King Wins A Car, Kavod, Martin And J Ru Defend At Century III Kia

July 31, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) debuted at KIA in West Mifflin, outside of a popular car dealership and three titles were defended.

But one of the questions of the day was who would win a Battle Royal with a brand new car on the line.

Cleveland Bruiser vs. Tyler Grayson

The Cleveland Bruiser comes to the ring and desecrates a Steeler hat. Tyler Grayson picks up the hat and fixes it to the approval of the fans.

The Bruiser starts off trying to get the fans riled up. Grayson has better luck before being attacked from behind by the Bruiser.

The Bruiser goes to work on the youngster. The Bruiser goes to the apron, has Grayson tied up there, and gets some offense. Once inside, the Bruiser drops an elbow. Tyler is posted in the ropes and the Bruiser attacks and kicks him there. And then another set of ropes. And then there's a clothesline and pin attempt that ends at two.

Grayson is whipped into the ropes but he explodes out and clotheslines and drop kicks the masked menace. There are punches to the top of the head and a side slam. There's a one-count before the kick up.

A body slam on the Bruiser and a leg drop for a two count.

Grayson drops him down, lands an elbow for a one count. The veteran Bruiser recovers and kicks Grayson. There's a knee into the back and version of the Cobra Clutch. He continues to pressure the Leader of the Grayson Nation with knees.

Grayson kicks and drops the Bruiser. Grayson punches away and knees the Bruiser down. There's a 450 and the pin 7:40.

Johnny Switchblade vs. The Ram Anthony Drake vs. Justin Sane

All three Megastars arrive on the scene and are ready for action. Switchblade's return to Pittsburgh wrestling begins with him trying to dictate the actions of Drake and Sane. They however have their own plans. They suplex him out of the ring. With Switchblade out, it's Sane and Drake. Sane gets the upper wrist lock and goes Old School. The offense continues on Drake when Switchblade returns. Sane is knocked out of the ring.

That gives Switchblade a chance to take offense to Drake. But the Appalatian Assassin recovers and suplexes Switchblade down. Sane and Drake argue as to who is taking action against Switchblade. It's The Ram who head-butts and suplexes Switchblade.

Sane and Drake go at it. Switchblade is back in and he dispatches Sane. Switchblade goes after Ram and goes for a suplex. The Ram may have 100 pounds on Switchblade. There's a two-count on Switchblade.

Switchblade lands a big back hand strike on Drake. Out of nowhere, Sane hits a Frog Splash and gets the double pin win. 6:29.

KSWA Owner Bobby O comes to the ring, thanks Century III Kia and all the fans for coming out. He also details a busy August for Pittsburgh's official wrestling brand.

Shawn Blanchard (w/Del Douglas) vs. Big Country Matt McGraw

Blanchard talks down to the Krazies in attendance and tries to coerce McGraw to join him and the VIPs.

McGraw slowly takes off his hat and shakes Blanchard's hand, but slowly crushes it like Superman did General Zod in Superman II.

The fans chant "Dairy Queen" toward Del Douglas. The two lock up. McGraw tosses Blanchard into the ropes. McGraw knocks Blanchard down again. Referee Mark Charles III is brought into the argument, but he does not have a real dog in the fight.

McGraw posts Blanchard in the corner.

Later, Blanchard has McGraw in the ropes and Douglas attacks him from the outside. Blanchard digs at McGraw's eyes. McGraw gets momentum and clotheslines Blanchard down. There's a leg drop and a two count.

McGraw gets Blanchard in a rear choke hold but Blanchard is able to fight out of it before being tossed across the ring. Blanchard kicks McGraw low and follows that up by climbing to the top rope. McGraw meets him there and tosses him into the center of the ring.

McGraw bodyslams him. Del Douglas is shouting encouragement towards McGraw. Blanchard is tossed into the corner. Blanchard is whipped into the corner. There's a flying shoulder block and pin for McGraw over Blanchard. 7:43.

Five Star Championship: Harley T. Morris vs. Joshua Kavod (champion)

The Krazies in attendance are firmly behind Joshua Kavod. Referee Shawn Patrick checks out both men. The bell rings and both men start out slowly. They've met before and are ready to match up again.

They lock up and Morris gets behind Kavod with a waist lock. Kavod reverses the move, but Morris gets him down in a leg lock. He goes for a pin, gets one and keeps Kavod grounded.

Kavod gets out of it and is ready for more.

Kavod floats the idea of a Test of Strength. Morris has a weight advantage, but Kavod is a strong athlete. They lock up and they battle back and forth for dominance.

Kavod hip tosses Morris down and The Professional is frustrated. It's all Kavod with a series of moves but Morris catches him in a powerslam and gets a two-count. Morris kicks Kavod in the back of the head.

There's a powerslam and an elbow. One count is registered by the referee. Morris ties Kavod in the ropes and there's a kick that makes the 5-Star Champion to the outside. Kavod recovers and kicks Harley to the outside. There they meet for chops. Kavod to the top rope. A flying body press is caught by Morris and soon, Kavod is a Figure Four. Kavod reaches for the bottom rope. Kavod makes it to the bottom rope and breaks the hold.

Kavod recovers with a kick and a sunset flip that ends with two. A scissors kick and drop that registers a two count. A side power slam ends in two. Kavod is spent, Morris argues with the crowd.

There's an abdominal stretch on Kavod. Patrick checks for a submission. Morris uses the top rope for leverage. Patrick catches it and Kavod hip tosses him.

Kavod catches Morris in a cross face. Morris got his foot in the bottom rope for a break of the hold. Morris rolls him up, Kavod breaks it up, gets his own and the two men go for several pinning moves.

Out of nowhere, Kavod lands the From the Pulpit foot to the jaw for the win. 13:15.

Golden Triangle Championship: Sin Born with Freek vs. Lou Martin (champion)

Referee Mark Charles III calls for the bell. The two men circle the ring. Sin Born gets Martin into the ropes and there are some shoulder blocks to the midsection.

Martin is in the corner and Freek is on the outside, administering damage. Once back together, it's more Sin Born brutality. There is a flying leg scissors out of nowhere for the face of Pittsburgh. He slams Sin Born's head into the top turnbuckle a bunch of times. Then there's another corner and another. Each time, Martin administers an overhand chop.

There's a bulldog from the second rope. Freek interrupts the pin attempt and Sin Born capitalizes with a boot and a suplex. There's a one-legged crabbed. Martin crawls toward the ropes but Sin Born pulls him out.

Freek attacks Martin on the outside. The referee is busy with Freek and Sin Born has his way with Martin in the corner post.

Martin is rolled into the ring. He clotheslines Sin Born down for a two-count. Sin Born continues the offense on Martin. Charles goes for the pin attempt. A Lou Thesz Press knocks Sin Born down. There's clotheslines and a couple of splashes. A sidewalk Slam and two count.

Freek is in the ring, mouthing off to Lou. Martin drops him and hits a flying swonton.

Out of nowhere, Martin lands the Death Certificate for the win. 8:14

The Over The Top Rope Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal.

The bell rings and all of the participants.

J-Ru and Anthony Alexander eliminate themselves. J-Ru says he doesn't want the car.

Shawn Blanchard drop-kicks Lou Martin but he doesn't fall over the top rope. Harley T. Morris and Big Country Matt McGraw work on Freek together. McGraw overhand chops Freek. Morris goes over the top but Skins the Cat back in. Tyler Grayson is eliminated, largely because of Shawn Blanchard disrupting his attempt to skin the cat.

Freek is the next one over the top rope. He gave it a galaniant fight, but both feet hit the ground.

Morris and Kavod fight at. Kavod goes for Morris, but the Professional lowers the top rope and Kavod goes flying. The Ram, Anthony Drake is muscled over by “Big Country” Matt McGraw.

Morris and Blanchard fight McGraw and he is tossed out. Blanchard and Morris are tossed by Martin. It looks like Lou Martin is the winner, but Del Douglas races in and tosses Martin over the top rope and onto the floor for the victory!

Afterwards, Douglas celebrates, but on the marching orders of Shawn Blanchard, turns down the 2022 Kia Forte. The fans are beside themselves.

KSWA Championship: J-Ru (champion) vs. Anthony Alexander

J-Ru tries to get a "J-Ru's Great" chant, but the fans go for "J-Ru Sucks."

Anthony Alexander says J-Ru is a "piece of trash" and "looks like a teapot." That familiar music hits and the fans chant that the KSWA Heavyweight Champion "is a tea pot."

Shawn Patrick checks both competitors. The fans continue to chant "tea pot" toward J-Ru. The bell rings.

J-Ru insults Alexander and goes for a punch that's blocked. Alexander knocks J-Ru down several times and nearly lands a Prime Time Cancellation on J-Ru. After J-Ru stalls, Alexander teases a re-entry but J-Ru misses with elbows.

There's a boot to J-Ru's head. Alexander body slams J-Ru. The KSWA Heavyweight Champion rebounds and gets AA in the corner. Alexander whips J-Ru across the ring and hits him with a chop. Alexander goes for another chop but J-Ru pokes him in the eye. J-Ru hits him with a series of chops and whips Alexander across the ring and into the corner.

J-Ru has AA in the ropes and he's dropped to the mat. There's a lazy, 1 1/4 count before Alexander gets a shoulder up.

There's a boot to Alexander's throat. J-Ru does a Nestea Plunge into Alexander's crotch.

Alexander recovers and knocks J-Ru to the canvas. J-Ru is dropped onto Alexander's knee. There's a two-count before J-Ru gets a shoulder up.

Alexander hits a spine buster on J-Ru. There's a flying shoulder block from the former KSWA Champion. J-Ru rolls to the outside and argues that he's "ahead on points." Bobby O says that no one wants the match to stop. J-Ru sneaks to the back, but Alexander says he's going to beat J-Ru "within an inch of his life" and goes for him.

Once back in the ring, J-Ru clocks Alexander with brass knuckles and gets the win at 11:41.

Lou Martin races out with J-Ru and Sin Born is right behind him. The four men fight until a new tag team match is started. A bonus match is a tag team contest.

Martin and Alexander vs. J-Ru and Sin Born

J-Ru works on Martin. Then, Sin Born is tagged in and he keeps Martin on the ground.

Sin Born body slams Martin. J-Ru is on Lou Martin. J-Ru stands on Martin's throat on the bottom rope. J-Ru attacks Martin on the outside. Sin Born tries to pin Martin but referee Patrick is out of sorts. There's a two-count.

There's a double clothesline on both Martin and Sin Born. Martin rallies, drops Sin Born and curb stomps him before tagging in Alexander.

Alexander hits Sin Born with the Prime Time Cancellation for the win. 5:18.

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