Kavod Becomes 5-Star Champion, Hunt Bests Gregory, VIPs Clash, Renegades Ride To Victory, Starr Closes Casket On Gage

October 17, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Megastars of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) made their way to Three Rivers Harley Davidson in Glenshaw for a big matinee event and fans in attendance found an action-packed card, a title change and and thrilling Casket Match.

The Ram Anthony Drake and Sin Born vs. Harley T. Morris and Officer Dan Murphy

Ram and The Professional start off. Mark Charles III is the referee. Drake pushes Harley into a corner after a lock-up. They lock up a second time and Drake tosses him again. Morris takes his time before advancing on The Ram. Morris kicks Drake and that gives him an opportunity for a wrist lock. Ram counters by throwing Morris across the squared circle. Morris shouts that he wants “The Small Guy,” meaning Sin Born. An entertained Sin Born enters the fray. After a lock up, Morris goes for Sin Born’s hair and pulls him into a corner. Officer Murphy is tagged in. He hits a spinning side slams a compromised Sin Born. There’s a two-count. Murphy drops a knee into his back and body slams him again. Morris is tagged back in and he snap mares Sin Born. There’s another two-count. Murphy is in and he uses his Size 15 to kick Sin Born in the ribs. There’s an elbow drop and another. Somehow, Sin Born recovers and hits a back breaker on Officer Murphy. A two-count follows. Murphy kicks Drake from the apron. That allows for an underhanded double team on Sin Born. Sin Born is posted on the top turnbuckle. Morris meets him there but is head butted off. Sin Born follows with a cross body block. Both Drake and Murphy are tagged in. Drake stuns his opponents with his trademark battering ram. Sin Born tags himself but immediately falls victim to a side slam and pin from Murphy. 7:26

Dennis Gregory vs. Rev Ron Hunt

The two Megastars haven’t met Sin Brawl Under the Bridge in July. Differences are to be settled here. Gregory arrives calm, cool and collected. Hunt is pumped. Gregory can be heard saying, “Let’s get this over early.” Gregory shoves Hunt. Gregory then “extends a hand in friendship.” Hunt shoves him away. Hunt drops Gregory with a right hand but Dennis rallies with a jawbreaker. Hunt regains his senses after that and clotheslines Gregory several times. Hunt follows that up by splashing him in a corner. Hunt goes for that move a second time but Gregory catches him and tosses him into the top rope. Gregory uses that break to continue assailing Hunt in the ropes. A book to the neck and a shoulder block follow. Gregory hits Hunt in the back with a series of heavy forearms. That keeps Hunt grounded. Gregory pins Hunt’s arm behind him. He uses the ropes for leverage but the referee spots it. Gregory punches away. Hunt crumbles but Gregory hoists him up. Hunt lands a drop toe hold on a racing Gregory. Rev snap mares him out. He claims the top rope and goes for a flying cross body block. Gregory nearly caught him. Gregory gets Hunt in a camel clutch. Hunt will not submit. Gregory continues with offense, but in desperation, Hunt mule kicks and jaw breaks Dennis just to gain an advantage. The offense continues for both men before Hunt hits a flurry of offense and drops Gregory with a DDT and scores the win. 8:40

Five-Star Championship: J-Ru (champion) vs. Joshua Kavod

This has been one of the defining feuds of the KSWA summer. Knowing that, J-Ru attacks the challenger immediately as the match begins. Kavod is able to counter and hits J-Ru with a jawbreaker that sends the champion to the outside. The veteran lures the challenger to the outside. That's where he grabs a fan's Halloween Super Soaker and blasts him with it. That leads to a variety of shenanigans on the outside. Kavod is able to get back in and he dives back outside the ring, onto the stunned J-Ru. Back inside, Kavod gets J-Ru into a corner and administers a chop. J-Ru is down for a pin attempt after more offense, but the referee stops the count when he sees J-Ru made it under the bottom rope. That's enough for J-Ru to rally and get some offense. He whips Kavod into the corner and hits a splash. He whips Kavod into another corner and hits another splash. Kavod falls to the outside. J-Ru follows outside and hits a forearm. Kavod is tossed back and covered for a pin attempt. That ends at two. Kavod is tossed over the top rope, but he catches the apron and doesn't fall to the outside. J-Ru turns around and Kavod dives on him, and covers for the pin. That ends at two. Kavod climbs to the top rope and hits a reverse dive. A sidewalk slam follows for a two count. An angry J-Ru shouts at KSWA Owner Bobby O on the outside to complain. He turns around and Kavod is waiting. He hits his trademarked "From the Pulpit" and wins to become the brand new Five-Star Champion! The Krazies are excited with the win. 6:40 Post-Match: J-Ru seems to have a change in attitude and extends a hand to shake. It was a kind show of respect to his opponent. Kavod accepts the kindness, but it's only a sham; J-Ru clubs him down. "Keep it warm for me, Kid!" is J-Ru's declaration. The referees come and collect a woozy Kavod.

Grudge Match: Shawn Blanchard vs. Lou Martin

The long-time friends-friends-turned-rivals are set for action. Blanchard is in the ring, Martin races in and chases the former 6-time KSWA Champion to the outside. Blanchard, the ultimate veteran, returns to the ring and boots Martin in the back. He body slams Martin and knees him in the chest. Blanchard slams Martin's head in the corner. Martin rallies and back body drops Blanchard. Blanchard is posted in the corner for a series of punches to the head. A loopy Blanchard falls face-first onto the mat. He clotheslines Blanchard down. There's a leg drop on Blanchard and a only a one-count from referee Mark Charles III. Martin tosses Blanchard into the ropes where he is splashed from behind. Martin rams Blanchard's head into the top turnbuckle of one corner; he then continues to do the same for the remaining corner posts. Blanchard is spent and collapses in the ropes. Martin hits a back elbow on his former partner who uses that exact same move in his repertoire. There's a two count. Martin kicks Blanchard in the hamstring, and then after some taunting, kicks him in the other hamstring. Instead of kicking Blanchard between the goal posts, Martin wrenches his opponent's left leg. He keeps that offense going until Blanchard sees an opportunity to rake Martin's eyes. Blanchard still has the ability to get some offense to knock Martin down before climbing to the top rope. Martin recovers, races over, catches him there and tosses Blanchard into the center of the ring with a thud. Martin pulls Blanchard up, but the O.G. of the VIPs hits a low blow on the Face of Pittsburgh. The Count admonishes Blanchard for the illegal move. At this time, both veteran Megastars are spent. Blanchard has a foreign object and uses it. Charles III counts Blanchard from choking Martin. Blanchard chops Martin in the chest and snap mares him down. Blanchard hits his textbook Spinebuster on Martin, and that leads to a two-count. Blanchard knees Martin in the groin, digs at his face, pulls at his mouth, nose and ears. Blanchard goes for a Figure Four leg lock, but Martin sees an opportunity to roll up his opponent, he does and scores a 1, 2, 3 victory. 10:53

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Lucio Deveer vs. Anthony Alexander (champion)

KSWA Hall of Famer and head referee Shawn Patrick holds up the most prestigious title in the Commonwealth. The bell rings and both Megastars are ready. The two veterans lock up and Deveer is tossed down. Deveer charges that Double A cheated and pulled his hair. They lock up and Alexander tosses him again. Deveer says his hair was pulled. Deveer wants a third attempt and he boots the Champion in the gut. The challenger shoulder blocks the champion down. Alexander gets up and lands a few punches. The referee questions the punches, and Alexander explains that his hand was open. Alexander lands a clothesline to Deveer in the corner. Alexander provides more fists before landing an impressive suplex. There's a two-count on the challenger. Deveer recovers and fights back but Alexander ends that flurry in a hurry. There's a boot to Deveer's head and another near pinfall. Deveer retreats to the corner and jabs a thumb into Alexander's eye. He attacks Double-A and sends him to the ropes. Deveer continues with chops and a clothesline. Deveer follows with another lariat and a two count. Deveer applies the sleeper hold, but after a few moments, Alexander is able to battle out. Deveer drops Alexander down againand gets a near pinfall. Deveer argues that he had pinned Double-A long enough for a win, but that only allows the champion enough time to catch his breath. There's a Sinton back splash on Alexander and two count. Deveer climbs to the top rope. Alexander meets him there. Deveer pushes him off and lands a lariat from the top rope. There's a a two-count on the champion. Deveer quickly adds a suplex. Patrick once again counts to two. Alexander is whipped into the corner and the Champion comes out with a big boot. Deveer goes low on Alexander. There's a snap mare and a clothesline. Two count. Deveer goes to the top again and Alexander climbs there too. This time Alexander lands a thunderous super plex. At the 10-minute mark of the match, both men are exhausted. Patrick administers the count. Both men get to their knees at about the 6 count. They get to their feet and trade blows. Deveer goes down. Alexander lands a back elbow and bodyslams the challenger. Alexander calls for the end of the contest. There's a spinebuster and two count. Deveer is very resilient. He goes for a boot, but Alexander catches it. Deveer hits the Code Breaker on Alexander. There's a two-count as the Champ's shoulders were on the mat. Alexander flurries with a burst of offense. There's a DDT but Deveer is up at two. Alexander seeks to end the match with a Prime Time Cancellation. Deveer counters with an F-5. There's a near pinfall that ends at 2 1/2. Deveer goes for a choke slam, but Alexander fights it off and lands a Prime Time Cancellation out of nowhere for the retention victory. 13:06

KSWA Tag Team Title Match: Del Douglas and BROhemoth vs. The Renegades (champions)

The challengers come to the ring, and then "Big Country" Matt McGraw drives a Gatto Motorcycles Harley Davidson gem to the ring, as Yinza rides along, with the tag team belts held high in the air. Once all Megastars are in the ring, King Douglas shouts that the tag belts are coming home with him and BROhemoth. Now, Douglas wants it quiet in the location that was dubbed "The Glenshaw Sportarorium" for the afternoon. The fans want none of that silence. Douglas and Yinza start out. Del gets Yinza in a former for a punch. Yinza reverses it, punches The King and whips him across the ring and into the corner. Douglas shouts that he wants McGraw. Yinza can't believe it. Yinza tags in the big man and Douglas wants a "Test of Strength." He toys with Big Country before locking hands. That doesn't go well for The King and he squeals in protest. McGraw gets him down on both knees. Then McGraw tosses Douglas around. There's a chop to the chest. Yinza is tagged back in. He clotheslines Douglas down. Yinza forearms Douglas and whips him across the ring and lands a splash. McGraw is tagged back in. All of this time and BROhemoth hasn't been able to smell any action. McGraw body slams Douglas twice. McGraw tags Yinza, who climbs to the top turnbuckle and McGraw launches him across the ring and onto a prone Douglas. Yinza punches Del in the gut and snap mares him over. It's incredible that Douglas has been able to take this kind of abuse. There's a two count. McGraw is tagged back in. At the five-minute mark of the match, BROhemoth has had enough and races across the ring and attacks both members of the Renegades. That provides enough of a chance for Douglas to get to his corner and officially tag a returning BROhemoth in. BROhemoth goest to work on Yinza. BRO drops Yinza and pins him for a two-count. BROhemoth drives Yinza's groin into the corner post as Douglas distracts the referee. Douglas is tagged back in and Yinza is tied to the Tree of Woe. Douglas drop kicks him there. BROhemoth is tagged back in. He catches Yinza in a cross body block attempt and hits a modified World's Strongest Slam. There's a two count. Yinza fights out and hits a jawbreaker on BROhemoth. Yinza tries to get to his corner, but he choses the wrong one. Douglas attacks. BROhemoth races in and whips Douglas towards Yinza, but the Luchadore moves. Chaos among the four men follows. BROhemoth and McGraw are on the outside, Douglas and Yinza on the inside. Douglas drops Yinza and BROhemoth gets to their corner for a tag back in. He clotheslines Yinza and a bodyslams him. Yinza rallies and kicks BROhemoth, which enables him to get to McGraw for the tag. McGraw trips up BROhemoth. He gets to his feet and the two 300-plus pounders go toe-to-toe with stiff right hands in the center of the ring. Yinza just races in and drop kicks BROhemoth. All four Megastars are in the ring at the same time. Yinza and Del Douglas are fighting, McGraw and BROhemoth. BROhemoth gets by McGraw and side suplexes Yinza. Yinza asks the fans for their help. He reaches out to McGraw and the Krazies cheer. McGraw is tagged in and he spears BROhemoth, but only gets a two-count BROhemoth is up. McGraw hits a spine buster on both opponents. Yinza calls for the Pittsburgh Plunge and they hit is on Douglas for the victory. 13:36

Golden Triangle Championship: Malakai Gage v. Shane Starr (champion)

The two Megastars make their way to the ring. Gage attacks Starr while his back is turned. Starr retaliates with a series of hip tosses. Gage is thrown into the corner for punches. There's a splash and clothesline on Gage. Gage blocks a whip across the ring and bails to the outside. Starr follows but is trapped in the ring skirt. Gage punches away as Starr is helpless. Gage turns away to grab a chair and Starr disappears under the ring. Gage is surprised to not see Starr. The Golden Triangle Champion appears on the other side of the ring. He races back in and baseball slides Gage on the outside. Starr tosses Gage back in and Starr hits a standing suplex. The crowd appreciates the move so Starr does it again. Starr asks the crowd if they want a superplex, and they do. Gage is posted in the corner for a superplex, but he fights out of it. Starr is tossed in a corner. There's a side suplex back breaker. Gage mocks the fans who have supported Starr. Gage suplexes Starr. Both men are on the outside. Starr pushes Gage toward the casket and he falls into and over the casket. Starr gets a chair and hits Gage. He follows that up with a kick. There's a chair to Gage's back. Gage answers with offense to Starr that sits him in a ringside chair. Gage charges the Golden Triangle Champion. Starr ducks and Gage flies four rows deep into the crowd. Gage recovers, stacks some chairs. The two battle and Gage back body drops Starr onto the chairs. The two continue to fight on and Gage slams Starr's head into the apron. Gage leads Starr toward the casket. Starr fights him off and tosses Gage into a ring post. Starr rams his head into it again and calls for the casket to be opened. Lucio Deveer races from the locker room to help Gage. Starr fights off The Enigma and chases him back from where he came. Starr goes back to the casket, and Gage blasts him with his Carney hammer. Gage tosses Starr into the wooden box. He tosses four chairs onto the Sharpsburg Shooter. Gage goes to close the casket, but Starr gets his leg out to stop the closure. Starr fights out of the casket. Gage kicks him low, but that doesn't stop Starr. Starr hits Gage with three superkicks, and the final drops The Sideshow Psycho into the box. The lid closes and Starr retains at 15:13!

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