Beastman Gets Shot At KSWA Gold, Rivalries Be Settled Via Dog Collar And Kendo Stick At Brawl Under The Bridge 6

July 11, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance returns to Homestead for the summer spectacular that is “Brawl Under The Bridge 6” with a series of interesting matchups.

One week after a controversial win over former champion Dennis Gregory, “Double A” Anthony Alexander defends the most coveted title in the Commonwealth against the brute force that is Beastman. The two had a surprising match when the KSWA returned from COVID-19 restrictions on May 14. Alexander, the two-time champion, issued an open challenge and it was violently answered by the 400-pound mastodon that is Beastman. It has been determined that in recent months, Beastman has been swayed by “The Manager of Champions and Mayor of Parts Unknown,” Mayor Mystery. Alexander got by Beastman the first time around; however, the Modern-Day Caveman has run roughshod everywhere he has gone. Especially after a physical contest like Saturday’s against Gregory, is the Prime Time Player ready for the biggest challenge of his second reign under the Solar Powered Lights that is the Brawl Under the Bridge classic?

The KSWA Tag Team Championships are on the line Saturday night for the still-new title holders, Yinza and “Big Country” Matt McGraw. This past Saturday, an obviously re-energized Yinza and the powerhouse that is “Big Country” overtook the challenge of “Midnight Dynamite” J-Ru and Johnny Switchblade. This coming weekend, the team defends against “The Good Guys” Zak Hunter and Brent Noctus. Like Alexander and Beastman, the “Good Guys” had a tag team challenge against then-champions BROhemoth and Mitch Napier. Since that time, “The Best BRO’s Around” not only lost the titles but broke apart when BROhemoth frustratingly turned on his best pal. McGraw and Yinza will defend against “The Good Guys”—while still brand new to the KSWA—has had success in regional promotions. Might that familiarity be enough to overtake the KSWA tag team champions?

KSWA Owner Bobby O has announced that he wasn’t pleased with Harley T. Morris not appearing at MJ’s Steel City Saloon to defend the organization’s 5-Star Championship, so a unique contest has been arraigned. Morris will defend in a KSWA “Fatal Five” title match. Morris will defend against four “mystery” Megastars. Their identity will not be revealed until the match starts. KSWA Owner Bobby O has been hush-hush about the participants, not even extending a single clue.

After the MJ’s Steel City Saloon event this past Saturday, “The King” Del Douglas and current stable mate Shawn Blanchard attacked Lou Martin and forced dog food onto the “Face of Pittsburgh.” The match between the former friends was ruled a “No Contest” after a flurry of outside interference by Shawn Blanchard. The end of the match came when bedlam took over and Martin smashed Douglas with a wooden chair. This journey will continue Saturday with a Dog Collar Match. Both competitors will wear dog collars around their neck and be connected by a chain or rope. Blanchard will assuredly be at ringside, in Douglas’ corner. These are generally very brutal matches, amongst the most damaging in the business. The KSWA Championship Committee has announced that Brawl Under the Bridge is a likely venue for such an outrageous contest.

The aforementioned “Best Bros Around” will collide in a “Kendo Stick Match” Saturday night. The former multi-time tag team champions will battle for use of a Kendo Stick. Like a Dog Collar Match, this is a violent and jaw-dropping contest, with the acoustics underneath the steel and concrete of the bridge adding a unique sound to the brash bombs.

The returning Lucio Deveer and Malaki Gage are set to take on “Team Don’t Care” Dennis Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog in tag team competition. “The Enigma” Deveer took part in a career-defining ladder much under the bridge a few years ago, and “The Side Show Psycho” Malaki Gage will continue their climb up the tag team division if they can get by Gregory and Bubba the former KSWA tag team champions that just don’t care if fans boo them Saturday Night. This contest should be a physical battle second to none.

“Brawl Under The Bridge” is this Saturday, July 17 beneath the Homestead Grays Bridge between 7th and 8th Avenues, Homestead, PA 15120. All front-row seats are sold, $5 general admission tickets remain. Bell time is 7 p.m. Call 412-726-1762 for more information.

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