Bubba Nearly Wins Commonwealth's Top Prize, Blanchard Retains, T-Rantula, Martin, Drake Shine

May 1, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Wrestling fans were in their glory when the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) debuted in a terrific outdoor event at Hickory Heights Golf Club in arguably the farthest south--South Fayette--the organization has ever traveled from downtown Pittsburgh. While they were looking forward to all seven contests, Krazies new and old were most interested in the showdown between challenger Bubba the Bulldog and the most important Champion in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: KSWA Heavyweight Champion Anthony Alexander.

Sin Born vs. "The Ram" Anthony Drake

The two veterans have faced each other several times over the years in the KSWA and beyond, but this was a grounded battle. Referee Shawn Patrick called for the bell and the two locked up. Sin Born went for an arm bar but The Ram countered with power moves.

Drake primarily worked on Sin Born's spine, but the man from Dead Man's Hollow did muster a back breaker of his own on the much bigger-Ram. The two tried for an advantage, but it was found when Drake got his opponent in a Bear Hug. Sin Born clapped Drake's ears and forced a break in the hold. Sin Born answered with a Russian Leg Sweep and got only a one-count.

Sin Born worked on getting Drake in a standing Sharpshooter, but The Ram doesn't tap out. The Ram gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Sin Born ties Ram into the ropes pounds him in the chest.

Drake is able to get out of the entanglement and gets Sin Born in another Bear Hug. Sin Born counters by digging at Drake's eyes. That breaks the hold.

Sin Born lands a cross body block on The Ram, gets him down, but only for a two-count. The Ram continues to blast away with the head butt into the midsection and back. Sin Born grabs his ribs.

Ram drops Sin Born, lands a splash, but only gets a two-count. Drake picks up Sin Born in a third bear hug. Patrick checks on Sin Born and he cannot answer a third arm drop. The Ram is the winner at 6:45.

Harley T. Morris vs. Matt McGraw

Harley T. Morris really gets into it with the crowd upon his arrival. The fans were much more into "Big Country" Matt McGraw, who did not have Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore, at his side. Conversely, Morris did not have his "Officer and a Gentleman" Dan Murphy in his corner. Referee Jimmy James finds that Morris had been hiding a fork in his trunks. Assuredly, he had dastardly intent for the kitchen utencil.

Once the bell is rung, McGraw shoves Morris to the mat. McGraw lands a double handed chop on his opponent. Then there's a splash and a hip toss on Morris. Big Country lands a forearm smash on Morris as well.

In an amazing feat of strength, Big County body presses Morris over his head and drops him to the mat. A true veteran, Morris is able to recover and grounds McGraw and stops on his leg.

Morris works on McGraw's arm and keeps him down. That doesn't last long as McGraw fights back and clotheslines Morris down. But there's only a one-count.

McGraw comes back and shoulder blocks Morris down. There's a two-count. Morris shoves McGraw into referee James and McGraw falls to the mat. Morris follows up and pins McGraw for the win. It's uncertain whether he had his boots in the ropes. 4:40.

Del Douglas vs. Lou Martin

Douglas is introduced and then comes Martin. "The King" attacks Martin before he makes it to the ring. Somehow, Douglas had a strap with him. Martin had been carrying the "Brawl Under the Bridge" Belt.

KSWA Owner Bobby O tries to break up the attack. He asks Douglas "What's Wrong With You?" and Douglas says Bobby O knows what he wants. Bobby O does not.

It turns out Douglas wanted a shot at the Brawl Under the Bridge title, despite the fact that the belt is generally not defended away from Homestead's most famous river-expanding structure.

Martin agrees to the match and it becomes a "No Rules" Strap Match. Once in the ring, Douglas has an advantage, and he even grabs Martin by the crotch and chops him down. There's a near pinfall, but Martin is able to get a shoulder up.

Douglas gets Martin to his feet and whips him from side to side. Douglas buries a knee into Martin's midsection and he slaps the strap all over his torso. Douglas follows with punches to the gut; however, Martin is able to rally. Martin clotheslines "The King" and drops a leg. There's a two-count.

Martin gains control of the strap, and beats Douglas with it. Douglas rallies and drops Martin. He climbs to the middle rope for the fist that's "banned in 49 out of the 50 states." Douglas follows by getting Martin in the Royal Crab. Martin fights out it and head but and chops Douglas. He smashes Douglas' head into the top turnbuckle on all four corners of the ring. Douglas is down. Martin lands a leg drop but only gets a two-count.

Martin keeps up the offense and drops Douglas to the canvas for the one, two and three for the victory in 7:05.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard (champion) vs. Tyler Grayson

This is an incredible opportunity for the still-inexperienced Grayson. He has impressed the KSWA Championship Committee to the tune of a Golden Triangle title shot.

Blanchard makes his way to the ring slowly and Grayson bounds to the ring. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and the action begins. Or is supposed to. Blanchard shouts "I'll do it on my own time," as he stalls for the first few moments.

Blanchard takes early advantage, and takes short cuts by punching him directly in the face as the referee is trying to break them up from being in the corner. Blanchard does it again on the other side of the ring. Grayson wants to counter, but Blanchard slinks into the ropes for protection.

Grayson gets Blanchard into a corner, Blanchard punches out. Grayson drop kicks Blanchard, and he goes to the outside. Back inside, Blanchard claims Grayson has a "steel toed boot." There's a tie up and Blanchard gets Grayson in a headlock and tightens the grip.

Blanchard shoulder blocks Grayson down but the youngster recovers with a hip toss. He gets an arm bar on Blanchard, but the veteran "O.G. of the VIPs" reverses the move. Blanchard shouts a familiar "Who's the Man" as he drops Grayson to the mat for a series of grabs, jabs and twists to the megastar's nose, mouth and ears.

Blanchard kicks Grayson in the face, and follows with chops in the corner. There's a snap mare on the youngster and a pin attempt that ends at two. Grayson whips Blanchard into the ropes, but the veteran counters with a back elbow. Blanchard climbs in the corner, but Grayson jumps up, catches him there and sends him flying into the center of the ring.

The offense continues for Grayson as he punches Blanchard in the head 10 times while in the corner. Grayson climbs the corner posts and misses with a flying drop. Blanchard sees an opportunity, grabs Grayson into a familiar hold and lands a piledriver. Blanchard retains the Golden Triangle Championship in 9:48.

Man Child vs. Sean Simms vs. T-Rantula

More than 1,000 pounds made their way to the ring for this Triple Threat Match. Man Child, along with Freek, entered first. The imposing newcomer "The Steel City Angel" Sean Simms was next and the Hall of Famer, T-Rantula made his entrance to a loving audience.

Referee "The Count" Mark Charles III has his hands full in this battle of giants.

In the opening moments, Man Child bails to the outside and it's all T-Rantula and the Steel City Angel. Two near 7-foot giants face off and it's all T-Rantula. The offense is fast and furious and all three men take turns blasting each other with power moves.

T-Rantula gets Simms down and he may-or-may-not kick him in the abdomen, or below. Throughout the match, T-Rantula smashes Simms in a roundabout way to show him how things are done. There are big chops, kicks and power moves. T-Rantula shouts at Simms to tell him how big chops, kicks and power moves are made.

Man Child boots T-Rantula and goes for the pin. Simms breaks up the pin attempt. Simms clotheslines Man Child down. T-Rantula and Simms take turns kicking Man Child in the gut. Simms goes to pin Man Child, but T-Rantula breaks that up. T-Rantula back elbows Simms down and Man Child tries to steal the pin. Man Child head buts Simms.

Man Child charges Simms, who drops down and pulls the top rope toward the ground. Man Child falls over the top rope and onto the floor below. T-Rantula takes the opportunity to post Simms in the corner and he lands a splash. The two big men fall to the outside. T-Rantula clubs Simms in the head with a ring bell. T-Rantula then goes for a boat of nachos with cheese. He unloads on Simms.

Soon, all three men are in the ring. T-Rantula knocks Man Child back to the outside and Simms down. T-Rantula grabs Simms and pulls him into a version of the cloverleaf and gets a tap out victory in 7:40.

Post-Match: T-Rantula goes wild and hits both of the other wrestlers in the head with pitchers of water.

J-Ru vs. Justin Sane

J-Ru remains the #1 Contender for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship. He tries to get the crowd behind him, but they don't buy it. They are behind Justin Sane.

Sane drop kicks J-Ru to the outside. J-Ru gets back in and Justin hits him with a drop toe hold. Sane continues with the offense until his opponent bails to the outside, looking for a "time out." He doesn't get one. The fans chant for Justin.

Sane grabs J-Ru in a wrist lock and wrings his arm. Justin goes "old school" on J-Ru and clubs him in the shoulder. Sane goes for a splash but misses. J-Ru rolls Sane up for a pinfall but only gets two. J-Ru chops Sane in the chest. Sane is whipped into a corner. There's a splash on Sane but he counters with a back cracker. Both men are down.

The two trade punches. Sane goes to the top and his a Frog Splash. Instead of making a pin, Sane goest to the top rope. J-Ru pushes referee Jimmy James into the ropes near the corner and that knocks Sane crotch-first onto the top turnbuckle. Sane's legs get tangled in the ropes and he hangs down. J-Ru kicks him in the head and rolls Sane up for the win in 6:02.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Bubba the Bulldog vs. Anthony Alexander (champion)

Bubba the Bulldog and Anthony Alexander lock up. Bubba is tossed and the challenger retreats to the outside. The fans chant "Bubba sucks."

Once back inside the ring, Bubba is forced into a corner. He loudly claims that Alexander is "pulling my hair" for an advantage. Bubba is bald. Alexander shoulder blocks Bubba down, punches him and slams his head into a turnbuckle.

The veteran Bubba gets Alexander down and then forces his face into the ropes. Bubba slaps Alexander. There's a drop kick on Alexander. He whips the KSWA Champion into the ropes and slaps on a sleeper hold. Referee Shawn Patrick drops Alexander's hand once and then a second time before the appendage doesn't drop. Alexander fights out of it, but Bubba pulls him down from behind.

Alexander battles out by striking Bubba with elbows to the gut. He gets a sleeper on Bubba. Instead of waiting for the three-count, Alexander shoves Bubba aside. Alexander hits Bubba and delivers a DDT on the challenger. Alexander climbs to the middle rope of a turnbuckle and clotheslines Bubba in the center of the ring. There's a two-count.

Alexander misses with a splash on Bubba in the corner. Bubba whips Alexander into the corner and hits him with a Bulldog in the center of the ring. Bubba goes for the cover and Shawn Patrick slaps his hand on the mat three times. There appears to be a decision, but Patrick notices that Bubba's feet were using the ropes for leverage. He calls off the apparent pinfall and charges that the match be restarted.

With that, Bubba walks into Alexander's Prime Time Cancellation for the win! 9:41

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