Yinza Wins Golden Triangle Championship, J-Ru Outlasts Starr, Alexander Makes Statement In Sheraden

October 16, 2022

By Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

The Keystone State Wrestling Alliance (KSWA) returned to the American Legion Langley post in Sheraden for its annual fall event and the Krazies were ready. The KSWA champion wanted to flew his muscles as one of the promotion’s finest. The Golden Triangle Championship was on the line in a Triple Threat Match. The tag team championship and 5-Star Championships were also on the fine for this popular fundraiser.

Cleveland Bruiser vs. Matt McGraw

The Cleveland Bruiser shows up, surly as ever. Big Country, Matt McGraw arrives more subdued than usual. The haunting of Man-Child has affected the big man. When the bell rings, McGraw goes after the Bruiser but the Cleveland export rushes out of the way. McGraw floors the Bruiser. He's whipped across the ring and kneed in the gut by Big Country. A "Cleveland Suck" chant rings throughout the arena. A big back bodydrop floors the Bruiser. A bodyslam and a two count are next. There's a side slam on the Bruiser. McGraw taunts him. There's a big chop and a double overhand chop. A whip into the corner and then a clothesline. The Bruiser is planted on the top turnbuckle. A Big Country power bomb finishes off the Bruiser. 4:17

The Mayor's Office: Mayor Mystery And J-Ru

Mayor Mystery introduces his guest, the KSWA Heavyweight Champion, J-Ru. The champion brings his luggage to the ring. Mayor Mystery lauds the fact that J-Ru is, at nearly 100 days, is "the Greatest KSWA Champion of All Time." J-Ru says he is the best. Mayor Mystery asks "What's Next for J-Ru?" J-Ru says the KSWA Heavyweight Championship is now open to any challenge. The Golden Triangle Champion, "The Face of Pittsburgh" Lou Martin comes to the ring. Martin rattles off names like Anthony Alexander, Mitch Napier, Shawn Blanchard, and himself as all having longer runs with the KSWA Championship than J-Ru. J-Ru wants nothing to do with Martin.

The KSWA Tag Team Championship: An Officer and a Gentleman vs. The Ram Anthony Drake and Justin Sane

The Ram Anthony Drake and The Professional Harley T. Morris start first, and it's all the power of The Ram. Morris huddles to his corner and Murphy. They collide again, and The Ram knocks Morris down and into another corner. Morris checks to see that all of his body parts are still attached. Kids in the crowd started to shout "Barbie" toward the blond Morris. Morris is able to hip toss Drake across the ring, but when he goes for a follow-up, Drake catches him and tags in Sane. It's all Justin for the next few moments as he gets a wrist lock and goes "Old School" with a hip toss. Morris is up and chops Sane. Sane answers with a series of clotheslines and a Famouser. He knocks Murphy off the apron, but that just gets him in position to knock Sane from the top rope. Murphy is tagged in. He bodyslams Sane. Murphy bounces off the ropes, points at Drake, and lands an elbow on the downed Sane. The tag team champions continue to assault Sane in their corner as the referee is distracted. Murphy has Sane down for a knee in the back. Murphy goes for offense but Sane tries to stop it. Murphy slams Sane down in their corner and Morris is tagged in. That doesn't stop Murphy from attacking from the outside. Two-count. The two miss clotheslines and collide in the center of the ring. Murphy is tagged in, then Drake. The Ram shoulder blocks Murphy down and across the ring. The Ram catches Morris who was attempting a cross body block. Sane is hit in the crotch and The Ram knocked aside. They hit Sane with the and score the win. 11:11.

Bobby O with Anthony Alexander KSWA Owner Bobby O welcomes the Prime Time Player, Anthony Alexander, to the ring for a discussion. Bobby apologizes to Alexander for their past tension. Alexander seemingly accepts the apology and the two men shake hands. But Alexander refuses to let go of Bobby O’s hand and hits the owner with another Prime Time Cancellation. This one plants Bobby O nose-first into the canvas. He is helped off by officials and Tyler Grayson comes out early to face Alexander.

Double A Anthony Alexander vs. Tyler Grayson

Tyler Grayson races out to try to defend Bobby O, but he is immediately hit with the Prime Time Cancellation. The bell rings for this scheduled match. Alexander meets him on the outside and continues to beat on him out and later in the ring. Grayson tries to battle back but is met with a firm right hand from Alexander. There's a side slam from Alexander on Grayson. It's all Anthony Alexander, who uses his power to dismantle Grayson. Tyler eventually gets to his feet and peppers Alexander in the corner. He hits him 10 times. He goes in for a splash but is met with a big boot from Alexander. There's a game-changing spine buster on Grayson. Somehow, Grayson fights back and hits a DDT on Alexander. He goes to follow up in the corner and fly out, but the veteran Alexander hits a Prime Time Cancellation for the victory. 5:45

Golden Triangle Championship Triple Threat Match: Yinza vs. Shawn Blanchard v. Lou Martin (champion)

Shawn Blanchard gets in the middle of the fray and he is knocked about by Yinza and Lou Martin. He gets up and continually gets knocked down. Yinza goes for a pin, but Martin breaks it up. Yinza suplexes Blanchard in the middle of the ring. Martin also slams the near 300-pound Blanchard. Yinza does it again. Del Douglas shouts "NO" louder with each subsequent slam. Blanchard is in the corner and Martin and Yinza both rain blows down on his head. Douglas can do nothing but protest. Martin adds one to the gut. They whip Blanchard across the ring and Yinza goes for a splash. He is met with Blanchard's elbow. Blanchard knocks Martin down and then spine busters Yinza. He continues to work on Yinza, hitting a spinning neck breaker. Martin spills to the outside and brawls with Douglas. Inside, Blanchard and Yinza battle. Blanchard knocks Yinza down. Martin is back in. He breaks Blanchard's offense and smashes his head into the top turnbuckle a number of times and then hits a chop. Martin does the same to Yinza. The overhand chop to Yinza’s chest is deafening. Martin pounds Blanchard's head into another turnbuckle. There's a chop. A third corner and the chop is loud. Blanchard falls to the outside. Yinza strikes, picks Martin up and gets him into the corner. Yinza hits a Monkey Flip on Martin and goes for a pin, but Blanchard breaks it up. Yinza kicks Martin, and knocks Blanchard out of the ring. Martin kicks Yinza and hits the Death Certificate. Martin hits the flying swonton, and goes for the pin. J-Ru races from the locker room and attacks Martin. They fight to the outside. Blanchard and Yinza get to their feet. Yinza stops a piledriver and flips Blanchard down. Yinza hits a Steel city Stunner and gets the win. Yinza, the Pittsburgh Luchadore, in the NEW Golden Triangle Champion. 11:00. The Krazies go insane.

Five-Star Championship: Sin Born (w/Freek E. Doyle) vs. Joshua Kavod (champion)

Even before the bell could ring, Sin Born clobbers Kavod with a clothesline. What he doesn't do; however, is follow through. Kavod is set up in the corner, he is clotheslined, but when Sin Born comes back, Kavod is ready. He hits offense on Sin Born and Freek E. Doyle grabs Kavod's foot. Kavod gets offense and rolls Sin Born up for a near pinfall. Kavod kicks Sin Born and leg scissors the challenger to the mat. Kavod hits a modified spine buster on Sin Born but Freek distracts the referee Mark Charles III. He levels Kavod and puts him in the standing front sharpshooter. Sin Born holds onto the sharpshooter for longer than he ever has in the KSWA, but Kavod is able to get to the ropes and break the hold. Doyle is on the outside and interferes just enough as the referee is distracted. Kavod DDTs Sin Born down and both Megastars are spent. There's a count to 8. Kavod drops Sin Born in the center of the ring and retains. 6:10.

Man-Child vs. The American Crusader

The debuting American Crusader is accompanied by Don Scholz of the Sheraden American Legion post. The masked Crusader is ready to take on the imposing Man-Child. The bell rings and it's all Man-Child. He punches the Crusader and launches him across the ring. There's a boot to the neck and another toss across the ring. Man-Child simply looms over the Crusader before a World’s Freakiest Slam in the center of the ring. Man-Child picks The Crusader up at two. Doyle attacks from the outside until Sholz chases him away. Inside the ring, Man-Child hits a power slam and gets the win. 2:43.

After the match, Man-Child goes for more. There's another World's Freakist Slam.

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: J-Ru vs. Shane Starr

The bell rings and Starr goes right after the KSWA Heavyweight Champion. With J-Ru in the corner, Starr punches down. He then clotheslines the champion and sends him flying out of the ring and into the welcoming arms of Mayor Mystery. Starr follows him out but they are quick to return to the ring. Starr Thesz presses J-Ru down and before anyone knows it, J-Ru is on the outside again, seeking refuge from the challenger. Mayor Mystery wants a time out. Starr goes out and then back in. J-Ru is there, and he misses with two elbow drops as Starr gets out of the way. The third one hits its mark. Starr is draped on the bottom rope, where Mayor Mystery's claws await. J-Ru posts Starr in the middle rope. Mayor Mystery uses his cane to attack Starr as the referee is distracted. Mayor Mystery does a world of hurting on Starr as the ref is moved to the other side of the ring by the referee. Children try to point out J-Ru's dastardly deeds to the referee. J-Ru punches Starr right in the forehead. There's a two-count as Patrick slaps his hand. There's a clothesline by J-Ru and Starr is in pain. Starr is tossed into a corner post. He falls to the outside and the cane bashing from the Mayor of Parts Unknown is next. Starr is rolled back in and J-Ru taunts that he's going for the Sharpshooter. Starr kicks him off and into the corner. Starr gets to his feet. He overhand chops J-Ru in the corner but misses a splash. J-Ru hits a spear and gets a two count before Starr can get a left shoulder up. Again, Starr is tossed outside and the workman-like pounding from Mayor Mystery and his cane. Kids at ringside are incensed. Starr is back inside. J-Ru hits a reverse knife edge chop. And then another. J-Ru takes his time and a veteran like Starr can't let that happen. He battles back, until Mayor Mystery trips up the challenger. There's a two-count. Starr punches the canvas. Starr elbows his way out until J-Ru grabs him by the hair. There are elbows to the gut but J-Ru relies on the hair grab. Starr is placed into a Sleeper. But before he can go night-night, Starr fires up and back. J-Ru tosses him into the corner. Starr rolls him up from behind and gets a two-count. J-Ru, showing exceptional cardio conditioning, is in better straits than Starr. J-Ru waits for Starr to get to his feet. He misses a punch. Starr lands a side slam. He goes for the count, but Mayor Mystery picks up J-Ru’s foot and flings it over the bottom rope. The fans chant "Cheater." Starr lands another side slam. He goes for the pin but Mayor Mystery gets to the apron and distracts the referee. Starr gets to his feet and confronts Mystery. J-Ru goes for a double drop kick, but instead, he is caught by Starr and strapped into the Sharpsburg Sharpshooter. Suddenly, Anthony Alexander races into the ring and blasts Starr from behind. Referee Patrick calls for the bell and disqualification. The beating on Starr continues until Lou Martin rushes the ring and evens up the score. J-Ru, Alexander and Mayor Mystery all hustle away as Starr and Martin stand tall. J-Ru is still KSWA champion. 11:02

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