Everhart Shines, [Former] VIPs Explode, Kavod Over Morris As Megastars Return To Springdale

March 26, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) once again had a road trip, this time up Rt. 28 for Springdale Slam III for a Jr. Sr. High School band fundraiser.

Edric Everhart had one of the biggest challenges of his KSWA career when he went one-on-one against Mitch Napier. "The Regent" Joshua Kavod had a formidable challenge from the 5-Star Championship with "The Professional" Harley T. Morris, and the Krazies finally got to see former VIPs explode in an overall exciting event.

5-Star Championship: Harley T. Morris vs. Joshua Kavod

The combatants look each other over. The fans scream negative comments towards "the Professional." Kavod, the popular champion, receives more adulation from the revelers.

The fans start a strong clapping campaign Kavod. Morris has him by the wrist lock, but Kavod reverses the move and has his own advantage. Then the both get one another in a move. They race from post to post until Morris hip tosses the 5-Star Champion, and then Kavod returns the favor. A flying leg scissors gets Morris down. Kavod kicks him in the back. Morris recoils into the ropes. The fans chant against the former 3-time 5-Star Champion. Kavod has the challenger in an arm bar. They both get to the ropes. Morris uses the ropes to his advantage and gets Kavod down. Morris ties him up into a pretzel. Kavod will not give in. Morris releases the hold, but kicks him right in the left arm. Kavod fights back.

Morris ties him up into the corner. Referee Shawn Patrick reminds him of the five count in the ropes and corner. Morris kicks Kavod in the elbow. The fans boo and rail against Morris.

Morris talks back to the crowd. Kavod gets out of the move and slams Morris into the corner. Kavod flies off the top rope and hits a flying cross body block. There's only a two count. The two battle and Kavod rolls Morris up for the victory. 6:30

The Mayor's Office with Mayor Mystery

Mayor Mystery makes his way to the ring. He details the history of the KSWA, and the VIPs.

We haven't got along, have we? "Nah." He then calls Lou Martin to the ring. He says that he also hasn't liked Lou Martin. And Martin hasn't liked him. The VIPs were inseparable for decades. Martin said Blanchard, "Double Crossed me." Blanchard said Martin got "soft" and "crapped on it." He called Martin a "KMart version of Shawn Blanchard."

Mayor Mystery said that Martin's "feelings were hurt." Blanchard says that "Hell will freeze over" before the "VIPs get back together."

Mayor Mystery throws powder in Martin's face and the two attack Martin. Blanchard proceeds to dismantle Martin in the middle of the ring. Blanchard hands Mayor Mystery an envelope with a large amount of cash. Mayor hits Martin in the gut with the cane and then the manager of champions hits him again.

Man Child (w/Freek) vs. Tyler Grayson

It's a battle of native Floridians with Man Child from Gibtown, Florida and Tyler Grayson hailing from Kokomo, Florida.

It's all Man Child in the opening moments. Freek patrols the outside of the ring, sending instructions to his ward. Freek finds an opening after Man Child tosses Grayson across the ring. However, the youngster battles back until there's a slam and a choke slam. Man Child is just toying with Grayson now. There's an Airplane Spin and Grayson is posted in the corner. Grayson is caught with a flying body press. Man Child turns that into a suplex. He lands a big elbow. There's an impressive win in 2:52.

Edric Everhart vs. Mitch Napier Two like-sized technical experts are ready to battle here. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell.

Everhart had earlier said, "This is too easy." Napier chases him around, and Everhart mocks the former KSWA Heavyweight Champion's speed in the squared circle. Napier gets Everhart down and the former KSWA tag champion complains of a non-existent hair pull. Napier gets hung up on the top rope when both men look for an advantage there. Napier checks on his own throat, before Everhart boots his boot there.

Everhart whips Napier into a corner and clotheslines him there. Napier is down and Everhart pulls him up, just to knock him down. Everhart has Napier in a version of a Cobra Clutch, but Napier doesn't give up. Everhart, clearly in control, drops Napier down but poses and preens instead of going for a cover. Everhart boots Napier down.

Cocky and self-assured, Everhart goes to the middle rope and goes for a dive; however, Napier gets a boot up and stops him in his tracks. He tries to walk but falls. Napier hits hip tosses and hits an impressive back breaker on his knee. There's a head scissors that sends Everhart flying. Two count again on Everhart. Napier whips him into the corner and rolls him up for nearly two.

Everhart catches Napier and flips him across the ring. Two count. Everhart assesses his next move. He pulls Napier into the corner and climbs the middle rope. He goes for dive, Napier gets a knee up but he stops and Everhart rolls him up for a Sharpshooter. Napier breaks it and lands a Sioux Falls Slam. Napier goes to the top rope for a flying cross body block. Everhart catches him, rolls him up for the pin. 7:53.

First Half Main Event: #1 Contender for Golden Triangle Championship

Shawn Blanchard comes to the ring with Mayor Mystery. Lou Martin, still limping from the attack earlier in the evening, stomps with his good leg to the ring.

Mayor Mystery wants kids removed from ringside and referee Shawn Patrick removed from officiating the contest. Kommissioner Tim Steiner says kids are not to be ejected, and Shawn Patrick is the referee.

Once in the ring, Blanchard body slams Lou Martin in the center of the ring. Martin recoils into the corner and Blanchard poses for the crowd. It's all Blanchard in the early going. The former 6-time champion even takes a moment to do some push ups as Martin looks on.

Martin goes on the offense. Blanchard falls to the hardwood and the waiting arms of Mayor Mystery. Martin sees they get too close to one another and crashes their heads together.

After several moments, both men are back in the ring. Blanchard fires Martin into the corner, posts him on the rope rope and then rocks it up and down. Martin clotheslines Blanchard and shakes his wonky left knee out.

Martin goes for Blanchard's legs, and gets poked in the eye for it. Blanchard lays in some stiff right hands. Mayor Mystery goes to work on Martin from the outside while the referee is distracted by Blanchard. Then, Blanchard goes out and rams Martin's legs into the corner post as Mayor Mystery distracts the referee.

Martin says he will "Never Give Up" when asked by Owner Bobby O. There's an incredible standing suplex on Martin. Blanchard asks, "Whose the Man??"

Blanchard kicks Martin in the thigh and drops an elbow. The two are in a twisted mess of skin and muscle. Blanchard kicks Martin again. Martin is posted in the ropes. Blachard digs away. Mayor Mystery does more of the same when Patrick is distracted from the goings on.

Martin gets out of an attempted body slam, rolls Blanchard up and gets two. Blanchard clotheslines him down and tosses Martin to the outside and the thumping of the Manager of Champions.

Blanchard rolls out, attacks Martin, rolls back in and plays a game of cat-and-mouse with the referee with the help of Mayor Mystery. Blanchard rolls Martin back in. Blanchard gets ready for the Figure Four leg lock. Martin rolls him up and gets two. Blanchard continues to assail Martin.

A swinging neck breaker is neck on Martin from Blanchard. That's two-and-three-quarters. Mayor Mystery agonizes with Patrick. The referee checks on Martin, but he won't give up. Martin powers out. Blanchard kicks him in the wounded knee.

The crowd chants for Martin. Blanchard posts Martin in the corner and overhand chops him in the chest. Martin pushes him off the middle rope. Martin goes for a huge double leg drop from the top rope but Blanchard rolls out of the way. Blanchard sinks in the Figure Four leg lock. Martin tries to roll over. Mayor Mystery applies leverage on the outside.

The continued leverage is enough for Martin to temporarily lose consciousness. He cannot answer the bell. 13:59.

Shawn Blanchard is the new #1 Contender for the Golden Triangle Championship.

The Battle Royal: Winner Gets Shot At 5-Star Championship Next Week Edric Everhart, Mitch Napier, Sin Born, Tyler Grayson, Dan Murphy, The Cleveland Bruiser, The Ram, Del Douglas, Harley T. Morris and the Steel City Angel Sean Sims, making his debut, is in the ring. The Steel City Angel, Sean Sims, is the first to go over the top rope.

The King, Del Douglas, is next. Cleveland Bruiser is next to go.

Tyler Grayson does a handstand on the outside to avoid elimination. But he is tossed later as is Dan Murphy and Big Country. Sin Born falls out, Napier, Morris and Drake all fall over the top rope. Edric Everhart is your winner. 5:47

Dan Murphy vs. Big Country Matt McGraw

Referee Mark Charles III checks on both mammoth men and the match starts. Both men stand well over six feet tall and hover around 300 pounds. Murphy is successful in tossing McGraw into a corner. McGraw grabs him in a headlock.

McGraw whips Murphy into the ropes and clips him on his way back. McGraw splashes and goes for a slam, but Murphy returns the favor and clips McGraw's knees out from under him. Murphy works on the leg.

Murphy methodically works over Big Country until the tag team champion starts rallying with big right hands.

McGraw suplexes Officer Dan across the ring. Harley T. Morris, one half of an Officer and a Gentleman, races out to distract the referee. A set of brass knuckles was tossed to the officer and McGraw was plastered. The cover and the win for Murphy in 6:53.

Morris continues to assail McGraw, knowing full well that Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore, is not in the building.

Beastman vs. T-Rantula

Two massive Megastars collide. The ring moves, ring steps and tables move, and more when these men smash into one another and the ring. Beastman, incredibly, body slams the legendary Hall of Famer.

T-Rantula rolls to the outside, collects himself, then returns. The two men face off in a pose down and then T goes for a Test of Strength, but kicks the Beastman in the leg instead.

Beastman, not finished in any way, clobbers the icon. Shoulders are powered into the Munhall Borough Councilman. T is whipped into the a corner and splashed by the Beastman. Beastman, and his 400-plus-pound frame, splashes into T-Rantula again.

Incredibly, T-Rantula body slams Beastman. There's an attempted two count, but Beastman powers out of it. Beastman is tossed through the middle rope and onto the hardwood. T-Rantula grabs a chair and hits Beastman. Then, T somehow finds nachos and clobbers Beastmen not once, not twice but three times. It's Hat Trick! T-Rantula gets back into the ring.

Beastman gets up, staggers around and makes his way back into the ring. T-Rantula chops Beastman in the chest. Beastman fights back and chops away at T-Rantula. T boots Beastman down. The referee is distracted as T kicks his opponent low.

T-Rantula is clotheslined over the top rope and he lands on his feet. The Hall of Famer pulls Beastman out and they brawl there. Beastman goes to chop T on the outside but misses. They continue to brawl until they are counted out. 8:33. They fight into the crowd and the locker rooms are emptied as they continue to fight all over the gym floor.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: J-Ru and Special Attraction vs. Justin Sane, Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander

Referee Jimmy James has a difficult task ahead of him. J-Ru wants Double-A Anthony Alexander, the KSWA Heavyweight Champion, instead of Shane Starr. The tag is made and the longest-reigning KSWA Heavyweight Champion of all time is in the ring with the brand new #1 contender. They lock up and J-Ru is tossed in the corner. He tags in the Sideshow Psycho Malakai Gage. Gage wants Starr and not Alexander. The tag is made and Starr is in against the youngster.

Gage has Starr in a headlock, but the veteran Golden Triangle Champion is able to fight out of it. Starr delivers shoulder blocks into Gage and drops him to the mat. Justin Sane gets the tag from Starr and goes to work on Gage's left arm. There's a wrist lock and Starr goes "Old School" and walks the top rope. Sane drops a big right hand onto Gage's shoulder. Alexander is tagged in. Alexander jumps from the middle rope and turnbuckle onto Gage. Gage shrieks in pain. Alexander tags in Starr who hits a very impressive standing suplex. Starr body slams the Sideshow Psycho.

Gage is able to get Starr into his corner and a tag is made to Lucio Deveer. Alexander and Sane rush in to help their comrade, but the referee stops them in their collective tracks. Deveer body slams Starr and tags in J-Ru. He gets Starr into an abdominal stretch. J-Ru may or may have bitten Starr at one point in the match.

Gage is tagged back in and stops Starr from getting to his corner. There's a big leg drop on Starr by the tagged-in Deveer. There's a two count. Starr's head is rammed into the top turnbuckle.

J-Ru is in and he keeps the pressure on Starr until Gage is back in. This team has done a good job of keeping each other fresh. Starr fights back and gets to Sane, but the referee doesn't see it. Sane is forced back onto the apron. Gage picks up Starr and tags in Deveer. The referee doesn't see it, but believes that all the combatants there say it was made legally.

There's a two count on a fallen Starr. Gage is tagged in and they have Starr in a bad way. Gage slaps on a sleeper hold. Starr refuses to give in. Starr gives Gage a stunner, but can't get to his corner. In desperation, Starr kicks Gage down. Both Megastars are reeling. Starr gets to Sane, Gage to Deveer. Sane is a house-a-fire until Deveer kicks him in the mush. A power slam gets a two count on Sane. Gage is tagged in and he continues to beat on Sane with punches to the head.

J-Ru is in and he keeps pressure on Sane's lower back. He rolls Sane up but only gets a two count. Deveer comes back in and punches Sane in the head. The fans chant for Double A. Both Sane and Deveer land clotheslines. Both men are down and the 10-count begins.

Deveer gets to Gage, Sane to Alexander. Double-A clobbers all three men and powers up. Deveer kicks him in the gut. Slams him down. Starr gets Deveer. J-Ru hits Starr. Sane hits J-Ru with a leg. Sane goes for the frog splash on J-Ru. Gage races and smashes Sane down. Alexander clotheslines everyone, and hits Deveer with the Prime Time Cancellation for the win. 14:56.

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