An Officer And A Gentleman Reclaim Tag Gold, Rev Drops Down For A Big Win At Millvale Days

September 18, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

For the 17th year, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Millvale for an opening night of tremendous action. Four titles were on the line, and one championship changed hands on Friday Night.

Golden Triangle Championship: Shawn Blanchard vs. Lou Martin

Referee Mark Charles III will have trouble with the two long-time foes. The bell rings and the two circle one another. After much jostling, Blanchard gets Martin by the wrist and starts the punishment. Del Douglas shouts encouragement from the ground. With the referee distracted, Blanchard feeds Martin to Douglas on the outside. He does it a second time. The third time, Blachard gets the pump handle arm treatment from Douglas. There's a clothesline and a two count. Blanchard rolls Martin up and gets only one. The two battle into a corner and Martin pounds Blanchard in the cranium 10 times. Blanchard falls to the mat and Martin gets a two count. Blanchard digs at Martin's eyes. Blanchard kicks Martin low but the ref was distracted as well. There's more outside attacks from Douglas. Blanchard digs a thumb into Martin's throat. Blanchard tries to pin Martin but only gets two. Blanchard digs at Martin's face, eyes and ears. He then kicks Blanchard in the forehead. Martin rallies by chopping Blanchard and crashing his head into the four different turnbuckles. Martin bulldogs and gets only two on Blanchard. Blanchard chops Martin's knee from behind. Blanchard continues the assault, Douglas shouts, "He'll never walk again!" Blanchard distracts the ref and Douglas continues to beat upon Martin's leg. After 10 minutes, there's a question that Martin can go on. Blanchard goes for the Figure Four, Martin rolls him up and gets the win! 11:54.

Joey Quervo vs. Big Country Matt McGraw

The Drunken Luchadore gets a hero's welcome from the Millvale faithful. It's all McGraw in the early going. Freek comes from the back to check out the action. McGraw bodyslams Quervo in the center of the ring, but he has his full attention on Freek. He continues to slam Quervo and mercifully, folds him up for a three count. 1:58.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: An Officer and a Gentleman vs. Anthony Alexander and Shane Starr

Harley T. Morris attacks Shane Starr and that forces the bell to ring. The tag team champions reverse Irish Whips and the challengers collide in the center of the ring. And then they are clotheslined down to the mat. The challengers regroup on the outside. Shawn Patrick has his hands full with these combatants. Fans call Harley "Fabio" and Murphy "Paul Blart." Starr and Morris lock up and Morris is forced into a corner. Morris does a fine job of staying amongst the ropes before tagging in Murphy. Immediately, he changes his mind and is back in to the contest. Starr works Morris' arm and tags in Alexander. The former KSWA Heavyweight Champion is in and works on Morris' appendage. Starr is back in with a dive onto Morris' arm. He continues the assault. Starr bodyslams Morris and the fans shout in approval. He does it a second time and they respond. He asks if they want a third attempt. Morris rolls out of it and gets Starr into Murphy's clutches. Murphy is in and he goes to work on Starr. Morris digs a toe into Starr's forehead as the referee is distracted. An Officer and a Gentleman have their way with Starr in their corner. Morris levels Starr with a clothesline. There's a two count before Starr's shoulder is up. Murphy bodyslams Morris on Starr. Murphy side slams Starr and gets a two count. The former champions once again pound on Starr. Murphy drops an elbow as Alexander can only reach, eagerly, for a tag. Starr, out of nowhere, nearly rolls Morris up. That only angers the Professional. There's a double clothesline in the center of the ring. Morris goes for a version of the Figure Four and he makes it to Alexander; however, the referee doesn't see the tag. Patrick forces Alexander back into the corner. Starr is able to toss Morris across the ring. Morris gets to Murphy, Starr, finally to Alexander. Double A goes crazy on both opponents. Murphy kicks Alexander, Starr kicks Murphy, Alexander kicks Morris. Shane Starr accidently kicks Alexander. In the confusion, Murphy rolls up Starr for the win. 13:47!

Edric Everhart vs. Rev Ron Hunt

Rev Ron Hunt enters in one of the most unique ways possible, sliding from the top of the ring truck. The fans are clearly behind the Rev. The bell rings and Hunt gets Everhart in a headlock. Everhart fights out of it and gets Hunt by the wrist. Hunt reverses it and keeps Everhart down, all to the delight of the Millvale crowd. Hunt gets Everhart down in a version of the DDT but Everhart rolls out of the pin attempt. Everhart uses the top rope on Hunt's throat. Everhart continues to use the ropes to his advantage and keeps Hunt on the mat. Referee Jimmy James checks to see if Hunt wants to/can continue. He answers that he's ready to go. Hunt fights out of it, but Everhart meets him with a knee. There's a two-count. Hunt rallies and splashes Everhart. He misses a splash as Everhart gets out of the way. Everhart measures his next move. He tries to dive on Hunt, but a boot comes up and meets his chin. Down he goes. A clothesline for The Rev. A kick to the knee and a boot to the feet and a clothesline nearly falls Everhart. Everhart side slams Hunt and only gets two. Everhart readies for another fist from the top, Hunt raises his boot and ties Everhart up for a face-first plant in the center of the ring for the win. 8:54.

Five Star Championship: Sin Born (w/Freek E. Doyle) vs. "The Regent" Joshua Kavod

It's Angels v. Demons with this Joshua Kavod vs. Sin Born showdown. Referee Mark Charles III calls for the bell and the match is on. It's the Magic Feet of Joshua Kavod that sends Sin Born to the outside. Kavod follows and immediately brings him back in. Freek is on the apron and that's enough to distract Charles. Sin Born, who took a heck of a beating from Lou Martin last week in Glenshaw, shows no ill effects here. Sin Born uses the ropes and distraction of the referee to his advantage. Sin Born tosses Kavod high into the night sky for a powerful powerbomb. He locks Kavod up in the standing Crab. Kavod tries to get to the ropes, but he's pulled back in. Kavod fights out of it and flings Sin Born into one corner and then another. In the second he lands a splash and big body press to get two. A sin ton is next. There's a two count. Kavod hits From The Pulpit, but he is unable to immediately make the cover. Doyle is back to the apron. Charles meets him there, as does Kavod. Sin Born goes low on Kavod. Sin Born chants and then climbs the corner post. Kavod meets him with a stern right hand. Kavod fights for the super plex. He lands a spinning 450 and both Megastars are down. Both men slowly get to their feet. Kavod is driven into the ropes and pinned, but he gets a shoulder up at 2 1/2. Kavod recovers and lands an impressive side suplex for the retention victory. 9:00

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Grayson, Sane, Drake vs. J-Ru

The participants make their way to the ring. The KSWA Heavyweight Champion argues with fans at ringside. Patrick hoists the trophy high into the Millvale night. The bell rings and the fans chant "Tea Pot." J-Ru chops Grayson hard in the chest and Grayson retaliates. That's enough for J-Ru to go outside. Inside, Drake and Grayson go at it. The much stronger Drake bodyslams Grayson and hits him with a head butt. Grayson spills to the outside. Meanwhile, Sane believes he is using tag team rules in the Fatal Four Way. Sane goes "Old School" on Drake and goes for the pin, but J-Ru breaks it up. Drake is knocked out. Grayson suplexes J-Ru and nearly goes for the pin but Sane is back in. He goes after Grayson. J-Ru and Drake meet the other two Megastars in the corner. Ram tosses all three opponents from the corner. Drake goes after J-Ru but the Champion lowers the top rope and The Ram falls to the street below. Grayson gets Sane down and lands a 450 splash for the pin attempt, but J-Ru breaks it up. The Ram head buts J-Ru down. It's Drake and Grayson. Grayson gets The Ram into a submission move, but Sane kicks him and Drake shoves him off. Sane goes for the Frog Splash, lands it and Grayson breaks up that pin attempt. J-Ru shouts "I don't think so" and drives Grayson down onto Drake and for the pin. 8:24.

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