New Hall Of Famer Bubba The Bulldog Wins Joe Abby Tournament, Officer & A Gentleman Win Gold

June 12, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The 15th Annual KSWA Hall of Fame and the 13th Joe Abby Memorial Tournament took place at Three Rivers Harley Davidson in Glenshaw. The 15th Annual Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) Hall of Fame ceremonies took place, and a historic main event saw a once-in-a-lifetime outcome.

Sniper vs. "The Ram" Anthony Drake

Mercenary Sniper returned to the KSWA for the first time in a few years to take on "The Ram" Anthony Drake.

The fans are not impressed with the returning Sniper, who is just as mean and imposing as ever. They do appreciate "The Ram" when he makes his way to the squared circle. Referee Jimmy James is in the ring and checks both men. Then the action begins with both men feeling out the other.

Ram follows with forearms until Sniper drops him down. The fans rain disapproval on Sniper. Sniper wrenches Drake's ankle. Drake will not submit. There's a one-count as Drake's shoulders are on the mat. A two-count follows a few moments later. James forces a break as Ram gets to the ropes.

Sniper keeps the pressure on Drake. Ram rebounds, but Sniper uses his weight to get Drake down for a two-count. Sniper gets Drake in a single-leg crab. Drake gets to the bottom rope and pulls himself up. Sniper breaks the hold.

Sniper overhand chops Ram in the chest. Sniper whips him across the ring and splashes the Ram. He misses the second time. Drake floors Sniper with a head butt. Air Ram as he drops a headbutt from the middle rope for the victory. 8:28

Semi-Final Joe Abby Memorial Tournament: Bubba the Bulldog vs. Justin Sane

Referee Shawn Patrick, himself a KSWA Hall of Famer, is the official for this contest.

Bubba does his best to stall before facing a long-time KSWA Megastar. The two lock up and Bubba hip tosses Sane. Bubba continually keeps Justin on his toes. Bubba asks Justin if he wants to quit. Sane responds by hip tossing Bubba a few times and out onto the floor.

Bubba argues that Justin Sane "pulled my hair not once, not twice, but three times." Bubba is completely bald.

Bubba grabs Sane and digs about his face and extremeties. Bubba calls Shawn Patrick "the worst referee ever." Bubba drops a leg into Sane's crotch and then follows up with a swift kick to the nether regions. Bubba has Sane in the ropes and proceeds to punch away at his cranium. Bubba clotheslines Sane down. He preens, then goes for a pin. That ends at two when Sane gets a shoulder up.

Sane catches an attempted boot to the head. Bubba follows up by kicking him dead in the temple. Sane is whipped into a corner. He does it a second time and Sane falls, face first, to the mat. Sane does not look good in this matchup.

Bubba splash and bulldog ends in a two-count for Sane. Bubba misses another splash. Sane grabs him by the rest. Sane goes "old school" off the top rope and hip tosses Bubba into the ropes. Two count as the Bulldog gets out of it. Sane drops a Famouser. Sane goes to the top rope. Bubba catches him and lands a side slam for the victory. 8:34.

Bubba the Bulldog advances to the finals of the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament.

Joe Abby Memorial Tournament Semi-Final: Dennis Gregory vs. Shane Starr

The fans are firmly behind Shane Starr, the success from Sharpsburg.

Referee Jimmy James checks both combatants and the bell rings. Gregory attacks Starr from behind, but Starr drops the former KSWA Heavyweight Champion to the mat, and concrete floor. Gregory pulls him out and climbs back in. Gregory misses with a leg drop and Starr dives over top of him. Starr tries to pull Gregory down, but Dennis gets out of it.

Gregory pulls back on Shane and then drives him into a corner post. Starr and Gregory trade offense, but Gregory gets Starr down for a series of boots. Gregory gets behind Starr and wraps his legs around the former Golden Triangle Champion. Gregory pulls back and then lets go. He swats Starr down.

Gregory whips Starr into the ropes and applies a bear hug. Gregory pulls Starr down from the hair. Gregory forearms Starr in the back. Gregory bodyslams Starr. Then there's a kick to the sternum. Starr is whipped from post to post.

Starr fights back but Gregory hits a huge spinebuster and gets a two count. The long-time Megastars have blasted each other with aplomb. Gregory calls for Bubba the Bulldog, who comes to the ring. Gregory grabs a chair and blasts Starr. Gregory turns around as if he's innocent as heck. Somehow, Starr kicks up at two!

Starr rallies with back elbows. Gregory avoids a splash but not a boot to the mush. Gregory meets Starr in the middle. Gregory hits Starr with a super kick. Both men are down! James counts until both men get up. The Gregory driver is next for the win. 8:02

HOF induction ceremony

Tom Davenport, a 2020 inductee, was officially given his plaque. Then, Mayor Mystery, Bubba the Bulldog and Dennis Gregory were introduced. They were given proclamations from Allegheny County Council and their plaques. All three men spoke to the crowd about their careers in the ring and their love for professional wrestling.

Bubba the Bulldog, in particular, spoke of his love of his long-time friend Dennis Gregory.

Gregory, in turn, talked about his in-ring brotherhood, which included Bubba and Mayor Mystery.

Dennis tells the stunned crowd that Hall of Fame nods were usually given to retired athletes, and how this afternoon’s contest was to be his last in the squared circle.

Six-Man Tag match: Sin Born, J-Ru and Shawn Blanchard vs. Tyler Grayson, Lou Martin and Anthony Alexander

Anthony and J-Ru meet in the center of the ring for a test of strength. Referee Mark Charles III gets down on all fours for J-Ru to stand on his back, but that doesn't help the situation as AA is stronger than J-Ru.

Shawn Blanchard is tagged in. This re-kindles one of the longest and most intense rivalries in the history of KSWA. Anthony drops Blanchard and before you know it, he tags in Lou Martin. Martin and Blanchard is the most-telling story in Pittsburgh wrestling history over the past 22 years.

Blanchard gets an advantage over Martin and tags in J-Ru. Martin hip-tosses J-Ru around the ring. Tyler Grayson is tagged in. He chops J-Ru and the veteran slaps J-Ru right in the chops. It's all J-Ru over the youngster.

J-Ru gets Grayson in the corner and chops him, before whipping him across the ring. J-Ru is still in control but Grayson rebounds and lands a back breaker. Tyler somehow rolls out of it and goes for the pin, but Sin Born breaks it up.

Grayson punches J-Ru in the head 10 times in the corner. Sin Born races in and drops Grayson. J-Ru goes for the pin but only gets two. J-Ru keeps Grayson in his corner. They take turns wailing on the young Megastar. Both Alexander and Martin race in to attempt a break up, but Mark Charles III holds them up. Sin Born is in and Grayson drops him. But the Megastar from Dead Man's Hollow fights back. He tags in Shawn Blanchard.

Blanchard chops Grayson over and over and then snap mares him in the center of the ring. It's mass chaos as everyone is in the ring. Alexander and Martin are kept at bay. J-Ru keeps the pressure on Grayson.

Martin and Alexander are chased back again as Sin Born lands an impressive standing suplex on Grayson. Grayson fights back with kicks. He gets too ambitious with a dive, but Sin Born catches him and drives him right into the mat.

J-Ru simply races in and drives an elbow on Grayson. He will not give up as Sin Born applies the standing Boston Crab. Grayson gets to the ropes, forcing the break. Sin Born is right back on him though. Grayson lands a drop kick. He is able to get to Martin, who clotheslines a fresh Blanchard. Martin punches Blanchard 10 times in the head. Blanchard takes a face-first dive. Martin gets to J-Ru who raced in. Martin hits his head on the turnbuckle 10 times. Sin Born races in and attacks Martin.

Sin Born suplexes Martin. J-Ru and Sin Born double suplex Martin and get a two-count.

Blanchard was injured and left his teammates.

Sin Born attempts to drop Martin but he rolls into a pinning perdicament and Martin kicks out at two. Martin lands a clothesline.

At more than 15 minutes in, Sin Born and Martin are spent. Martin gets to Alexander. There's a bunch of activity, but Alexander hits Sin Born with the Prime Time Cancellation for the win! 16:22

Man-Child with Freek vs. The Beast Man

This showdown between two supergiants brings more than pounds to the ring. They have a difficult time communicating but they do grapple.

Beastman tosses Man-Child into the ropes. There's a shoulder block and shoulder block. Neither man budges.

They meet in the center of the ring with a charge. They both go outside onto the floor and collide. They take turns hitting each other's head on the apron. Beast Man goes for a old fashioned poke to the eye and pushes Man-Child back in. Before he is able to get in, Beast Man is attacked by both Freek and Man-Child.

Man-Child splashes Beast Man in the corner. Beast Man rebounds and chops Man Child, and that does nothing. Man Child head butts Beast Man in the corner.

Man-Child gets Beast Man down. The fight continues and Beast Man nearly attacks the referee. The two continue to battle. Beastman goes for a body splash but Man-Child catches and bodyslams the Beast Man.

Beast Man rallies and fights back with punches to Man-Child's head. Beast Man tries to pick up Man-Child but he cannot. They battle and Man-Child goes down. Beast Man splashes him but only gets a two-count.

Freek holds Beastman, and Man-Child goes to hit him with a giant, plastic snowcone, but the big man ducks and he clobbers Freek instead. Man-Child is surprised and turns around. Beastman slams Man-Child and gets the win. 8:05

KSWA Tag Team Championship: An Officer and a Gentleman vs. The Renegades

Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and Yinza starts off against Harley T. Morris. The KSWA Krazies are solidly behind Yinza.

After more than a minute of stalling, the two Megastars lock up with Yinza getting a wrist-lock advantage. There's a waist-lock battle between the two. Yinza gets an advantage and Harley gets to the ropes. There's a confab between Morris and Officer Dan Murphy. Then they get back to business.

Morris punches Yinza and takes advantage enough to body slam him. Yinza pops right back up and tags in Big Country. McGraw walks behind Morris, who is wapping to the fans. He knows something's up, turns around and gets punched down by Big Country.

There's a tag by a scurrying Morris to Murphy. The two big men face off and Murphy gets the advantage. They roll around the ropes. McGraw goes to spear Murphy, but he bails to the outside. McGraw pulls him back in.

McGraw shoulder blocks and bodyslams Murphy. Yinza is then tossed onto Murphy. Yinza gets Murphy in the corner and splashes him. There's a whip across the ring. Yinza goes for the monkey flip but the much larger Murphy catches him. Morris races over the scrapes Yinza in the eyes.

Murphy digs at Yinza in the corner and then drops an elbow, and tosses Morris on him. Murphy chokes Yinza with his necktie. Patrick counts Yinza's shoulders, but the Pittsburgh Luchadore gets one up by two.

Boots aplenty go after Yinza. He does get up and fires back. Murphy catches a jumping Yinza before he can get to McGraw. There's a slam in the center of the ring. Morris jumps McGraw on the apron. He pulls Yinza towards his corner.

Yinza recovers and dives on Morris. Both Megastars are spent. Morris gets to Murphy. Yinza gets to Big Country. McGraw splashes both of his opponents. McGraw press slams Morris and tosses him into Murphy. He smiles. Murphy is dropped.

Morris makes a save on a pin attempt on Murphy. Big Country spears Murphy. Harley makes the save before a pin could be counted. McGraw German suplexes Murphy. All four men are on the floor. Referee Patrick has his hands full.

Yinza gets to a corner and dives on the other three men. Yinza stands tall in the center of the ring. Morris meets him from the apron. Yinza goes to suplex Morris from the apron, Murphy pulls his feet out from under him. Morris makes a cover. Murphy holds Yinza's feet down and Referee Patrick makes the count. The winners and NEW KSWA tag team champions are Dan Murphy and Harley T. Morris! 14:27

Finals of the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament: Dennis Gregory vs. Bubba the Bulldog

Both finalists enter the ring, but then it’s determined that there is no referee in the ring. All of a sudden, the Special Guest Referee for his match is fellow KSWA Hall of Fame, Class of 2022 Mayor Mystery.

The two participants shake hands and Gregory nearly rolls him up. They lock up again and Bubba nearly rolls up Gregory. Bubba gets a wrist lock on Gregory. There's another roll up by Gregory but Bubba only gets two.

So far this contest is a technical dream between the two stellar performers. Gregory nearly pins Bubba again. There's a head lock from Gregory on Bubba. Bubba fights out of it and drops Gregory to the mat. Gregory asks Bubba if he's "mad"? Bubba says "somebody's gotta win it!"

Gregory is the first one to land a punch. That's immediately followed by Bubba's several swats. Gregory turns Bubba in half with a massive, textbook spear.

Gregory stomps several mud holes in Bubba. The Fans don't know who to cheer for in this historic contest, but they appreciate the athleticism between these two long-time in-ring brothers. Gregory nearly pins Bubba but only gets two. Gregory hits Bubba with a neck breaker but only gets two on the pin attempt.

Gregory drives Bubba's throat off of the top rope. He goes for the pin but just gets two.

Gregory super kicks Bubba right in the head. He makes an arrogant cover, and only gets a two. Mayor Mystery checks on both combatants. Bubba is super slow in getting up.

Gregory posts Bubba up for a superplex and lands with a serious crash in the center of the ring. Mayor Mystery slides in position and counts to two before Bubba gets a shoulder up.

Mayor Mystery checks on Bubba and he wants to continue. There's a huge Gregory power slam on Bubba. There's a 2.5 count but Bubba kicks out. Bubba struggles to get up. Gregory power bombs Bubba.

Bubba refuses to give up. There's a DDT on Bubba. Bubba, somehow, kicks up again. Bubba shouts "NOOOO" when he's asked if he gives up near the 11 minute mark. Gregory lands the Gregory driver, but Bubba gets a boot on the bottom rope.

It’s observed that a more experienced referee might have stopped the match before this.

Out of nowhere, Bubba reaches for Mayor Mystery's ringside cane. He uses it to clobber Dennis Gregory and Mayor Mystery applies the quick count for the win! 12:11

The winner of the 2022 Joe Abby Memorial Tournament is Bubba the Bulldog!

Following the match, Dennis Gregory grabs the house microphone and announces that “it won’t end this way,” and he will not be retiring after all.

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