Alexander Stuns Starr With Decisive Turn, J-Ru, Martin & Kavod Defend In Millvale

September 18, 2022
By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to Millvale Days, less than 24 hours after a successful first night along the Allegheny River. There were three titles on the line, but it was a single’s contest that caused the biggest splash.

The King of Millvale Battle Royal

Most of the day’s Megastars were in this contest. All of the referees are on the outside. Justin Sane and Freek E. Doyle are the first to go out. Anthony Alexander and Officer Dan Murphy are eliminated. The Megastars battle it out in an ever-lessening field. J-Ru and Shane Starr go out. Sin Born is next. Lou Martin are out. That means there are seven left in the field. That leaves seven left. Yinza, Kavod, Grayson and Drake.

Kavod and Grayson go after the powerhouse that is The Ram. Yinza tosses both of those men out, and "King" Del Douglas enters the ring, only to toss Yinza out. It looks like Douglas is once against the winner of the Millvale Battle Royal, but out of nowhere, KSWA Owner Bobby O tapped referee “The Count” Mark Charles III as a last-second participant, and he rushed in and surprisingly dumped Douglas. Mark Charles III is officially the winner of the 2022 King of Millvale Battle Royal! 5:32.

Officer Dan Murphy vs. Anthony Alexander

Two of the biggest men in the KSWA locker room are set to face off in this single's showdown. Referee Shawn Patrick calls for the bell and Murphy attacks Alexander. The Prime Time Player answers with a series of power moves that sends Murphy out to the floor. Once back in, Murphy snaps Alexander's neck over the top rope. It's all Murphy over the next few minutes. He goes for a pin, but Alexander kicks out at two. Murphy keeps Alexander grounded, and when he tries to get to his feet, Murphy only knocks him back down. Murphy hoists Alexander, walks the ring and hits a back breaker. A two-count is recorded by Patrick. Alexander answers with a DDT. Murphy kicks out at two. Murphy clotheslines Alexander down. Murphy goes to the middle rope for a dive, but Alexander catches him with the Prime Time Player. 4:40

Shawn Blanchard (w/Del Douglas) vs. Matt McGraw Referee Mark Charles III, fresh from his Battle Royal win, calls for the bell and Blanchard goes after McGraw. He pokes the eyes, but meets a boot and clothesline from Big Country. It’s Air McGraw as he hits a flying shoulder tackle on Blanchard. He follows that up with a power slam and an improbable win against one of the greatest KSWA Megastars of all time. In fact, this match ended faster than the victory against Joey Quervo Friday night. 1:31.

Harley T. Morris vs. Shane Starr Starr races out upon his introduction to go right after Morris. There's a suplex and a two count on Morris. Morris recovers by poking Starr in the eye. That's the great equalizer as Morris goes after Starr with some right hands. Morris buries a knee in Starr's throat and keeps the offense going. The Krazies chant "Harley Sucks" toward the Professional. Fans then chant for "Shane." Morris kicks Starr down and gets a two count. Harley suplexes Starr in the center of the ring and hits a diving head butt. Starr tries to fight back. Starr gets Morris in the corner and buries a few shoulders but Morris ducks a move and clips Starr in the knee. Morris works on Starr's knee. Morris wrenches Starr's knee in the bottom rope. The fans chant against Morris. Morris goes to suplex Starr but he rolls him up and nearly gets a pinfall. Morris fights off Starr stands to crow about it. Starr rolls Morris up and nearly gets a pinfall. Morris recovers and slaps in a cloverleaf. Starr gets to the ropes. The fans are relentless against Morris. Starr clotheslines and back elbows Morris down. There's a sidewalk slam for the win. 8:30

Post Match: Morris grabs the ring bell and clobbers Starr. Anthonly Alexander races out to stave off further offense against Starr. Then, just like that, Alexander hits the Prime Time Cancellation on Starr and everyone in attendance is shocked. Alexander is then bombarded with a cascade of boos. Alexander has turned on his tag team partner and no one is happy about it.

Golden Triangle Championship: Sin Born vs. Lou Martin (champion)

The two circle around the ring before Sin Born drops Martin to the mat. After some battering, Doyle swats Martin, who is tangled in the ropes. Sin Born repeatedly has Charles distracted, and gives Doyle more of an opportunity to choke the Golden Triangle Champion with the ropes. There's another two-count on Martin. Sin Born misses a clothesline, and that gives Martin a chance to clothesline the challenger down. Martin keeps the offense going and drives Siin Born to the outside and Doyle's arms. Martin follows and that allows Sin Born to attack from behind. Martin is positioned on a wooden horse and Sin Born leg drops him to great aplomb from the crowd. Once inside, Martin is covered but the count only goes to two. Sin Born keeps the offense going and another pin attempt. Martin stops a charge and drops Sin Born. Martin goes to the top rope, but Sin Born meets him there. Superplex as Sin Born gets the drop on Martin. Both Megastars are stunned. The fans chant for Lou. The two are up by seven and start trading blows. Martin slams Sin Born's head into the turnbuckle 10 times. Then a chop to the chest. Then a second turnbuckle. Martin goes for all four corners. Sin Born knows what's happening and blocks the chop. He side slams Martin and gets a two and 3/4 count. There's a suplex and pin attempt but Martin is up at two. Sin Born posts Martin on the top turnbuckle and Martin tosses him off. Martin's swon ton might have lead to a pinfall, but Freek gets to the apron and draws Martin's ire. There's a Fisherman's suplex attempt by Sin Born but Martin still has game. Martin lands a spinning cutter out of nowhere for the victory. 13:30.

Five Star Championship: Grayson, Sane, Drake, Hunt and Kavod (champion)

The action is fast and furious between all five men in the opening moments of the match. Kavod and Grayson kick each other in the face and things slow down. Sane again thinks its a tag match but uses the ropes to choke Hunt. Sane then goes “Old School.” He flings Hunt across the ring. Kavod is back in, as is Grayson. Kavod is tossed. Grayson hits a trio of suplexes on Sane. Grayson hits a 450 splash but that's broken up by Drake. Drake whips Grayson across the ring and splashes him there. Drake ignores Grayson and that allows for Hunt and Kavod to springboard in and clothesline Grayson and Sane down. Kavod and Hunt shake hands but come to fisticuffs as this is for the Five Star Championship. Hunt hits a Canadian Destroyer on Kavod. Hunt goes to the top rope after DDTing Sane. Grayson meets him there and the two battle. Kavod joins in. Drake and Sane meet them there and toss the wrestlers off the corner post and into the center of the ring. Drake spears Grayson. Drake hits Sane. Kavod hits From the Pulpit on Hunt for the win. 7:48

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: Yinza vs. J-Ru (champion)

J-Ru is angry as the bell rings, as the entire crowd is shouting "TeaPot" his way. Yinza and J-Ru trade blows before the Pittsburgh Luchadore hip tosses the champion to the outside. Once back inside, Yinza drops J-Ru with a toe hold and continues on the offensive before he misses a splash in the corner. Now it's J-Ru. He gets Yinza down for only a one count. There's a couple of falling head butts. One count on Yinza. He keeps the pressure on as Yinza is draped onto the middle rope. There, J-Ru punches him back into the ring. J-Ru continues to beat upon Yinza. J-Ru misses with a splash. Yinza clotheslines a seated J-Ru and gets a two-count. Shawn Blanchard and King Del Douglas appear from the locker room area. J-Ru is chopped by Yinza but the champion takes a shortcut to get Yinza down. It's all J-Ru as he knocks Yinza down. The fans chant for Yinza and that powers the Luchadore. Yinza hits the Three Rivers suplexes and Yinza to Belly. Douglas hits the apron and distracts the referee. Shawn Blanchard is in. and hits Yinza with powder J-Ru hits a DDT finisher and gets the win. 8:25.

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