Starr Holds Off Mad Dog, Renegades Push Back Masked Marauders, J-Ru Bests Ram At Sheraden Post 496

September 26, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to the American Legion Langley Post 496 for the second time in the organization’s hectic summer-time schedule. Three of the KSWA’s four titles were on the line as the action was just as intense as it’s been throughout the calendar year.

Harley T. Morris v. Yinza

The ruckus crowd is ready for this matchup between two KSWA veterans. Yinza, one-half of the tag team champions, has been on a winning streak. The Professional, Morris has had a little less successful in recent vintage. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the action begins. Morris calls for the crowd’s silence. They boo in retort. Morris grabs a wrist lock and maneuvers Yinza to the mat. Morris front face locks and then head locks Yinza. Morris pulls on Yinza’s mask and once again gets him in a headlock. Morris shoulder blocks Yinza down but then runs the ropes and is hit with a flying body block. Yinza follows up with a splash in the corner and a series of fists to the top of Morris’ noggin. Yinza follows that up by ramming Morris’ head into the corner posts. Then there’s a clothesline on the seated Morris. A two count follows. Again, Yinza gets Morris in the corner for punches, by The Professional is ready. He pulls Yinza down to the mat and lands a series of blows. A European upper cut follows by Morris. He gets Yinza down for a two count. Morris peppers Yinza in the forehead with right hands. Yinza hits a boot on Morris but the West Virginia import gains momentum of his own. A side suplex drops the Luchadore. Two-count. Morris cinches in an arm bar. The Krazies cheer for Yinza. Yinza battles out and clotheslines his opponent down. There’s a boot, a running of the ropes, a splash and a lazy cover for two. Yinza and Morris miss splashes in the corner. Morris kicks Yinza in the head, flips over him and misses with a clothesline. That delivers him right into the Yinza to Belly for the win. 8:44.

Five-Star Championship: J-Ru (champion) v. Anthony Drake

J-Ru rages over the use of the Tee-Pot intro music he purposely requested. J-Ru brought a Shake Weight to the ring and there seems to be a debate of its use and intention. The bell rings and the Megastars circle the ring. Drake immediately picks up the 5-Star Champion for a bodyslam. J-Ru rolls to a corner to escape the burgeoning offense. J-Ru attempts to get a “J-Ru’s GREAT” chant going. It doesn’t work. Drake powers J-Ru down after a collar-and-elbow tie-up. They lock up again and J-Ru is tosses around again. J-Ru does his best to avoid more offense but he is clubbed and falls to the outside. The Ram follows. J-Ru attempts to punch J-Ru but Drake blocks it and blasts the champion. J-Ru tries to cover Drake once both men are in the ring. He gets a two-count. J-Ru chops Drake to no effect. The Ram just angers. He rams away with head buts and J-Ru cowers in the corner. A drop toe hold falls Drake and a head lock follows. Drake tries to toss him into the ropes but J-Ru won’t break the hold. Drake tosses him again but J-Ru holds onto his beard. Both men are on the mat and there are several attempts at a pin. J-Ru cannot get the job done. Ram battles J-Ru and the champion kicks low. The Ram is down. J-Ru clubs Drake down. Two-count. J-Ru goes low again and drops Drake and gets a two count. J-Ru DDT’s The Ram for the victory. 9:02.

Officer Dan Murphy vs. Big Country Matt McGraw

Two of the biggest KSWA Megastars on the roster make their way to the ring. Referee Jimmy James checks over both competitors, but Murphy wants to check on James. Murphy pushes McGraw into a corner. McGraw follows with a shove of his own. Murphy grabs McGraw in a headlock. McGraw goes for a shoulder block and then another. A third falls Officer Murphy. Clotheslines follow and then Murphy boots McGraw down for a two count. Another attempt follows and that ends at two. Murphy tries to work out a shoulder injury. The two big men go for a test of strength in the center of the ring. Murphy boots McGraw while he’s down on one knee. Murphy follows up with forearms to the back. McGraw is in the ropes as Murphy continues the offense. There’s an elbow on Big Country in the center of the ring. McGraw misses with a spear. Murphy knees McGraw in the back while he’s in the ropes. Murphy misses with a splash. There’s a go behind, McGraw is leveled with a German Suplex. Both 300-pounders are exhausted. McGraw waits for a spear. He misses as Murphy ducks it. The two behemoths trade blows in the center of the ring. Murphy goes for a clothesline but he is met with a big spear. A two-and-a-half count follows. There’s a distraction and a low blow on McGraw. 9:02.

Post-Match: The Cleveland Bruiser and Bengal Brawler rush the ring. They attack Big Country until he double clotheslines them down. Yinza rushes to his tag team partner’s defense as the masked men bail to the outside.

Bobby O grabs the microphone and sets up a tag team match between The Renegades and the Cleveland Bruiser and BENGAL BRAWLER!

KSWA Tag Team Championship: Cleveland Bruiser and Bengal Brawler vs. The Renegades (champions)

The Bruiser attacks Yinza as soon as the bell rings. Yinza is forced into the corner and the masked duo do their worst as the referee is distracted. The Bengal Brawler keeps Yinza in the corner and tag the Brawler back in. There’s a double elbow on Yinza. There’s plenty of double-teaming on Yinza, until he reverses a whip into a body splash. Yinza hooks up the Cleveland Bruiser up for the Three Rivers Monkey Flips. He lands all three. Yinza, now in control, tags in McGraw for an Air McGraw nugget buster. The elbow drop on the privates only encourages the Bengal Brawler to rush in. He does the same to the Cincinnati export. Yinza feeds the Bruiser to McGraw for the finisher. 4:15. Still the KSWA tag team champions, the Renegades!

Triple Threat Match: BROhemoth v. Joshua Kavod v. Ric Rumskey

All three Megastars make their way to the ring. A frustrated BROhemoth bails to the outside right after the match begins. Inside, Kavod and Rumskey lock up. Kavod rolls out of a wrist lock and gets Rumskey into one himself. Rumskey is audibly impressed. A fireman’s carry on Kavod, the Regent swept the leg for a two count. Rumskey shoulder blocks Kavod down. BROhemoth tries to grab Rumskey’s leg on the whip. He rushes in, tosses Kavod and drops Rumskey. On the outside, BROhemoth tries to ram Kavod into the post, but The Regent misses and BRO hits the metal. Once inside, BRO overpowers Kavod and splashes him in the corner. Kavod recovers and lays in some blows onto BROhemoth. Rumskey is back in and he clotheslines the big man. The two team up to kick and punch BROhemoth, but he powers out of it and clotheslines and DDTs his opponents. BROhemoth suplexes Kavod in the center of the ring. Rumskey is tossed to the outside. Rumskey kicks BROhemoth in the lower quadrant. The two team up to attempt a suplex. Instead, BROhemoth lands a suplex on both men. BRO puts one boot on Kavod for a pin attempt and only gets two. Kavod battles out and slugs away at the big man. BRO blocks a punch and lands a big one of his own. Rumskey is dropped in the center of the ring. BROhemoth is in total control. He forces Kavod into the corner and then sets his sites on Rumskey. There’s a clothesline and a two count. Kavod makes the save and punches at BRO. BRO stands up and whips Kavod into the ropes. Kavod tries to power out of a slide suplex. Rumskey kicks BRO in the leg and he’s DDT’d. BRO is knocked down by the duo, who turn their attention back to each other. Rumskey back elbows Kavod in the corner and a suplex leads to a two count. Kavod and Rumskey trade blows. Rumskey is whipped into the corner and Kavod follows with a clothesline and a flying clothesline. All of the men are down. Kavod goes to the top rope. Rumskey kicks BRO, he catches Kavod and boots Rumskey down. Kavod is dropped on Rumskey and then tossed out. Rumskey is up for the F-5 and the finish of the match. 11:17.

Del Douglas (w/Shawn Blanchard) v. Lou Martin

The chants of “Burger King” fill the Sheraden Langley Post 496. Referee Jimmy James forces the meddling Shawn Blanchard out of the ring. The bell rings and the action is set to begin. Douglas shouts that the fans will now see a “real man!” Martin climbs to a corner post and receives a much healthier response. The two long-time foes go to lock up, but Douglas flees to the comfort of Blanchard at ringside. Douglas pushes Martin, then rushes to the safety of the ropes and Blanchard’s devotion. Douglas pokes Martin in the eye. Blanchard does the same to his former VIP partner moments later. Douglas bodyslams Martin and gets a one count. Douglas drops Martin down again and only gets another one-count. Douglas keeps Martin on the mat and slaps him in the face. He follows with a knee to the back and bends his arms back. Martin attempts to power out of the move, but Douglas knees him in the back to keep him down. There’s a low blow on Martin as the referee is distracted like a squirrel at the side of the road. Martin is tied to the Tree of Woe. Douglas kicks him down. Martin gets into the ropes. The referee is distracted and Blanchard attacks Martin from the outside. Douglas continues the offense with a whip to the knee, another whip to the knee and a punch. Goes for a chin lock, but Martin rallies with a sit-down stunner. The two trade blows, Douglas to the mat, ropes and mat. A leg-drop and two count on Douglas. Martin with a side slam and two-and-a-half count. Martin with a punch and another side slam. Martin climbs the ropes. There’s a Leg drop from the second rope and a two-count. Martin forces Douglas into the corner. There’s a chop. A second corner, a second chop. A third corner and a third chop. A fourth corner and a flurry of head butts to the corner turnbuckle and an over-the-top two chop. Douglas recovers. Martin blocks a Drop it like it’s hot. Martin hits a Death Certificate out of nowhere for the victory. 9:33

Post-Match: Martin challenges Blanchard to a match at the Sheraden Post in 2022. Douglas sneaks back into the ring and clubs Martin from behind. They attack Martin in the center of the ring and leave him lying.

Golden Triangle Championship: Zak Myers v. Shane Starr (champion)

"Mad Dog" Zak Hunter receives a right hand from Golden Triangle Champion Shane Starr. Zak Myers attacks Starr from behind as soon as the bell rings. The two men fall to the outside. The Mad Dog tosses Starr into the chairs. Once back inside, Starr hip tosses his challenger and drops him to the mat. Myers hustles to the outside. Starr chases Myers around the outside. Starr was baited back into the ring. That’s where Myers kicked and stomped away. Myers power slams Starr in the center of the ring but only gets a two count. Inexplicably, Myers takes his time and lets Starr get some air. That was enough for the Golden Triangle Champion to gain offense and force Myers into the corner. Myers responds by dropping Starr down and landing a flying elbow. There’s a two-count. Kicks follow. Starr snap suplexes Myers. The two speedily race through offense. Starr fights off a “He’s nothing” declaration by Myers and gets him into the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Myers fights off the move for several moments before finally giving in to the submission. 6:31.

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