Dennis Gregory is the 45th Inductee into the KSWA Hall of Fame

June 2, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Dennis Gregory is one of Western Pennsylvania’s most decorated independent professional wrestlers. Since debuting in the mid-1990’s, Gregory has brought his style of quickness, striking ability and intense violence everywhere he’s gone.

Everywhere he’s gone, Gregory has earned championship gold. Throughout Western Pennsylvania over the past 25 years, few independent professional wrestlers have been as successful and draped in gold, as the hard-hitter. He has wrestled with-and-against all of the biggest names in Independent Wrestling. Some of his first matches were against Class of 2012 KSWA Hall of Famer Lord Zoltan. Some of his tag team championship reigns have come with the likes of JB Destiny, Jimmy Vegas, Lou Marconi, Frankie Corleone, Crusher Hansen and Super Hentai.

He’s founded federations along with long-time friend and frequent tag team collaborator Bubba The Bulldog, has wrestled all over the region and held more than a dozen individual championships.

[It’s among those attributes, and his stellar stay with the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance, that Dennis Gregory is the 45th inductee into the KSWA Hall of Fame. Since 2008, the KSWA Hall of Fame–and its first inductees–Joe Abby and Frank Durso–has become the most prestigious and independent professional wrestling Hall of Fame in the sport. All inductees have to have roots and or ties in the Commonwealth–from Bill Eadie and Dominic DeNucci and Donna Christianello, to Bruno Sammartino, “Jumpin’” Johnny DeFazio, “Chilly Bill” Cardille and Chuck Martoni, to “Mr. Tenacity” Tommy Faime, George “The Animal” Steele, “Battman” Tony Marino, Angie Minelli, Bill Apter and others.]

In January, 2017, Gregory made his debut in the KSWA fan favorite “Battle Bowl” and instantly resonated with the fans. In February, 2017 in his first single’s match, Gregory defeated up-and-comer MV Young.

Gregory would soon vault to the top of the KSWA Championship challenger’s list. He was defeated by then-KSWA Heavyweight Champion Mitch Napier in May, 2017. He would go on to wrestle Jack Massacre in a couple of contests, before reconnecting with his old friend Bubba and forming “Team Don’t Care” with their manager, Mayor Mystery.

The long-time veteran would battle another icon of Western Pennsylvania wrestling, giant T-Rantula. Soon, Gregory and Bubba would challenge T-Rantula and fellow KSWA Tag Team Champion The Jester. On January 8, 2018, “Team Don’t Care” would become the top tag team in the Commonwealth by defeating the popular T-Rantula and Jester.

The team would reign successfully in defenses against teams like Kris Kash and Shane Starr, but Gregory would also take on individual challengers like Starr and former KSWA Megastar Sly Scarpone.

On August 11, 2018, Kash and Starr defeated Bubba the Bulldog and Dennis Gregory to win the KSWA Tag Team Championships.

Gregory went on to individual glory on his way to a FanFest destination for the KSWA World Heavyweight Championship. On December 1, 2018 Gregory earned the championship in a Triple Threat Match against Napier and then-Heavyweight Champion “The Gavel” David Lawless.

Thus, the “Year of Gregory” began. The hardscrabble champion, and his disco-era “I’m Your Boogie Man” theme song rang throughout several venues in-and-around Pittsburgh. In a rematch, Gregory defeated Lawless in a one-on-one match, and then defeated BROhemoth, a Megastar who was repeatedly pushed to heights few others achieved in that time.

Gregory would defeat the popular Napier and BROhemoth in separate defenses, long-time veteran J-Ru and former KSWA Champion Kris Kash. At Brawl Under the Bridge, Gregory also dispatched “The Beastman” in one of the KSWA’s hardest-fought battles of 2019.

No one anywhere during that time defended their company’s top prize like Gregory, and he took on the likes of Shane Starr and arch-nemesis Anthony Alexander. A land of infinite opportunity, Harley T. Morris, Justin Sane, and Yinza challenged for the Commonwealth’s top prize.

On December 7, 2019, Gregory was defeated by Anthony Alexander for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship.

All told, in the “Year of Gregory,” Dennis successfully defended the KSWA Heavyweight Championship 18 times against 12 Megastars who were all worthy competitors.

Since then, Gregory has attempted to regain the KSWA Heavyweight Championship, and tagged with Bubba the Bulldog. He has won the Tim Moore Memorial Battle Royal at the Sheraden Langley Post, and re-teamed with his “Sons of Liberty” tag partner Super Hentai.

Dennis Gregory continues to have excellent matches, but now can list "KSWA Hall of Famer" to his growing list of accomplishments.

This year he earned other opportunities at the KSWA Heavyweight Championship and feuded with “Rev” Ron Hunt.

This year’s Joe Abby Memorial Tournament and KSWA Hall of Fame festivities will take place on Saturday, June 11 at the Three Rivers Harley Davidson, 1463 Glenn Avenue, Glenshaw, PA 15116. Bell time is 2:00 p.m.

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