Alexander And Starr Are New Tag Team Champs, Martin, Kavod Retain As KSWA Returns To Glenshaw

September 11, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The KSWA returned to Glenshaw for the first time since the Joe Abby Memorial Tournament earlier this year and many of the matches were candidates for Best of the Year.

Five Star Championship: Tyler Grayson vs. Joshua Kavod

Referee Shawn Patrick checks both men and the match is set to begin. Kavod celebrates the accomplishments of Grayson before the match begins. The two lock up and neither are able to get a major advantage. Grayson gets Kavod down, kicks him in the back and gets a two count.

Grayson has a momentary advantage, but the veteran champion hits him with a cutter to break that advantage. Kavod gets Grayson down and in an ankle lock. Kavod gets Grayson in a STF. He gets out of it and the two share drop kicks, chops and spring kicks. Another mirror-image kick has both athletes on the mat. Referee Patrick starts the double count out. Kavod is the first to get up but Grayson follows. There's a big Russian upper cut from Kavod.

The two trade offensive moves and Grayson gets Kavod in a half-crab. Kavod gets to the ropes and the hold is broken. Both Megastars are spent. Kavod falls to the floor.

Back in, Kavod hits a kick. Grayson gets a shoulder up at two.

Grayson gets Kavod in a submission move but Kavod powers out of the maneuver. A running swon ton is next. Two count before Grayson gets a shoulder up.

Kavod takes a while to get to the top rope and misses a dive. Grayson immediately climbs and hits a 450 dive from the top rope and gets a 2 7/8th count. Grayson sets up for a super kick. Kavod slides and hits a clothesline. And then another. There's a two and 3/4 count on Grayson. They trade slaps. Then Kavod gets up for a sidewalk slam and earns the victory. 10:48

Edric Everhart v. Yinza

After several moments of the Krazies going crazy for Yinza, the match begins. Everhart gets Yinza in a headlock, but the Pittsburgh Luchadore breaks out of it and grabs The New Uglee's wrist. Everhart complains that Yinza "grabbed his hair," but he did not.

The two lock up again. Everhart has the head lock and then the two run the ropes. Yinza bails, gets a chair for the winded Everhart. Yinza gives him a bottle of water and a moment of sportsmanship. That ends with a drop kick on Everhart.

That momentum doesn't last long and Everhart is soon beating up on Yinza and gets him in a rear chin lock. Everhart drops Yinza in the center of the ring. Everhart clotheslines Yinza down. The fans chant for Yinza but it's all Everhart until he misses a knee drop on Yinza's skull.

Everhart punches away and then misses with a leg drop. Yinza regroups and splashes Everhart twice in two different corners. Yinza goes for the Yinza to Belly, but Everhart blocks it. He DDTs Yinza down. Yinza to Belly and the Luchadore gets the win. 9:16

Post Match: Yinza calls out Shawn Blanchard, but his manager, "King" Del Douglas appears from the locker room instead. Blanchard sneaks up from behind and spinebusters Yinza in the center of the ring. Douglas cheers and Blanchard crows as Yinza is laid out.

Cleveland Bruiser v. Matt McGraw

The two veterans get started with the Bruiser jumping on McGraw's back. As a result, McGraw runs him into the corner post and then Presses him high into the Glenshaw afternoon.

They lock up and Big Country tosses the Bruiser across the ring not once, but twice. The Bruiser is spent. McGraw picks him up of a huge body slam and leg drop. McGraw picks him up just to knock him down. McGraw calls for "Man Child."

McGraw suplexes the Bruiser over his head and Patrick checks on the masked man. The Bruiser gets up and rakes McGraw's eyes, but that's the extent of the offense. McGraw pushes him down and then splashes the Bruiser. There's a power slam and The Bruiser gets shoulder up at one.

Out of nowhere, the Bruiser tries for a Bulldog but McGraw fights it off. A choke slam falls the Bruiser and gets the win 6:59.

Shawn Blanchard (w/Del Douglas) vs. Justin Sane

Two of the longest-tenured KSWA Megastars are set to face off. Sane stomps his foot and Blanchard believes that means he is loading it up with a special contraption. Blanchard gets him into a wrist lock and gets Sane down to one knee.

Sane gains control and twists Blanchard's arm. But then, Blanchard is up to his old tricks, beating Sane up and down and all around.

Blanchard has Sane in the corner and shoulder blocks him there and puts a boot to his neck. Sane is down for a snap mare.

Blanchard suplexes Sane down and shouts "Who's the Man?" He pulls Sane up after a one-count. Blanchard pounds Sane's head into a turnbuckle, but that only inspires and rejuvenates the crafty one. Sane splashes Blanchard, punches him in the head, and goes "old school" by climbing the ropes. But Blanchard interferes by knocking him off the top.

Blanchard rakes his eyes and hits a massive spinebuster in the center of the ring.

Yinza races out from the locker room and distracts Blanchard and Douglas. Sane rolls up Blanchard with a School Boy and gets the win. 7:54

Four Corners of Hell Match for the Golden Triangle Championship: Sin Born vs. Lou Martin (champion)

The two start off by hitting Kendo sticks together and they shatter. They fight and Sin Born gets Martin down and slaps him with a strap. Sin Born suplexes Martin and hits two turnbuckles. The momentum is broken.

Martin now that the strap and beats Sin Born at least five times in the torso. Martin uses the Kendo stick to choke Sin Born and then strikes him with it. Martin goes for one turnbuckle, and then a second. Sin Born recovers and punches Martin in the gut.

Sin Born hit Martin in the head with a garbage can lid. There's a chain in the ring and Sin Born uses it over his fist. Sin Born goes for a suplex, but Martin breaks out of it and DDTs Sin Born down. Martin hits Sin Born with a chair and then posts a ladder on his Sin Born. Martin hits a running Sin Ton on Sin Born. He goes for the turnbuckles. He hits two and then hits Sin Born with a chair. Martin gets to three turnbuckles, but he is slow to the fourth and Sin Born beats him to it.

Sin Born gets Martin in his Standing Crab and goes to three turn buckles before Martin wallops the challenger with a chair.

Martin gets a Kendo Stick and goes to town by clubbing Sin Born with it. He tosses a ladder on the challenger and then strikes him with his a chair several times.

Martin puts a garbage can over Sin Born, hits a 450 splash, clubs the can with a chair and then casually slaps the final turnbuckle for the win. 11:05

Sniper vs. "The Ram" Anthony Drake

The two 300-pounders go at it. Drake, remarkably, body slams the former tag team champion. He smashes Sniper's head onto turnbuckles, before head butting him down.

The Ram goes for a splash, but Sniper gets out of the way. Sniper says, "What's wrong" as the Ram tries to get to his feet. Sniper gets Drake in the ropes and uses them for offense.

Sniper is in control and he argues with Referee Jimmy James.

Sniper goes for a suplex, but Drake breaks it up. Drakes goes for a choke slam but Sniper fights out of it and turns it into a body press and two count. Sniper goes for a rear chin hold and twists Drake's neck.

Both big men have a difficult time gaining real momentum, but it's all Sniper at this juncture.

Drake goes power up and goes after Sniper. He gets him in the corner for a series of shoulder blocks.

Sniper goes gain some momentum but out of nowhere, Ram hits a spear and gets the win. 8:25.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: An Officer and a Gentleman (champions) vs. Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander

The "Harley Sucks" chants start before the bell rings. The bell rings and the match begins. It's Morris vs. Starr. Morris immediately goes to the ropes as a form of "time out."

They finally lock up and Morris forces Starr in the corner. They lock up again and its Starr with the wrist lock on Morris. Alexander is tagged in and he goes for the same left arm. Alexander gets Morris down to the mat and tags in Starr. Starr drops a double sledge on "The Professional." Starr gets Harley grounded. Starr hits an impressive standing suplex.

Alexander is tagged back in. He continues to work on Morris' left arm. Alexander punches him in the forehead and drops Morris to the mat. Starr is tagged in. He body slams Morris and keeps him from tagging in Murphy. Starr drop kicks Morris and goes for another but Morris grabs the ropes and Murphy kicks Starr.

Murphy is tagged in and he goes right after Starr, and then Alexander.

Murphy tags Morris back in and he bodyslams Morris on Starr.

An Officer and a Gentleman beat upon Starr in the corner until he's able to break out of it.

Starr catches Morris and tries for a Sidewalk Slam but Starr is able to stop it. Murphy is tagged back in. He body slams Starr, misses a kick to the face, but does land a back breaker. Murphy knocks Alexander from the apron and that allows Morris to attack Starr in the corner.

Murphy picks up Starr, taunts Alexander and drops the Sharpsburg Shooter on his knee. Starr tries to fight out, but Murphy pulls him down by his hair.

Morris is tagged back in and he drops Starr and gets a two count. Morris seats Starr and lands a clothesline.

Starr gains momentum, drops Morris and goes for a Sharpshooter, but that's broken up. Morris gets Starr is a version of the Figure Four.

Starr is spent as Murphy is tagged back in. From the apron, Alexander tries to get the Krazies into it.

Starr gets to the corner, but the referee doesn't see it. He forces Alexander to the corner and that's enough for the champions to turn their ire to Starr. Morris is tagged in.

Morris goes for a pile driver, but Starr fights out of it. Morris grabs Starr, who reaches for Alexander. He kicks Morris down and both men fight for their corners. They get to their partners. Alexander cleans house. He overhead suplexes Morris into Murphy. There's a super kick to Morris and he falls right into a PTC. The winners and new KSWA tag team champions are Shane Starr and Anthony Alexander! 14:13.

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