Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament Returns, Kavod & Morris Represent, J-Ru Continues To Shine

June 26, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) kicked off a historic day with a return to Arsenal Park in Lawrenceville. In addition to being the lead-off event for the KSWA's "double shot" of shows, it featured the return of the Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament and ended with a regal return.

Harley T. Morris vs. "The Regent" Joshua Kavod

These two Megastars will travel to Johnstown, PA later in the same day to participate in an inter-promotional event there. The bell rings and the two wrestlers get ready. Harley tries to bide some time and get a rise out of the crowd. Kavod tries to do the same thing and gets a great deal of applause from the crowd.

Morris gets Kavod in a wrist lock, but Kavod reverses it. Harley punches Kavod. Kavod leg scissors Morris down and into the corner. Sunset flip drops Morris, but he recovers and gets Kavod down in the center of the ring. A back breaker on Kavod and a pin attempt ends at two.

Kavod is tossed into the corner and to the mat. Morris drives a knee into Kavod then posts him in the corner. Morris buries a knee into Kavod, pulls him out and drives him down for a two-count.

Morris gets Kavod in abdominal stretch. Referree Jimmy James checks on Kavod. He breaks out of the hold and gets some offense, hits a flying cross body block and a chin breaerk. A drop kick floors Morris. There's a flying clotheslien in thcorner. Another flying body press from Kavod.

From the pulpit from Kavod. 6:42.

Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament Semi-Final

"The Ram" Anthony Drake, Justin Sane and Sin Born.

All three Megastars enter the ring and The Ram clears Justin Sane from the ring and nearly gets a pinfall on Sin Born. Sin Born side suplexes The Ram and Justin Sane rushes in. He gets Sin Born down and nearly pins him. Sane walks the top rope and hip tosses Sin Born down. Drake and Justin argue amongst themselves outside the ring. Sane dives on both men.

Sin Born and Drake get back in and Sin Born gets Drake into a modified Crab. Sane breaks that up.

Sin Born suplexes Sane from the corner Drake recovers. 4:45

Mario Ferraro Sr. Memorial Tournament Semi-Final

Big Country Matt McGraw and Shane Starr, two fan-favorites, fae off. Off of the lock up, McGraw tosses Starr across the ring. They tie up again, with the same result.

It's all McGraw in the early going with power and effective strikes. McGraw bodyslams Starr and continues to keep him down. There's a Monkey Flip and a sit down on Starr and gets a two count.

Both men are spent with the heat and humidity of the day. Starr clips McGraw's leg and drop kicks him down. There's a two-count. Starr drop kicks McGraw and gets the pin. 5:07

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard (champion) vs. Tyler Grayson

Shawn Blanchard may or may not have an object on his person.

Grayson gets Blanchard down and works on the arm. He keeps the pressure on Blanchard until the O.G. of the VIPs German Suplexes the challenger. Blanchard then keeps up the pressure. At one point, Del Douglas chokes Grayson with the ropes while the referee's attention is averted.

Blanchard gets Grayson in a sleeper. Blanchard follows that up with a spinebuster.

Grayson recovers with a boot. He goes to the top and dives for a 450 and misses. Blanchard slingshot suplexes Grayson and gets the win. 5:04.

J-Ru vs. Lou Martin

The fans in attendance call J-Ru "Tea Pot" based on his "unwanted" theme music. The chants reverberate throughout the afternoon as the action starts.

Martin gets J-Ru in a headlock and then hip tosses him across the ring. J-Ru falls to the outside. There he jaws with kids in the crowd who call him" Tea Pot." Martin chops J-Ru in the chest once, and then twice.

Once back inside, they trade offense and Lou smashes J-Ru's head into the top turnbuckle 10 times. And then another. He punctuates those shots with an overhand chop. Then there's a third turnbuckle and a chop. A bulldog drops J-Ru and there's a two count.

J-Ru gets offense on Martin and drops him to the mat. J-Ru has Lou in the ropes and whips him to the center of the ring.

J-Ru gets Martin in a sleeper hold. Jimmy James counts one and then two for Martin. On the third attempt, Martin gets a hand up. J-Ru tosses Martin to the grass. J-Ru grabs a suspender from his outfit and chokes Martin with it.

J-Ru gets Martin in the corner and clotheslines him there. He goes for a splash but Martin leaves. There's a Death Certificate. Martin does not go for the cover but instead climbs to the top rope. Del Douglas emerges from the locker room and clubs Martin with a shoe. J-Ru goes low with a blow 9:42.

Fireworks Celebration Battle Royal

Shawn Blanchard returns to the ring and bad mouths the locker room. Everyone from the locker room comes out. KSWA Owner Bobby O says there will be a Battle Royal and the winner will get a shot at a KSWA Championship later in the year.

Grayson, who did an impressive hand stand to stave off elimination, was the first to go out. Blanchard was then tossed out.

"The Ram" Anthony Drake was tossed next. J-Ru was eliminated by Sin Born.

Justin Sane has been eliminated, leaving Sin Born, Shane Starr and Lou Martin.

Sin Born drop kicks both Martin and Starr. Sin Born goes low on Starr. Del Douglas cheers him on for the illegal move.

Lou Martin is tossed out, leaving Sin Born and Shane Starr.

Both men run the ropes and hit each other with clotheslines. Both Megastars are down.

Starr lowers the ropes and Sin Born goes over the top. Seemingly, Shane Starr was victorious; however, Del Douglas appears in the ring and tosses Shane Starr over the top rope.

The winner of the Battle Royal and an opportunity at a Championship later in the season, Del Douglas. 9:15

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