Beast Man And Gregory Return To Highlight Exciting Night Benefiting Children’s Miracle Network

October 23, 2022

By Bobby O

In front and energetic crowd at the Kinloch VFC, the KSWA made its annual appearance in Lower Burrell, teaming up with our friends from Sam’s Club in support of a great cause, The Children’s Miracle Network. Seven great matches were held, including 3 title bouts. Here is the rundown.

Face of Pittsburgh Lou Martin vs Shawn Blanchard

Blanchard is accompanied to the ring by “The King” Del Douglas, who is greeted by chants of Dairy Queen, Burger King, Barney and the newest derision, Hot Dog. Martin suspects Blanchard has a foreign object of some kind, but referee Shawn Patrick can find no evidence of any malfeasance. During the search, Douglas pounds the mat and Martin stomps on the King’s fingers in response. Blanchard takes the early advantage with an arm ringer and an eye rake, but Martin quickly reverses the arm hold and pounds away on Blanchard’s back. Blanchard reverses again, then applies a side headlock and fells Martin with a shoulder block. Martin regains control with a pair of hip tosses and an arm bar. The Face then leg drops the left arm of Blanchard before the Enforcer escapes. As Blanchard talks with Patrick, Douglas chokes Martin. Blanchard attacks with a series of double thrust chops to the neck and throat area. After a kick to the face, Blanchard pulls the nose and ears of Martin before fish hooking his opponent’s mouth. He ends the sequence with an eye rake via his boot, a body slam, and a big elbow, which nets a two count. Martin eventually regains control and works Blanchard’s head into every turnbuckle 10 times followed by a brutal chop to the chest, which delight’s the Krazies. After a clothesline, Martin attempts a pinfall which Blanchard escapes at two. Marin lands a couple of rights and then forces Blanchard into the corner, which is followed by ten punches to the head. But the wily veteran Blanchard escapes and forces Martin to the mat after a back elbow, followed by a front face lock, but Martin does not submit. Blanchard climbs to the top rope in the corner, sensing a big aerial move for the win, but Martin catches his rival in the act and throws Blanchard mat ward with a huge power slam. Martin then climbs the ropes and hits a swanton bomb from the top rope. He hooks the leg as Patrick counts to three, and The Face of Pittsburgh is your opening match winner. (11:30)

K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Title Match

K.S.W.A. Golden Triangle Champion YINZA vs. Sin Born

The first title defense of the night was also the first title defense for the newly crowned GT champion Yinza. A freshly shorn Sin Born hits the ring first with his usual rancor, followed by the hugely popular Pittsburgh Luchador. As Yinza acknowledges the crowd from the top rope, Sin Born attacks from behind. After the combatant’s trade punches, Yinza sends Sin Born over the top rope to the floor with a strong clothesline. Back in, a lock up and a clean break from Yinza. Another lock up, and Yinza the works his opponent’s arm. After Sin Born gains the advantage, the champion rolls through the arm hold to reverse it, but Sin Born rakes his eyes to break the hold. The challenger throws a shoulder block, but Yinza side steps the second attempt and gets Sin Born in a side headlock. Sin Born throws a series of left hands and backs Yinza to the corner. He batters the champion with a clothesline and three consecutives forearm shivers. He them proceeds to rake Yinza’s eyes across the top rope. With the champion trapped in the ropes, the challenger drives a knee into Yinza’s back. After choking him on the ropes, Sin Born drops Yinza with a stiff right hand, but can only get a two count on the champion. A neck breaker and a suplex results in another count of two. Sin Born then applies a half crab that Yinza finally escapes by getting to the ropes. Sin Born removes the champion as he is hugging the bottom rope and sets up Yinza in the corner, but he misses a big splash attempt. Yinza with the advantage with a rolling monkey flip and a few rights, which leads to the three rivers maneuver. But as Sin Born maneuvers behind Yinza after a right hand, Yinza lands a stunner on the surprised challenger and gets a three count to retain his Golden Triangle Championship. (9:27)

Justin Sane vs. The Rev Ron Hunt

The megastars lock up and proceed to spin in and around the ring landing in all four corners. Another lock up and Sane goes behind Hunt, the applies a head lock followed by an arm bar. Hunt reverses the headlock, but Sane gets back to attacking his opponents left arm with an arm bar and then he works on Hunt’s shoulder, before the Rev flips up and out of the hold to apply a side headlock to the surprised Sane. Sane reverses the hold and tries for a shoulder block, but Hunt jumps over his shorter opponent and throws Sane over with a hip toss. Sane side steps an attack and plants a kick to Hunt’s noggin. Sane to the top rope for an old school flying arm drag which leads to Sane working the left arm. Sane applies a wrist lock which Hunt’s counters with several right’s to Sane’s back. Sane rakes the eyes to take control, and then the obviously agitated megastar proceeds to choke the Rev using the middle rope, the bottom rope and then to the other side of the ring for two more choke holds using the bottom rope before Shawn Patrick intercedes. After an attempted submission hold, Hunt fires back with a high knee and a series of right hands which leads to a two count. Sane lands a jaw breaker which stuns Hunt, but Sane misses a splash attempt. Hunt eats a right hand and Sane climbs to the top rope in the corner. Hunt pounces and tries to set Sane up for a superplex, but Sane fights out of the attempt and counters with a beautiful top rope power bomb. Both men are down but stagger to their feet at the count of six. The pair then trade right hands which ends when Sane jumps up the ropes and then springs on Hunt with a clothesline, followed by another. But Hunt lands a series of blows to Sane’s gut, but the Rev’s attempt at a big splash from the top rope fails when Sane rolls to avoid. Sane lands a fameasser and heads to the top for a frog splash, but Hunt counters with his knees and the flying Sane is in pain. Hunt then maneuvers Sane and plants him with a modified DDT which leads to the pinfall. (11:53)

Shane Starr vs. Edric Everhart

These two energetic foes seem equally talented but with vastly different approaches. The fan favorite Starr locks up with the New Uglee and breaks clean after forcing Everhart into the corner. The sequence repeats with a surprising clean break by Everhart. Edric complains that his equally long-haired opponent is gaining an advantage by hair pulling, which referee Jimmy James quickly dismisses. Starr takes the advantage by working the left arm and batters Everhart with several shoulder-to-shoulder blows. Everhart flings Starr to the corner and then lands a clothesline, but Starr quickly kicks out of the pin attempt at one. Edric chokes Shane using the middle rope, then clubs him in the back. Starr is thrown into the corner chest first and Everhart pounces but can only get a count of two. A few rights, a Starr block and a few rights ends when Everhart pulls Starr to the mat by the hair. An arrogant cover with just one foot standing over Starr is quickly ended at one. Everhart presses the attack by standing on Starr’s hair and pulling it by pulling Starr off the canvas. Starr eventually to his feet. But Everhart breaks away and lands a DDT but can only get a two count. As Starr uses the ropes to climb to his feet, Everhart attacks and chokes his opponent with the middle rope, and then he continues to choke Starr using his leg and the ropes this time. Starr is able to duck an attack from Everhart and he goes up and over his foe in the corner and gets a count of two. Everhart correctly protests that he was under the ropes for the count. Starr them takes a couple of boots to the face, and Everhart flips Starr and after a quick submission attempt leads to Starr regaining strength at two, Starr counters with two elbows to the midsection and a tilt-a-whirl power bomb that leads to a count of two. Everhart regains the advantage, but misses two corner splash attempts, then he eats a big boot from Starr but a savat kick leads to both men being down for a count of five. An exchange of elbows, then a clothesline and an elbow from Everhart, but when Starr tries for a body slam, Everhart slips out and lands an immense power bomb, but he cannot put Starr away as he kicks out at two and a half. Everhart then applies an STF, but Starr refuses to submit. Starr struggles out of the submission and lands a kick, then a super kick and finally future shock which leads to a pin and a win for Starr. (10:58)

The Beastman vs. Harley T. Morris

It’s a battle of two Mountaineer State natives as the Wildman and one half of the KSWA tag teams champions do battle. Beast Man rolls towards Morris in an agile move belying his size which leaves Morris surprised and retreating. Morris then climbs the ropes in a continued retreat to avoid the Beast Man. Morris then calls for a test of strength. The behemoth shows surprise and then agrees, but Morris runs from the ring before the test can begin. Back in the ring, Morris uses his speed to turn the test of strength into a wristlock and then a side headlock, which the Beast Man counters with a side headlock of his own. The hold is wrenched in over and over again, to the ropes and then Morris goes up and over and heads to the ring apron, before the Beast Man brings him back in the hard way. The tag champion then gets up and bites the hand of the Beast Man, who returns the favor with some additional slobber and then he tries to bite a chunk out of Morris’ forehead. Morris is whipped to the opposite corner and then is clotheslined by the Beast Man. But HTM slips out of a body slam attempt and then smartly chop blocks the left leg of the Beast Man, sending his larger competitor to his knees. Morris keeps the advantage by working the tree trunk of a left leg, but the Beast Man eventually fends off the attack. But that is temporary, as HTM gets back to working the leg and the Beast Man is eventually on the mat. He steps on the leg and ankle, and after a few kicks, a hobbled Beast Man work to his feet and lands a right hand and a chop, but a knee to the groin fells the 400 pounder. Beast Man shows resilience and fights back, planting Morris with a DDT. But Morris again focuses his attack on the left leg. He wrenches the ankle with several step over toe holds. But Beast Man guzzles Morris who kicks his opponent and tries for a sunset flip. Bad news for Morris as Beast Man steadies but Morris is able to scurry away and avoid the big butt splash from the ample derriere of the Beast Man. A super kick does net Morris a one count and then he applies a sleeper hold. Beast Man fights back after two and Morris mounts the large back of the Beast Man continuing the submission hold. That is ended by a huge fallback slam that flattens Morris, both men recover after a five count. Morris with three attempted rights, three blocks from the Beast Man and three big soup bone rights hammer Morris in the skull. A cross body block and then a big double choke slam from the Beast Man leads to a cover, which sees Morris find something inside to kick out at two and three quarters. A frustrated Beast Man clotheslines Morris over the top rope to the floor and the big man heads after Morris in pursuit. The Beast Man then slams Morris’ head three times into the Sam’s Club table and then he lands a huge chop that reverberates throughout the Kinloch Fire Hall. HTM is staggered on the ground and as he stumbles towards the ring, the Beast Man charges. Morris smartly side steps the ensuing collision and in the process shoves the big man into the ring post. Even more alertly, Morris leaps back into the ring before the ten count. Beast Man cannot beat the count and Morris has his hand raised in a count out victory over his fellow West Virginian. (11:28)

K.S.W.A. Five Star Title Match

K.S.W.A. Five Star Champion - The Regent Joshua Kavod vs. The Ram Anthony Drake vs. Tyler Grayson

The first of back-to-back title matches to end the event is up next. It’s a triple threat for Kavod’s Five Star title. Grayson and Kavod strategize and decide to attack their bigger opponent. First Grayson, who is thrown to the mat by the Ram. Then Kavod, who is staggered by a head butt to the chest. The pair ducks a double clothesline attempt from the Ram, who then takes a double drop kick to the thighs. Drake fights his way to the corner and Kavod springboards off Grayson’s back to land on the Ram in the corner with a big knee. A forearm and a kick spill Drake and Kavod’s cover is broken up by Grayson. A brief argument ends with Grayson and Kavod trading right hands. Cooler heads prevail and the attack focuses on the Ram. He blocks a double suplex attempt, then Drake singularly suplexes Grayson and Kavod, much to the amazement of the Krazies. All three megastars are prone on the mat. Kavod head butt’s the Ram and is stunned by his own maneuver. The champion is felled by a Drake head butt. The Ram the catches Grayson during a cross body block attempt. A big fall away slam leads to a count of one as Grayson grabs the ropes. The Ram backs Kavod into the corner, but the Regent flips over top and gets a count of two before Drake kicks out. Drake throws Kavod out of the ring and then drops Grayson with a gut wrench salto. Kavod makes his way back into the ring and plant a drop kick on Drake which send the Ram to the floor. Kavod then springboards over the top rope splashing the Ram. As those two recover, Grayson ascends to the top and takes out both with a flying cross body block. The leader of the Grayson Nation is fired up. Grayson and Kavod are back in the ring exchanging right hands, chops, and kicks. A DDT leads to Grayson getting a two count on Kavod. A whip and a chop block ensue before Kavod hits a rolling cutter which leads to a two count. Grayson rolls out and the Ram is back in going after Kavod. Drake charges but misses and then takes a flying elbow. With Kavod on Drake’s shoulders, Grayson drops the pair with a missile drop kick. Grayson back to the top rope in the opposite corner and the rookie lands a spectacular 450 splash onto Drake. But the wily champion Kavod breaks up the pin at two and sees that the splash also took a lot out of Grayson. Kavod the slams Grayson on top of Drake and covers both challengers for a count of three to retain the Five Star title. (8:39)

K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Title Match - K.S.W.A. Heavyweight Champion J Ru vs. Dennis Gregory

The defending heavyweight champion has secured the services of The King Del Douglas who accompanies J Ru to the ring for the main event. The Krazies deride Douglas with Burger King chants and eventually chide J Ru as a little teapot. Gregory enters with his typical aplomb to a warm welcome as the Krazies haven’t seen the Hall-of-Famer in a while, and the champion and challenger the proceed to lock up. Into the corner the pair goes and a clean break, then another lock up. Gregory ducks a right hand and throws J Ru around with a pair of hip tosses. J Ru scurries outside of the ring and cowers in an embrace with the King. Gregory looks to splash the pair over the top rope, which sends the dastardly duo scattering as Gregory fakes the move. That delight’s the Krazies. Back in the ring, J Ru is twice felled by a drop toe hold. J Ru charges at Gregory who avoid the champion and Gregory then goes behind J Ru and sinches in a rear waist lock. J Tu eventually grabs Gregory’s leg and gets him down, and then plants to boots to Gregory’s head. J Ru chokes Gregory on the bottom rope and when Shawn Patrick backs the champion off, Douglas continues the choke assault. The sequence repeats on the middle rope: choke, break, Douglas choke. Then J Ru completes the rope choke hat trick with the top rope and after a break Douglas lands a right on Gregory. Although winded, Gregory regains his senses enough to slip behind an onrushing J Ru and gets the champion down with a gut wrench. Gregory lays a pair of right forearms to J Ru’s back. J Ru fights to his knees and then feet, but Gregory goes up and over but is only able to get a one count. The champion takes a kick and Gregory rolls J Ru up this time getting a two count. Gregory lays in a few right hands, countered by a couple of J Ru punches, which leads to the champion getting the challenger into an abdominal stretch. Gregory is able to reverse the hold into an abdominal stretch of his own, with a few added right hands. Gregory then gets J Ru down and applies an ankle lock submission. J Ru fights out of the hold and with Gregory near the ropes, the King rakes the challenger’s eyes and lays in a right hand. Seemingly out of desperation, Gregory somehow slingshot’s J Ru on the top rope. Bothe men are down. J Ru gets to his knees as the King gets on the ring apron. Gregory has had enough and takes the King off the apron to the floor with a stiff right hand. But the challenger doesn’t notice that Douglas handed the champion a set of brass knuckles during the exchange. As Gregory lifts J RU in the air for a suplex, the champion temporarily incapacitates the challenger with a brass knuckled right hand. J Ru hides the evidence and covers Gregory for a count of three to retain the KSWA Heavyweight championship. (9:28)

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