Starr's Golden Triangle Reign Ends, Everhart Scores A Countout Win, Renegades Maintain, Martin Wins Moore Trophy

April 3, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to the Sheraden neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh for an American Legion fundraiser. The event saw a new champion, and a thrilling Battle Royal saw a Commander and new Trophy winner.

J-Ru vs. Justin Sane

J-Ru, the Number One Contender for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship, insults the crowd and demands to be introduced twice. Justin Sane comes to the ring to large applause. The bell rings and referee Shawn Patrick has his hands full with two Megastars each try to get support from the full house. Only Sane gets cheered.

They go to lock up but J-Ru stalls. Once they get started, it's all Sane with chops and a leg drop. Sane goes to the top early for the Frog Splash, but the veteran J-Ru dashes to the outside. Patrick starts the count. Once back inside, Sane hip tosses J-Ru all over the ring. Sane snaps J-Ru's arm and then climbs onto the apron. There, he snaps his opponent's arm over the cable. Sane goes old school, and drops J-Ru down. There's a two-count. J-Ru crawls into the corner. Sane whips him into another and splashes him there. He goes for another but misses. That allows for J-Ru to splash and hit him with shoulder blocks. There's a two-count on Sane.

Sane is posted in the corner. J-Ru splashes him. J-Ru chops him and misses with a splash. Sane hits a back cracker. Both Megastars are down. At the seven count, both men move. Sane hits another leg scissors. He goes to the top rope for the Frog Splash. He nails it. Sane does not go for the cover. Fans cheer for him to go for the cover. Instead, J-Ru gets to a corner and Sane meets him there for 10 punches to the head. J-Ru recovers, rolls him up and uses the ropes as leverage to pin Sane in the center of the ring. 9:13.

Bubba the Bulldog vs. Lou Martin

Bubba the Bulldog comes out with his usual fire and intensity. Lou Martin, the "Positive" "Face of Pittsburgh" makes his way around to the cheering throngs.

Bubba tells Lou that "If you're the face of Pittsburgh, I want to move!"

Bubba stalls until the referee calls for call the bell. Bubba immediately claims that Martin "pulled my hair." Bubba is shaved bald.

They lock up and Martin pushed him into a corner. Bubba argues with referee Mark Charles III until the authority figure pushes the Pittsburgh icon to the blue canvas. Bubba scratches Martin's eyes and he falls to the mat. Bubba pounds away and snaps Martin's throat across the bottom rope.

Bubba's attack continues. He punches Martin and whips him into the ropes. Martin ducks and clotheslines the long time veteran down. Bubba is in the corner for a series of punches. Bubba goes low to stop the barrage. Martin is in the ropes. Bubba dives on him. Bubba says he's going to "destroy the Face of Pittsburgh." He boots Martin in the grill. Martin dangles over the bottom rope and falls to the cement. Bubba follows and hits him on the apron and into a ring post. Martin is rolled back in but kicks out at two.

Bubba snap suplexes Martin and screams, "I am the best in the world!" Martin is up and punches Bubba in the Bread Basket. They double clothesline one another. There's a two count on Martin. Martin is whipped into the corner. Bubba follows. There's another whip and Martin falls to the mat. Bubba preens to the crowd.

Bubba goes for the Bulldog, Martin escapes and rolls him up for the win! 7:15

Tag Team Championship: Sin Born and Harley T. Morris vs. The Renegades

Sin Born and Harley T. Morris arrive, followed by the Renegades, Yinza and Big Country Matt McGraw. The capacity crowd explodes for the Renegades. Morris, who has been efforting for the KSWA tag team gold for months, burns a hole in his opponents from across the ring. Referee Jimmy James holds up the title belts.

The place is still buzzing when Jimmy James calls for the bell. Yinza and Morris start out. Morris gets Yinza in a headlock and controls the early moments. Yinza rolls across the ring and Monkey Flips Morris. Yinza climbs the ropes and hip tosses Morris across the ring. Morris recoils into his corner and tags in Sin Born.

Sin Born wants Matt McGraw, so Yinza tags him in. Sin Born slaps McGraw like his was Chis Rock. McGraw is only angered by the action and press slams the 200-pounder over his head with ease. McGraw slams Sin Born down and tags Yinza. The Pittsburgh Luchadore does the "What's Up" drop on Sin Born.

Yinza and Sin Born then exchange rear waist lock. Sin Born drives Yinza down. He continues to apply pressure on Yinza with an elbow to the back. Morris is tagged back in. Morris side suplexes Yinza down. Morris continues to attack Yinza, keeping him from his corner and an eager McGraw.

Morris pulls Yinza, but the tag team champion will not relent. Morris continues the offense. Jimmy James tells him to "watch" the choke holds. Yinza gets to his feet, but he's knocked down. Yinza gets a chance and punches up. That doesn't last as Morris goes for the Figure Four. Yinza kicks out of it. He gets to McGraw, who clubs both opponents with big clotheslines. He choke slams Morris and tags in Yinza.

Yinza prepares for another Monkey Flip, but it's blocked and he's kicked. Yinza rolls out of added offense and McGraw spears Sin Born for the victory! 8:20. Side note: Morris left Sin Born hanging before the spear.

KSWA Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard vs. Shane Starr

Shawn Patrick holds up the titles. Shane Starr has held the title for 819 days, longer than any KSWA Megastar in history. The bell rings. Patrick checks Blanchard for illegal objects. Starr pumps up the enthusiastic crowd.

The two lock up and Blanchard complains that Starr hit him with a closed fist. Starr retorts that the clubbing happened with an open hand. Starr breaks out of a headlock. Blanchard grabs a handful of Starr's long locks and pulls him down. Blanchard then punches away with closed fists before slamming Starr's head into a turnbuckle. Starr is reduced to on knee.

Blanchard removes some wrist tape and chokes Starr. The Krazies scream loudly in protest. Starr fights back and flips over Blanchard's back. The former 6-time Champion falls onto Starr and is forced to break a potential pin because he holds onto the ropes.

Blanchard continues the offense and has Starr in a seated position. Blanchard has him down and then suplexes him over. Two count. Blanchard punches at Starr, but then the champion fights back. Again, Blanchard pulls him down quickly by the hair. Blanchard distracts the referee and kicks Starr in the personal area.

The fans cheer for "Shane." Blanchard whips him into a corner and buries in a shoulder. Then a punch. Starr reverses a whip, Blanchard goes over the top and onto the apron. Starr clotheslines him down. Starr continues with the offense until Blanchard goes for the eyes. Blanchard is tossed off the top turnbuckle. Two count.

Starr drops an elbow on Blanchard's leg. Starr continues to attack the left leg. Blanchard will not give up. Starr goes for the Sharpshooter, but he is fouled again. He falls in a heap into the corner. Blanchard measures and whips him across the ring. Starr goes for a Sharpshooter. He locks it in and Blanchard fights to get to the ropes. Fans cheer for Blanchard to tap, but he gets to the ropes instead. The hold is broken. Blanchard falls to the floor, but soon uses the ropes to knock the wind out of Starr.

Blanchard goes low on Starr, but the referee doesn't see it. Starr gets to the ropes. Blanchard grabs him into a sleeper hold. Starr goes down. Blanchard wants Patrick to check the arm. He drops the arm 2 1/2 times before Starr climbs up. He hits an elbow and then another. Blanchard hits a huge spinebuster. Two count. Starr gets an elbow up at the 11:52 mark.

Blanchard boots him in the head. There's a punch to Starr and whip into a corner. Blanchard misses a splash. Starr goes for the Sharpshooter, but he is kicked off and into the referee. Someone races from the back and hands Blanchard a pair of illegal knuckles. He uses them on Starr, knocking him down. The ref recovers for the three count. Shawn Blanchard is the NEW KSWA Golden Triangle Champion. 13:26

Five Star Championship: Edric Everhart vs. Joshua Kavod

Referee Jimmy James holds up the prestigious 5-Star Championship and then instructions both combatants. The two young Megastars lock up. Everhart, the larger and more powerful of the two, successfully tosses Kavod across the ring. They lock up again, on Kavod's advice, and the same result follows.

Kavod gains advantage by kicking Everhart in the leg. Everhart bails to the outside. Kavod won't let him back in by kicks to the hamstring. Then there's an overhand chop. Kavod dives over the top rope and onto the reeling Everhart.

Everhart gets back in the ring. Kavod looks for support from the crowd and Everhart returns the favor and kicks him down. Kavod is down on the mat and Everhart goes for the left leg. He slams the appendage down hard in the center of the ring.

The two Megastars look for advantage and Everhart finds one by landing a crushing German suplex on the 5-Star Champion. Two count before Kavod gets a shoulder up. Everhart power slams Kavod down and nearly gets a three count. Referee Jimmy James assures the crowd that the count ended at two, and not some believe.

Everhart buries an elbow in Kavod's neck. Kavod fights back but gets a boot to the mush. Kids at ringside yell at Everhart. He misses with an elbow drop. And then another as Kavod rolls out of the way. Kavod rallies and kicks Everhart in the head. That sends the challenger to the corner. Kavod races into him with a clothesline. There's a flying clothesline from the top rope and a two count as Everhart gets a shoulder up.

Kavod yells that he's going "straight to the pulpit." He nails Everhart, but he falls to the outside. Kavod can't find him. Jimmy James starts the count as Everhart is on the floor. Kavod starts to go after him. James is distracted and starts the count over. Kavod goes to the floor and they start chopping one another. The 10 count is administered. Everhart races in for the count-out win. 10:35.

Beastman vs. Remy Levay

Before the match begins, Referee Mark Charles III discovers that Beastman attempted to thieve his Captain Lou Albano action figure. The bell rings and the two combatants face off. Beastman has an enormous weight advantage over Levay. The Lawrenceville native gets tossed across the ring. Levay grabs Beastman from behind, and he is just hip tosses Levay. Then there's a shoulder block knocking him down. Beastman locks Levay up in a head lock. He breaks out of it and drop kicks him but that does little to effect the Beast Man. Levay kicks and elbows Beastman; however, the giant from the back woods of West Virginia just swats him down.

Beastman races in and clobbers a fallen Levay in the corner. Beastman goes for the cover but only gets two. Referee Mark Charles III warns Beastman about a choke.

There's a side side suplex on Levay, and remarkably, he kicks out at two. Perhaps he shouldn't have. Levay does power back with European upper cuts, but he's leveled with a head butt.

Beastman body slams Levay. He drops his excess backside on Levay and an elbow, but only gets a two count. Beastman has Levay in a version of a sleeper hold. Levay fights out of it. There's a cross body block on Levay but he kicks out at two.

The pressure remains on Levay as Referee Charles consistently checks on the seated combatant. A reverse chin lock slows down both men. Levay fights out of it, and wants the crowd's approval. He lands a stunner and European Upper cuts and chops on the big man.

Levay clubs Beastman's head into the top turnbuckle. That does little to stop the big man. Levay pulls Beastman down from behind and gets a two count. Levay applies a sleeper hold, but Beastman just pushes him into a corner post.

Beastman powers Levay out of the corner and into a powerbomb. He finally gets the three count on Levay. 9:18.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Gregory vs. Alexander

Gregory grabs the microphone and insults everyone. Alexander takes a turn with the microphone and insults Gregory. The two behemoths try to take each other down with shoulder blocks. And then when that doesn't work, fists. Gregory is whipped into the corner and tossed over the top rope. He skins the cat on the way back in and is hit with a spinebuster. Gregory bails to the outside.

Alexander follows and Gregory is waiting. He tosses Alexander into the door leading to the outside. Alexander is tossed back in. Gregory chirps at the Krazies before slowing rolling back in.

Gregory puts the boots to Alexander and then drives in a couple of boots to the ribs. He keeps the pressure on the champion and drives a knee into his back. The fans chant for "Double A."

The fight breaks out onto the official's table. Bubba the Bulldog races in to wake Gregory, who was dropped to the mat by Double A. Bubba grabs the championship belt. The two fight in the center of the ring.

Bubba jumps to the apron. Alexander hosts the belt high and Gregory chops him in the nether region. Bubba clubs AA with the Timothy Moore Memorial Battle Royal trophy. Gregory makes the cover and Alexander gets a shoulder up at two.

The two get to their feet and punch away. Alexander clotheslines Gregory not once but twice and then body slams him. There's a flying clothesline. Bubba cheers for Gregory at ringside.

The fans cheer for Double A. Both men are slow in getting to their feet. Gregory misses a splash. Bubba races in and is clubbed by Alexander. Out of nowhere, Alexander hits Gregory with the Prime Time Cancellation and gets the win. 10:33.

Post Match: Number One Challenger J-Ru races in in an attempt to Pearl Harbor Alexander but the champion sees it and J-Ru backs off.

Timothy Moore Memorial Battle Royal

"King" Del Douglas and "The Ram" Anthony Drake face off first. They will go for two minutes, and then another competitor will enter every minute moving forward. The crowd is deafening shouting "Dairy Queen" toward the reigning "King of the World."

Drake does miss an opportunity. He picks Douglas up and can't quite get him over the top rope, so he bodyslams him down instead. Douglas goes low.

Next up is Tyler Grayson. He drop kicks Del Douglas. He drops Douglas and gets Drake up. J-Ru is next and he evens things up between Fan Favorites and Megastars who aren't. He goes after Drake and Grayson. Grayson chops J-Ru in the chest. Next up is Big Country, Matt McGraw. He goes after J-Ru.

Harley T. Morris is next. He runs in but sees McGraw is waiting for him, so he puts the brakes on and runs off. Joshua Kavod is next. J-Ru is out.

Shawn Blanchard is next. Then Lou Martin. He goes right after his VIP co-hort. Commander Don Scholz is next.

Edric Everhart is next. He goes after Kavod and they both fall out. Shawn Blanchard and Don Scholz are both eliminated.

Shane Starr is out and he eliminates Del Douglas.

The Beastman the clear favorite in this match is out into the ring next. The Ram is eliminated.

Beastman chops Grayson and slams Martin. He goes after everyone.

Yinza is next. Martin is stink faced by Beastman. Yinza and Morris battle.

Dennis Gregory is introduced. Morris is dropped to the floor and eliminated.

Yinza falls out next.

Bubba the Bulldog is next to enter the fray. Justin Sane races out the next minute.

The Beastman holds center court as everyone battles. Beastman races after Bubba the Bulldog.

Sin Born is the next to last competitor. The ring is filled with Megastars.

Gregory and Levay battle in a close contest. Levay is tossed next.

The last competitor is Anthony Alexander. He gets a chance to battle many of his most recent foes.

Alexander tricks Beastman and tosses him over the top rope.

Tyler Grayson, who has battled well, is next to be tossed out. Justin Sane is out next.

Bubba and Gregory double-team Sin Born. They take turns punching him in the grill. Gregory side slams Sin Born down. Sin Born is tossed out next.

Gregory and Bubba go after Starr. Then, Bubba kicks away at Double-A. Lou Martin waits in a corner, far from the action. Gregory powders him with a knee to the chin.

Gregory and Bubba double clothesline Alexander down. They do the same to Shane Starr. Next, they turn their attention to Martin and they club him down. Bubba and Gregory, former KSWA tag team champions, show their dominance as a partnership.

They next toss Shane Starr out. Bubba and Gregory take turns kicking Martin in the face. For minutes on end, the put boot to Martin's jaw.

Then there's a double suplex on Martin.

Bubba says "Let's Share That Trophy."

Bubba holds Martin, Gregory prepares to club him. Martin ducks, Bubba the Bulldog falls out. Martin grabs Gregory and tosses him over the top rope on the other side for the win! 27:53

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