J Ru Retains over Starr, Kavod Slams the Doors on Morris in front of raucous crowd in Verona

August 21, 2022
By Bobby O, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance returned to Verona for installment number four of Battle in the Borough and a crowd of over three hundred Krazies was treated to a great show sponsored by our friends at the Lower Valley Athletic Foundation. An enthusiastic performance from School of Rock South Hills including several live renditions of several megastars entrance themes enhanced the nights festivities which ended with the traditional ambulance match courtesy of the fine folks form Lower Valley Ambulance.

Tyler Grayson vs. Sin Born w/ Freek E. Doyle

Sinborn, who was accompanied to the ring by Freek E. Doyle, takes the early advantage working Grayon’s left arm, which he then turns into a headlock. Grayson fights out and reverses the headlock and proceeds to take Sinborn to the mat. After the foes trade right hands, Grayson send Sinborn to the ropes and levels him with a shoulder block. After a Grayson sunset flip nets, a two count, Sinborn takes the boots to the young rookie, then proceeds to choke him using the ropes. With the referee distracted, Freek takes his turn at choking Grayson. Sinborn chops Grayson’s chest in the corner and then proceeds to rake his eyes across the top rope. After another chop, referee Patrick is again distracted and Freek lands a few shots on Grayson. The distraction may have cost Sinborn as the late arriving Patrick only gets to count to one as Grayson kicks out. Grayson then takes charge with a trio of suplexes. Sinborn works back to gain control and hits a tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count. The dark mined Sinborn applies a cloverleaf, but Grayson eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. Grayson blocks a superplex attempt from the top rope and several right hands send Sinborn to the mat. The leader of the Grayson Nation then lands a 450 splash to gain his third straight victory. (6:07)

Matt McGraw & YINZA vs. The Ram Anthony Drake & Justin Sane

Both sets of good guys are friendly before the action starts with Yinza and Sane. A push to the corner leads to a clean break from Sane and then the same from Sane after backing the Pittsburgh Luchador into the corner. A tandem of tags sees McGraw and the Ram enter the match. Country backs Drake into the corner and then breaks clean. The two big men lock up and country applies a headlock. The megastars hit the ropes and a series of stalemated shoulder blocks ensue. Big Country ends the tie with a big clothesline which leads to a two count from the freshly tagged Yinza. Country quickly tags back in and lands a big right hand followed by an equally big right boot. The Ram is sent into the corner where he takes a chop and a double chop from McGraw. Yinza tags back in and hits Drake with a splash in the corner. The former KSWA tag team champions are doing an excellent job of cutting the ring in half and keeping their competition in harm’s way utilizing quick tags. Country then hits a low vertical suplex and a big body slam before Yinza’s cover again results in a two count. The Ram regains his senses and a few rights followed by a few head butts enables Drake to tag Sane who then proceeds to work Yinza’s left arm. Sane snaps Yinza’s arm and the follows up with the old school arm drag maneuver from the top rope. After a bulldog, Sane covers Yinza but only gets a two count. Yinza then fires off a couple of rights and works to his corner to tag McGraw. Big Country then works Sane from corner to corner before landing a shot on the Ram. McGraw then runs Sane from corner to corner and lands a couple of splashes. Yinza then flies off the top rope and Sane knows “What’s Up.” McGraw then plants Sane with a two-handed choke slam. Yinza tags in and is slammed onto Sane by his partner McGraw. Sane manages to kick out after a two count. After Sane retreats to the corner, Yinza then lands a few forearms before sending Sane flying with a rolling monkey flip. Yinza then takes Sane for a ride on the “Allegheny, Ohio and Monongahela” three river. Sane manages to stop the count by getting his foot on the bottom rope. A double cross body block floors both men, who the tag out. McGraw and Drake trade shoulder blocks before the Ram batters McGraw with a head butt and a big corner splash. McGraw is able to reverse the situation and splashes Drake in the opposite corner. Yinza tags in and applies an armbar submission on Drake, there is no submission, only a couple of boots exchanged. The Ram ducks a double clothesline attempt from the Renegades and floors both men with a double clothesline of his own. Drake tags Sane who throws several glancing right hands to the masked Yinza’s head. McGraw and Drake end up slugging each other on the outside of the ring. Sane and Yinza see this and each land a flying body press on their opponents from the top rope on the outside. Unexpectedly, Shawn Blanchard and the King Del Douglas hit the ring and with the chaos distracting everyone, Blanchard floors Yinza with a right hand full of brass knuckles. Sane takes advantage and nails a frog splash and a three count for the win. After the dust settles, all four megastars hug it out in a show of sportsmanship. (12:27)

Dennis Gregory vs. Edric Everhart

Everhart gets into with crowd and Gregory warns his competitor to “try not to be such a jagoff.” The pair then locks up which leads to a clean break from Gregory in the corner. Gregory then works Everhart’s left arm and after an arm drag the duo trades right hands. Gregory’s rights are more effective as he gets Everhart to the mat in the corner before he stomps a mudhole in his opponent. As Gregory charges toward the corner, Everhart is able to sidestep and slams Gregory into the middle turnbuckle before laying the boots to him. Everhart then chokes Gregory using the middle rope. He likes it so much, he does it again on a different side of the ring. A pin attempt leads to a Gregory escape after a one count. Gregory then powers ahead with several right hands, but Everhart hits a knee lift to stop the attack. Gregory slips out a body slam attempt and then rolls Everhart up with a crucifix off the ropes but the KSWA Hall of Famer only scores a two count. Everhart then drops Gregory with a big boot, then shoulders his midsection in the corner before whipping the megastar into the opposite corner. After another whip, Gregory jumps over the onrushing Everhart and applies a Boston Crab. The New Uglee eventually fights out of the submission hold and takes Gregory down with a wicked clothesline. After a few clubbing forearms, Gregory fights back with several right hands before Everhart counters with a knee. Gregory rebounds and lands a high-flying drop kick and then a back body drop and a short arm spear which leads to a two count. Gregory misses a splash which allows Everhart to hit a spinning sit out power bomb, but he can only get a two count before Gregory kicks out. Everhart sets Gregory up on the top rope in the corner and as he attacks, Gregory fights him off with a right hand and then a high knee strike. Gregory then flips up and over Everhart and lands the Wannabe on his opponent to end the match and gain the pinfall. (8:39)

Lumberjack Match - Face of Pittsburgh Lou Martin vs. Shawn Blanchard w/King Del Douglas

Martins Golden Triangle Championship is not on the line as these two former friends take to the ring as KSWA Megastars & fire various Verona fire personnel surround the squared circle. Both Blanchard and Martin engage with the crowd before the Face of Pittsburgh gains control of the match and Blanchard’s left arm. Blanchard gets to his feet and tries to escape using the corner ropes, but Martin’s grip is strong on the arm, and he holds on. Martin then leg drops the arm and wrenches it around his leg. Blanchard refuses to submit, so Martin then stomps his opponents arm and wrenches it using the middle rope. Blanchard pokes Martin in the eyes and gains the advantage. He throws Martin to the outside and the lumberjacks do their job and deposit the Face right back onto the mat. Blanchard attacks with several chops to the back and then three double thrusts to Martin’s throat. After Blanchard fishhooks Martin’s mouth, the King provides a distraction which leads to a low blow. It is followed up by a back elbow and a one count, then a chin lock, another fishhook, a nose pull before Martin finally elbows his way out of the situation. Not so fast says Blanchard, who plant his opponent to the mat with a beautiful spine buster for a two count. After Martin ducks Blanchard, a series of right hands send the Enforcer through the ropes to the outside. He promptly gets thrown back in by the lumberjacks. Martin gets atop Blanchard in the corner and land ten strong rights delighting the Verona crowd. Blanchard staggers around before Martin lands a clothesline which is good only for a two count. Martin applies a chin lock which Blanchard escapes from using an eye rake. Blanchard ascends to the top rope but is greeted by Martin who deposits the OG of the VIPs onto his back courtesy of an enormous power slam. Martin then climbs to the top rope, but his swanton attempt whiffs as Blanchard deftly moves out of the way. Blanchard then hits a swinging neck breaker, and then move in behind Martin to apple the Cobra Clutch. Martin appears to be teetering towards defeat, but he rebounds and then pulls Blanchard towards the corner and climbs the ropes. Martin then flips backwards overtop of Blanchard as both megastars hit the mat. Martin appears to raise his shoulder before Blanchard can as referee Shawn Patrick counts to three. Despite protests from the King and Blanchard, Patrick confirms the outcome, and the Face of Pittsburgh is your winner. (11:03)

Rev Ron Hunt vs. Anthony Alexander

AA gets an early headlock on the Rev, then a shoulder block and a big boot from Hunt changes the momentum. Just as abruptly, Alexander is back on top after a couple of big clotheslines. The Prime-Time Player then lays in a couple of big right hands and then as Hunt falls to the ground in the corner, AA chokes his opponent with his foot before breaking at the count of four. Hunt is able to regain control with an elbow and a double handed strike. Alexander counters with a back elbow but only gets a count of one after a cover. The Rev then explodes with a spinning back heel, a knee lift, and a reverse neck breaker, but Hunt can only get a two count as the big man from California licks out. Hunt splashes Alexander in the corner and then pounces on top with ten big right hands. Alexander is able to reverse a whip and then lands a back body drop in the opposite corner before a thundering body slam results in another two-count. AA fires off a couple of big right hands, then the two megastars exchange a series of lefts and right in a slugfest. Hunt’s whip attempt is reversed by Alexander, but the Rev avoids the big splash attempt from AA. Alexander shoulders Hunt to the outside but a super kick from the Rev quickly ends the attack. Hunt returns to the ring and hits a big cutter, but Alexander kicks out at two. AA ducks a splash attempt and then nails a running boot to the side of Hunt’s face. Both exhausted megastars are down for a count of seven. They then trade right hands before Alexander gets the advantage with a reverse kick to the gut but a side knee strike, a stomp to the hand and a low cutter by Hunt leaves Alexander prone on the mat. The Rev climbs to the top rope but misses a big diving splash attempt. Hunt gets Alexander on his shoulders for a press slam attempt, but AA wiggles out. Hunt hits the ropes but Alexander ducks the onrushing Reverend and then then levels Hunt with the Prime-Time Cancellation for the victory. (8:07)

K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Title Match - K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Champion J Ru vs. Shane Starr

After entering the ring, School of Rock serenades J Ru with a rendition of A Little Tea Pot which makes the Champion go crazy. The chants of “J Ru sucks”, “Richard Simmons” and “chicken” don’t help either. J Ru ducks two tie up attempts and while touting his intelligence, Starr rolls him up for a two count. Starr tries for a sharpshooter, but J Ru scrambles out of the attempt and vacates the ring. As J Ru jaws with the fans, Starr tries to attack. J Ru dodges and slides into the ring first but misses two elbow drop attempts. Starr nails a double leg take down and as he again tries to apply the sharpshooter, J Ru defends with a right hand to break it up. Starr then blocks two right hands and then hits the champion with a clothesline. Starr applies a side headlock and then the action hits the corner. J Ru ducks a clothesline attempt as Starr hits the opposite corner, then hits the mat after a J Ru clothesline. J R then proceeds to work Starr’s right ankle using the bottom rope for torque. J Ru plants a shoulder into Starr’s gut and after a flying reverse splash Starr is down. Referee Mark Charles III is onto J Ru’s low blow attempt, but the champion clandestinely lands the blow with Charles being distracted and not seeing the maneuver. The result is a one count. J Ru slips outside the ring and chokes Starr with his headband. He then slams the challenger’s leg on the ring apron twice. J Ru covers Starr but only gets a count of one. The champion tries again but uses the ropes for leverage and is called out by referee Charles. Starr is able to quickly attempt a roll up but only nets a two count. J Ru lands a clothesline and then chokes Starr using the middle rope. After absorbing a couple of forearms, Starr is down. J Ru then arrogantly walks on Starr’s chest not once, but twice, then he slams Starr’s head into the turnbuckle. Then he is whipped into the opposite corner. J Ru lays a boot into Starr’s stomach then chokes him by pinning his neck across the bottom rope with his foot. Starr eats the turnbuckle again before taking a chop from J Ru. Starr gets whipped into the opposite corner and then J Ru flies I with a swinging clothesline. Starr is able to roll over top of the champion for a jumping sunset flip which ends up with a two count. J Ru clotheslines Starr and then hits a lariat and a cover, but Starr kicks out at two. J Ru bellows “it’s time to go to sleep” and applies a sleeper hold on the challenger. Starr is able to power out with some elbows, the batters the champion with shoulder blocks and ore elbows before J Ru fells Starr by pulling his hair. J Ru then eats a stiff right hand, a pair of clotheslines and a back elbow. But J Ru instinctively hits a doomsday DDT and both megastars are down for a count of six. J Ru rolls over and gets a two count before Starr kicks out and fires up the crowd. J Ru grabs the KSWA championship belt and narrowly misses Starr’s head. Charles wrests the belt away from J Ru who hits Starr with a low blow and then his finisher. Charles counts to three and J Ru retains his title. (11:44)

K.S.W.A. Five Star Title/Ambulance Match - K.S.W.A. Five Star Champion Joshua Kavod vs. Harley T. Morris

Morris, one-half of the KSWA tag team champions enters first, and when the Five Star champion Kavod enters, he is flattened by a Morris clothesline. Patrick checks on Kavod, who is staggered but is ruled OK to continue and the match officially begins. The wily Morris extends the upper hand buy choking the champion with his own ring coat. Morris hits the ring apron and Kavod drops Morris with a low drop kick and then lands an over-the-top rope splash as the action spills outside the ring. Kavod extends his advantage with a kick and a flying clothesline. Back into the ring, Morris is in the corner and Kavod heads up and drops ten right hands onto the tag team champions head. Morris escapes and then the combatants battle from the ring and then they proceed to pound each other all over the grass on Cribbs Field. Kavod slams Morris’ head into a garbage can as the megastars head towards the locker room end of the field. Kavod is thrown into a chain link fence but is able hang on and then springs onto Morris with a twisting body press off the fence. Kavod strikes Morris with a double axe-handle and the fight continues its round-trip tour of the Verona based facilities. Morris is again launched into a garbage can on the other side of Cribbs Field, this time amongst the frenzied Krazies. To make matters worse for the Professional, Morris gets crotched atop a wooden horse barrier and then gets dropped by a super kick. The action spills back towards the ring, eventually heading towards the ambulance. Morris escapes Kavod’s clutches and head into the safe space of the ring which he calls “home base.” Kavod follows and hits a big drop kick before grabbing a metal folding chair. The Five Star champion sets up the chair and springs off of it into the corner, launching a flying leg kick into Morris’ jaw, who then falls face first into the chair. Morris scrambles to the ring apron. His attempt at a sunset flip is blocked by Kavod who then drops Morris with a basement drop kick. Kavod wedges the chair in the corner between the tope two ropes, then chops Morris. The Professional blocks the chair whip attempt and manages to reverse and whip Kavod to the corner, who’s head smashes into the unrelenting metal. Kavod stumbles to the outside and the stunned megastar is further punished by several chair shots from Morris, who then clears a path towards the ambulance. Kavod is able to block the first attempt from Morris to put him into the ambulance. The fight ensues in front of the ambulance, which begins to flash its emergency lights. The battle snakes back towards the ring and Kavod gets his head slammed into the ring post. Morris hurls a chair into the ring and grabs a fans megaphone and yells “I don’t suck,” for everyone to hear. That prompts a right-handed answer to his jaw from Kavod. Morris answers with a right hand of his own and then cracks Kavod across the ack with a fan’s lawn chair. Morris throws the champion into the ring and sets up the chair. He hits the ropes and plants a running boot on Kavod’s kisser. Morris firs off a series of right hands before dropping Kavod onto the chair leaving him motionless. Morris drops to the outside and grabs a wooden table from underneath the ring. As he sets the table up, Kavod gets up and heads towards the corner and ascends to the top rope. Morris sets up to toss Kavod through the table off the rope, but Kavod fights off the attempt. The megastars exchange right hands. Morris clotheslines Kavod back into the ring over the top rope. The champion ducks a clothesline and an elbow, then flattens Morris with a cutter which leads to From the Pulpit. Kavod gets to the top rope but Morris stumbles into the corner which crotches Kavod on the turnbuckle. Morris then blasts the champion with a chair shot. Morris hits a superplex which leads to both men down for a six count. The combatants struggle to their feet and exchange right hands before Morris hits a knee lift then a pile driver on the ring apron. With Kavod down, Morris motions to clear a path towards the ambulance. After telling the Krazies they “don’t deserve the table,” he throws Kavod down in front of the ambulance. He grabs the champion and throws him onto the stretcher inside the vehicle. He closes one door, but when he attempts to close the other, Kavod stymies the attempt, and lands a jumping kick from the ambulance. As both men battle towards the ring, Kavod gets his head rammed into the wooden table. Morris tries to force Kavod into the ring but the champion reverses and hits a super kick which lands Morris on the table. Kavod springs to the top rope and then steadies and flies onto Morris and through the table. Kavod drags the challenger towards the ambulance, he throws Morris in, closes both doors as the crowd celebrates. Kavod wins and retains the Five Star title. (18:15)

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