J-Ru Gets His First Test As KSWA Champ, Martin, Kavod And Tag Belts Were On The Line At Rumble at the River

July 24, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The new Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) World Heavyweight Champion, J-Ru dodged a rematch with Anthony Alexander, but faced a different former champion in Shane Starr. An Officer and a Gentleman defended against another rag-tag team, Joshua Kavod faced the former Five-Star Champion who didn’t lose the belt, and former friends put on a clinic for the Golden Triangle Championship.

Sin Born vs. "Big Country" Matt McGraw

Sin Born arrives and talks down to the fans in attendance. Big Country Matt McGraw makes his way to the ring and is confused by the ranting Sin Born. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell

The two lock up and Sin Born is tossed across the ring. Sin Born asks for a test of strength. That doesn't go well for him and McGraw suplexes the man from Dead Man's Hollow. The two lock up and McGraw gets Sin Born in the corner. There are chops and a back body drop. It's all McGraw until Sin Born hits a jawbreaker. Sin Born kicks him down. Sin Born grabs the wrist lock and knocks him down. There's a one-count on the pin attempt.

Sin Born lures McGraw into the ropes. McGraw explodes out of the ropes with a spear for the win in. 3:36.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: “An Officer and a Gentleman” vs. Justin Sane and Sean Simms

Referee Jimmy James shows the title belts to all of the wrestlers in the match. The “Steel City Angel” is a last-minute replacement for "The Ram" Anthony Drake who was in attendance, but with an ankle injury. The bell rings and it's Justin Sane starting off with Harley T. Morris.

Sane gets a "Harley Sucks" chant from the enthusiastic crowd. Morris gets Sane in a wrist lock and then grabs him by the expansive beard. Sane breaks the hold and gives Morris the old nipple grab. Sane goes "Old School" on the top rope and tosses him across the ring.

Then comes the Steel City Angel, the impressively-sized Sean Simms. He tosses Morris across the ring and out onto the floor. Morris wants a "skittle break." He gets into the ring and tags in Officer Murphy. The two similar-sized giants lock up and have a stalemate. They lock up again and have the same result. Murphy kicks Simms in the gut and then the two hit shoulder blocks that knock each other down.

In the corner of the tag team champions, Morris and Murphy have their way with the Angel. Morris keeps him grounded. Morris attacks Sane on the apron. That's enough to draw the referee away and the tag team champions continue to assault Simms. Murphy is in and pin attempts Simms and that ends at two.

It's all Murphy who keeps Simms down. Murphy kicks Simms low and works on the leg. Morris is tagged back in. Morris continues to keep Simms down. Simms boots Morris out of the hold and into the corner. Each man is able to tag in their partner. Sane ducks a double clothesline but he is caught in a cross body block. Simms kicks the others down.

Murphy goes low between the legs and DDT's Simms for the win. 8:58

Lucio Deveer vs. Gus the Gardner

Gus arrives with a gardening hoe and referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell.

The two square up and “The Enigma” has Gus down to one knee with an arm bar. Gus fights back and locks in his own wrist lock. That doesn't last long. Deveer has a head lock and whips Gus into the ropes. He drops Gus and shouts "That's how it's done." Gus fights back and lands a trio of German suplexes. There's a two-count and more offense from Gus. That's until Deveer lands a clothesline. That's enough to keep Gus down. Deveer lands in a version of the Cobra clutch but Gus is able to break out.

It's still Deveer with a chop and a whip into the corner. There's a big clothesline on Gus. He shouts "That's it" but Gus kicks up at two. A cannonball drop on Gus and a two-count by the referee.

Lucio has Gus in a sleeper. Patrick checks. Gus isn't ready for the final cut of the day. He elbows Deveer and fights out. There's a DDT on Gus. He kicks out at two. Gus gets to his knees. Deveer knocks him down and gets a two count.

There's a double clothesline. Both men are down. Gus fights back and lands an Atomic Elbow on Deveer's mohawk. Gus hooks Deveer's leg but only gets a two count.

Deveer lands a jawbreaker. There's a quick and decisive side slam into a victory. 7:34

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard (with Del Dougals) vs. Lou Martin (with Mark Helsel)

The fans are riled up against "King" Del Douglas. Referee "The Count" Mark Charles III calls for the bell. Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object on his person. Martin and Blanchard work the crowd.

They lock up and Blanchard has Martin in the corner. Blanchard goes for a cheap shot, but Martin stops him and strikes with a number of fists. Pastor Mark rallies the crowd with a "Burger King" chant. Then there's a "Barney" chant.

There's a test of strength that has Martin to his knees. He fights out, gets Blanchard's hands down for a double stomp. Martin splashes Blanchard but he goes for another and finds a high knee to the chin.

Blanchard uses his boots to rake Martin's eyes. Blanchard snaps him over and into a seated position. Blanchard pokes, jabs and digs at Martin's face. Blanchard has Martin down and after a lot of grandiose grandstanding, kicks the Face of Pittsburgh below the belt.

Blanchard may or may not have an illegal object that he jams into Martin's throat. The referee is dragged away from Martin being assailed by Martin in the ropes. There's a pin attempt that ends at only one.

Blanchard back-elbows Martin down. Blanchard crows. Pastor Mark shouts encouragement to Lou.

Blanchard has Martin in a wrist lock. Blanchard tosses Martin out. There's more attention on Pastor Mark as Del Douglas puts the boots to the Face.

Back inside, Blanchard rams Martin's face into the turnbuckle. Martin recovers and slams Blanchard's face into the post. There's an overhand chop. The same thing in another corner. And then a third. Martin does the same in the fourth corner. Blanchard swings at Mark Charles III and misses. He falls face-first onto the mat.

There's a pin attempt that ends at two. Martin has Blanchard in an arm bar.

Blanchard uses his weight advantage to hip toss Martin, but he holds on. Blanchard will not give up. Blanchard rakes the eyes and that breaks the hold. Blanchard climbs the top rope, Martin meets him there and throws him off. Blanchard is up and Martin drops him. There's a pin attempt at two. Blanchard poked him in the eye. There's a spinebuster on Martin. There was a two count. KSWA Owner Bobby O thought aloud that the pin actually was a three-count, but Martin got lucky.

Martin goes over the rope for a monkey flip. Blanchard holds on. Del gets involved and Pastor Mark pushes him off. The roll up goes and Martin pins Blanchard for the victory in 16:10!

Post Match: Blanchard and Douglas attack Pastor Mark. He ducks a double clothesline attempt and lands one of his own to the jubilation of the crowd!!

Remy Levay vs. Tyler Grayson

This is a showdown between two athletic youngsters. Grayson is forced into a corner and is paint-brushed by Levay. They lock up again and Levay is in the corner. Grayson slaps Levay in the chest.

Grayson peppers Levay and knocks him down. Referee Mark Charles III is busy as Grayson gets Levay is a number of pinning predicaments. Levay rebounds and floors Grayson. He slams his knee onto the apron and posts the boot onto the bottom rope for more offense.

Levay, who is young but considerably more experienced than Grayson, has the upper hand. There's a head butt to drop Grayson. There's only a two-count. Grayson fights out of a sleeper, but tries to fly off the ropes. His knee buckles and Levay drops him down and gets a near pinfall.

Grayson misses a dive in the corner. There's a slingblade on Grayson but he kicks out at two. It was an arrogant cover that allowed Grayson to kick out.

Grayson gets offense and DDT's Levay but only gets a two count. Grayson kip-ups and still has knee issues. Grayson misses a 450 dive and Levay is ready to pounce.

Instead, Grayson jumps on his back. Levay catches him and lands a reverse spinebuster for the win. 7:07.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: J-Ru (champion) vs. Shane Starr

Starr is a last-minute replacement for former champion Anthony Alexander, who was ill. J-Ru tries to fool Star, but the one-time former KSWA Heavyweight Champion catches on and drops him to the mat. J-Ru escapes to the outside. Starr follows and J-Ru runs around the ring.

Starr avoids two elbow drops and nearly gets J-Ru into a Sharpshooter. J-Ru lures him to the apron and uses the ropes to drop Starr. There's a two-count on J-Ru.

J-Ru holds onto Starr's expansive hair and clotheslines him down. There's a two-count.

Starr nearly rolls him up but J-Ru attacks with a discus clothesline. James counts off the throat attack on Starr and the pin attempt that ends at two.

J-Ru continually attempts to roll Starr up but that ends without conclusion. J-Ru works on Starr's leg and kicks him in the gut, right in front of the referee.

J-Ru walks over Starr by stepping on his midsection. Starr is up and nearly gets the Sharpshooter. J-Ru pokes him in the eye and attacks Starr in the corner.

There's a whip across the ring and a boot to J-Ru's face. Starr lands a number of clotheslines. J-Ru staggars. Starr lands a sidewalk slam. J-Ru falls out of the ring.

Suddenly, Mayor Mystery is at ringside and apparently in J-Ru's corner. This draws some confusion, but J-Ru is back in the ring, and quickly rolls up a distracted Shane Starr. The new champion may have grabbed a handful of tights and gets the win. 7:35.

Five-Star Championship: Edric Everhart vs. Joshua Kavod (champion)

Soon, the two are out on the floor. They chop one another and Kavod rolls in just enough to restart the count. Kavod is back in and dropkicks Everhart to the floor. He jumps over the top rope but Everhart escapes. Once inside, Everhart kicks Kavod off the apron and onto the floor.

Everhart catches his breath as Kavod is on the floor. Everhart soon follows. He tosses Kavod in the ring and puts the boots to the Five-Star Champion.

Everhart punches Kavod in the head and he falls into the corner. The Regent fights out and drops a leg. There's only a one-count. Kavod receives crowd approval as he leaps to the top rope. Everhart pushes Patrick into the ropes and drops Kavod onto the top turnbuckle.

There's a big suplex in the center of the ring and Everhart takes his time following up. Kavod gets to a seated position.

Everhart hits an impressive, swinging side suplex. Patrick counts to two.

Kavod springs out of a running springboard neckbreaker that gets Everhart down. Kavod lands a flying clothesline in the corner and a flying cross body block. There's a two-count.

Everhart catches Kavod and powerslams him to the mat. He shouts at Kavod and locks him in a crossface submission move. Kavod fights toward the ropes, but kicks Everhart off of him.

There's a spinning DDT on Everhart and a two-and-one-half count.

Kavod readies for a super kick. Everhart to his feet. He lands a punch and a suplex. There's a big, last-second kick-out by the Five-Star Champion.

Everhart removes his wrist tape but tosses it aside. Everhart starts to get ready for a superplex but Kavod fights out of it.

Out of nowhere, he lands the "From the Pulpit" boot to the chin and gets the retention win. 10:43.

Thus concludes “Rumble At The River”.

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