J-Ru Is the New KSWA Champion, Kavod Reclaims 5-Star, Yinza Wins Brawl Belt

July 17, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Homestead for the annual Brawl Under the Bridge, and several new champions.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard (w/Del Douglas) vs. Lou Martin (champion)

Shawn is seconded by Del Douglas, while Martin initially comes out alone, but soon thereafter summons KSWA Hall of Famer T-Rantula!

The two long-time friends-turned enemies circle the ring. They lock up and settle in a corner. Martin breaks the hold but Blanchard argues that his finely-cropped hair was pulled. They lock up again and Blanchard posts Martin in the corner. Referee Shawn Patrick breaks it up. Blanchard tries to cheat, but Martin counters, and punches him until he falls out of the ring and into the waiting hug of Del Douglas. They go to lock up but Blanchard punks Martin and underhandedly knocks him down. He pulls the groggy Martin up, punches him down and drops an elbow for a one-count. "How about Lou now," Blanchard shouts. There's a whip, Martin counters and clotheslines him down. The two trade pinning predicaments. Martin lays in punches to Blanchard's dome.

Martin clotheslines Blanchard in the corner, but goes for a second and drops him with a well-placed knee. Patrick admonishes Blanchard for wanting to kick Lou in the nether region. Douglas attacks Martin while he's in the ropes, and T-Rantula walks over to break that up.

Douglas takes another cheap shot as the referee is distracted. Blanchard chokes Martin with wrist tape. Blanchard utilizes a standing suplex to torture Martin. Blanchard flexes and the crowd boos. There's a pin attempt. There's a two-count.

A spinning neckbreaker on Martin but there's a two count. T-Rantula pulls Patrick away from the pin. Blanchard puts the pressure on Martin's throat. The fans start clapping for Lou. Lou starts kicking a boot. He elbows Blanchard and goes to whip him into the corner. A spinebuster and two count on Martin.

Martin recovers and pounds Blanchard's head into the turnbuckle in one corner, then a second. Both stops are punctuated with an overhand chop to the chest. Then a third. Blanchard takes a wild swing at referee Patrick before falling on his face. There's a two-and-a-half count on Blanchard. He has his wits about him and tosses Martin into the ropes.

T-Rantula makes the save on Martin by chopping Douglas around the ring. Martin rolls up Blanchard for the win. 11:47

KSWA Tag Team Championship: An Officer and a Gentleman v. The Ram Anthony Drake and Justin Sane

Referee Jimmy James has his hands full with these four Megastars. The fans are solidly behind Drake and Sane and Officer Dan Murphy shakes down the ref after being checked himself.

James calls for the bell. Morris and Drake start off. The Krazies start a "Harley Sucks" chant that echoes throughout the bridge. Drake tosses Morris across the ring. Morris regains his composure in the corner. There's a go-behind waist lock and Morris breaks the move, just to hide in the corner. The Krazies chant against him again.

There's a test-0f-strength that sends Morris into the corner of his partner, Officer Dan Murphy. Now, two KSWA true heavyweights go at it. Drake goes for a Ram, but Murphy dodges it. He mocks Drake. The Ram eagerly locks up and rams Murphy in the chest. They lock up again and Ram head butts Murphy down and into the corner. Justin Sane is tagged in. Sane drop kicks Morris nearly gets three pinfalls, and goes for a wrist lock. He wrings the arm. The Ram is tagged back in. The powerhouse and Morris go round-and-round before Morris is pulled onto Drake's back. Sane is tagged in. He goes for the Old School move, but his opponents distract him enough to force a break. Murphy slams Morris onto Sane and get a two-count.

Murphy gets Sane down and drops a big elbow. There's a roll up for two. Morris is back in and he lays in some knees before Murphy is in for a big elbow and another. Murphy goes to the corner for a leg drop from the middle rope, but Sane gets out of the way. Morris is in and he goes after Sane, who fights back. Morris is down via a boot to the face.

Sane goes to the corner but referee James forces Morris to be tagged in. Sane recovers, drops Morris and hits a frog splash of his own. There's a two count.

Morris races in to save Sane. Sane and Morris are down. They both get to their corners. Murphy and Drake are in. Drake spears Murphy down. He has Morris on the ropes. Sane is tagged in. Sane goes Old School on Morris and whips him across the ring. Sane goes for a Cross Face. Drake and Murphy fight. Murphy boots Drake.

There's bedlam in the ring. Murphy DDTs Sane in the center of the ring and gets the win. 12:50

After the match, Morris attacks Sane more as the bell rings.

Triple threat match for the 5-Star Championship: Super Hentai vs. Rev Ron Hunt vs. Joshua Kavod

Edric Everhart, was unable to make the past several events, was stripped of the KSWA 5-Star Championship. The KSWA Championship Committee called and KSWA Owner Bobby O left it up to the fans if they wanted to see the belt be defended. They overwhelmingly loved the idea.

Hunt and Kavod had the fans' approval, but Super Hentai did not. Referee Mark Charles III is making his Brawl Under the Bridge debut. Hentai attacks both men from behind, but Hunt recovers and slams Hentai down. There's a drop kick but Hentai is able to recover and keeps Kavod at bay. He fights Hunt down.

He is able to keep Kavod down and Hunt is blistered. Hentai takes his time as the other competitors catch their wind. Hentai boots Kavod down again. He won't let Kavod enter the squared circle.

Hunt gets to his feet and fights Hentai, but is knocked down. The Ocala, Florida native Hentai goes to the outside as Kavod gets to the apron. Hentai gets into it with a kid at ringside, who clubs the wrestler. Hentai gets into the ring and Kavod fights him. Kavod dives over the top turnbuckle and clotheslines both men. He European-uppercuts the others and kicks both opponents in the head.

Kavod chops Hunt in the chest and whips him into Super Hentai. Kavod misses a flying clothesline but Hentai rolls him up. Hunt breaks up the pin attempt before it gets started.

Hunt kicks Hentai down. There's a pin attempt that ends at two. Hunt readies for a super kick but Kavod dives out of nowhere and DDT's Hunt. He gets a two-count. Kavod and Hunt go at it but Super Hentai breaks it up. He gets both men down and gets a two count. Hentai knocks Kavod down. Hunt dives on both men.

Kavod back elbows Hunt. Hunt clotheslines Hentai and hits Kavod with a Canadian Destroyer.

Kavod hits From the Pulpit and flying swonton. Kavod gets the pin and win in 10:22! Kavod is once again the KSWA 5-Star Champion.

Grudge Match: Bubba the Bulldog v. Dennis Gregory

Bubba grabs the house microphone and runs down Dennis Gregory. Gregory comes out the support of the Krazies.

Shawn Patrick, a KSWA Hall of Famer in his own right, has his hands full with two KSWA Class of 2022 Hall of Famers. Bubba wants to leave before things get started. Bubba goes in back in the ring.

The long-time veterans take their time getting to know one another.

Gregory nearly rolls up Bubba immediately, but he is too close to the ropes. Bubba argues that Gregory pulled his hair, but Bubba is bald. The two battle and Gregory nearly gets another pin. There's more offense and another near pinfall. Bubba bails to the outside.

Gregory grabs a ringside chair as Bubba ran to the locker room. Gregory sat referee Patrick in the seat and said, "I'll go get him." He did and rammed him into the apron. He punches Bubba at ringside and brings him back in. Gregory kicks Bubba in the chin and Bubba sees stars. Gregory poses in the corner as Bubba lays nearly motionless.

Gregory drops six elbows on Bubba and the Krazies cheer. Gregory splashes Bubba in the corner. Gregory misses another splash and Bubba is there with a clothesline. Bubba chokes Gregory with his own hand towel.

Bubba chokes him again and Patrick allows it to happen. Bubba kicks Gregory low. He continues to put the boots to the fellow Hall of Famer.

Bubba clotheslines Gregory down. Gregory is up and peppers Bubba with punches. He sends Gregory over the top rope and Gregory Skins the Cat back in. The Krazies explode.

Bubba pokes him in the eye. They trade punches. Bubba kicks Gregory in the head. Gregory is whipped into the corner and the ring moves. Bubba whips him again and the ring moves back. Bubba shouts insults at Gregory. Gregory calls Bubba in. Bubba hits his signature Bulldog.

Bubba shouts insults instead of going for the pin. Gregory slaps himself in the face. Bubba side suplexes him down. Gregory gets a shoulder up at two.

Now, Bubba gets the chair and walks into the riing with it. Patrick takes the chair off of Bubba. Bubba grabs his bat and pokes Gregory with it and rolls him up but only gets two.

Gregory rolls Bubba up and gets the win in 14:57. Post-match, Bubba goes for a cheap shot but Gregory spears him down and out of the ring.

Battle of the Super Heavyweights: Man-Child (w/Freak) vs. Beastman

The two largest megastars in the KSWA match up here. Mark Charles III is the official in charge of this mayhem.

Beastman gives his bone to a kid at ringside, and the bell rings. Man-Child tries to block out the chants in approval of Beastman. The two behemoths lock up. Man-Child poses a sizable challenge to the burley and beefy Beastman.

Man-Child and Beastman take turns trying to knock each other down. They both go outside and run at one another. There's a huge collision and neither wavers. They run to the other side of the ring and do the same. They battle on the outside, and then go inside the ring.

They trade head butts and chops. Beastman has an advantage when it comes to the chops. Freak distracts Beastman before he can inflict a potentially-fatal maneuver. That's enough for Man-Child to catch a break and get an advantage.

Man-Child kicks away and puts the boots to Beastman. Man-Child gets Beastman in the corner and follows in with a butt-first splash. They fight to their feet. Man-Child catches Beastman's cross body block and slams him to the mat. The crowd can't believe it.

Man-Child measures for his next move. He goes to the middle rope but Beastman meets him to land a Electric Chair from the shoulders. Beastman gets the pin and win in 7:40.

Post-Match: Freak gets in Beastman's face and he is punched down and powerslammed down by the Wild man from West Virginia.

KSWA World Heavyweight Championship: J-Ru vs. Anthony Alexander (champion)

The fans do not like J-Ru. Anthony Alexander is ready. This showdown has been some time in the making.

Referee Jimmy James has been entrusted with this, the biggest match of J-Ru's 20-plus-year career.

An enormous crowd watches as James hoists the most prestigious championship in the Commonwealth. A loud "Double-A" chant starts. J-Ru avoids a gentlemanly handshake attempt from Alexander.

They finally lock up and J-Ru is tossed across the ring. J-Ru checks his anatomy and soul while in the corner. There's another lock up and J-Ru is tossed across the ring.

J-Ru wants another test-of-strength. He boots Alexander, gets him down, but the champion stamps on J-Ru's feet and Atomic Drops the challenger out of the ring.

The two battle on the outside. Alexander rolls J-Ru in the ring. He boots J-Ru in the head while he's on the apron.

J-Ru is in the corner, Alexander misses a knee-first dive. Jimmy James tries to check on Alexander, but J-Ru breaks that up. J-Ru focuses on the knee and goes for the cover. J-Ru's boots are on the ropes. That pin attempt is foiled.

J-Ru pulls Alexander to his knees. Incredibly, Alexander hits a spinebuster. Alexander gets to his feet. He readies for the PTC. Out of nowhere, J-Ru hits his own Prime Time Cancellation, but with his knees up. He gets a two-count as Alexander kicks up.

Alexander gets a PTC but both Megastars are down. Jimmy James counts to six. Alexander rolls over J-Ru but only gets a two-count. Alexander gets the crowd into it. The two fight until J-Ru goes low and kicks Alexander in the privates.

J-Ru makes the cover and gets the win. 10:02. J-Ru is the new KSWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Homestead Street Fight for the Brawl Under the Bridge Championship:

The crowd is solidly behind Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore. The fan favorites stay in the ring as the others bail. Soon, all six men are on the outside.

There's a lot of battling between friends and foes alike. McGraw goes after Tyler Grayson. Sin Born dives onto most of the others and he battles the others. Yinza monkey flips Sin Born out of the ring. He and Lucio Deveer battle. Yinza clotheslines him down. Starr shoulder blocks Yinza. McGraw clubs everyone.

Its the Renegades in the ring together. Deveer has a Kendo Stick from the garbage can full of plunder. McGraw whips Yinza in the corner of the ring. Starr pulls him out. Starr hits Yinza with the Kendo stick. Deveer pulls McGraw out.

Yinza hits Starr with the Kendo stick. McGraw has the weapon. Grayson is on the receiving end of a lot of weapons. McGraw hits Deveer in the head with a garbage can lid.

Closer to the ring, Deveer and Sin Born battle, with Lucio earning the edge. McGraw challenges Deveer. There's a crutch and both men use it.

Yinza tries to his Sin Born with a brick. He misses and the brick breaks in two.

McGraw throws the entire trash can into the ring. He puts a toilet bowl lid on Yinza and tosses him with it.

Sin Born hits Yinza with a wiffle ball bat.

Starr is back in and he hits Yinza and McGraw with a plunger.

Yinza and McGraw have toy lightsabers and hit each other. One of McGraw's breaks and flies into the crowd.

Then, Yinza and McGraw have Kendo sticks.

Yinza, Deveer and McGraw battle in the ring. Sin Born, Grayson and Starr are in the mass of humanity on the outside.

Inside the ring, Deveer suplexes Yinza but doesn't go for the pin. Deveer uses a crutch on Sin Born and Grayson.

Deveer and McGraw face off and Big Country wallops him with the trash can lid.

Starr is in and uses the crutch on Deveer.

Deveer recovers and hits others with a steel pan.

Deveer gets offense in until McGraw gets to him. Yinza climbs to the top rope and McGraw holds Sin Born for the "What's Up!" Yinza lands it in. Patrick makes a count on McGraw from Starr.

Starr goes to slam Grayson, but Grayson counters it. Grayson hits a 450 on Starr, but the Sharpsburg Shooter kicks up.

Sin Born drives Grayson down.

A ladder is brought in. A table is pulled from the bottom of the ring.

Deveer tosses Yinza into the ladder. The table is in.

Lucio and Starr, Sin Born and Starr. Big Country is back in. He hits many of the others with a bull rope.

Starr goes to the top rope with a trash can lid. He misses a dive on McGraw. Starr rolls out.

Grayson drop kicks Sin Born, who has a garbage can on his head. McGraw flying spears Sin Born. Deveer is back in.

Sin Born unloads a bag full of thumb tacks. McGraw choke slams Sin Born into the tiny weapons. Starr super kicks McGraw down into them. Deveer is tossed from the corner post into them. Grayson sets Starr onto the table. Yinza Yinza to belly hits Starr.

Yinza goes to the top and dives onto Starr and scores the victory and Brawl Under the Bridge Championship in 22:08!

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