Alexander Issues "Open Challenge", Blanchard Faces Grayson, Everhart Does Battle With Starr At MJ's

May 22, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

An all-too-familiar scenario forced Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Alexander to make an “Open Challenge” to the KSWA locker room, and a familiar face entered the fray at MJ's Steel City Saloon in Imperial.

The tag team division took shape as the KSWA is about to enter the summer months, and other reigning champions faced strong competition…all with a threat of storms looming in the distance.

AJ Alexander and “Rev” Ron Hunt vs. Officer Dan Murphy and “The Professional” Harley T. Morris

As soon as the action got started, Murphy was tossed to the outside as AJ and The Rev took early command of the match. Morris was also dumped to the outside and the team known as “An Officer and a Gentleman” took time to compose themselves. Once referee Shawn Patrick was able to get everything back in some sort of assemblance, it was AJ Alexander and Harley T. Morris who started things out. Hunt chanted encouragement in AJ's direction. Alexander dropped Morris down in a drop toe hold. AJ hit Harley with an elbow.

Harley chopped out of it. The two trade massive chops on each other. After a while, Morris got tired of the hard chops and went straight for AJ’s eyes. AJ recovered and went after Harley, who went to the outside. Hunt is in, Murphy is in. Hunt was able to get a headlock on the much larger Murphy. Hunt drop toe holds Murphy down and gets a one-count. Murphy recovers and boots Hunt down and gets his own one-count. Murphy keeps the pressure on Hunt.

Morris is tagged back in and he gets Hunt down for a two-count. “Let’s Go Rev” chants ring out, led by AJ. Hunt and Murphy continue with the offense. Both Megastars get momentum. Murphy slams his knee into Hunt and gets a two-count. Morris is tagged back in but Hunt gets momentum and knocks Murphy off the apron. Morris gets Hunt down and in the Figure Four leg lock. Murphy goes around and pulls AJ off the apron.

Hunt is eventually able to get out of the leg lock and tags in AJ. Offense is fast and furious. At one point, AJ goes to dive on Morris but Murphy sacrifices his body to take the kick, but he ends up falling right onto Morris. Morris low blows AJ (this would be a reoccurring factor all event) and rolls him up for the victory. 9:03.

Sin Born vs. Lou Martin

Lou gets a better reaction from the crowd than the Savior from Dead Man’s Hollow, Sin Born. The men are evenly sized, but after a lock up, Sin Born is able to get Martin into a corner. Sin Born follows with a clothesline and a whip into a corner. Martin is dropped to the canvas and Sin Born pulls his arms back. He is able to keep Martin down, but a true fighter, Martin kicks Sin Born in the back. Sin Born knocks him back down and registers a two-count. Martin gets up and punches Sin Born in the gut.

Sin Born rallies and suplexes Martin down. He gets only a one-count from referee Jimmy James. The veteran Martin rallies and cross body blocks Sin Born and gets a two-count. Martin follows with a clothesline and leg drop. When he makes the cover, there’s only a one-count.

Martin gets Sin Born to his feet and he rams his head into the turnbuckle 10 times. Then he goes to another corner for the same offense. Martin lands a chop and a bulldog but only gets a two-count. Martin continues to assail Sin Born by pulling his beard and applying a “purple nurple” to his opposition.

Martin chops and body slams Sin Born. There’s a sleeper hold, but Sin Born uses a neck breaker to break the hold. Sin Born is able to get Martin into his signature “standing figure four leg lock” but Martin is able to get to the ropes and force the break. Martin gets tied up in the ropes. Sin Born gets to the top turnbuckle, but Martin dives into the top rope, knocking Sin Born from his perch and right into his sensitive area. Martin hits Sin Born with a middle-rope bulldog and goes to the top rope for a swon ton for the victory in 9:45.

Bobby O comes to the ring to promote upcoming events. He is also the bearer of bad news in that Bubba the Bulldog has canceled his participation in the evening’s festivities.The late call off has long been a criticism of the former Golden Triangle and Tag Team champion. Anthony Alexander comes to the ring and says he will put up the KSWA Championship against any challenger. The official #1 contender for the title, J-Ru, comes out and attacks Alexander.

Bobby O has the doctors check out Alexander, and there’s still hope that Alexander can defend the “richest prize in the Commonwealth” later in the evening.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard (champion) vs. Tyler Grayson

This is a rematch from last week’s tussle at Hickory Heights Golf Course. The two lock up and Blanchard uses his size advantage to push Grayson into the corner. He does it a second time. Grayson nearly School Boys Blanchard for the pin but only gets a two-count. Grayson nearly gets another one. Blanchard, the veteran, goes to the outside to cancel this momentum.

Once back in the ring, Blanchard pokes Grayson in the eye. He continues the offense to get Grayson down. Blanchard gets Grayson in the corner for chops to the chest. There’s a snap mare on the challenger but the champion only gets a two-count. Blanchard applies a rear chin lock and digs at Grayson’s face and head. Blanchard kicks and drop-kicks Grayson. He follows that up with a low blow and German suplex. Two-count.

Blanchard chops Grayson in the shoulders and hits a neck breaker but Grayson gets a shoulder up at two. Blanchard gets Grayson in a sleeper hold, but the challenger gets his hand up at three with the referee counting. Grayson tries to use the jawbreaker to get out of the hold, but Blanchard just has too much size and experience. Blanchard sling shot suplexes Grayson in the center of the ring for the win. 9:29

J-Ru vs. “The Ram” Anthony Drake

Before things get started, J-Ru admonishes the crowd for not celebrating his existence. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell and the matchup begins. The two lock up and roll around the top rope. J-Ru misses a clothesline and the Ram knocks him down with a head butt. The Ram has a cheering section.

Drake hip-tosses J-Ru down. J-Ru goes to the apron and The Ram brings him in the hard way. J-Ru recovers and slams Drake’s head into the top turnbuckle. That goes over to no avail. Ram head butts away on J-Ru. Ram hits a splash, but J-Ru fights back with chops.

J-Ru head butts Drake but that doesn’t work for the #1 Contender for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship. Drake hits a spinning neckbreaker but only gets a two-count. In retaliation, J-Ru goes low on Drake.

Anthony Alexander, who has been cleared by the doctor for the Main Event, rushes out to the apron. J-Ru is distracted and once he turns around, Drake spears him for the win. 5:17

Five-Star Championship: Edric Everhart (champion) v. Shane Starr

These two Megastars have faced each other frequently in the weeks and months leading to this showdown. Referee Jimmy James checks both men and we are off. The match starts with Starr ducking an offensive manuever. Starr pounds away at Everhart and he goes down.

Starr immediately goes for a Sharpshooter, but Everhart gets out of it and bails to the outside. Starr chases him. Everhart gets back in, Starr crawls through the ropes and Everhart kicks the rope up, right into Starr’s sensitive area. This is the advantage Everhart needed. He kicks away at the challenger. Fans chant for Starr.

The offense continues between both men. There are clotheslines and pin attempts. Everhart nearly gets several near pinfalls. Everhart calls Starr “a little turd” when he kicks up out of a pinning predicament. They continue to battle. Everhart would have an advantage, Starr would have an advantage.

Finally, Everhart would nail his diving from the middle rope, “I Gotcha” flying finisher. He retained the Five-Star title in 8:29.

Triple Threat Match: Man-Child v. Steel City Angel vs. T-Rantula

Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and these three giants face off. T-Rantula chops Simms in the chest. Man Child head butts him in the chest

T-Rantula crushes both of them. T-Rantula opens up Simms' chest and chops him hard. T-Rantula gets blistered by the other participants. Simms' charge is missed by a kick. T focuses on Man Child. He chops Simms down. T-Rantula boots Man Child and goes for the cover but Simms breaks it up. T-Rantula clubs him low. Man Child goes after T-Rantula in the corner. Man Child slams Simms.

T elbows Simms. Man Child clubs T and digs a knuckle into T's chest. T Rantula back elbow. T chops Simms again. T pulls Simms down. T takes Simms into the crowd and smashes him with a beer. Man Child follows and he gets hit in the face with a plate of food. Simms gets nachos. T-Rantula digs at his face. T rolls Simms up. 6:49

KSWA tag team championship: Special Attraction vs. The Renegades (champions)

The Special Attraction makes their first appearance in the KSWA for some time. The Renegades, meanwhile, have not defended the tag team championships for a little while.

Big Country Matt McGraw and Malakai Gauge start. McGraw presses Gage and Yinza is tagged in. He clotheslines the seated Gage. McGraw side slams Gage and after a little while, Deveer is tagged in and goes after Country. Gage gets McGraw in a front face lock. Yinza kicks the mat in hopes of getting McGraw up. Gage forces him down.

Yinza hit McGraw in the face with a cup of water as a way of “waking him up”. McGraw punches away at Deveer. Yinza is tagged in. Deveer gets Yinza down. Deveer splashes McGraw and gets a two count. Gage side slams Yinza. Yinza reaches for McGraw but he is held up. The Special Attraction suplexes Yinza. Two-count. Front suplex on Yinza by Deveer. Deveer tags Gage. Yinza double DDTs the challengers.

With winds and an impending storm bears down, the match becomes a marathon of epic proportions. It’s chaos outside of the ring. The Renegades retain in 10:06.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Alexander Open Challenge

The KSWA Heavyweight Champion is surprised to be challenged by former 6-time KSWA Heavyweight Champion Shawn Blanchard! He is accompanied by “The King” Del Douglas.

The long-time foes lock up and Blanchard is able to get his way and has Alexander on his knees. Alexander recovers and clotheslines Blanchard down. There’s a back elbow and a two-count on Blanchard. There’s a boot from Alexander. Momentum is going in his way.

Douglas gets on the apron to distract referee Shawn Patrick. J-Ru races out and slides a chair to Blanchard. Alexander turns around and sees him with the chair. He knocks the weapon out of the challenger’s hand and gives him a Prime Time Cancellation on the chair. Alexander makes the cover, Patrick sees it and counts to three.

Alexander retains in an improbable 2:35.

J-Ru is still out there and he gets knocked down by Alexander to conclude the evening.

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