Bubba Blasts Gregory, Starr Wins Ferraro Tournament, Martin Becomes Golden Triangle Champion, AA Retains

June 26, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance then traveled less than five miles to set up for an outdoor, parking-lot event at Gino Brother's pizza restaurant, along Main Street in Sharpsburg.

The KSWA Heavyweight Championship and Golden Triangle Championships would be on the line, and the finals of the Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament would take place.

J-Ru vs. Tyler Grayson

The two lock up and Grayson forces J-Ru into a corner. The hold is broken. J-Ru can be heard saying "I wasn't ready for that." J-Ru forces Grayson into a corner and tries to take a cheap shot, but Grayson sees it. Grayson battles and hip tosses the veteran across the ring and out into the parking lot.

Grayson pretends to jump over the top rope onto in. Once back inside, J-Ru is drop toed to the mat. He recovers and has Grayson in a corner. A discuss clothesline drops Grayson but he only gets two.

It's all J-Ru as he has Grayson in the ropes. He propells Grayson into the center of the ring and drops down on him for a two count.

Grayson recovers and drop kicks J-Ru down. Both Megastars are down. J-Ru gets Grayson in a corner for some dirty offense. Grayson fights back and DDT's J-Ru on the mat, but too close to the ropes. There's a two count.

Grayson goes for the German Suplex. J-Ru grabs the referee, J-Ru goes low and clubs Grayson down for the win. 6:10

Triple Threat Match: Sin Born vs. "The Ram" Anthony Drake vs. "Big Country" Matt McGraw

Sin Born goes on the offensive immediately. The Ram and Big Country don't take kindly to that and double choke slam Sin Born. Then they take turns chopping him in the chest. McGraw

Drake body slams Sin Born and then does McGraw. Sin Born is pulled up and the two bigger brawlers take turns punching him around. He falls face-first onto the mat.

Then the two big men take turns striking each other. Then, the Ram head butts McGraw down and then McGraw clotheslines Drake down. Sin Born is back in and almost immediately dispatched by McGraw.

Soon, Sin Born's back in and tries to steal a pin from McGraw after he leveled Drake.

Sin Born chops McGraw hard. McGraw whips Sin Born into the ropes and clotheslines him down. Drake and McGraw are spent in the hot June evening and big shots. A shoulder block from Drake knocks McGraw down. The big hosses get up and Sin Born cross body blocks both of them. He tries to pin both men, but they both kick out.

McGraw clubs Sin Born from behind and then there's a big suplex from the Megastar from Dead Man's Hollow.

McGraw sends Sin Born high into the Sharpsburg night. Sin is posted in the corner. He eats a spear from Drake. Drake turns around is hit by a Matt McGraw spear for the win. 9:06

Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament Final: Justin Sane vs. Shane Starr

The two long-time fan favorites lock up. Starr gets Sane in a wrist lock. Sane breaks out of it and gets one of his own. Justin drapes Starr's arm over the top rope and then goes "old school" and hip tosses Starr.

Starr rallies and gets Sane down for a two-count. Starr hits Sane with a standing suplex. There's a two-count. Starr works on Sane's leg and referee Jimmy James asks Justin four times whether he wants to submit and he doesn't.

Sane recovers and gets Starr down. Sane buries a forearm into Starr's head. Starr will not give in. Starr gets to the ropes and forces a rope break.

Starr catches Sane with a cross body block. Sane breaks out and lands an impressive DDT. Two count. A series of two-counts follow as Sane has Starr down. Starr nearly rolls Sane up for a pin. Sane recovers and gets a two count on Starr.

Starr gets Sane into a Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Sane will not give in. Sane gets to the ropes. Deep, intenstinal fortitude follows from Sane.

Both me are down. The up. Starr misses a splash. Sane hits a famouser. Sane hobbles to the corner and goes to the top rop for a Frog Splash. Starr races to the corner and meets Sane then. Sane fights out and lands a power bomb from the top rope. It was an incredible move. Starr kicks out at two. Another Famouser. This one misses and Starr immediately clamps on the Sharpshooter. Sane nearly makes it to the ropes, but Starr pulls him back into the center of the ring. It was too much for Sane, who is forced to give up. 9:28.

Shane Starr wins the Mario Ferraro, Sr. Memorial Tournament.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard (champion) vs. Lou Martin

The two long-time friends-turned-foes battle. Martin hip tosses Blanchard across the ring. Del Douglas shouts encouragement to "Champ" Blanchard.

After more shenanigans, Blanchard has Martin is a head lock. Martin hip tosses Blanchard out of it.

Blanchard has Martin down on his knees with a test of strength. Martin is able to reverse it and get Blanchard down. Martin gets Blanchard's hands on the mat and stomps them. Blanchard rolls to the outside.

Once back inside, Blanchard takes charge with a punch to the head. Blanchard pulls Martin up and drops him back down with a right hand. Blanchard chops Martin in the shoulders. Referee Shawn Patrick tells Blanchard he's breaking the rules. Blanchard applies a standing suplex to Martin.

Blanchard digs at Martin's face. Blanchard hits Martin with a falling head butt. Blanchard hits Martin with a back elbow. Blanchard crows to the crowd.

Martin slams Blanchard's head into the turnbuckle 10 times and punctuates with a chop. Then there's another corner. Ten shots to the head and an overhand chop. There's a third corner. Smashes and a chop. Blanchard staggers and is clotheslined down by Martin. There's a two-count.

Martin pulls Blanchard's left arm and the Golden Triangle Champion shreeks in pain. Martin head butts Blanchard's forearm. Blanchard is posted in the ropes. Martin dives on him there. Blanchard is down. Blanchard is whipped in the corner. He nearly goes over the top but is stuck on the top rope. Blanchard kicks him down. Martin bodyslams and nearly rolls up Blancahrd. Two count. The two then trade near pin falls.

Blanchard fights back and has Martin down and he falls to the parking lot pavement. Waiting for him there is "King" Del Douglas who puts the boots to Martin as the ref was distracted.

Once back inside, Martin nearly gets Blanchard down for a Death Certificate. Martin and Douglas get tied up in the ropes. Blancahrd breaks that up and applies a neck breaker.

Blanchard hovers over Martin and then applies a Cobra Clutch. Blanchard has Martin down and nearly out. At three, Martin fights out of it.

Blanchard still holds onto the Cobra Clutch. Martin climbs the corner with his feet, flips over and pulls an incredible pull on Blanchard and becomes the NEW KSWA Golden Triangle Champion at 15:45.

Grudge Match: Bubba the Bulldog vs. Dennis Gregory

Two weeks ago, Bubba the Bulldog defeated Dennis Gregory in the finals of the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament.

Bubba charges the ring and grabs the microphone. He alleges that Dennis Gregory is "soft."

After moments of screaming, Gregory charges the ring, jumps over the top rope and spears Bubba. Gregory whips Bubba into the ropes and lands a big drop kick. "Who's Soft Now" is Gregory's appeal. Bubba falls into the ropes. Gregory grabs Bubba's boot and The Bulldog kicks Gregory in the head. Bubba chokes Gregory with wrist tape.

Gregory fights back but Bubba pokes Gregory in the eyes.

Gregory is whipped into one corner post and then another. Bubba asks "Who's soft now?" Bubba goes for a bulldog, but Gregory catches hi and hits a side suplex. Both Megastars are down. Gregory is the first one up. He lands a series of elbow drops on The Bulldog. Gregory shouts, "Bubba Sucks!"

Jimmy James gets knocked down when Bubba splashes the referee and Gregory in the corner. Bubba grabs a baseball bat he's brought to the ring and clobbers Gregory with it. Referee Shawn Patrick rushes in. There's a pin on Gregory that ends at two and a half.

Gregory receovers and hits Bubba with a flying elbow into the face. Gregory kicks Bubba right in the face with a boot. Gregory sets Bubba up for a powerbomb, but The Bulldog goes low on Gregory. He leaves the ring, grabs his bat and walks out. Patrick counts to 10 as Bubba retreats. The winner of the match by count out is Dennis Gregory. 6:53.

KSWA World Heavyweight Championship: Lucio Deveer vs. Anthony Alexander (champion)

At 931 days, Anthony Alexander is the longest-reigning KSWA Heavyweight Champion of all time. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell. The fans began chanting in unison for Double-A.

Alexander gets Deveer in a head lock. He warns of "tearing his head off." Alexander gets Deveer in the corner for a series of punches to the head. When he gets to 10, Deveer falls to the mat. Alexander boots Deveer to the chin. Alexander suplexes Deveer and gets only one.

Double-A knocks Deveer down and then whips him into a corner. He meets him there with a running clothesline. In a cluster, Deveer pokes Alexander in the eyes. Deveer has Anthony in the ropes and he dives on him, knees first, right there.

Patrick warns Deveer of illegal maneuvers. Deever goes groin-first, into Alexander's face. There's a face-first suplex by Deveer. Alexander recovers and whips Deveer into the corner. Deveer boots Alexander in the face.

There's a two-count on Alexander. Deveer argues with the crowd before going back to work on the champion. Deveer suplexes Alexander but the champion kicks out at two.

Deveer keeps the pressure on Alexander and boots him in the face. Deveer gloats to the crowd. He drops a leg on Alexander but the champ kicks up at two.

Deveer chops Alexander into the ropes. And then another. Alexander answers with a supreme spine buster in the center of the ring. Both Megastars are down.

Alexander clotheslines, back elbows and suplexes Deveer. There's a flying clothesline and a pin. Somehow, Deveer kicks up at 2 1/2. Deveer hits his patented Death Valley Driver but Alexander gets a shoulder up at two.

Deveer positions himself. Alexander gets to his feet. Out of nowhere, a Prime Time Cancellation for a retention win at 9:51!

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