Hall of Famer Mike Malachi To Return From Retirement For Charity Match, Wrestling Returns To Guyasuta

August 4, 2021
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

“Big” Mike Malachi is back. The former Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Champion and 2020 Hall of Fame inductee comes out of retirement for the Saturday, August 14 fundraiser for the Japeechen District, Laurel Highlands Council at Camp Guyasuta in Sharpsburg. Malachi, who is a multiple-time champion, will face off against one of the best in the business, Dennis Gregory. “The Irish Bear” and “International Thug” looks forward to battling another former KSWA title holder in Gregory. This should be a hard-hitting contest between two of the toughest Megastars to ever compete in Pittsburgh’s squared circle. The KSWA Heavyweight Championship is on the line when “Double-A” Anthony Alexander defends against the returning law man, Officer Dan Murphy. Murphy, who tips the scales at just over 300 pounds, is more than 100 pounds less than Alexander’s Brawl Under the Bridge opponent, the Beastman! This is Officer Murphy’s first KSWA match since a November 9, 2019 loss to the legendary T-Rantula. Although Murphy has not applied his law-breaking trade in Pittsburgh’s biggest landscape, he has worked in regional promotions, readying for a return to the KSWA. Murphy and Alexander have faced off in tag team contests before; however, this is his first opportunity at the Commonwealth’s top prize, the KSWA Heavyweight Championship. Alexander has been a fighting champion since returning to action. He’s defeated Beastman twice, as well as Gregory and Bubba the Bulldog in other matches. No titleholder in the KSWA has defended his company’s championship in 2020 like Anthony Alexander. Dan Murphy believes he is the best man to beat the two-time champion. KSWA Wrestling owner Bobby O and the KSWA Championship Committee have announced that the Golden Triangle Championship will be on the line as Shane Starr takes on his biggest challenge yet in BROhemoth. Starr was not on hand for Brawl Under the Bridge, however, BROhemoth and Mitch Napier took part in a Kendo Stick match for the ages. In fact, BROhemoth is taking credit for Napier’s absence in this fundraising event. Napier is usually front and center as a supportive Megastar in these contests. However, BROhemoth now has paved his way toward the Golden Triangle Championship. Starr, meanwhile, have carved out a legacy as one of the most influential Golden Triangle Champions of the past decade, if not longer. He looks forward to defending the city of Pittsburgh’s premier gold trophy when August 14 is upon us. The brand-new KSWA Five Star Champion J-Ru hits the ground running when he takes on the debuting The Regent Joshua Kavod. Kavod was supposed to make his debut against “The Ram” Anthony Drake at MJ’s Steel City Saloon earlier this summer, but rain put the kibosh on that. Instead, Kavod is slotting in with an incredible opportunity with the Five Star Championship. This has the possibility of being the biggest upset of the KSWA calendar. “The Renegades” Yinza and “Big Country” Matt McGraw defeated “The Good Guys” Zak Hunter and Noctus at Brawl Under the Bridge; but the KSWA Championship Committee was impressed and immediately inked a rematch. Hunter and Noctus have toyed with the idea of a new brand and names for their tag team, but they have also been thinking hard about the ramifications of possibly winning the Commonwealth’s most coveted tag team gold. Yinza and McGraw certainly have the makings of an important tag team championship combination, and they would have to win definitively against “The Good Guys” to influence the Krazies and the KSWA Championship Committee. At Brawl Under the Bridge, “The Face of Pittsburgh” Lou Martin did the unthinkable and made “The King” Del Douglas eat dog food in front of a record-breaking crowd of more than 800. The embarrassment might be too much to handle, one might think. Instead, Douglas, with VIP Shawn Blanchard, have attacked a friend of Lou Martin’s a rekindled that competitive fire. What might Blanchard and Douglas have in store for Martin? Might Martin have a secret weapon to combat his most dastardly foes? Front Row tickets for this exciting fundraiser are still available for $20 and General Admission tickets are as $15. Bell time is 5 p.m. for what promises to be an exhilarating day for the Scouts on Saturday, August 14. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 412-726-1762.

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