Napier's Shocking Return, Scarlett Scores, Champions Retain, Blanchard Blisters Martin, Dillon And Orton Shine At FanFest

December 5, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

After missing last year due to a pandemic, KSWA FanFest/Toy Drive returned in a new venue, at the Three Rivers Harley-Davidson in Glenshaw. The exciting evening saw all four KSWA Championship defended, a legendary woman wrestler honored, grudges faced and much more.

The Cleveland Bruiser v. Tyler Grayson

This bonus match is between KSWA rookie Tyler Grayson and the ruthless Cleveland Bruiser. Shawn Patrick is the referee for this bonus contest. The Bruiser forces Grayson into a corner and slaps him in the face. The two lock up a second time and Grayson forces the Bruiser into the corner and there's a clean break. Grayson extends a hand in friendship; Bruiser slaps it away. The Bruiser forces him into the corner again and peppers him with rights and lefts. The Bruiser is in control during the early going. There's more offense in the corner and an elbow drop onto Grayson in the center of the ring. Gray recovers, gets some offense of his own and gets a near pinfall on his orange opponent. The veteran Bruiser gets offense, bodyslams Grayson and kicks him about the head and shoulders. Grayson blocks a clothesline, Fisherman suplexes The Bruiser and gets the win. 5:11

Tag Team Gauntlet Match: BROhemoth & Del Douglas vs. Sin Born & Anthony Drake, The Renegades vs. An Officer & A Gentleman

BROhemoth and Del Douglas v. Sin Born and "The Ram" Anthony Drake. BROhemoth beats on The Ram for several minutes, but Drake is able to tag in Sin Born. Sin Born dives off the top rope, right into a cross body slam by BROhemoth. Sin is thrown into the corner with Del Douglas, who is tagged in. Douglas misses a clothesline and Sin Born kicks him in the gut and drops him to the mat for a two-count. Drake is tagged back in and he bodyslams Douglas and gets a two count. Sin Born side slams Douglas down and gets a two count. There's a Royal Crab applied on Douglas! The King will not submit. Douglas reverses the move and escapes. Douglas is slammed into the corner. Drake is back in for a splash and side suplex. Douglas gets a shoulder up at two. Douglas reverses a whip, BRO kicks The Ram in the back. Douglas in a feverish BROhemoth. There's a back elbow on The Ram. The two big men collide in the center of the ring. There's a massive sunset flip on the BROhemoth. Ram tosses BROhemoth into a corner and splashes him there. Sin Born is tagged in again and he peppers the Gigabyte Grizzly. The Ram is slammed off the apron. BROhemoth hits Sin Born with the World's Strongest Slam for the win. 7:32

Team Number Two: Yinza and Matt McGraw. McGraw rides to the ring on a Black and Yellow Harley-Davidson and Yinza makes his way to the ring on a quad. The fans are very supportive. BROhemoth decides to attack on the the outside. McGraw and BROhemoth meet there and battle. Inside, Yinza spins a viewing Del Douglas around and right into the Yinza-to-Belly for the win! :08

The final Team: An "Officer and a Gentleman": Officer Dan Murphy and Harley T. Morris arrive and immediately attack Yinza from behind. The challengers take serious control over Yinza. Murphy bodyslams the popular Pittsburgher and sets him on a knee for Morris' cover for only a two count. Morris continues to beat upon Yinza, and pounds his head into the top turnbuckle. There's an overhand chop from Morris a series of missed back elbows. The two Megastars collide in the center of the ring. Morris gets to Murphy and Yinza to McGraw, who tosses the challengers around the squared circle. The Renegades stop a collision and move of the way, and the challenger smash together. McGraw scoops up Morris, Yinza whips off the rope and clotheslines the Professional down and the champions retain! 15:57

Donna Christianello Memorial Tournament: Scarlett vs. Laura Loveless

[The previously scheduled Gabby Gilbert couldn't make it to FanFest and Laura Loveless made the event.]

Scarlett forces Laura into the corner. They lock up a second time and Loveless is forced into a corner. "She's got rage issues," is the comment from Loveless. Scarlett upper cuts and clotheslines Loveless down. Loveless dives to the outside. Scarlett tires of the antics and chases her to the outside. There's a huge chop to the chest. Loveless counters with offense and plows Scarlett's head into the apron. Loveless pulls Scarlett in and covers her for a one count. Loveless slaps in a headlock while Scarlett is on the mat. She rolls Loveless over for a one count. Referee Shawn Patrick has his hands full as Loveless grabs a hold of Scarlett's left arm and pulls at her hand. Loveless continues to apply pressure to Scarlett's arm. Scarlett gets up and forearm upper cuts Loveless. Scarlett Fisherman Suplexes Loveless and lets her go. Scarlett is in the corner. Loveless chops away at Scarlett in the corner. Loveless misses with a splash. Scarlett pushes her into the corner and chops away. Scarlett splashes Loveless. There's a running forearm strike and a reverse splash. Scarlett continues to keep Loveless on the mat. Loveless asks "Where am I?" There's a snap mare on Scarlett. Loveless pulls her to the center of the ring. Scarlett writhes in pain. Loveless goes to the top rope. She jumps but Scarlett hits her down. There's a modified Cobra Clutch. Loveless submits. 8:40

Post-Match: Angie Minelli and Shawn Patrick arrive to present a plaque for the Donna Christianello Memorial Match to Scarlett, who leaves to impressive fan approval.

Five Star Championship--Fatal Fourway: J-R, Ric Rumskey, Malakai Gage & Joshua Kavod (c)

The contestants, J-Ru, Ric Rumskey, Malakai Gage get to the ring before champion Joshua Kavod. The bell rings as Referee Jimmy James is in the center of the ring. All four men keep James in the center. They swarm him, just to let him break loose. They proceed to kick and clobber one another down. All three challengers are on the outside. Kavod goes to dive on them, but they block the champion for landing on them. J-Ru clocks both Rumskey and Gage. He races in to cover Kavod but only gets two. Now, Rumskey is in and two of the quickest Megastars go at it. All of the participants take turns knocking each other down. Gage meets Kavod in the corner and tosses him from the top rope nearly to the other side of the ring. J-Ru steps on Gage's lower quadrant. J-Ru whips Rumskey into the ropes and the two collide with clotheslines. Gage and Kavod do the same. With all four men down, Jimmy James starts the count. James gets to seven before Gage and J-Ru get to their feet. The other two soon follow and they stand in a circle, chopping and punching each other. Rumskey stuns Gage. J-Ru slams Kavod down. Rumseky superkicks J-Ru. Gage power bombs Rumskey. Kavod flies from the top rope onto Gage. J-Ru is up at Jimmy James' two count. Fans chant "Tea Pot" at J-Ru. Kavod punches from the the mat. Kavod hits J-Ru with "From the Pulpit" and gets the duke. 6:08

Steel City Strap Match: Shawn Blanchard (w/JJ Dillon) vs. Lou Martin

James J. Dillon accompanies Blanchard to the ring. The bell rings as Special Guest Referee Bobby O watches the antics. Martin slaps Blanchard over the backside with the strap. The two fall to the outside and Martin is still in control. Martin slaps the strap over Blanchard's bare back over and over again. Blanchard is back in the ring and posted in the corner. Martin climbs to the second rope and punches away at his former best friend. Blanchard gains control and strikes Martin with the strap. Blanchard gets into the ropes and uses the strap to advance his choking measures. JJ Dillon pokes Martin in the eyes as Blanchard has Bobby O distracted. Blanchard punches Martin in the corner with a head butt on the top turnbuckle and plenty of blasting with the strap. The strap, which is between Martin's legs, is pulled up and injures the Face of Pittsburgh from below. Blanchard strikes Martin in the midsection with the strap. There's a head but that puts Martin down. Martin reverses a whip, but Blanchard responds with a spinning neck breaker. Martin recovers, gets Blanchard in the corner and smashes his head into one turnbuckle, then another. Then a third. JJ Dillon can only watch from outside. Soon, Martin plasters him in all four corners. Blanchard falls to the mat and Martin covers for...only two. Martin returns the favor of below-the-belt whipping below the belt. Blanchard says "no" when asked if he submits. Martin uses the strap to whip away at Blanchard's back. Blanchard, the former 6-time KSWA Champion rolls to the outside. Martin follows and Blanchard pokes him in the eye. Martin is dazed. Blanchard is back in and spinebusters him down. Only...two. Blanchard drops a knee and only get a two-count. Blanchard chokes Martin from behind. There's a sleeper hold and Lou breaks out of it. He drops Blanchard and gets two. Martin misses with a leg drop from the corner. Blanchard hits him with a piledriver and gets the win. 11:06.

Post Match: Blanchard attacks Martin with the strap. With the "Face of Pittsburgh" prone, Blanchard goes outside, grabs a steel chair, and proceeds to drop his former VIP mate on his head not once but twice. Martin is left in a heap. Blanchard meets Dillon on the outside. Blanchard's manager grabs the house microphone and asks "Is there a doctor in the house? He doesn't need a doctor, he needs an undertaker!" and laughs manically.

Golden Triangle Championship: Lucio Deveer vs. Shane Starr (c)

Both competitors make their way to the ring and referee Mark Charles III calls for the match to begin. The two veterans lock up and Starr gets a wrist lock. Deveer makes his way to the ropes and the hold is broken. Starr tosses Deveer into the ropes, he comes back out and shoulder blocks Starr down. The Golden Triangle Champion gets up and bodyslams Deveer not once, but twice. Starr goes for the Sharpshooter, but Lucio, still too strong, fights out of it. Deveer kicks Starr in the gut and he goes down. Starr gets back up and atomic drops and drop kicks Deveer. Starr goes for the left leg. He threatens to "break it off." Starr drives a knee into Deveer's knee and hits an impressive standing suplex. Deveer writhes in pain. Two count from The Count. Starr gets Deveer in the corner and strikes with a shoulder and right hands. Deveer is whipped into the corner and Starr splashes him there. Starr goes for the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter, but Deveer digs at his eyes. Deveer kicks him out of the ring and onto the cement. Starr is rolled back in and Deveer goes to work with kicks and a reverse cannon ball. Two count. Deveer chops Starr in the chest and whips him into the ropes. Starr comes back with a flip and two count. Deveer kicks Starr and then applies a rear chin lock. Deveer snap bodyslams Starr down and gets only a two count. Deveer awkwardly slams Starr into the ropes and then hits a face-first suplex into the heart of the mat. Two count. The referee admonishes Deveer. Starr rallies with chops and a reverse knife edge. Deveer rallies with a clothesline. Two count. Some fans thought that "was three." Deveer locks in a front face lock. Starr is forced down, Charles III slides across the ring and counts to two. Starr is in the ropes. Deveer splashes him, knees first, into the back. Deveer taunts the crowd and Starr get to his feet. Starr falls into a corner. Deveer whips him across the ring and Starr counters with an octopus-style maneuver in the ropes. Starr gets to the second turn buckle and drop kicks his foe. Both men are down. Charles III counts until both competitors get to their feet. They trade chops until Starr gets the upper hand. He drops Deveer repeatedly with a series of moves. Deveer kicks Starr in the chin and gets a two-count. Starr picks Deveer up and lands an elevated side slam for two. Deveer reverses a move and lands his Death Valley Driver but only gets a two count. Deveer can't believe it. He climbs to the top rope, misses a dive and Starr slaps in the Sharpshooter. Soon, Deveer slaps the mat. 13:34

Grudge Tag Team Match: Super Hentai and Bubba the Bulldog vs. AJ Alexander and The Rev Ron Hunt

Bubba tells the crowd that he is wrestling against doctor's orders. Jimmy James calls for the bell and AJ Alexander extends a hand in friendship. Bubba answers with a forearm to the chin. That does not please AJ, who clobbers Bubba. The Bulldog falls to the outside. He doesn't stay out there too long. AJ adds offense and Bubba hustles into the corner and tags in Super Hentai. AJ tries to dive off the second rope, but misses the move and lands hard. He is undeterred as he goes right after Super Hentai. He arm drags him down and is able to tag in Rev Ron Hunt. Bubba is tagged back in and he circles Hunt before grabbing a side headlock. Bubba shoulder blocks Hunt down and insults his opponent. Hunt hand stands over Bubba and kicks him in the chin. Alexander is back in and he kicks Bubba. Hunt is tagged in and they double team Bubba, hip tossing him down. Alexander kicks Bubba over and over in the back. There's a reverse knife edge chop and Bubba answers with a kick to Alexander's head. Bubba gets Bubba in a rear chin lock. Bubba breaks the hold and tags in Hentai. Hentai hits Alexander with a thunderous chop. And then another. Alexander is down and Hentai gets a two count. Bubba is tagged back in and he punts AJ in the gut. Bubba climbs onto AJ's back and chokes him with wrist tape. There's a two count. Bubba pulls AJ up. There's a plunge into the corner post. Hentai puts a boot to AJ's throat. AJ rallies and super kicks Super Hentai to the mat. Hunt is tagged in but the referee doesn't see it. Bubba and Hentai double team AJ until Bubba, who is tagged in. Bubba whips AJ into the ropes, follows him with a splash and a bull dog. Hentai is tagged back in. Hunt tries to get back in but the referee stops him. AJ whips off the ropes and double clotheslines Super Hentai and Bubba. AJ is able to get to the Rev, who is in like a house a fire. Hentai is whipped into Bubba. AJ whips Hunt into their opponents. The Jesus Club double suplexes Hentai. Hunt runs the show. He atomic drops Hentai, but Bubba pulled AJ over the top rope and onto the floor. Hentai blasts Hunt with an illegal object from his knee pad for the win. 12:49

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Edric Everhart vs. Anthony Alexander (w/Cowboy Bob Orton) (c)

Challenger Edric Everhart is not happy that "Ace" Cowboy Bob Orton accompanies KSWA Heavyweight Champion Anthony Alexander to the ring. Both wrestlers are ready to begin the match, the most important in the Commonwealth this year. The two lock up and Everhart is pushed to the corner. Everhart, who is very vocal throughout the contest, crows at the crowd. They lock up again and Everhart is forced into another corner. Double A breaks the hold. The champion rushes the challenger, but he pulls the top rope down and the champion falls to the floor. Everhart follows, but from a more traditional route, but Alexander sweeps his feet out from underneath him and the New Uglee crashes hard onto the hard apron. Alexander swings fists at Everhart on the outside and the action moves to Orton on the outside. Everhart realizes his positioning and stops in his tracks. Just a few seconds later, Everhart gets too close to Orton and "Ace" pops the challenger dead in the forehead. The crack is one that the Krazies will remember hearing for years to come. In a true testament to his conditioning and training, Everhart does not go "lights out" and crash to the floor. He does recoil in dramatic fashion, but is remarkably able to rally. Alexander grabs him in a headlock, but Everhart pushes him away and into the steel ring post. That's Everhart's opening. He follows with punches and sends Alexander back into the ring. Everhart elbows Alexander in the head. He taunts the crowd. The two-time champion gets to his feet, and out of nowhere, nearly scores a Prime Time Cancellation. Everhart, who first trained in the KSWA more than a decade ago, is a former KSWA tag team champion, and a solid athlete, counters with a tremendous German Suplex. The New Uglee poses for the crowd, which is decidedly behind Double-A. He follows with a lazy cover attempt and only a two-count. Everhart taunts and then chokes Alexander. Everhart, feeling an unprecedented opening shouts to the sky, "I will be champion!" The fans answer that declaration in a negative fashion. Alexander takes advantage of this stall tactic and goes for his finishing Prime Time Cancellation all over again. Everhart, who has this match well-scouted, stops that advancement again. He side suplexes Alexander down. There's only a two-count. Alexander starts to get to his knees. Orton can be heard on the outside sending encouragement to the champion. Alexander hits a thunderous spinebuster. Both men are down as Alexander has taken a serious amount of punishment and Everhart was dazed by the move. Referee Shawn Patrick checks on both men. Alexander gets to his feet and asks the fans for their help. They cheer with enthusiasm. Alexander splashes Everhart in the corner, lands a boot and a Prime Time Cancellation. One, two...Everhart, understanding the importance of this moment, gets a shoulder up before the three count. Alexander is astonished. Everhart races to the corner, scales to the second rope, and dives onto Alexander, and lands his own Prime Time Cancellation! The room is electric as Everhart makes the cover attempt. Patrick counts to two-and-a-half before Alexander gets a shoulder up. The two battle as Alexander gets to his feet. Orton shouts more encouragement to Alexander. The KSWA Champion fights on, and seemingly out of nowhere, lands a thunderous Prime Time Cancellation and scores the victory! 12:11

As soon as the match ends, BROhemoth rushes the ring and attacks Alexander. The bell rings from the outside in an attempt to stop the onslaught. BROhemoth is ready to pick the Champion up for a World's Strongest Slam when the lights go completely out in the arena! For a few seconds the lights are out. When they come back on, former two-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion Mitch Napier has returned to the ring! The crowd, which started to chant for the missing Megastar when the beat down on Alexander began, erupted into celebration!! BROhemoth is shocked to see his former KSWA tag team championship partner. Out since Brawl Under the Bridge in July, Napier scoops BROhemoth up for a Sioux Falls Slam and drops him in the center of the ring! BROhemoth races away, leading Napier and Alexander in the center of the ring to conclude another exciting KSWA FanFest!

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