Martin Wins Battle Bowl, Everhart Is The New 5-Star Champion, Kash Returns

May 1, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

After a long recess, KSWA Krazies were treated to a classic Battle Bowl. A 5-Star Rivalry takes an unexpected turn, Shawn Blanchard made a defense against Shane Starr, and Anthony Alexander had a unique challenge from a long-time veteran.

Five Star Championship: Edric Everhart vs. Joshua Kavod (champion)

The two start blasting one another right off the bat. Kavod is sent to the outside and Everhart follows. There, the 5-Star Champion is bounced off the apron. Back inside, Everhart suplexes Kavod.

There's a boot to Kavod's head and Everhart is cool and in control. The doesn't immediately follow through and that allows Kavod time to recover. Everhart, however, has other plans and gets a rear chin hold. Kavod fights out of it but is slammed to the mat and there's the first two-count of the afternoon. Fans chant for Kavod and assert that Everhart, "Can't Wrestle." He drops a knee on Kavod's head. Kavod is assisted back to his feet, but is caought and power bombed. Another two-count.

Kavod gets some offense, first with boots and then some flying maneuvers. He gets Everhart down for a count of two and then another. Everhart grabs Kavod's trusty bat. He misses. Referee Mark Charles III grabs it from him and hands it off. Meanwhile, Everhart grabs the title belt and clubs Kavod with it.

Edric Everhart is the new 5-Star Champion! 5:20

Sinborn vs. Lou Martin

Sinborn tells the fans that they are in "his house," but the Krazies embrace his opponent, "The Face of Pittsburgh" Lou Martin. Referee Shawn Patrick checks both athletes. The Krazies clearly prefer Martin but Sinborn attacks from behind and has Martin in a corner. He's whipped and side slammed. There's a one-count on Martin. Sinborn drops an elbow. Sinborn boots Martin and jaws to the crowd. Martin is forced into the ropes and then onto the mat. He counts to two before Martin gets a shoulder up. Sinborn chops Martin in the corner. Martin fights back.

Martin smashes Sinborn's head into the turnbuckle 10 times and then another corner. And then all four. He follows each visit with a chop. There's a bulldog and two-count as Sinborn got a shoulder up.

Martin pulls Sinborn down by his beard. He does it a couple of times, all to the enjoyment of the crowd. Sinborn stuns Martin and bends him around, before a whip and a pin attempt. Sinborn gets Martin in a standing cloverleaf, but Martin gets to the ropes.

The hold is broken and Sinborn shouts at the crowd. A modified slam has Martin on the mat for a two-count.

Martin fights back and hits a Death Certificate for the win. 7:30

J-Ru vs. AJ Alexander

The Krazies appreciate AJ Alexander after J-Ru taunts them through two introductions. The two face off. J-Ru chops AJ Alexander to no avail. The fans chant for AJ. The fans call J-Ru "scaredy cat" as he does whatever he can to avoid Alexander's offense. J-Ru does get AJ in a headlock, but he breaks out of it and gets the #1 Contender for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship to the mat.

AJ halts J-Ru in motion and clobbers him. A kick sends the veteran to the outside. AJ baseball slides J-Ru but he is caught in the ring apron for some offense there. J-Ru rolls him back in and goes for a cover while his legs are wrapped up in the ropes. J-Ru keeps the offense going.

Alexander dives out of the way of a splash. A back breaker follows from Alexander and J-Ru is in the ropes. More offense and both men are down. They trade chops and Alexander is kicked down for a two-count by Jimmy James.

AJ pulls J-Ru up. A DDT out of nowhere for J-Ru gets the win. 7:09

Golden Triangle Championship: Blanchard (champion) vs. Starr

Shane Starr sprints to the ring after Blanchard takes a victory lap before the match begins. Referee Mark Charles III calls for the bell as the action is already afoot. Blanchard is forced down for a two count.

Starr follows up with a clothesline and a two count before Blanchard gets a shoulder up. The fans are into the contest, chanting for Starr's Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. A drop kick drops Blanchard but he gets a finger in Starr's eye. Starr gets Blanchard down for a Sharpshooter; however, Blanchard once again goes for the eye.

Blanchard hovers. He then goes for Starr's eyes. There's a back elbow and a knee drop. Charles slides into position and slaps the mat only once. Blanchard digs away at Starr's eyes, nose and mouth. Charles doesn't have a problem with Blanchard twisting Starr's ears.

Starr rolls Blanchard up and gets a two-count. Blanchard, the 23-year-veteran, gets back at Starr and hits a side suplex. Two-count. The fans chant for "Shane." Blanchard keeps working on pressure points. Starr elbows up and out of the move but is hit with a big spinebuster. Starr kicks up at two.

Blanchard kicks away at Starr. He is admonished by the stellar Count. Starr recovers and gets Blanchard down and ready for the Sharpshooter. Blanchard fights out of it using illegal and borderline-illegal tactics. Both men are spent. They are slow to get to their feet.

Blanchard chops Starr at the neck and shoulders. Starr drops him for the Sharpshooter. He lands it. Charles asks the Golden Triangle Champion if he gives but he is sturdy. Starr drags him out into the center of the ring. Blanchard does get to the bottom rope and the hold is broken.

"Let's Go Shane" rings out from the fans. Blanchard is posted on the top turnbuckle. Starr follows. There's an attempt at a Superplex, but a poke to the eye drops Starr. Blanchard misses a dive from the middle rope. Starr hits him with a Superkick. Blanchard gets a leg on the rope for an apparent win; however, Charles spots it and calls off any victory. Blanchard grabs Starr from behind, rolls him and gets the pin, despite having both boots in the red and black ropes. 10:31

An Officer and a Gentleman with King Del Douglas vs. The Renegades and T-Rantula

The fans go wild as Big Country Matt McGraw and T-Rantula each drive in on Harley Davidson motorcycles. Shawn Patrick has a difficult time wrangling everyone for this match, which consists of more than 1,600 pounds of combined weight.

The bell rings and Del Douglas is set to start out against McGraw. Douglas pushes McGraw's face. The King slaps Big Country, but that only encourages him to toss him across the ring. There's an overhand double chop on Douglas, a whip into a corner and another set of chops. In comes the giant Hall of Famer, T-Rantula. T-Rantula delivers chops unlike anyone in wrestling. He drops Douglas, taunts the opponents, and pulls him into the corner of his partners. Yinza is in and he splashes Douglas.

Yinza spins across the ring and monkey flips Douglas down. There's a two count. Douglas gets to Officer Dan Murphy. A thinner and more mobile Dan Murphy calls for McGraw and he gets him. McGraw bodyslams the Officer. Yinza is tagged in. There's a two count. Murphy is able to get to his corner and tags in Morris. Yinza shoulder-blocks him down to the mat. Morris recovers and gets Yinza down. Two-count.

Morris hammers away at Yinza's head and mask. Murphy races in as the referee is distracted. Murphy, Morris and especially Douglas have their way attacking Yinza. Douglas is in. He kicks Yinza in the gut and drops him down. There's a one-count. Douglas gets to Murphy. He keeps the offense on Yinza. Morris is in and he stands on Yinza's hands, among other dirty tactics.

Morris gets Yinza in a sleeper hold. He gets to T-Rantula who blisters Morris. There's a scoop slam and T-Rantula elbow. T-Rantula chops Morris until he likes the chop. He scares Douglas from the apron and goes after Morris some more. He chops him repeatedly in the corner. He gets Morris in an unfriendly corner, where he eats overhand chops from the Renegades and T-Rantula.

There's a suplex from the big man on Morris. Morris goes low and front-face-locks into his corner. Murphy is in. Yinza is in and he goes after all three opponents. Yinza punches away at Murphy but Murphy grabs Yinza in a bear hug.

It's Nacho City time on Del Douglas from T-Rantula. Murphy still has Yinza in a Bear Hug mid-ring. Yinza battles out and gets to McGraw. He clotheslines Murphy down. There's a huge spear on Murphy but Morris breaks up the pin. McGraw is down. Murphy slams Morris on McGraw. There's a two-count.

An Officer and a Gentleman battle McGraw but he breaks away and tags in T-Rantula. They collide in the middle of the ring. T-Rantula choke slams Morris in the center of the ring for the win. 13:43.

Dennis Gregory vs. Rev Ron Hunt

This rivalry has been simmering since last July's Brawl Under the Bridge. AJ Alexander accompanies his friend, "Rev" Ron Hunt to the ring. Referee Jimmy James checks both combatants. The veteran Dennis Gregory attacks Hunt before the bell rings. The former KSWA Heavyweight Champion suplexes Hunt, and charges but falls over the top rope when Hunt pulls it down.

The two play a certain degree of cat-and-mouse as they chase each other around the ring. Gregory catches Hunt in mid-flight and hits him with the ropes. Gregory snaps Hunt's throat into the bottom rope. Hunt gets to the corner. Gregory puts a boot into the compromised windpipe. Hunt recovers and chops Gregory. The veteran rallies and once again uses the ring ropes to his advantage and keeps Hunt down.

Hunt gets to one knee. Hunt kicks and modify-bulldogs Gregory down. There's a two count on Gregory. Gregory gets Hunt into a leg lock. Hunt's hand drops to the mat once and twice but not a third time. He battles out of the leg hold but Gregory gets him into another one. Gregory's shoulders are rolled onto the mat for a two count, but he's able to stay alive. He gets Hunt into a front face lock. Hunt kicks out of it and drops Gregory down for another two-count.

Both men are down. Referee James starts a double count. He gets to four before Hunt gets up. Gregory follows. Gregory drops Hunt down. He says, "Now, it's over." He covers Hunt, but the Rev gets a shoulder up. Gregory hovers over Hunt and prepares him for a power slam, but Hunt rolls out if. Gregory slams him down for a two count. Gregory looks for a weapon. James fights the item out of Gregory's hands, Hunt rolls him up for a two count but the second time has a better outcome.

Hunt rolls Gregory up for the win. 9:40

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Super Hentai vs. Anthony Alexander (champion)

The longest-reigning KSWA Heavyweight Champion of all time makes his way to an adoring crowd. Super Hentai attacks him from behind, using a chain he brought around his neck to the ring.

Hentai keeps the early pressure on the big man. He pounds Alexander's knee into the canvas and drops an elbow. Alexander has a terrific height advantage over Super Hentai, but how is that equalized? Hentai keeps him grounded. Alexander reaches out for the fan's energy. He gets to one knee and then both feet as he punches away at Hentai. The Challenger goes after Alexander's knee. He puts the left appendage on the bottom rope for more boots. Hentai calls the fans, "Chumps."

Double-A battles out and gets Hentai down. The challenger rolls out of the way for the leg drop. The fans start to chant loudly for the KSWA Champion. Both men get to their feet. Alexander back elbows and side slams the challenger. There's a two-count. Alexander catches him for a big spinebuster. Two-count from Shawn Patrick.

Double A gets to his feet and is energized. He punches away at Hentai, misses and boot and is drop kicked in the knee. Hentai dives from the top and right into the PTC! Alexander retains in 7:05!

Battle Bowl 13

Two Megastars battle each other for two-minutes and then every two minutes moving forward, a new wrestler enters the fray. The only way to be eliminated is over the top rope and both feet have to hit the pavement. The final three combatants are guaranteed a shot at a KSWA Single's title in the year 2022. Via raffle, one of the finalists will get an opportunity at the KSWA Heavyweight Championship. The final Megastar gets bragging rights as the winner of Battle Bowl.

AJ Alexander and The Ram Anthony Drake start things off. The two like-sized Megastars start off slow, but then Alexander can't shoulder block Drake down. He clotheslines Alexander down. Alexander headbutts Drake in the chest but that does nothing but dazes AJ.

The next competitor out is the Cleveland Bruiser, who punches at Drake to no avail. The head butt drops the Bruiser.

Tyler Grayson is out and he dropkicks everyone down.

Joey Quervo, who has been absent for a few years, is out next. Quervo stuns everyone and then jumps over the top rope to elimination. He gets a beer and heads to the back.

A wild-looking David Marbell, who was best known as Harley T. Morris' manager, but has had limited experience as a wrestler, is introduced next.

The Cleveland Bruiser is eliminated.

Philip Archer, a newcomer, is next. A huge wrestler, he and the Ram face off.

Sinborn is the next Megastar on the scene. He attacks everyone but is attacked by Marbell.

Philip Archer, who was expected to make an impression, is eliminated.

The imposing Steel City Angel, Sean Sims, makes only his second appearance in the KSWA.

Tyler Grayson is nearly eliminated but skins the cat his way back.

T-Rantula, the fan favorite Hall of Famer, is out next. He laughs before entering the ring. He chops AJ Alexander down but not out.

Edric Everhart, who won the 5-Star Championship earlier in the day, is next into action.

Harley T. Morris is announced but he takes his time getting to the ring.

"The Regent" Joshua Kavod is next on the scene.

David Marbell is eliminated.

Two fan favorites, Sam and Stan Squatch, are both introduced. They come to the ring and go into action against Joshua Kavod, who had a Slim Jim hidden on him.

Dennis Gregory is announced next.

Surprisingly, T-Rantula is eliminated. The Hall of Famer looks shocked and ticked at the development.

AJ Alexander is nearly eliminated, but he holds onto the bottom rope.

Gregory eliminates both Sam and Stan Squatch.

Tyler Grayson and Edric Everhart are eliminated as the ring starts to change.

KSWA Owner Bobby O is out to an explosive reaction.

Bobby O eliminates Harley T. Morris.

Dennis Gregory chokes Bobby O.

Golden Triangle Champion Shawn Blanchard is out. He and Dennis Gregory toss Bobby O out.

Fan Favorite, former multi-time champion Kris Kash returns!

The Ram, Sinborn and AJ Alexander are all eliminated.

Justin Sane races out.

Sean Sims eliminated.

Shawn Blanchard eliminated.

Officer Dan Murphy and his magic whistle are introduced next.

Lou Martin is out and he immediately clobbers friend Justin Sane.

Kris Kash has been eliminated.

Rev Ron Hunt is next into the fray.

Justin Sane is eliminated.

King Del Douglas is out. He and Lou Martin go after one another.

Dan Murphy clobbers Shane Starr.

Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore races to the ring and his chance at opportunity.

A defiant Dennis Gregory lays on the middle rope before Kavod puts some boots to him.

J-Ru is out to the ring.

Officer Dan is eliminated.

Super Hentai is the next to last man out.

The last competitor to go to the ring is Anthony Alexander.

McGraw is eliminated.

Kavod is tossed

J-Ru is tossed.

McGraw pounds away at J-Ru outside of the ring.

Douglas grabs Starr but the crotch until Alexander breaks that up.

Anthony Alexander is eliminated.

The final four are Gregory, Hunt, Martin and Yinza.

Hunt eliminated Hentai. Gregory eliminates Hunt. Starr is eliminated, and Martin grabs an opportunity and tosses Gregory over the top rope for the victory. 31.25

Lou Martin is the winner of Battle Bowl 13!

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