Alexander, Renegades Retain, There’s a New 5-Star Champion, And Mayor Mystery’s Stable Shocks At Brawl Under the Bridge

July 18, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

A record-shattering crowd attended the 6th annual Brawl Under The Bridge event in Homestead on July 17. The Krazies got to see great matches, a King eat dog food, and a legendary stable of wrestlers grew thanks to the influence of Mayor Mystery.

The 5-Star Championship Fatal Five Way: Morris Faces Four Mystery Opponents

Harley T. Morris is not happy to be facing four “Mystery Opponents” in this contest. His KSWA Champion Committee-selected opponents are Ric Rumskey, The Sideshow Psycho Malaki Gage, “The Enigma” Lucio Deveer, and J-Ru. All four Megastars tee-off on the champion before Gage, Rumskey, Deveer and J-Ru all try to roll him up for the pin but he kicked out of all of the moves. Now, here we go as all five men star teeing off on one another. Rumskey splashes Deveer, J-Ru whips the Psycho into the corner. J-Ru moves with a move and he is crumpled in the corner. Deveer pins Rumskey for two. The same for Gage on J-Ru. Gage and Deveer put the boots to J-Ru in the corner. He is able to battle out of it. Morris lies in the corner as the others all try to go for a Russian leg sweep. He kicks one of them and they all go down. Morris tries to pin all of his opponents, to no avail. Gage suplexes J-Ru and gets a two count. J-Ru clotheslines Deveer down. Morris goes to pin J-Ru and gets a two. Kicks and punches a plenty. Deveer goes to pin J-Ru after a German suplex. Morris tries the same on Gage. Power bomb from Morris on Deveer. Morris chokes Gage on the ropes. Rumskey goes after Morris in the corner. He splashes Morris and goes down but only gets two. J-Ru tries to pick up the scraps but only gets one. J-Ru and then Morris splash Deveer and Gage in the corner. Morris tries to pin J-Ru after a clothesline. Morris is whipped across the ring. Gage back elbows Morris down. And then J-Ru. Rumskey gets a knee in the back. Morris splashes Deveer and then goes after Gage, who was climbing to the top rope. Morris hits him in the head. Deveer and Rumskey superplex the other three from the top rope. Deveer and Rumskey face off. They double clothesline one another in the center of the ring. All five men are down. They are spent. Rumskey and Gage face off. Rumskey superkicks Gage and gets the first fall at the 9:10 mark. Deveer body slams J-Ru but Morris knocks him down and gets only a two count on the Enigma. Morris gets a two count on Rumskey. J-Ru picks up Rumskey. Morris and J-Ru double back elbow Rummy and get a two count. Deveer and Morris trade blows. Deveer whips Morris into a corner and then bulldogs him down. J-Ru picks up Rumskey and knocks him down with a right hand. A big forearm keeps Rumskey down. Deveer is in the corner. Morris and J-Ru trade blows. Rumskey clotheslines Morris, J-Ru and Deveer. Rumskey reverses a bodyslam attempt and gets a two count. Deveer slams Rumskey but the permanently pumped one kicks out at two. J-Ru puts the fists to Deveer and then bites him on the forehead. Morris side slams J-Ru down. Rumskey punches Morris. Rumskey recovers and suplexes Morris. Rumskey goes to tune up the band, his foot is caught and a spinning lariat later, Rumskey is down at 14:20. Morris is down on one knee. J-Ru and Deveer fight it out. Now all three remaining men chop each other and then go for a kick. They punch each other and they all fall down. Some of the fans have been chanting for “Lucio.” There’s a sleeper on J-Ru by Morris, and then another Deveer applies a sleeper on J-Ru. Shawn Patrick checks on all three, none are ready to give up. A jaw breaker on Deveer loosens the hold. Morris goes for a Figure Four n J-Ru. Deveer splashes Morris and gets a pin at 17:11. Morris low blows Deveer and rolls him up for the win 17:53.

Sin Born w/Lilith vs. “The Ram” Anthony Drake

The two newcomers lock up and The Ram tosses Sin Born around and gets a two-count on an early pin. The two continue to go around and at one point, Lilith chokes Drake in the ropes. Drake gets Sin Born in a bear hug and slams him down but only gets a two count. Lilith shouts insults at her man. That rallies him enough for a cross body block with his arms tightened. Both men are down. There’s a big spear and records the win. 5:24. Lilith is not happy with her man as they leave. This could lead to something in the future.

Dennis Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Ron Hunt and Super Hentai

“Team Don’t Care,” along with Mayor Mystery, face off against the KSWA debut of Super Hentai and the returning “Rev” Ron Hunt. Dennis Gregory grabs the microphone and interrupts the team of Hunt and Hentai, who had a crowd in a fever pitch. Gregory insults his longtime friend Super Hentai, who punches his “former” tag team partner. The bell rings and Gregory bails to the outside. Bubba falls to a drop toe hold and is double teamed but his opponents. Hentai tosses Hunt into Bubba and then follows himself with a splash. There’s a two-count from Hunt on Bubba. Hentai continues to work on Bubba the Bulldog, but the veteran gains the upper hand and is able to tag Gregory in. Hentai ducks a series of Gregory moves, but Dennis kicks him in the head. Hunt is tagged in and he kicks Dennis down. He recovers and misses with a kick. Hunt misses a move and Gregory gains offensive advantage. Gregory plants a super kick to Hunt’s forehead. Hentai shouts for The Rev. Bubba is in and he distracts referee Jimmy James. Gregory and Mayor Mystery are able to take cheap shots on Hunt in the corner. Mystery chokes him and Bubba slams Mystery’s cane onto Hunt‘s back. Hentai is in and he gets offense on Bubba before Gregory races in and kicks his friend in the head. Hentai recovers and misses a splash. Bubba clotheslines Super Hentai. Bubba asks the crowd “Who’s the Best Wrestler in the World??!!” The ref is distracted and Hentai is choked in the corner. Bubba stalks his prey and Gregory poses for the masses. Hentai is posted in the corner. Bubba clotheslines Hentai, who was held up by Gregory. Gregory chokes Hentai until the referee forces a break. The fans are chanting for Hentai. Gregory kicks Hentai and continues to apply the pressure. Bubba is tagged in and he lands a bulldog on Hentai. Gregory drops a leg and goes for a pin. Hentai kicks up at two. Bubba pulls Gregory’s leg as Dennis tries to pull Hentai into their corner. Gregory gets Hentai in an abdominal stretch. Hentai will not give up. Bubba drops Hentai and knocks Hunt from the apron. Hunt is irate. Bubba has Hentai in the ropes for a series of punches. Hentai bulldogs Bubba out of nowhere. Bubba looks for a tag in the wrong corner. Hentai gets to Hunt as Bubba gets to Gregory. Hunt attacks both opponents and drops Dennis with the Flip, Flop and Fly. The crowd approves. Hunt kicks Gregory out of whip attempt. Gregory spears Hunt in a quick-as-lightning move. Hentai is on the top turnbuckle for a splash. Gregory notices him and asks him what he’s doing. Hentai then shocks the crowd when he splashes Hunt and allows Gregory to get the pin. 13:00. Out of nowhere, another legendary Western Pennsylvania wrestler, Jimmy Vegas, appears out of nowhere and comes into the ring. He goes in and hugs the other men in Mayor Mystery’s stable to a loud chorus of boos from the crowd.

Brawl Under The Bridge Title: Del Douglas w/Shawn Blanchard v. Lou Martin (Dog Collar Match)

Lou Martin, outfitted in PITT blue and yellow, makes his way to the ring. He and Del Douglas try to one up each other with cheers from the crowd, but the capacity crowd is solidly behind Martin. Martin encourages the crowd to shout “Burger King” and then “Dairy Queen.” The crowd shouts those insults. Shawn Patrick calls for the bell. Martin stomps on Shawn Blanchard’s fingers. He had been posted on the floor and the apron. Both men try to pull one another with the collar, but neither is greatly more powerful than the other. Douglas drops Martin and kicks him Douglas chokes Martin with the chain between the dog collars. Douglas slams Martin and punches him down. There’s a pin attempt and Martin gets the shoulder up. Douglas wraps the chain around his fist and punches Martin down. Martin is tied to the Tree of Woe and Douglas drop kicks him there. Blanchard attacks Martin in the corner while the referee is distracted. Blanchard pokes Martin in the eyes. Blanchard uses his own foot sandal to smack Martin in the back of the head. Douglas tosses Martin over the top rope and hangs him there with the chain. With the referee distracted, Blanchard takes a swing at Martin. He goes for another move, but Martin smacks him away. Now on the outside, Martin chokes Del with the chain. Martin punches Douglas down. Blanchard grabs a fan’s cane and smacks Martin with it. Martin is tossed back in. Douglas follows Martin and goes on the offense. There’s a punch, punch, clothesline and a two-count. Martin chops Douglas on the chest in each corner. Douglas is down. Martin kicks Douglas in the head. Martin goes to the apron and puts the boots to Douglas’ head. Martin clotheslines Douglas down and hits him again. There’s a side suplex and a two count on Douglas. Douglas is on all fours. Martin rides him like a cowboy and chokes him with the chain. Martin bites at Douglas’ forehead. Douglas is posed on the second rope. Martin splashes him there. Blanchard tries to pull Douglas from the outside while Martin pulls on the inside. Martin rushes to the other side on the ring and scares Blanchard away. Douglas gets some wind and whips Martin with the weapon. Douglas splashes Martin and wonders about his next move. Douglas drops a fist and gets a two-and-a-half count. Douglas “drops him like it’s hot.” Martin, remarkably, kicks up at two. Del goes for the move a second time, and Martin stops him. He hits the Death Certificate and gets the win 14:33.

Post-Match, Del Douglas is forced to eat dog food. Martin pushes the tasty treat in Douglas’ face, all to the great reaction from the crowd.

“The Good Guys” Hunter and Noctus v. “The Renegades” Yinza And McGraw (champions)

Zak Hunter and Brent Noctus arrive for the match in a traditional fashion. Matt McGraw rides his Harley Davidson and Yinza rides his bicycle to the ring. The crowd loves every minute of it. Referee Nick Farrah checks both teams. The crowd is solidly behind Yinza and Big Country. Both teams are ready to battle over the most coveted tag team championship in the Keystone State. The bell rings and the match begins. Noctus punches Big Country but that doesn’t fly. Soon, Noctus back body drops Noctus into the Homestead sky. Zak Hunter is tagged in and he wants Yinza. Soon, the Pittsburgh Luchadore is tagged in. Yinza and Zak Hunter play a game of cat and mouse. Yinza gets the upper hand on Hunter and kicks him down with a big boot. There’s a splash and a two count. The fans are decidedly behind Yinza. Hunter is able to tag in Noctus and he finds a similar fate with a Yinza shoulder to the gut. There are Yinza’s three Monkey Flips he calls The Three Rivers. Big Country is tagged in and he splashes Noctus in the corner. Yinza is tagged back in but he is hit from the outside by Hunter. There’s a double back elbow on Yinza. Hunter wrings the wrist on Yinza. Hunter tags in Noctus who continues the pressure. Yinza will not give up. Referee Nick Farrah counts as Noctus jumps from the corner post, just to stop and continue the wrist lock on Yinza. Noctus rolls out of a whip and floors Yinza from behind. Hunter is tagged in. Hunter jumps, flips and lands on Yinza. Two-count. He lures Big Country in and that’s enough for the Good Guys to double-team Yinza. The double-team continues as Yinza is double clotheslined and dropped onto the mat. There’s a two count before Yinza gets a shoulder up. Farrah counts to four and then starts over as he realizes that Hunter is standing on Yinza’s neck. Noctus is tagged in and there are a series of near pinfalls. Noctus rolls to the outside as Yinza tries to fight back against Hunter. Yinza is whipped into the Good Guys’ corner. Noctus is tagged in. There’s a double chop, and they go for it again but Yinza rolls out. Yinza kicks Hunter down. Yinza gets to McGraw. He is on fire as he attacks the Good Guys. They are splashed in the corner. Hunter rolls out and Country climbs to the top rope and gives the What’s Up to Noctus. Hunter is back in and he is dropped to the mat. McGraw heaves Yinza across the ring and nearly tosses him over Hunter. The Pittsburgh Plunge is next. McGraw makes the pin at 12:32.

Kendo Stick Match: BROhemoth v. Mitch Napier

BROhemoth pushes Napier into the corner, and he explodes out with a drop kick. Both megastars are reeling, but BRO gets the upper hand. BROhemoth lands a serious clothesline on Napier. He then slams him into the corner post. There’s a splash but Napier does not go down. BROhemoth punches at his former Best BRO. BROhemoth scoops Napier but Mitch lands on his feet and they fall to the outside. Napier lands a forearm on his opponent. There’s a forearm and chop. Napier slams BRO’s head into the apron. BRO stops a head shot into the corner post and slams Mitch into it instead. BRO goes under the ring and gets a small ladder. He clubs Napier with it. And then a second time. The Krazies chant for tables. BRO shouts at them to “shut up.” BROhemoth power slams Napier onto a table. It doesn’t break. BRO tosses the table in. There are a table and ladder in the ring. Mitch gets kicked down. BRO cannonballs and Mitch dives out of the way. The table doesn’t break!! BRO picks up Napier and tries to slam him through the table. It doesn’t break but it does give. Two ladders and a table are in the ring. Napier posts BRO and shoulders him time and time again. Mitch puts the ladder into BROhemoth’s grill and drop kicks it. Mitch goes for the kendo stick but BRO knocks him off the ladder and lands a huge F-5. BRO tosses Mitch into the corner. He buries a ladder into Napier’s midsection. BRO gets ready for a Bowser Bomb. He lands it on a prone Napier (on a ladder). He goes for a second Bowser Bomb but Napier trips him on the approach. Napier grabs an ankle lock on BRO. He attempts to keep the much larger opponent down. BRO kicks Napier across the ring into ladder, which was posted in a corner. BRO simply jumps up and grabs the kendo stick. He lambasts Napier in the gut with the stick and then again on his back. There’s a side suplex, with help from the stick. Napier is slow to get up. BRO lands another shot. There’s a Sioux Falls Slam on BROhemoth, but he kicks up at two. Napier goes insane with kendo stick shots, probably a dozen, on BROhemoth. Napier muscles up BRO into another Sioux Falls Slam and gets the win. 15:44.

Post-Match: Napier attempts to reconnect the BEST BROS around, and it looks like it will work; however, BRO clotheslines him and beats him with the kendo stick. There’s a power slam and another. And a 5-Five. There’s a half-dozen Kendo Stick shots and BROhemoth bails, leaving Napier like never before, in a mass of heap. Napier is helped to the back by referees.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: The Beastman (w/Mayor Mystery) v. Anthony Alexander

Beastman grabs the KSWA Heavyweight Championship and waves it into the night sky. The bell rings and Beastman rolls across the ring and readies Alexander. The crowd starts clapping. The two beasts go nose Beat to nose in the center of the ring. Beastman tosses Alexander across the ring and into a corner. Alexander is tossed into another corner. Beastman picks up Alexander and tosses him across the ring and onto the floor. This is a move Alexander has performed countless times over the years in the KSWA. Both men are on the cobblestone floor. Alexander finally gets the upper hand with some punches and into the apron. Referee Shawn Patrick is letting the fight go on outside, instead of counting both megastars out of the ring. Mayor Mystery fights with Patrick as the fight spills into the crowd. Alexander hits Beastman with a beer and then a garbage can. Alexander hits Beastman with a chair. That only temporarily fazes the big man. Beastman crushes Alexander in the back with a chair. And then again. Alexander fights out of an attempted bodyslam. He slams Beastman’s head into the corner post. Beastman brings Alexander in the hard way. Beastman, perhaps not sensing the importance of the match, doesn’t try to pin his opponent before a sit-down and leg drop. There’s only a two count before Alexander gets a shoulder up. Beastman chokes Alexander as Mayor Mystery distracts the referee. The two athletes battle from pillar to post. Alexander is down to one knee Beastman lands the biggest cross body block in KSWA history. There’s a two-count as Alexander, somehow, gets a shoulder up. Beastman, who has to be spent himself, applies a modified arm bar on the champion. Beastman bites the champ on the head. Beastman applies a pinch hold on the shoulder. At the 10-minute mark, Alexander fights out of it. There’s a modified spine buster in the center of the ring. Both men are down. Alexander gets to his feet. They trade blows. Beastman stops a whip. Alexander lands a boot to the head and follows up with a strong clothesline. Two-count from the challenger before he gets a shoulder up. Both Megastars are slow to get up. Alexander hits a flurry of moves before a DDT in the center of the ring. A pin attempt follows. At two, Beastman gets a shoulder up. Beast mand fights off a PTC attempt and clotheslines the champion down. There’s a two-count. Beastman chokes Alexander. Alexander finds his way to the corner and is the recipient of a rolling cannonball. There’s a two-and-a-half count, Alexander gets a shoulder up. A choke power bomb is next. Two-count. Alexander gets to his feet, is able to recover and lands a Prime-Time Cancellation pretty much out of nowhere for the victory in 14:52.

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