splashes him into the corner. There’s a whip and a choke slam. 3:16

BROhemoth, angry over his elimination from the Battle Royal, among other things, makes his way to the ring before Martin. BROhemoth shouts that Millvale is a “Garbage Town.” The two lock up and BROhemoth tosses Martin across the ring. After a lot of grumbling with the townsfolk, BROhemoth tosses Martin across the ring a second time. Martin skirts a rush from BROhemoth and smacks him in t he rump. He only angers the big man more by smacking him in the buttocks a few more time. BRO is able to gain momentum and tosses Martin around. He stomps on his face and body slams him in the middle of the ring. There’s a pin attempt that ends at one. BROhemoth argues with the referee and Martin rolls BRO up and nearly gets a pinfall. BRO picks up Martin, posts him in the corner, splashes and then spears the former two-time KSWA Champion. There’s a two count. The kids at ringside shout for Lou to “get up.” BRO slams him down again. Martin dives out of the way of a splash and clotheslines his opponent. 5:47

The bell rings and "The Ram" wants to get things started. J-Ru tries to get approval from the crowd, but that isn't going to happen. The crowd shouts insults toward the 5-Star Champion. J-Ru turns his attention to Drake and claims that he is the "stronger man" despite being outweighed to the tune of 70 pounds. Drake pushes J-Ru down but then the 5-Star champion mocks the challenger. The Ram tosses J-Ru across the ring again. J-Ru goes behind Drake and grabs him. Drake breaks the hold by pulling his hands apart. J-Ru continually hides in the ropes. Once back in, J-Ru is head-butted down. J-Ru bails to the outside. The Ram calmly waits on the inside. Once back inside, the Ram head butts J-Ru all over the ring. J-Ru goes to the safety of the ropes. He misses with a clothesline and The Ram head butts him again. Drake has him up for a body slam. He lands it. J-Ru avoids the spear. That derails The Ram enough to grab his arm and drop him to the mat. J-Ru continues the offense and gets a two count on another pin attempt. J-Ru boots Drake. The offense goes on for both men until Drake is able to get J-Ru in a bear hug. That tires Drake out but when J-Ru charges for offense, Drake spears the 5-Star Champion. J-Ru kicks Drake low, clotheslines and pins The Ram. 9:46

Harley T. Morris, The Regent Joshua Kavod and the Pittsburgh Luchadore all agree to a Test of Strength. That doesn't last and there's a lot of offense from all three participants. Kavod whips Yinza into the ropes, and that’s where Morris pulls his feet out from under him. Kavod and Yinza both elbow drop Morris once he’s back in the ring. Kavod dives over the top rope onto Yinza. Morris floors Kavod and dumps Yinza to the outside. Charles goes for the pin and gets to two before Kavod gets a shoulder up. Morris attacks Kavod on the inside. Yinza is back in with a bad shoulder from the spill outside. Morris misses a splash. Yinza and Morris lock up for the Three Rivers Monkey flips. He connects on all three. Yinza flips Kavod from the corner. The crowd is behind Yinza. Kavod drops Yinza. Morris and Kavod jockey for position, but Morris suplexes him down. Morris is splashed by Yinza. Yinza goes for the Yinza to Belly. 6:51 Post Match: Yinza and Kavod shake hands.

Referee Jimmy James holds the championship belt high into the Millvale sky. The familiar “Dairy Queen” chants ring out throughout Millvale. Immediately, Starr goes for the Sharpshooter, but Douglas is able to bail out. Starr peppers Douglas in the gut and drop kicks him. Starr suplexes Douglas down. There’s a two count. There’s another impressive standing suplex and a two count. Douglas raked Starr’s eyes. He gains advantage. He drapes Starr’s arm over the top rope and Blanchard jumps onto the apron and pump handles him from there. He does it a second time. He goes for a third time, but Starr blocks it and feeds Douglas’ arm to Blanchard. Blanchard pump handles Douglas’ instead. Starr goes outside and sees the infraction. Blanchard gives it up. Starr continues with momentum. Blanchard splits open a stuffed animal at ringside. Starr is fed some of it. Once back inside, Douglas nearly gets a pin fall. It’s all Douglas as he continues to assail Starr. He steps on his hand. Douglas attempts to get him into the Royal Sharpshooter. Starr powers up and gets to the bottom rope. Douglas whips Starr into the rope. Douglas misses the Drop It Like It’s hot, Starr locks in the Sharpsburg 8:33

The bell rings and the two big men start with big fists. Beastman falls to the outside, only to be sent back in by Lumberjack members of the Millvale VFD. The Champion and challenger lock up.

Beastman gets an advantage. Beastman reins a beat down on Double-A. The challenger drops from the middle rope onto the chest of the two-time champion. That squash results in a two-count. Beastman keeps the pressure on Alexander, but he is able to power out and get some offense of his own. Beastman hits a back elbow on the Champion. A leg drop follows but that results only in a two-count. Beastman keeps the pressure on Alexander, but he is able to keep going. There's a whip into the corner, a boot and a clothesline. The Krazies start shouting for Double-A. The Champion gets an upper hand, whips the 385-pounder into the ropes and after a couple of other moves, lands an impressive DDT. However, that's only good for a two-count. That starts Beastman in a positive direction. He powers Double-A down into the corner and follows with a cannonball. A valiant champion, Alexander gets up and fights back. He, incredibly, bodyslams the super heavyweight. Beastman gets up and heads right into a Prime Time Cancellation for the victory. 5:43

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