With Downtown Pittsburgh In The Background, J-Ru, Martin And Officer And A Gentleman Defend

August 14, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned for another Boy Scout fundraiser, but this time near the Pittsburgh headquarters with a breathtaking view of downtown Pittsburgh behind all of the action.

Three championship matches were on the line as the KSWA tag team, Golden Triangle and Heavyweight titles were on the line for a good cause.

Tyler Grayson vs. Sin Born

The man from Dead Man's Hollow is set to take on the Leader of Grayson Nation.

Sin Born has Grayson in a headlock but he is able to elbow his way out of it. Grayson shoulder blocks Sin Born down. He cracks Sin Born in the head with his knee. There's a pin attempt that ends at two.

Sin Born drop toe holds Grayson to the mat. Sin Born screams that "everything's mine!" He keeps the offense going.

Sin Born drops Grayson and gets a two count in the pin attempt. The two men go round-and-round until he drops Grayson down and into the standing crab. Grayson cannot get to the ropes, but is able to roll Sin Born up in an inside cradle. Grayson takes control and lands a spectacular DDT but only gets two. Grayson believes he got three. There's a back cracker out of nowhere on Grayson. Sin Born disparages Grayson and climbs to the top rope. He dives and misses a moving Grayson. He's down and Gray goes up top for the 450 splash and the win. 5:26.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: An Officer and a Gentleman (champions) vs. The Ram Anthony Drake and Justin Sane

The KSWA tag team champions make their way to the ring and then the challengers arrive. Referee Jimmy James checks both teams and calls for the bell. Harley T. Morris pushes The Ram into a corner and then lets go. The Ram forces Morris into a corner and is greeted with an elbow and a toss across the mat. The Ram head locks Morris down and he falls into a corner. Morris tells referee James that "it hurts."

The two go for a Test of Strength. The Ram wins by sending Morris down to the mat. Justin Sane is tagged in and he goes straight for the wrist lock and sends his foe to the mat. There's a one-count as Morris gets his shoulders down. Sane threatens to "break it off" and Sane continues to work on the arm. Sane says "Old School" and he goes to the top rope. Sane whips Morris across the ring, but he is able to recover and get Sane down. Murphy is tagged in and he buries a boot into Sane's back. "I'm just doing 'the Twist'," he explains. The tag to Morris is made and he keeps Sane down for a pin attempt. Murphy keeps Sane down. But, out of nowhere, Sane goes for the school boy roll up and gets a two count. Murphy and Morris double team Sane in the corner.

Morris is tagged in and he suplexes Sane three times. There's a two-count. Sane holds his head after getting kicked. The referee is distracted when Sane gets to Drake. James forces him down. Officer and a Gentleman work well as Murphy bodyslams Morris onto Sane. Morris pots Sane on the top rope. Morris is ready for a superplex. Sane reverses it and lands a power bomb. Both Megastars are down. Referee Jimmy James starts the double count. Drake and Murphy are both tagged in. Drake shoulder blocks Murphy and gets a two count. Sane goes for a flying body block but Murphy catches him. There's a Morris dive onto Sane and the win. 12:20. “An Officer and a Gentleman” retain the championship.

Golden Triangle Championship: Bubba the Bulldog vs. Lou Martin (champion)

Referee Shawn Patrick checks both men and we are ready for action. Bubba gives everyone the business and the bell rings. The veterans circle the ring and Martin tries to lock in a waist lock and Bubba is able to maneuver his way behind the Golden Triangle Champion. Martin rolls him up and there's nearly a three-count on Bubba. He continues to claim that his shoulders "weren't down" and he argues with all of the crowd. Martin pushes Bubba into the corner and he complains that the Champ pulled his hair. Bubba pushes Martin into the corner and takes a cheap shot.

Bubba gets Martin in a wrist lock and bites his thumb. Martin gets out of the move and does the same to the Class of 2022 Hall of Famer, Bubba the Bulldog. After biting Bubba's thumb, Bubba gets some momentum on the GT champion. With Martin tied in the ropes, Bubba wails anyways. Bubba stomps Martin in the chest and then punches away. Martin is whipped into the ropes but he rebounds and pounds Bubba's head into the top turnbuckle. He only gets a few drives in, Bubba ultimately punches Martin below the belt. Bubba makes a cover and only gets two. Bubba hits Martin with a Sidewalk Slam and gets a two-count. Bubba buries a knee in Martin's chest. Martin is too close to the ropes so he can't make a pin attempt. Both men run the ropes and Bubba clotheslines Martin down. Bubba shouts for Lou to "get up." Martin is posted on the turnbuckle. Bubba is tossed off. Lou hits the Swon Ton dive from the top for the win and retention. 9:27.

KSWA Heavyweight Champion: J-Ru (Champion) vs. Big Country Matt McGraw

Referee Jimmy James checks both men and the bell rings. J-Ru tries to take a cheap shot on Big Country, but the challenger ends up shoulder blocking the champion down. He bails to the front row, where is fanned by some long-time Krazies. One the outside, the two battle and J-Ru is rolled in. He receives a big elbow from Big Country. Once back inside, J-Ru gets some offense before he tries to go for a football tackle. He bounces off of Country like a tennis ball.

After McGraw action, J-Ru pokes Matt in the eye. He recovers and bodyslams the champion. J-Ru is posted in the corner and Big Country splashes him there. He misses a follow-up slam and J-Ru clotheslines the much larger challenger. With McGraw down in the corner, J-Ru Nestea plunges McGraw in the crotch. He then uses the championship belt for a distraction and goes low on McGraw and scores the win. 5:23.

Super Hentai vs. Lucio Deveer

Super Hentai gets Deveer in the corner and then Deveer gets Hentai in a side headlock. Hentai gloats, but Deveer hip tosses the masked challenger. Deveer gets Hentai down. Hentai gets momentum and kicks the Enigma in the hamstrings. He continues to work on Deveer's leg. Hentai gets Deveer in the corner and buries shoulders in the gut. Hentai goes for a splash but Deveer meets him with a boot.

Deveer is down for a 1 1/2 count. Deveer tries to fight out of it and powerslams Hentai down. The two trade fists until Hentai goes down. He is leveled with a series of clotheslines. Deveer clotheslines Hentai down. There's a pin attempt that ends at two. Deever goes for a move, his knee buckles and Hentai drives him down for two. There's a the Death Valley Driver but Hentai gets a shoulder up at 2 3/4. Deveer goes for a drop kick. Hentai grabs the ropes, stopping his momentum. Hentai gets Deveer in a Texas Cloverleaf for the submission win. 7:14.

Edric Everhart vs. Yinza

Everhart attacks Yinza before the bell. Referee Jimmy James calls for the bell. Everhart bumb rushes Yinza in the corner and kicks him 17 times in the chest. Yinza can barely catch his breath before Everhart for 10 more kicks. Yinza fights out of it but Everhart is too strong. Soon thereafter, Everhart pokes Yinza in the eyes and forces him into the corner. Everhart has Yinza in a sleeper hold but the Luchadore will not give up. Everhart knocks Yinza down, poses for some skyline-influenced pictures and Yinza kicks him. Everhart continues offense on Yinza and gets a two-count.

Out of nowhere, Yinza lands a cutter and stops Everhart's offense. James counts to five before both Megastars get to their feet. Yinza gets Everhart in the corner for the Monkey Flip and gets a two count. The two battle. Yinza gets Everhart down for the "Three Rivers" Monkey flips. Two-count. Yinza splashes a downed Everhart for a two count. Yinza goes for antother Monkey Splash but Everhart slashes his eyes and lands the "Gotcha" reverse cutter from the corner for the win. 6:43.

Shawn Blanchard vs. Anthony Alexander

Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and these long-time KSWA Megastars and former Heavyweight Champions lock up. Alexander pushes Blanchard into the corner. Alexander gets Blanchard in a headlock. Alexander asks the crowd if they want him to pop Blanchard's head off. They do. Alexander gets Blanchard into the corner. He complains that the higher elevation of Uptown gives him High Elevation breathing issues. A Test of Strength is next. Blanchard tries to get Alexander down, but the Prime Time Player is ready. He gets Blanchard's hands on the mat and stomps on them. Douglas shouts "You Can't Do That."

Alexander whips Blanchard into the corner, he comes out swinging and falls to the mat. There's a one-count from Patrick. Blanchard is in the corner. Alexander punches Blanchard in the bean 10 times. Blanchard staggers out. Douglas climbs to the apron, where Alexander punches him from. Blanchard pokes Alexander in the eye and has him in the corner. Alexander is whipped into the corner and the ring moves 8 inches. Blanchard whips him to the other post and moves the ring back. Blanchard puts the boots to Alexander's back. Douglas yells, "It's Over!" With Alexander in the ropes and the referee distracted, Douglas attacks the Prime Time Player. Blanchard continues to assault Alexander. Douglas shouts, "You got this!" Douglas goes to the apron once again and Patrick tells him to "get down." Blanchard attacks Alexander in the leg. Blanchard contorts the leg and kicks it. Blanchard gets Alexander in the Figure Four and Alexander fights out of it. Alexander stands and choke slams Blanchard, but the leg is worked on and he goes back down. Blanchard is the first to get back up. He goes for Alexander and hits the Prime Time Cancellation (PTC) for the win. 11:13

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