Alexander, Starr And Kavod Shine, Justin Sane Returns, Young Ward Grayson Impresses In Debut

November 14, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Brackenridge and the Pioneer Hose Co. for a fundraiser for the first time since February, 2020. The night included six big matches, and served as the last stop on the Road to FanFest. A KSWA legend returned, a newcomer made an impressive debut and battles took place for principle, as well as for the most important championships in independent wrestling.

Cleveland Bruiser v. Tyler Grayson

Youngster Tyler Grayson has appeared in the Millvale Days Battle Royal, but this is his single's debut in the KSWA. A "here we go Steelers" explodes against The Bruiser. Referee Mark Charles III has his hands full with this first match of the evening. The Bruiser forces Grayson into the corner. The rookie isn't impressed with the intruder from Ohio. The two lock up and the Bruiser is forced into a corner. Grayson breaks the hold cleanly. The fans chant disparaging comments against Cleveland. Grayson is forced into the corner and he is popped with a few fists. Grayson responds with a couple of drop kicks and a bodyslam that sends the Bruiser cowering in a corner. He goes for a shoulder block but the veteran from West of the border ducks and lays in some offense, some of which might be legal. There's a series of punches to the head and upper torso. There's a huge clothesline and another from the Bruiser. An elbow drop on the talented youngster. The Bruiser taunts the crowd as it goes berserk. He misses with another elbow drop. Grayson stops dead in his tracks after being whipped into the corner and suplexes the Cleveland Bruiser. The Bruiser pokes him in the eye and body slams his opponent. He does more taunting. Grayson stops a hip toss, turns it into a backslide for a victory! 4:02

Five-Star Championship: The Ram Anthony Drake v. Joshua Kavod

Referee Jimmy James checks both opponents, who are actually friends and not rivals. Kavod says that he respects The Ram, but assures him that this match is going to be a true showdown. The two lock up and Drake forces Kavod into the corner. Kavod wants it again. They lock up again and the same thing happens. Drake breaks the hold clean. There's a test of strength that Drake easily wins. Kavod forces a leg scissors and drops The Ram. The Ram gets up and drops Kavod in the center of the ring. The Five-Star Champion is posted in the corner, whipped across the ring and bodyslammed down for a two count. Kavod flips over the top turnbuckle. He rams Drake's head into the top turnbuckle, but the beast knocked Kavod off the top, onto the apron and onto the floor. Drake follows to the outside. Kavod meets him with a chop to the chest. Kavod races back in and Drake follows. He slams Kavod down and nearly gets a three count. Drake gets Kavod into a submission hold. Drake slams him down again. Two-count. Drake gets Kavod into an ankle lock. He nearly crawls to the ropes, but Drake pulls him back. Some of the fans are vocal in their support of Drake. He will not give up, but fights his way up. There's a kick to the back of the head and Drake falls to the mat. Both Megastars are spent. They are both up. A reverse knife-edge cutter following a spring board sends Drake to the corner. A cross body block ends in a two-count for Kavod. Drake is in the corner. Kavod peppers him with punches. There's a leg scissors as Drake tries to walk out of the corner. Drake is down. Kavod goes to the top rope. He misses with a huge splash as Drake gets to his feet. He misses a spear. Kavod hits a "From the Pulpit" and retains the Five-Star Championship. 8:12

The Mayor's Office: the return of Mayor Mystery

Mayor Mystery returns to the KSWA for the first time in quite a few months. He shows up and commandeers the house microphone. He tells the fans that KSWA Owner Bobby O is his first guest on his new "Mayor's Office" Talk Show. Bobby O comes to the ring. The two talk about the upcoming Saturday, December 4 FanFest at the Three Rivers Harley Davidson in Glenshaw. Bobby O says that KSWA Heavyweight Champion Anthony Alexander has accepted an Open Challenge. Mayor Mystery says that he has accepted on behalf of Dennis Gregory. Bobby O says, "Nope." Mystery then says it's Bubba the Bulldog, another of his wards. Bobby O says, "Nope." Mystery then sends up the Beastman trial balloon. Bobby O says, "Nope." Soon, Double-A Anthony Alexander's music hits. The KSWA Heavyweight Champion enters the room. Bobby O and Mayor Mystery argue in the ring as Alexander makes his way around the crowded hall. Mayor Mystery quickly calls Alexander a "friend." Alexander grabs the microphone and calls Mystery "Mr. Peanut." The crowd goes wild and chants "Mr. Peanut." Alexander says he isn't afraid of any of Mystery's Stable. Alexander says he has run through Mystery's stable. Alexander says Mayor Mystery should be afraid. Alexander grabs Mystery in the Prime Time Cancellation and drops the Mayor to the mat. The referees rush out to collect Mayor Mystery.

6-Man Tag Team Match: Harley T. Morris, Dan Murphy and J-Ru v. The Renegades and Justin Sane

The KSWA tag team champions--Yinza and Matt McGraw--welcome Justin Sane back from an extended stay from the ring. The crowd, which was populated with "Sane Asylum" and other signs, were ready for the unorthodox hero. Yinza starts out against Harley T. Morris. The bell rings after a long time of fans shouting for the Steelers, against Morris, and for Yinza. J-Ru tries a "J-Ru's Great" chant but it doesn't work. Somehow, J-Ru has a bag of beef jerky. It's believed that the snack came from J-Ru's shorts. Yinza gets a wrist lock on Morris. Morris gets out of the maneuver, and gets Yinza in the same move. Yinza and Morris continue to gain momentary gains against one another. Yinza gets Morris in a headlock. Morris reverses it. Yinza goes for a Three Rivers monkey flip, but Morris kicks him in the gut instead. Morris forces Yinza down for a two count. And then another. There's a third, before Yinza gets up and is knocked down again. Yinza gets to his corner and tags in Big Country, who sneaks up behind The Professional. McGraw tosses Morris across the ring. The second sends him into his corner. Officer Dan is tagged in. He is German Suplexed. Yinza jumps on Murphy and then Sane is tagged in and he leaps on Murphy. A flapjack on Murphy is next, but only a two count from the returning mad man. An Old School from the top rope is next on the big man, but he counters with a clothesline. He attacks both Renegades on the apron and that's enough to goad them in. Justin is dropped by the trio and J-Ru nearly gets a pinfall. J-Ru pulls a bag of Combo's from his trunks and pours them on Sane. There are a series of chops in the corner and a whip into the corner. J-Ru missed a splash. Both men are down. Sane is dropped by Murphy with a side suplex. Murphy gets Sane down, buries a knee into his back and pulls him up. He relents to tag Morris in. The Professional keeps with the assault. Both men run the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Murphy is tagged in, as is McGraw. Murphy is dumped. Double clothes line. Yinza tagged in. He drops J-Ru. The Renegades go for the "What's up" from the corner. Yinza lands on Morris. Justin is tagged in, but he's met by J-Ru. They both fall outside. Morris drop kicks McGraw down and out. He pulls Morris out. Murphy low bridges Yinza and drops him with a DDT. 13:21

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard v. Shane Starr

Shawn Blanchard takes his time getting into the ring. Shane Starr waits patiently. The crowd, which has been nova-level-hot all evening, takes a break as they gear up for the First Half Main Event. Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object on him. Referee Mark Charles III doesn't see anything. The two long-time rivals lock up and Blanchard gains the momentary advantage before Starr rears up. Blanchard complains that Starr is "pulling my hair" before doing it himself to drop Starr down. Starr jumps up and goes after Blanchard, who hides in the corner. They go for a test of strength but Blanchard kicks Starr in the gut. Starr is at a disadvantage. Starr powers out and sends Blanchard to his knees, and hands to the canvas for a stomping. Blanchard is whipped into the ropes. Blanchards onto the top rope, where he rocks for a few moments. Starr gets a hold of Blanchard's wrist, whips him down and gets a two-count. Blanchard pokes Starr in the eye, which is enough to stop his momentum. Blanchard gets Starr down to one knee with an advantage from an arm bar. Blanchard continues to work on Starr's left arm. He steps over the outstretched arm, just to continue to add leverage. Starr is dumped to the outside by the "OG of the VIPs." A fan can be heard acknowledging Blanchard's "history of cheating." Starr is back in and drops Blanchard down. Starr walks right into a Spinebuster Suplex. Two count on the Golden Triangle Champion. Referee Mark Charles III admonishes Blanchard, who digs and pokes at a seated Starr's face. Blanchard continues the assault, mainly on Starr's throat. Blanchard lands a neck breaker and scores a two count. Starr will not submit as Blanchard clasps on a nerve hold on the Golden Triangle Champion. Starr battles out with a series of elbows to the gut, but Blanchard grabs a hold of Starr's copious locks. There's a stiff right hand to Starr's forehead. And another. Starr is dropped down in the center of the ring. Blanchard misses with a knee drop. Starr struggles to the corner but gets up and kicks Blanchard's hamstrings. Starr continues to drive and club Blanchard in the leg. Starr works on the knee, bending it back. Starr goes for a Figure Four, but Blanchard pokes him in the eye. Both men are slow in getting up. They get to their feet. The Krazies are chanting against Blanchard, who kicks Starr in the gut. Starr is seated on the bottom rope in the corner. Blanchard rakes his eyes over the top rope. Starr blocks a sunset flip attempt. The Sharpsburg Sharpshooter is applied. Blanchard fights and finally taps. 15:26

King Del Douglas vs. Lou Martin

The ruckus crowd screams "Burger King" and "Dairy Queen" toward Millvale's leading royal. The fans in attendance are much friendlier to Lou Martin, the erstwhile "Face of Pittsburgh." While Martin is waving to the crowd, Douglas attacks from behind. Martin falls to the mat and Douglas gets a one-count on Martin. Martin is quickly out of breath, choked and in the corner. Douglas kicks some more. Martin is tied to the Tree of Woe. Douglas drop kicks his opponent. There's an elbow drop and a two-count. Douglas slaps Martin in the face, pulls him up, grabs his crotch, drops him down and gets a one-count. Douglas punches Martin and bodyslams him down in the center of the ring. Douglas climbs to the middle rope and lands the vaunted "fist that's banned in 49 out of the 50 states." It continues to be all Douglas. Douglas pulls Martin's arms back while his rival is seated on the mat. Martin is pulled up for a series of punches. Martin blocks a slam attempt and clotheslines his opponent down. Both Megastars are down in the ring. All of a sudden, Shawn Blanchard comes to the ring, saying he still maintains a "manager's license." Martin slams Douglas's head into the top turnbuckle of not one, not two, not three, but all four corners. He also chops Douglas after each stop around the ring. Douglas is down but he pulls an elbow up at two. Martin continues with the offense. Douglas pokes Martin in the eye and clobbers him with forearms. The fans chant "Burger King" once again. Douglas stomps Martin in the gut. Douglas goes for the Royal Sharpshooter. He lands it and referee Jimmy James asks Martin if he's ready to submit. He is not. Douglas has the move in for a while, but Martin is finally able to battle out of it. Martin drop kicks Douglas to the outside and the welcoming arms of Shawn Blanchard. Martin soon follows, chases Blanchard, and rams Douglas's head into the steel corner post. Martin, urged by the fans, applies a "Purple Nurple" to the King. The third time comes after Douglas's straps are pulled from his shoulders. Martin whips Douglas into a corner and sets him up for the Death Certificate. Douglas powers out of it and flips Martin over his back and onto the mat. Douglas goes for a "Drop It Like It's Hot," but Martin kicks out of it. Martin lands the Death Certificate for the victory. 10:49. Post-Match: Blanchard rushes in and attacks Martin. Blanchard hits a Slingshot Suplex on The Face of Pittsburgh at the conclusion of the attack. After a long beatdown, Shane Starr rushes the ring and chases Blanchard and Douglas from the ring.

Post-Post-Match: Starr grabs a house microphone and challenges Douglas and Blanchard to a match with Martin as his partner. KSWA Owner Bobby O, who was sitting ringside, sets up the tag team contest. Blanchard and Douglas rush in and attack Martin and Starr. The two drop Douglas and Blanchard, land Sharpshooters and win. 20 seconds.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Sin Born v. Double-A Anthony Alexander

Both Megastars come to the ring. There's no beef between the two, and Sin Born has been given an opportunity of a career. It's a chance to capture the KSWA Heavyweight Champion in front of a hot Brackenridge crowd. In fact, Sin Born offers a hand in respect and Alexander shakes it. Alexander gets his opponent in a head lock. Alexander drops him with a shoulder block and then hip tosses, clotheslines, and bodyslams Sin Born down. There's a one-count. Alexander has a punch attempt ducked. Sin Born kicks him down, a DDT and a two-count on the champion. Sin Born grabs a reverse leg log. Alexander does not submit and Sin Born ultimately has to drop the heavy legs. Sin Born stands away, allowing Alexander to get up. He meets the champion in the corner with a clothesline. There's more offense and Alexander drops Sin Born down. He gets a two-count. Alexander punches Sin Born down and gets a two-count. Alexander signals for a suplex and lands it. Shawn Patrick slaps the mat twice. Alexander punches Sin Born and then whips him into a corner. Sin Born side suplexes and gets a two-count on the champion. Alexander, uncharacteristically, races to the outside. Sin Born follows and it blasted with a big boot. Sin Born is down. Alexander picks him up and rolls him back in without any illegal tactics (as expected). Once back inside, Alexander lands an impressive spear but only gets a two count. Sin Born comes alive with strikes and a side suplex for a two-count. Alexander hits a huge spinebuster and only gets a two count. Alexander punches Sin Born into a corner. Sin Born is whipped into another. He lands a boot of his own. He climbs the ropes, dives with a cross body block and gets a two count. Both Megastars are down. Double-A springs to his feet. Sin Born is up. The two trade blows. Alexander lands a PTC out of nowhere and gets the hard-fought victory. 8:55

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