Shane Starr's 819 Days As Golden Triangle Champion Shows "The Future" Has Arrived

March 29, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

When Shane Starr puts the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Golden Triangle Championship on the line this Saturday in Sheraden, it will be against a familiar foe. When Starr teamed with Kris Kash as "The Lost Boyz" on September 20, 2005 they took on Shawn Blanchard in a handicap match. The fresh, 18-year-olds defeated the veteran by disqualification.

Now after countless matches between the two, the Megastar once dubbed "The Future" and Blanchard will face off yet again. Just like KSWA Heavyweight Champion Anthony Alexander, Starr has perhaps had a "COVID-extension" to his days as the reigning champion of the city of Pittsburgh. On Saturday, Starr will be the Golden Triangle Champion for 819 days, a number that shatters Double-A's standard of 735 days set in 2005 to 2007. [Side note: Alexander will be the KSWA Heavyweight Champion for 847 days when he wrestles Dennis Gregory for the most prestigious title in the Commonwealth on Saturday.]

Starr defeated Bubba the Bulldog for the KSWA's most important championship on January 4, 2020 and defended it against J-Ru right before a global pandemic closed professional wrestling...and much of the outside world...down.

When Starr came back on May 14, 2021, he defended against J-Ru once again, and incredibly bested Dennis Gregory the very next day. In fact, Starr has consistently defended each Megastars who has earned an opportunity at the Golden Triangle Championship.

Some 16 title defenses have taken place against 11 of the most decorated and influential wrestlers in Western Pennsylvania.

Bubba got his rematch on July 10, and BROhemoth was defeated by disqualification on August 14, 2021.

"King" Del Douglas and Remy LaVey had their unsuccessful opportunities on August 20 and 21 respectively. "Mad Dog" Zack Meyers was the next to challenge, but be pinned, on August 28.

"King" Douglas did not win the belt when he had his shot as part of Millvale Days in September, 17, 2021 and when he got a rematch September 18. Also in September, "Mad Dog" Zack Meyers was not able to win on September 25.

And toward the end of 2021, Starr had time-tested battles against the "O.G. of the VIP's" Shawn Blanchard, youngster Malakai Gage in a Halloween-themed Casket Match on October 16. Blanchard had another, albeit fruitless, challenge in November.

At FanFest, Starr shook off the charge of veteran Lucio Deveer.

This year, Starr faced the challenge of Edric Everhart as part of "Opening Day" in March.

Over the past several years, Starr has become more popular than ever. Unless for a few months early in his career, Starr has been of the Krazy's most popular wrestlers. When Alexander didn't make an event or didn't defend the KSWA championship. Starr always stepped in to headline a card.

Blanchard is on a roll, after returning from a shoulder injury last year. He has defeated a number of KSWA Megastars and looked good against Starr in his challenges in October and November of last year.

The Golden Triangle Championship defense is this Saturday at the American Legion Langley Post 496, 2863 Chartiers Avenue, Pittsburgh, 15204. Each ticket is $10. For more information, call 412-726-1762.

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