Alexander Hits An Impressive Milestone, T-Rantula Sends A Serious Message Upon His Return, Starr Bests Everhart In Freeport

March 20, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) made a trip into Armstrong County Saturday Night and debuted in Freedom, Pennsylvania.

Tag Team Grudge Match: Shawn Blanchard and Del Douglas v. Tyler Grayson and Lou Martin

This match has been brewing for weeks on social media. The one-time friends and partners Shawn Blanchard and Lou Martin have been at each other's throats seemingly forever. Shawn Blanchard and Del Douglas arrive in the ring and then are met by the Face of Pittsburgh and youngster Tyler Grayson. The crowd welcomed Del Douglas with a massive chant of "Burger King." Lou Martin then led a loud chant of "Dairy Queen." Referee Mark Charles III checked all men in the match. Blanchard took a quick poke at Tyler Grayson, the youngster who is entering just his second campaign in the the KSWA. Blanchard does it a second time. Charles shouts for all combatants to "keep it clean." Grayson ducks a punch and drop kicks Blanchard and Douglas out of the ring. Del Douglas coaches Blanchard with "You got this." Blanchard accidently knocks Douglas off the apron and the fans love. The fans chant "We Want Lou!" Martin is tagged in and Blanchard tries to whip him into Douglas on the apron. Martin reverses the move and Douglas is tagged in. Douglas wants Martin. The fans cheer when he is tagged in and the two old foes lock up. Douglas grabs a wrist lock. Charles fights off Grayson, who is trying to make the save for Martin. He does it again as Blanchard row boats his arm. For the third time, Blanchard wants to "break his arm." The fans explode when they see that Blanchard is tugging his own partner's arm. Martin is in and he works on Douglas before Grayson is back in. Martin and Grayson show unexpected experience as a tag team. Grayson comes back in and continues extensive work on Douglas' arm. Douglas starts to fight back and tags in Blanchard. He goes to work on Grayson and a back elbow knocks him down. Blanchard punches away on Grayson. Charles is stuck in the middle between warring, former VIPs. Douglas grabs Grayson in the privates, chops him down and nearly gets a pinfall. Douglas continues to work on Grayson, tease Martin and watch as Blanchard boots the youngster. Blanchard bodyslams Grayson. Charles has his hands full with Blanchard, who kicks Grayson in the guts...or lower. Douglas cheers for Blanchard. Grayson is hoisted and dropped down by Blanchard. Douglas crows. Douglas drops a fist on Grayson. Two count. The fans chant "Tyler." Grayson boots Douglas but can't get to Martin. Douglas is weakened and that allows Martin in. The two VIPs face off in the ring but Blanchard is not legal. Douglas breaks it up. All four men are in the ring. Martin drops Douglas for the win. 12:55

#1 Contenders Match for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship

All four competitors check each other out...J-Ru, Justin Sane, "Rev" Ron Hunt and Mitch Napier. Sane, Napier and Hunt all chop J-Ru and get slapped in their face. Sane and Napier kick him and Hunt kicks him in the jaw, dropping him to the floor. Hunt and Napier face off and Napier gets kicked down. Napier Monkey Flips Hunt out and the former two-time KSWA Champion stands alone before diving over the top rope onto all of the others. Referee Jimmy James counts as Napier attempts to pin Sane after an Atomic Drop. J-Ru is back in and he attacks Napier. J-Ru is tossed over the top rope by Napier. Hunt is back in and with his experienced boots, kicks Napier down. Sane is in and he grabs Hunt by the wrist for Old School. On the outside, J-Ru slams Napier into a wall. Sane drops Hunt with the Old School from the top. Sane attempts a similar Old School maneuver but Hunt is all too good. Napier is busted open. Sane drops Hunt down in the corner with a monkey flip. J-Ru tries to sneak in a win by attempting to pin a compromised Justin Sane. That didn't work as Sane was too close to the ropes. J-Ru climbs the ropes with Sane in the corner. Sane meets him there. Napier meets them there. Hunt comes in and powers all with a super superslam. The Krazies love it. Jimmy James counts to seven and then eight before anyone can get up. Napier hits Sane with Sioux Falls Slam. Hunt clotheslines him down. Sane hits a leg scissors on Hunt and goes for the Frog Splash. He lands it. J-Ru punches and clotheslines Sane for the win. 8:29. J-Ru is now the #1 Contender for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship. The fans chant "Justin Sane" as their hero leaves.

Bobby O with Mayor Mystery: The Mayor's Office

Mayor's Office with T-Rantula. The legend of 32 years is welcomed back to the KSWA by Mayor Mystery. "I couldn't feel better" is what T-Rantula says after Mystery gives him give respect for "standing in the ring after being hit by a car." T-Rantula was indeed hit by a car more than two years ago. T-Rantula says his most important accomplishments have been wrestling before "friends, family, and my grandson." Mayor Mystery insults T-Rantula and receives a choke slam for his actions.

5-Star Championship: Anthony Drake v. Joshua Kavod

This is a matchup between friends. The two have had matches before, tagged with each other, but in the KSWA opportunities abound and they match up for the 5-Star Championship here. The two shook hands in a show of friendship. Drake gets Kavod into a corner not once but twice. Drake breaks the hold cleanly. Drake gets Kavod into a Full Nelson. After his hand drops, Kavod is able to break the power move. Kavod goes for it and tries to get an upper hand, but Drake is simply too powerful. Drake kicks and side suplexes Kavod down and nearly gets a three count, but Referee Shawn Patrick stops at two. Drake misses with a splash. Kavod hits him with a stunner and drop kick. Then there's a European upper cut in the corner and a splash. The La Lucha double kick from the corner. Two count from Patrick. Kavod gets the big man down and into a submission move, but Drake rolls him over. Kavod's shoulders are down only for one before he is able to roll back over. Drake gets to the corner. The hold is broken, but Kavod kicks his opponent. There's an elbow from Kavod on Drake. Two count from Patrick. Kavod gets away at Drake, before he is able to power out. Two count. Kavod is spent and Drake closes in. Kavod bounces off the ropes with a springboard and lands a huge stunner on the challenger. Both are down. Kavod is up first, but not by much. Kavod goes for his "from the Pulpit" but Drake scouts it well. Kavod is power slammed down for a two-count. A nice combination of moves leads to Kavod hitting his "From the Pulpit" for the duke. 7:50. Kavod shakes hands with his friend and the two celebrate together.

Golden Triangle Championship: Edric Everhart v. Shane Starr

Edric Everhart, a veteran in his own right, gets a chance at the Golden Triangle Championship with Shane Starr. Starr enters the ring with a dance in honor of the late Scott Hall. Referee Jimmy Jones holds up the Golden Triangle Championship and then calls for the bell. Both Megastars, of similar size and glorious hair, face off. Everhart slaps Starr in anger, but now the two tie up again. Starr punches away at Everhart, who cowers in a corner, before taking a cheap shot on Starr. A running clothesline is next. Starr is slammed into the corner and he falls to the mat...hard. That will ring a bell. Everhart pulls Starr down by the hair. Everhart hits Starr with a side slam; however, he prances around the ring instead of going for a pin. Everhart chops Starr, before Shane rallies enough to chop him. Everhart and Starr trade reverse knife edge chops. A tilt a whirl power bomb drops Starr in the center of the ring and there's only a two count. Starr comes out of nowhere and nearly gets Everhart into a Sharpshooter. Everhart fights that off and kicks the Golden Triangle Champion to the floor. There's a German Suplex on Starr. The Champion is spent, but Everhart won't go for the pin. Starr rolls him up and nearly gets a pin. And then again. Everhart crushes him with a back elbow. Starr rolls him up and gets a two-and-three-quarters pin. Everhart drops him down and there's a two count. Everhart continues to slowly advance. Starr hits a chin breaker and lands a series of back elbows and a side slam. Everhart is able to roll to the concrete floor and its soothing few moments. Starr follow to the outside. Everhart is rolled back in. Starr follows. Everhart kicks the ropes and softens Starr's advance. Starr does follow with a super kick and nearly gets the pinfall. Referee Jimmy James shows his two fingers to the objecting crowd. Starr hits the side slam for the win. 9:42.

6-Man Tag Team Match: Officer Dan Murphy, Harley T. Morris and Manchild vs. The Renegades and T-Rantula

The fans chant "Harley Sucks" before the match begins. Mark Charles III calls for the bell and Yinza ad Morris are to start off. Harley bails and tags in the debuting Manchild. Yinza and Manchild go for a Test of Strength. Yinza ends up getting Manchild to dance and then he tags in Big Country Matt McGraw, whose power has no effect on the hulking Manchild. The 430-pounder head butts McGraw and he goes down. Manchild misses with a splash, McGraw shoulder blocks Manchild down with a flying shoulder block from the second rope. Yinza and Morris are in and the Pittsburgh Luchadore gets his adversary in a head lock. He gets Morris down and then the two trade blows in the corner. Yinza hits a shoulder block and a rolling Monkey Flip from the corner. Manchild gets in the ring and distracts Yinza enough for Morris to hit a back breaker and nearly get a pinfall. Dan Murphy is in and catches Yinza's attempted body splash. Murphy remains in control and chokes Yinza on the bottom rope. Murphy has Yinza in a crushing bear hug. McGraw tries to make the save by he is stopped by Mark Charles III. Yinza claps Murphy's ears but falls into the wrong corner. Murphy clubs away and tags in Morris, continues to pound away at Yinza. Murphy is tagged in and he bodyslams Morris on Yinza. T-Rantula tries to make the save but he is stopped by the referee. Yinza rolls Murphy up and nearly gets the win. Morris is tagged back in. Morris smashes away at a faulting Yinza. Manchild is back in. Manchild gets Yinza in an Airplane Spin. Manchild splashes Yinza in the corner. Manchild misses with a splash. Yinza gets to T-Rantula but the referee doesn't see it. He forces the Hall of Famer back in the corner. All members of the opposing team smash away at Yinza. However, he is able to hit Morris with a splash in the center of the ring. Morris crawls to his side and Yinza to T-Rantula. The giant is in and clears the ring with everyone. T choke slams Murphy. McGraw is tagged in. Yinza is tagged in and launched on Murphy. There's a two count as Morris breaks it up. Murphy gets to Manchild. Yinza is down in the center of the ring. T-Rantula fights with Murphy on the outside. T-Rantula accidently clubs McGraw with nachos. Manchild choke slams Yinza in the center of the ring and gets the pin. 12:56. T-Rantula angrily yells at Mark Charles III and chops Dan Murphy on his way out.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Sin Born vs. Anthony Alexander

Sin Born makes his way to the ring. Double-A Anthony Alexander, at 833 days, is the longest-reigning KSWA Heavyweight Champion in the promotion's celebrated 22 year history. Sin Born seems an opportunity to attack Alexander before the bell even rings. Shawn Patrick checks on the champion to see if he's okay. The two-time champion is ready to go. The bell rings and Sin Born continues the assault. He chops the champion in the chest and keeps him for moving out of a corner. Sin Born splashes him. It's an unfamiliar position in 2022 for Alexander to be winded and on the ropes. Sin Born stretches the champion and kicks him in the back. Then there's a rake of the eyes on the top rope. He follows with a clothesline but Alexander springs out and kicks him down with a big boot to the jaw. There's a thunderous high, vertical suplex from the champion. Sin Born slips out of a move and hits a back breaker. There's a two count on the champion. Alexander rebounds with a series of back elbows and floors the challenger. There's a flying clothesline from the middle rope and a two-count. Sin Born is slow in getting up. But he is able to hit Alexander with a big boot himself and get a two-count. Sin Born gets Double-A in a modified ankle lock. Double A gets support from the great crowd. Alexander gets to the ropes and the move is broken. Sin Born has Alexander in the middle rope and dives on him there. Alexander falls down and in the center of the ring. Patrick counts to two as Sin Born makes a cover. Sin Born misses with a flying body splash. Alexander hits him with a Prime Time Cancellation for the win and retention. 7:27.

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