Blanchard Returns, Starr & J-Ru Retain, Renegades Roll, Douglas Nearly Steals Six-Man Spotlight

October 10, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to the Kinloch Volunteer Fire Company on Saturday, October 9 for the annual Sam’s Club fundraiser for Children’s Hospital. The O.G. of the VIPs, Shawn Blanchard, returned to the ring after nearly 600 days away, Sin Born challenged for J-Ru’s 5-Star Championship and most of the Megastars found themselves in intense action.

“Mad Dog” Zak Myers v. “The Ram” Anthony Drake

The two Megastars are quite familiar with one another. The two have battled each other frequently in recent events. Myers looks pensive as The Ram shows up as intense as ever. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the two square off. The Ram gets the Krazies to clap for him as the two lock up. There’s a clear impassive of strength until Drake tosses Myers across the ring. Myers has Drake in a headlock but The Ram pushes him off. There’s a shoulder block from Myers that floors Drake, but he rebounds with some offense and to a side slam. That ends at two. Drake knees Myers and goes for a body slam, but Mad Dog digs at his eyes. Myers rolls Drake up for only two. Myers puts the boots to the fallen Drake. There’s a one count from Patrick. Myers now goes for the arm bar and puts additional pressure on his shoulder. Patrick counts to two on a fallen Drake. Myers continues the onslaught. There’s another two count on Drake. Myers posts Drake on the bottom rope for a choke. The referee counts to four and that’s enough for Drake to make his move and get some offense. He puts Myers in the corner for a series of punches to the head; however, Myers fights that off for a power slam from the corner. There’s another two count. Myers punches away at Drake, but The Ram gets up and whips Myers into the ropes he hits a number of head butts and hits a belly-to-belly slam for a two count. Ram slugs Mad Dog and then the two trade blows. Myers peppers away at Drake but he powers out and hits a spear for the win. 6:41

Officer Dan Murphy vs. Matt McGraw

This is a showdown between two of the KSWA’s biggest, strongest and toughest Megastars. Referee Jimmy James for the bell and Murphy instantly insults McGraw. The two tie up and Murphy tosses McGraw across the ring. The two lock up again and this time, it’s McGraw who tosses his opponent across the ring. Murphy complains that his hair was pulled. It was not. The two collide in the center of the ring one, twice with no movement, but McGraw takes control, lands an impressive body slam and near pinfall on the monolith that is Officer Murphy. Murphy powders to the outside and the referee starts the count. Referee James gets to five before McGraw breaks up the count. That allows enough of a swerve for Murphy to come in and attack McGraw. He buries a knee into McGraw’s back and follows with a huge forearm to the spine. Murphy stands on McGraw’s back and he keeps the pressure going. Murphy lands a huge elbow and then another. He goes for a third, and he took enough time that McGraw got up. Murphy is in the corner; McGraw goes for a splash but the Officer gets a boot up and into his opponent’s midsection or lower. Murphy boots him again and goes for the covering, getting just two. Murphy gets McGraw in a bear hug but Big Country fights out of it. Murphy reverses a whip attempt and lands a back-breaking side slam. Two count for the Officer. Murphy climbs to the middle turnbuckle. McGraw hits a spear for the win. 6:53

Harley T. Morris vs. Yinza vs. Dennis Gregory

Starting out, the match was supposed to be between Morris and Yinza. Referee Mark Charles III checks both competitors and Yinza gets the crowd in a frenzy. Dennis Gregory’s music hits and the former KSWA Heavyweight Champion hits the ring and interrupts the proceedings. He argues that he doesn’t have a match and inserts himself in this one. The bell rings and Yinza rolls him up for a near pinfall. Then Harley does the same. Dennis Gregory bails and allows Morris to take control of the Pittsburgh Luchadore. He gets him down and dives onto the masked wonder for a two count. Yinza is posted in the corner and Morris turns his attention to Gregory. That’s enough for Yinza to get some momentum and a near pinfall on Morris. Gregory still waits on the outside. Yinza slams Morris but then gets his feet taken out from under him by Gregory. That allows Dennis to get back in. He splashes both competitors repeatedly in two different corners. Gregory suplexes Yinza down and gets a two count. Gregory smashes away at Yinza. The Luchadore gets up and whips Gregory into the ropes and clotheslines him down. Gregory grabs a nearby fireman’s helmet but misses a swing with it. Morris dives in to break up a pin attempt on Gregory. Now it’s Gregory and Morris at odds. Yinza clotheslines both opponents several times, sending Gregory to the outside. Yinza calls for the “Three Rivers” trifecta of monkey flips, but he only gets one as Morris breaks the momentum. Gregory dives on Morris, who falls onto Yinza. Gregory makes the pin on Yinza. 6:10

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard vs. Shane Starr

After nearly 600 days, Shawn Blanchard returns to active competition in the KSWA. Shane Starr remains one of the organization’s most popular Megastars. Starr receives adulation from the fans and Blanchard, the wily veteran, left the ring to gain psychological advantage. Referee Shawn Patrick holds up the city of Pittsburgh’s most prestigious gold. Patrick calls for the bell and the two long-time veterans are ready for each other. Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object on his person. Blanchard is a virtual Seth Neustein with his ability to hide an object he isn’t supposed to take inside the squared circle. The two lock up and Starr pushes Blanchard into the corner. He peppers the Golden Triangle Champion with a stiff right hand. They lock up again, and Starr pushes Blanchard in the corner again. A frustrated Starr has a right hand blocked. That allows Blanchard to hit him again. The crowd is behind Starr but Blanchard riles them up anyway. Blanchard pushes Starr into the corner and gets some offense, but Starr rebounds with a series of hip tosses. Blanchard gets to the bottom ropes and then bails to the concrete floor. The fans are shouting “cheater” towards the former 6-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion. Blanchard takes a few minutes on the outside, but gets back in and is tossed in the hard way. Blanchard meets Starr with a back elbow. Blanchard gets to the top turnbuckle and Starr meets him there, just to toss him down. Blanchard continues the offense, some of it under-handed. Starr in on the mat, Blanchard kicks him in the personal area. The challenger retrieves an illegal object from his boot and he hits Starr with it. Blanchard side suplexes Starr down but only gets a one-count. Blanchard pulls Starr up and whips him over. Starr is seated and Blanchard pulls his ears and digs at his nose. Then he pulls Starr’s mouth. Blanchard grabs Starr but the wrist and pulls at his fingers. Blanchard knocks Starr down with a chop to the throat. Blanchard goes to hit Starr’s head on the top turnbuckle but the Golden Triangle Champion blocks it. Blanchard hits a spinebuster and Starr is hurt. Blanchard crawls over and tries to hit a “Harley Race Knee” but misses. Starr gets up and attacks Blanchard’s left knee. Blanchard will not submit. Starr goes for the Sharpshooter but Blanchard fights him off. Starr recovers, picks up Blanchard and goes to work on the challenger. Blanchard is on the top rope and fights off Starr’s attempt at a superplex. He boots Starr and gets him down for a Figure Four leg lock. Starr is in dire pain but will not give up. Starr is able to turn the move around, but Blanchard gets to the bottom rope, forcing a break. Starr pulls Blanchard out of the corner. Starr goes for the Sharpshooter but Blanchard pokes him in the eye. Blanchard recovers and tosses Starr to the outside. Blanchard follows him out. Starr is rammed into the corner post. Blanchard gets back in and fakes a dive to the outside. Blanchard pulls Starr up and suplexes him in from the apron. Both Megastars are spent. Blanchard goes for the piledriver but Starr fights it off and sunset flips Blanchard down. Starr locks in the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter for the impressive win. 15:01

Post-Match: Blanchard extends a hand in respect and shakes Starr’s hand.

Five-Star Championship: J-Ru v. Sin Born

Sin Born replaced an announced Ric Rumskey for this opportunity. The two opponents square off and Sin Born tosses the 5-Star Champion across the ring. There are more shenanigans from J-Ru. J-Ru goes behind Sin Born, but J-Ru grabs a head lock. The two have known each other for a long time and in regional promotions, so they tend to understand what each is going to do next. Sin Born is able to hip toss J-Ru several times and the champion is dumped to the outside. The count is on for The Count. Sin Born stops himself before diving on J-Ru. J-Ru receives a drop toe hold and a couple of hip tosses before he falls again to the outside. The fans call J-Ru “chicken” and he goes to talk with fans. Sin Born chases him back inside. That’s where J-Ru gains control and keeps the challenger on the mat. There’s a pin attempt that ends at two. J-Ru slams his head into the top turnbuckle. J-Ru then chops Sin Born in the chest. He whips Sin Born into the corner and clotheslines him there. He whips him to the other turnbuckle and then misses with a splash. Sin Born gets J-Ru down. J-Ru gets a shoulder up. J-Ru recovers and hits a modified DDT on Sin Born. He gets only a two-count as the challenger fights back. J-Ru lands a clothesline for the win. 9:10

Tag Team Match: Del Douglas and BROhemoth (w/Shawn Blanchard) vs. Lou Martin and Anthony Alexander (w/Shane Starr)

Tensions are high as these two teams of veterans ready to tie up. The bell rings and Del Douglas is set to face off against Anthony Alexander, the KSWA Champion. Douglas preens and poses before the crowd, taunting Alexander. The KSWA Champion forces Douglas into a corner, where he shouts that his hair was pulled. Alexander once again forces Douglas into a corner. The two lock up again and Alexander synchs in a headlock. Douglas screams in terror. Douglas is floored to the mat with a shoulder block from Alexander. The Champion then bodyslams him down. Alexander gets him in a front face lock and tags in Lou Martin who clotheslines him down and lands a leg. There’s a two count on The King. Douglas is down with a side slam. Two-count. Martin nipple twists Douglas. He gets out of that and tags in BROhemoth. The Megapixel Monster head butts Martin, gets him in the corner, shouts about “disrespect” and punches him in the gut. There’s a whip across the ring and a post in the middle rope, where BROhemoth chokes Martin. There’s a bodyslam and a huge leg drop and two count. BROhemoth stalls and then chokes Martin, who is still on the mat. BRO forces Martin into his corner, where Douglas is tagged in. BROhemoth whips The King into The Face. Douglas taunts Alexander and BROhemoth uses that opportunity to choke Martin. Then, it’s Blanchard who chokes Martin. BROhemoth picks up Martin, but he fights out of it and strikes away at The Face of Pittsburgh. Harley T. Morris races in from the locker room and bolts into the ring. Soon, bedlam ensues and everyone is battling in and around the ring. The referee calls for the bell. 8:30

Blanchard, Douglas, BROhemoth and Morris start making their way away from the ring, when KSWA Owner Bobby O, who is away from the event on business, calls the ringside table. He makes the announcement that a disqualification will not stand and there’s now a six-man tag team match.

Six Man Tag Match: Douglas, BROhemoth and Morris (w/Blanchard) vs. Martin, Starr and Alexander

Then all six men get into the ring and its pure madness. Douglas on Alexander, BROhemoth on Martin, and Morris on Starr. Alexander and Douglas become the legal men in the contest. He floors Douglas with a boot to the noggin. Alexander body slams Douglas. The fans call for one more slam and Alexander obliges. They want a third. Alexander calls for a fall-away slam and catapults Douglas across the ring. Starr is tagged in and he keeps Douglas close to his corner. He kicks at the King. Then there’s a drop kick and the referee counts to two. Martin is tagged in. He lowers the King’s straps for an overhand chop that was heard in Allegheny County. He twists the titties the again and he chops a couple more times. The King goes low on Martin and that levels the playing field. Morris is tagged in and he brawls with Martin. Martin is able to tag the Golden Triangle Champion and the two race the ropes and land a double clothesline. Both men are down. Morris tags in Douglas, who is clotheslined by the recently-tagged Alexander. Alexander is dropped. Martin Death Certificates Morris. Douglas drops Martin with “Drop It Like Its Hot”. Alexander sneaks in and lands the Prime-Time Cancellation for the victory. 6:29

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