Alexander Makes His Most Dramatic Impact, Grayson Gives J-Ru All He Could Handle At Pioneer Fire Department

November 13, 2022

by Trapper Tom, Editor, KSWA Digest

Anthony Alexander has displayed a "new attitude" within the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance since the Prime Time Player turned on Shane Starr at Millvale Days. And never was that more evident than Saturday Night as the KSWA returned to the Pioneer Fire Department in Brackenridge.

In addition, the KSWA tag team championship was defended against frequent foes and Heavyweight Champion J-Ru had his hands full with the upstart Tyler Grayson.

KSWA Five Star Championship: Anthony Alexander vs. Joshua Kavod (champion)

Anthony Alexander comes out first and then the Regent arrives on the scene to an enthusiastic entrance.

Referee Shawn Patrick checks both combatants. Double-A grabs the microphone. He insults the Brackenridge faithful. Shawn Patrick hands over the Five-Star Championship title over to Kommissioner Tim Steiner and we are underway.

Kavod goes on the offensive and then wisely takes a 30-second breather on the outside when Alexander momentarily goes berserk.

Once back inside, Alexander clotheslines Kavod hard to the canvas. Alexander punches away on Kavod, but tries to tell Patrick that he is swinging away with an open hand.

It's all Alexander in the opening moments until Kavod spring-boards off the ropes and knocks Alexander down. Kavod drop kicks the former KSWA Champion, but Alexander grabs Kavod and hits a side suplex. Alexander chokes Kavod instead of going for a pin.

Alexander bodyslams Kavod and then posts him in the corner for a series of punches and elbows. Now in the ropes, Kavod has the back of his neck stepped on by the challenger.

Alexander applies a front face lock on the high-flying Kavod and puts him face-first on the mat. Kavod hears the Krazies chant for him and he battles up. That's short lived as Alexander whips Kavod into the ropes.

It's all Kavod and he drops Alexander and gets him in the corner for a double kick. There's a two and a half count.

Alexander soon rebounds and hits an atomic drop and gets a two-count. A spinebuster is next. Alexander calls for the end. Alexander goes for the PTC but Kavod lands Go To Church. Out of nowhere, Alexander kicks out at 2!!

Kavod goes to the apron. He dives off but Alexander lands a Prime Time Cancellation for the win. 7:19

Anthony Alexander is the new KSWA 5-Star Champion.

Sin Born with Freak E. Doyle vs. Lou Martin

Referee Jimmy James checks on both Megastars and calls for the bell. Freak E. Doyle pounds the apron at ringside.

The long-time foes circle the ring and lock up. Sin Born forces Martin into the corner and attacks. He runs Martin's eyes over the top rope and then pounds his head into the middle turnbuckle before kicking.

Sin Born diverts the referee and that allows Freek to attack from the outside.

Sin Born digs at Martin's face before going for a cover. That ends at one. Sin Born picks him up and Martin rallies for a flying body press and a side suplex and a two-count.

Martin slams the similar-sized Sin Born. Then he gets him in the corner for some offense. In the corner he slams Sin Born's head into the top turnbuckle and follows with an overhand chop. He does this to a second corner and then a third. And then the fourth.

There's a bulldog and a pin attempt. Two count by referee James.

Doyle is on the top rope. That's enough to distract Martin and Sin Born attacks with a back breaker and a two-count. Sin Born, not remembering beatings he's had from Martin all year, gets the Face of Pittsburgh in a standing Crab. Martin makes his way to the ropes and the hold is broken.

Sin Born distracts the referee and it's all Freek on the outside. Sin Born paint brushes Martin but he rallies and face plants his opponent. Martin climbs to the top rope, but Doyle is right there to jostle him off. Sin Born hits an impressive suplex and gets a two-count.

Freek argues with the referee, Sin Born shouts "that was three."

Sin Born kicks Martin and Doyle goes to the apron. Sin Born gets Martin from behind. Sin Born takes Martin into Doyle's kissing clutches. That’s right, Freek plants one on Martin. Sin Born goes to drop Martin, but the #1 Contender for the KSWA Heavyweight Championship rolls it over. A Death Certificate is planted by Martin. He climbs to the top turnbuckle. Martin kicks Doyle. Lands the Swon Ton and gets the win. 7:42.

Mayor's Office

Mayor Mystery rushes the ring. He grabs the house microphone and says that there isn't a signed contract for Lou Martin and KSWA Heavyweight Champion J-Ru for FanFest on December 3.

Mayor Mystery then calls J-Ru to the ring.

Lou Martin signs the contract and then calls Martin a "Yellow bellied coward." He signs the contract.

The Main Event is officially signed for FanFest.

Mayor Mystery pearl harbors Martin from behind and goes low. J-Ru hits him in the head with the Championship. Mayor Mystery clubs Martin with his briefcase.

KSWA Tag Team Championship: An Officer and a Gentleman defend against The Ram Anthony Drake and Justin Sane

The chants of "Harley Sucks" are loud and constant for minutes on end.

The Ram Anthony Drake and Officer Dan Murphy, the two power-houses of the match, go nose-to-nose. The anti Harley chants are relentless.

Referee Jimmy James checks both tag team champions.

The bell rings but that doesn't lessen the Krazies' dislike for Morris. He argues with women at ringside and then is ready to go against the imposing Ram from the Appalachian Mountains.

A full 1:30 goes before the combatants even approach one-another. Morris fakes out and tags in Murphy. Murphy, whistle in mouth, locks up with Drake and somehow gets enough force to momentarily get him into the corner. But Drake fights out.

Murphy challenges Drake to shoulder block the much larger Officer. That fails. The two trade blows and Drake tosses Murphy into the ropes. There's a tag to Morris and there was a near pinfall of the Professional.

Drake has Morris on his back and tags in Sane, who punches away at a defenseless Morris. Sane is in and works on Morris' wrist. Sane goes "Old School'' from the top and shoulder blocks Morris down. This is a different offensive move than the usual hip toss Sane has used for more than 20 years in this scenario.

Drake is tagged back in. He has Morris in a corner and whips him hard into another.

Morris has the referee distracted after Drake is pushed to the ropes and into a waiting Murphy. Morris kicks Drake and has him in the ropes. Murphy is tagged back in.

Drake drags himself to a corner where Morris kicks away before tagging Murphy back in.

Ram is whipped into a corner by Morris and kicked by Murphy. Murphy hits a huge running clothesline and drops Drake. Morris is tossed onto Drake and the corner is made for two. Ram kicks out before the third swat can be connected.

Murphy has Drake down in a front face lock. He rolls him over but Drake gets a shoulder up at two.

Murphy is back in. Ram is up and head butts Murphy but the Officer lands a big boot and a two count. He argues with referee James about the count. He goes after Sane, who tries to get in. Morris and Murphy attack Drake while the ref's back is turned.

Harley has Anthony in a submission move, but the Ram rolls around. Morris continues to work on the arm. Drake gets to his feet and lifts the 234-pound Morris off the mat. Soon, all four Megastars are in. Morris pulls Drake into the center of the ring. Murphy, who was not tagged, drops a big elbow on Drake.

Murphy misses with a 302-pound elbow drop. The entire ring bounces off of the cement floor. Both men are counted down to five before Sane and Morris are tagged in.

Sane is on fire with a famouser on Morris. He pulls the top rope down and a charging Murphy flies over it. Sane and Drake go for a winning move but Murphy knocks Sane off the top rope. Morris and Murphy take the advantage and drop Drake with a Doomsday Device for the retention win at 12:43.

The tag team champions celebrate in earnest.

Post-Match: Justin Sane goes to check on Anthony Drake. An annoyed Drake pushes Sane. The veteran Justin Sane tries to apologize for the team not winning again. Tensions aside, they end up embracing and leaving as a team.

Bobby O Promo

KSWA Owner Bobby O comes out to greet those in attendance. He mentions the upcoming FanFest, but is interrupted by Double-A Anthony Alexander, the new 5-Star Champion. He comes to the ring and threatens Bobby O and ring announcer Trapper Tom. Double A decides to lunge at the ring announcer and Bobby O is there. Instead, Bobby O takes another Prime Time Cancellation from Alexander. There’s some panic in and around the ring until the referees come out to calm things down. Bobby O is helped to the back.

Shawn Blanchard and Man-Child (w/Del Douglas and Freek E. Doyle) vs. The Renegades

The fans go wild for the Renegades--Big Country Matt McGraw and the Golden Triangle Champion Yinza.

Del Douglas is in fine form, slapping the apron before the action begins. Shawn calls for total silence, but the fine folks in Brackenridge blow the roof off of the place in retaliation.

It's Blanchard and Yinza to start off. The two Megastars have been beefing with each other for months. Blanchard retreats into a corner and calls for Yinza to back up. Referee Shawn Patrick is caught in the midst of the madness.

Blanchard shoulder-blocks Yinza down and the Golden Triangle Champion acknowledges the advantage. Blanchard avoids further interaction for a few moments. Yinza prepares to lock up and they do. Blanchard bends Yinza down but the Pittsburgh Luchadore fights back. Blanchard pulls Yinza down. That's enough for Yinza, who tags in Big Country. McGraw hits a huge body slam and then a second. A clothesline follows and then another.

There's an atomic drop into the Yinza and the Luchadore is tagged in to hip toss Blanchard down. Yinza has Blanchard's arm twisted back but the former 6-time KSWA World Champion will not submit.

McGraw is tagged back in and he goes after Blanchard's left arm and shoulder. A bodyslam follows and Yinza is tagged back in. Yinza goes to the middle turnbuckle and drops a double sledge. He has Blanchard reeling. Yinza splashes him in the corner and tags in McGraw.

Yinza is whipped into Blanchard, who falls to the center of the ring.

McGraw goes after Man-Child on the apron. Blanchard, the veteran, goes low on Yinza to stop the offense.

Man-Child is tagged in at the 8 minutes mark. He steps on Yinza's throat. Then he suplexes the Golden Triangle Champion. There's a two count but Yinza gets his shoulder up. Man-Child digs at Yinza's eyes.

Yinza gets to his feet and goes for a flying body press but Man-Child catches him and body slams him down. McGraw breaks up the pin attempt.

Blanchard is back in and he chops away at Yinza. Referee Patrick shakes a disapproving finger.

Blanchard has Yinza in a reverse chin hold. McGraw leads a "Yinza" chant for the Luchadore, who fights to his feet and right into Blanchard's patented spine buster and a two count.

Blanchard taunts McGraw. Yinza is attacked in the ropes by Man-Child and Freek.

Man-Child, who may not have been legally tagged in, goes after Yinza. Yinza is slammed down to the mat. Man-Child goes for another, but Yinza fights out of it and delivers a drop kick that only staggers the big man. Man-Child knocks Yinza down.

Blanchard is back in and looks as if he's going to kick Yinza in the privates. McGraw objects. The referee is distracted and Blanchard kicks him low and then hits a spinning neck breaker.

A two-count. Del Douglas shouts "It's over" from the outside.

Blanchard applies pressure to Yinza's shoulders. Yinza gets to one knee. He swings away at Blanchard, breaks loose, tags McGraw but Patrick doesn't see it.

That allows Man-Child and Blanchard to double-team Yinza as McGraw valiantly tries to get into the action.

Man-Child has Yinza is a bear hug. Yinza is faltering, but he gets a hand up before the deciding three count.

There's a stunner to McGraw. He clotheslines Blanchard and gets McGraw down. There's a pin and Man-Child and Blanchard win at 16:14.

Post-Match: Man-Child splashes McGraw and Del Douglas and Freek E. Doyle attack Yinza. Blanchard grabs a chair and the team continues to assault a nearly-motionless McGraw. Blanchard attacks Yinza.

The foursome then pose in triumph in front of the crowd before leaving.

Edric Everhart vs. Shane Starr

Starr rushes the ring as soon as the introductions are made and sends Everhart reeling. That doesn't last long as The New Uglee turns it around. But Starr does the same. Starr clotheslines and body slams Everhart.

Starr immediately goes for the Sharpshooter, but Everhart pokes him in the eye.

Starr rallies and suplexes Everhart for a two-count.

Starr gets to the corner, where Everhart knocks him down. Referee Jimmy James admonishes Everhart for stepping on Starr's hair.

Everhart continues the offense, largely with stiff right hands to Starr's head.

Starr rolls Everhart up and gets a near pinfall. Everhart answers with a clothesline that knocks Starr onto the center of the mat. Everhart takes his shirt off and poses for the capacity crowd. Starr battles up but Everhart pulls him down by the luxurious locks.

Everhart kicks Starr. Everhart goes in for more. Everhart misses a splash attempt. Everhart collects Starr out of the corner and plants him in the center of the ring. Everhart buries an elbow into Starr's shoulder blades. Everhart punches Starr in the grill. Fans at ringside go insane as Everhart has the distinct advantage.

Everhart dismisses Star with a slap to the face and then another. A punch is next but Starr fights out of it. Everhart lands an impressive powerbomb, but Starr kicks out.

Everhart goes for another pin but Starr gets a shoulder up again. Everhart grows frustrated with the popular Starr. "Who do you think you are," Everhart shouts at Starr. "I am the man!"

Everhart continues to insult Starr until he perks up and super kicks Everhart down. Both Megastars are down. The double count gets to seven before both men are up. Starr repeatedly drills Everhart down.

Out of nowhere, Everhart plants Starr down and goes for a LaBell Lock. Starr will not submit.

Starr gets to the ropes and Everhart is forced to release the hold.

Everhart misses with his signature move. Starr applies the Sharpshooter. The fans chant "tap" toward Everhart.

The omnipresent Anthony Alexander walks to ringside. That distracts Starr. Everhart is able to connect on the flying “Gotcha” from the corner for the win. 11:19

KSWA Heavyweight Championship: J-Ru (w/Mayor Mystery) vs. Tyler Grayson

KSWA Hall of Fame referee Shawn Patrick hoists the Commonwealth's most prestigious prize high into the Brackenridge night air before this showdown starts.

Grayson is one of Pittsburgh wrestling's most athletic Megastars and he rolls away from J-Ru's first attempt at offense. This is the most important match in Grayson's young career and he is ready for it.

The arena is deafening with kids screaming for Grayson and against J-Ru. J-Ru snaps his headband into the second row before locking up again.

J-Ru has a strength and size advantage over the youngster Grayson. Grayson gets behind J-Ru and then gets a headlock. He wrenches it tight.

Grayson gets a "Tea Pot" chant started as he maneuvers J-Ru into the children's dance. He does it again after J-Ru breaks the hold. A hip toss explodes the crowd and then a second sends the champion to the outside. Grayson nearly dives onto J-Ru on the outside but puts on the brakes.

Once inside the ring, Grayson knocks J-Ru down and to the outside. There J-Ru takes advantage. He wraps the challenger's leg over the apron. J-Ru has Grayson in the corner for a heckuva chop. And then a second.

J-Ru rallies and whips Grayson into a corner for a chop. He whips him into another corner and the two collide in the corner and both are down.

Grayson rolls over J-Ru and nearly gets a pin before J-Ru could get to the bottom rope. Grayson suplexes the Champion and goes for a second and then a third. He hits J-Ru low, drop-kicks a seated champion and covers for...a two count!

Grayson chops J-Ru in the chest but it doesn't intimidate the champion. He punches Grayson. He challenges the challenger to do it several more times and it only makes J-Ru angry. He unleashes the most violent chops and offense of his KSWA career. He drops Grayson and gets only a two-count.

J-Ru chops Grayson hard in the back. He misses with a punch and Grayson fights back.

Grayson drops J-Ru and gets a two and three-quarters count. Grayson keeps him down. Mayor Mystery interferes with Grayson on the top rope and he falls to the mat. J-Ru falls back into Grayson's most intimate region and makes the cover and the pin. 11:09.

Post-Match: Sin Born races to the ring and along with J-Ru attacks the challenger. Then, Lou Martin rushes in the ring to even the odds. Martin cleans house and calls for an impromptu tag team match. Martin and J-Ru fight to the locker room.

Sin Born attacks Grayson. Suplexes him and DDT's Grayson down for two.

Grayson fights back and drops Sin Born. He climbs to the top rope and splashes Sin Born for the victory. 2:31.

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