Alexander Attacks Bobby O, Championship Committee Consulted On Golden Triangle Ending At MJ's

September 25, 2022

By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to MJ's Steel City Saloon for the 8th time. Two KSWA championships were on the line, but the biggest news to come out of the event was a dastardly attack on the Man who Saved Professional Wrestling in Pittsburgh.

Harley T. Morris vs. "The Ram" Anthony Drake

The two competitors arrive and ready for action. The bell rings, thanks to an edict from referee Jimmy James. The two lockup and Drake bends Morris down for a series of one-count pin attempts. Harley gets behind Drake and gets him in a headlock.

Morris is tossed over the top rope, but he skins the cat to get back in. The two go back and forth until Drake catches a cross-body attempt and over the head suplexes him across the ring.

Morris gets back into the action and floors Drake. Morris gets Drake into a Figure Four, but the big man from the Appalachian Mountains refuses to give up. Drake gets out of it and crawls to the corner. Drake is in the middle ropes. Harley interacts with the crowd as Drake favors an injured left knee.

Morris fights off an attempted suplex. Morris says "It's Over" and is caught for a power slam. However, Drake cannot follow up. Both Megastars are slow to get up. Drake clotheslines him down a couple of times.

Morris kicks Drake but he blocks another. A gut wrench suplex is next. The Ram shakes off the cob webs. He goes for a spear but a drop toe hold drives the big man down. He goes for a move but he is met with a spear. Drake gets a win at 9:07

Time with Bobby O

The Owner of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance comes to the ring and welcomes those in attendance. Before he can get much further, “Big Country” Matt McGraw comes to the ring and is in a foul mood. He wants Man-Child, who continues to duck Imperial’s favorite athletic export. Bobby O says that Man-Child is not around. [There was an ominous video earlier in the day in which it appeared that Man-Child was watching McGraw through an MJ’s Steel City Saloon window.]

McGraw says he wants a match against any “masked Megastar” available. In fact, he wants to face any of them. Bobby O agrees.

When McGraw leaves, Anthony Alexander’s music hits. He comes out and the two massive wrestlers meet face to face, before Alexander simply walks past McGraw. He enters the ring and complains to Bobby O that he has been disrespected.

Bobby O says that’s simply not the case, and that Alexander is in position of the most valuable contract in the history of the KSWA. Alexander wants another shot at the KSWA Heavyweight Championship. Bobby O says he will make that happen.

But, Alexander is unhappy with that and punches the Owner down. As Bobby tries to get back to his feet, Alexander paint brushes him in the face. Once up, Alexander drops him with the Prime Time Cancellation! He preens and the referees come to aid Bobby O.

Shane Starr races out to make sure Alexander doesn’t continue to assault Bobby O. Bobby O is carried out and he would not return out for the rest of the event.

Sin Born vs. Tyler Grayson

Shawn Patrick is the referee for this match. The bell rings and Sin Born is railing against the fans in attendance.

Grayson attacks first with punches and kicks in the corner and whips Sin Born into the ropes but his flying body press is caught. Sin Born plants him down. Sin Born has Grayson in a front face lock and slaps him hard across the back. There's a pin attempt that ends at one. Sin Born posts Grayson in the corner and plants shoulders and chops. There's an Irish Whip and a flying clothesline. A side suplex has the youngster down for a two-count.

The fans are cheering for Grayson and he battles back with chops kicks and a DDT. There's a two count from Patrick before Sin Born gets a shoulder up.

There's a spinning slam on Sin Born and Grayson goes to the top turnbuckle. Sin Born dives on the top rope and Grayson falls onto the top turnbuckle.

Sin Born hits a huge super plex and a follow-up side slam but that takes wind out of Sin Born's sails. Slowly, he makes a pin attempt but Grayson gets a shoulder up at two.

Both men are up and trade right hands in the center of the ring. Sin Born goes for a move, but Grayson beats him to it. Grayson kicks Sin Born and he falls to the sand outside. Once outside, Sin Born tosses sand in Grayson's eyes. Once inside, Sin Born hits his twisting DDT for the win. 6:54.

Anthony Alexander vs. Justin Sane

Justin Sane is beside himself after the attack on Bobby O. He belittles Alexander, who promptly swats his jaw with a big right hand. Once back up, Sane gets another punch to the jaw. The Prime Time Player body slams his long-time friend and then posts him in the corner for a boot to the throat. He body slams Sane, pulls him up and punches him in the forehead.

Alexander posts Sane on the top turnbuckle for a series of punches. Sane fights it off, grabs him arm and whips it off the top rope.

Once back in the ring, Sane goes after Alexander some more, bites his opponent, and then goes "old school." Alexander sees the move coming, catches Sane and power slams him down. Alexander picks him up and suplexes Sane over head.

Sane tries to fight back and kicks Alexander in the knee. The third time doesn't add up and Alexander catches a body press. He slams Sane down and goes for the pin. Referee Mark Charles III counts to two, two different times.

Sane is posted in the middle ropes. Alexander punches Sane in the temple and the long-time Megastar face-plants. Charles admonishes Alexander for the fisticuffs.

Sane tries to for more offense, but Alexander cuts him off. Another slam. Another two-count. Alexander is a little frustrated, seeing he can't keep the resilient Sane down.

Alexander goes to the middle turnbuckle. Sane springs up, hits some fists and meets him at the top for a hunacanratta. Sane goes up for the Frog Splash, but Alexander meets him for the Prime Time Cancellation. 8:39

Golden Triangle Championship: Yinza vs. Shawn Blanchard (w/King Del Douglas) vs. Lou Martin (champion)

Referee Mark Charles III holds up the Golden Triangle Championship high into the Coraopolis sky. Lou Martin is preoccupied with Del Douglas at ringside. Martin and Yinza both confront Blanchard and the two take turns slapping the O.G. of the VIPs around.

The two get Blanchard in the corner and attack him from there. He comes out, swinging wildly at the referee. They continue the offense on Blanchard. Yinza goes for a pin, but Martin pulls him off. It is HIS Golden Triangle Championship, by the way.

Blanchard resorts to going low on both Megastars before hitting Martin with a German Suplex. There's a clothesline on Yinza. A rejuvenated Blanchard shouts, "Who's the Man" before turning his ire on Martin. He whips the Pittsburgh Luchadore onto Martin.

Now, it's Blanchard and Martin turning their attention to Yinza. Then, it's Blanchard vs. Martin as Yinza fights to get back to his feet on the apron.

Blanchard peppers Martin with rights. Yinza is back in and goes to hit Blanchard, but he ducks. Yinza clotheslines Martin down. There's a pin attempt on Martin but he kicks out. Yinza and Martin, normally friends, trade blows over the Golden Triangle belt. Martin gets Yinza down for a two-count. Blanchard is up and spinebusters Martin. Blanchard tries to pin Martin but he's up at two. Blanchard rakes Yinza's eyes.

Yinza whips Blanchard into a corner but Blanchard ducks a splash. On the top rope, Yinza tosses him off.

Martin is back in and attacks both men. Martin body slams Blanchard and goes after Yinza in the corner. He kicks the Luchadore and pulls him out. There's one-count. YInza tries to pin Blanchard but only gets two. Martin climbs to the top rope. Blanchard is up and knocks him onto the top turnbuckle. Blanchard meets Martin for a super plex. He lands it. Yinza to the middle rope and hits a head butt. Martin breaks up the pin attempt.

Yinza screams for the Three Rivers trio of Monkey flips. He gets two before Blacnahrd catches Martin on the third attempt. He powerslams Martin but only gets two.

Yinza buries shoulders into Blanchard. He goes to splash Blanchard but Charles is pulled in front of him and takes the brunt of the splash.

Blanchard is knocked down. Yinza hits a splash. Martin hits a 450 splash. Both men are counted as having a pin. Chaos ensues, the KSWA Championship Committee is consulted and the match called a no-contest. Lou Martin retains the Golden Triangle Championship. 11:11

Big Country, Matt McGraw vs. Joey Quervo, the Cleveland Bruiser and El Skeletorious

MccGraw lambasts all three opponents. He body slams Joey Quervo and suplexes El Skeletorious. The Bruiser is next.

McGraw overhand chops the Bruiser, and then Joey Quervo. El Skeletorious is hip tossed. He splashes the Bruiser and the Halloween export.

In an incredible move, McGraw scoop slams and bodyslams both the Bruiser and El Skeletorious.

Skeletorious is choke slammed. The Bruiser, who had fallen outside, is brought in the hard way. He spears Quervo and double choke slams the Bruiser and El Skeletorious for the win. 4:00.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: J-Ru (champion) vs. Shane Starr

Ringside kids go insane, shouting insults at the KSWA Champion, J-Ru. J-Ru can't believe it. He goes to punch Starr but he blocks it. J-Ru bails to the outside, among fans at ringside.

The count out begins and J-Ru rushes back in. He misses elbows toward Starr and the challenger goes for a Sharpshooter. J-Ru uses the ropes as a weapon and drops Starr. He goes for a pin and gets two.

J-Ru buries a shin in Starr's throat. He then kicks the challenger about. He uses the middle rope to choke Starr. Referee Patrick admonishes him. J-Ru teases a "619" but stops to choke Starr and pull his hair.

Starr is up and J-Ru whips him across the ring two more times. The third, Starr rolls him up for a pin attempt. That ends at two and J-Ru clotheslines him down.

J-Ru turns his attention to the crowd and that was enough for Starr to get up and knock the Champion down. There's a splash on J-Ru and another. He misses a third. J-Ru hits a flying clothesline.

Starr recovers and hits a back stabber. He's up and asks the fans if they want him to make J-Ru tap. J-Ru recovers and the two battle.

Out of nowhere comes Anthony Alexander. He climbs the arpon and confronts Starr. J-Ru attacks from behind and rolls Starr up for the win. 8:00

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